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we are back with the late news at 11pm, now on BBC One it's time


Police are tonight investigating the unexplained deaths


The two bodies were found at a property in St Austell.


Spotlight's Eleanor Parkinson has the latest.


The bodies of the two men were found in a rented flat in this building


The police haven't revealed how they died but say


Officers from Plymouth have been drafted in,


along with a forensic team and a number of fire officers.


This block of flats has been sealed off all day while officers


search around the building and inside the property.


The police say the two men who died are a 31-year-old local man


and a 22-year-old man originally from Plymouth.


They say another man arrested at the scene on suspicion


of burglary is not thought to have anything to do with the deaths.


Obviously I don't know exactly what's happened but, no,


it's appalling that something like this can happen.


The results of postmortem examinations are expected tomorrow


but the Fire Brigade have already ruled out the possibility


There are hopes that a man from Torquay shot in the head


during an attempted robbery in Antigua could be flown back


Chris Tester was attacked at his parents' restaurant


The 37-year-old was due to have an operation today.


An appeal to fly him home has raised almost ?70,000.


An investigation has been launched after a pilot briefly lost control


Ice built up on an Aurigny flight from Guernsey to Manchester, causing


It happened on the 21st of December as the aircraft was climbing.


The flight returned safely to Guernsey.


The Bishop of Exeter says Exeter Cathedral is moving forward,


after a scathing report found "widespread feelings of discontent"


The Visitation, chaired by a retired High Court judge, was commissioned


by Bishop Robert Atwell soon after he took office.


The Christmas market is vital for many people to buy presents


but the rental income it brings in boosts Exeter


It's got 81 staff and an upkeep of ?1.5 million a year.


The Visitation found no major legacies and a ?4 million repair


And we are delighted to be undamaged and open.


The report also found widespread feelings


of discontent with the Dean, the Very Reverend Jonathan Draper.


He was criticised for a lack of spiritual leadership and pastoral


care which was said to emanate from him.


The Bishop and the Dean have promised to work together to find


a way forward and we're told that so far that is working.


There has been a real sense of people coming together at every


level in the Cathedral's life, volunteers, people on the cathedral


staff, the various congregations, and there's a real sense


of camaraderie and teamwork, and that has released people's


energies and there's a real sense of a common purpose with a common


vision, and that's the thing which gives me much encouragement.


Bishop Robert wants a progress report from the chair


of the Cathedral Council, which governs the


The RSCPA has been called, after undercover filming at a dairy


farm in Somerset showed cows and calves being punched and kicked.


The footage was gathered by the Animal Equality welfare charity.


The owner of the farm says he was appalled when he saw the film


and has now sacked the farmhand shown hitting the animals.


More than 6000 litres of Guernsey milk has been poured down the drain


on the Channel Islands, after Christmas sales failed to meet


expectations following a drop in demand compared to last year.


The discarded milk has a market value of around ?3000.


A surfer from Cornwall has been describing how he was crushed under


tonnes of water at a big wave competition in Portugal.


Tom Butler was in a World Surf League event


He was taken to hospital where he was treated


for a split ear, bruised ribs and a suspected lung injury.


As I landed and fell I slapped the water really hard and I had


an outstretched arm so then that left all my rib cage exposed


to the water and I slapped really hard and hit basically my ribs


and my lungs and that knocked all the wind out of me.


A dog charity in Devon is calling for people to stop bringing rescue


The founder of K9 Focus says the growing number of dogs


being brought in from Europe is making an existing


Spotlight's North Devon reporter, Andrea Ormsby, has the story.


Lynne Hall's rescue charity, K9 Focus, is asked by dog pounds


to take at least 30 dogs, with another five to seven


We have more dogs coming in that are abandoned in this country.


We have a lack of funds and on top of it we have the problem of dogs


coming in from abroad, which seems to have doubled


from previous years, and I don't know where we're


We just cannot offer homes to all these dogs.


Des and Penny Matthews got their two rescue dogs from abroad.


We do understand in this country there is lots of dogs but they do


have a better life than these type of dogs in Hungary.


You know, they have nowhere to go, so if they're not put out


for fostering and somebody adopts them then, you know,


I think what people don't realise is that in this country we're


putting a dog to sleep every two hours and we just don't


have the homes for them, so that every dog that comes in,


one of our dogs here is actually being put to sleep.


This dog's ears and tail were cut off when she was in Lithuania


and after six months in K9 Focus kennels she still has no home.


A grey seal pup found close to death on Jersey's north coast has been


flown to Guernsey to be looked after in a special facility.


The three-week-old pup was found on Bonne Nuit Bay on Tuesday


and will now spend the New Year with the GSPCA.


The Channel Islands marine rescue team says lifting him from the beach


was a life-saving operation as he was undernourished


and will need treatment in the months ahead.


Time for the weather now - here's Dan with the forecast.


It is turning cloudier towards the close of the year. With more breeze


around the cloud should disperse more readily. Some health likely in


the West. Milder night than recently, we could see some frost in


the East where there are clear patches. Tomorrow a lot cloudier


than today, we could see spots of drizzle the air. Brighter spells


further east and despite these numbers being a degree or two up on


today it won't be anywhere, with a lack of sunshine and the breeze. It


stays rather cloudy for New Year's Eve, a band of rain pushing through


early on New Year's Day, then colder and brighter.


I'll be back with more from the Spotlight newsroom


I hope you can join me for that. In the meantime, have a very good


evening. Temperatures have dropped away


shortly and we have seen some fog, particularly through the Midlands.


We do have some clout drifting in from the west. By the end of the


night, towards the East Midlands as well. Further north, more of a


breeze from the south-west, bringing in a weather front. Keeping the


temperatures at seven or 8 degrees. Freezing or just below to the


south-east corner. Fog will live to low cloud and generally speaking a


lot more cloud than we saw today. Northern Scotland is the focal point


for wet and windy weather. Confined to the north and west of Scotland


where temperatures


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