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Good evening. for the news where you are.


Two brand new villages are to be built in Devon and Cornwall -


plans which have been signed off by the government today.


The so-called Garden Villages are proposals to tackle


the South West's housing shortage, with Taunton also set


The plans include 15 thousand homes near West car close, 5000 homes at


Cullompton and 8000 homes across three communities across Taunton.


The government is providing 6 million plans nationally to roll out


the plans but they will still have to get planning permission.


Moss and heather and not a backyard in sight,


but soon there could be 1,500 back gardens here as this barren


The housing area will go adjacent to the main road,


along the strip here with the school behind behind the Sky Tip,


which will be retained as part of the heritage park.


This is the place of old in the heady day


Today, all that's left are ponds, scrubland and towering waste heaps.


Some feared it would disappear in the scheme, not so.


It is a fundamental part of the plan and it will remain as part


People were concerned about when the school would be


developed, we said it would be developed right from the very start,


People were concerned about employment.


There are now plans in place for an employment park,


which has now got European funding, so that is good news.


We have tried to look at all the aspects people have been


concerned about and tried to address them as part of our later proposals.


It is not the only garden village plan for the region.


Combe in Devon, alongside the M5, will effectively see


It's near a motorway, is near a railway line.


If you are going to have growth and improvements to towns and areas,


these are the best sort of places to put them.


There will be a garden town near Taunton.


This is what that development looks like.


These are the plans for Cornwall's garden village.


There have been plans for homes on these old China clay pits


for the best part of ten years, but this garden village idea now


has government backing, but that doesn't mean to say


It still needs planning permission and that will give


A man from Torquay who was shot in the head during a robbery


at his parents' restaurant in Antigua is being flown back


to the UK today by air ambulance, after a crowdfunding campaign


37-year-old Christopher Tester was wounded in the attack


on Christmas Day while trying to protect his mother.


He's due to land at Exeter later tonight, before being transferred


Police have issued a health warning following a New Year's Day fire at


They say the building on the esplanade could be


contaminated with Weil's disease which is linked to rat urine.


Officers say anyone who was on the site before the fire


could have been exposed and should seek medical attention.


Surgeons at the Royal Eye Infirmary in Plymouth are using


a new foot-operated computer system to perform cataract surgery.


As Kevin Hay's reports, the technology is only available


Even the most skilled surgeon can sometimes do with a helping hand,


The last step is where to align my implant inside the eye and eliminate


completely the guesswork of where it should be placed.


This new bit of kit at Derriford's Royal Eye Infirmary


keeps the surgeon's hands free and shows them exactly where to cut.


Many of us develop cataracts in old age as cloudy


patches form in the eye, making the world look


The condition is devastating, but the results of surgery


I can look out across a valley and pick out things.


I don't need to use my magnifying glass so much.


So this ?600,000 investment in equipment here is hoping to put


this unit at the forefront of eye surgery in the 21st-century.


One of North Devon's largest employers is celebrating its 50th


Dartington Crystal says its future is looking good despite rising


50 years of hypnotic, handmade history.


Dartington Crystal based in Torrington is the last


large-scale manufacturer of handmade crystal glass in Britain.


When the factory opened in 1967, the workforce was mostly Swedish.


A point of interest for the reporter.


Listen out for the voice of a young Angela Rippon.


How do you find working with English workmen?


Brian Cook was born and bred in Torrington.


He joined Dartington Crystal straight from school


I'm now one of the master blowers, one of the top workers


I have always loved it here, because it is such a good community


and I have loved working here and learning the job,


which is very, very interesting once you get into it.


In the last few years, we have doubled the turnover and we have got


I would not like to say there are never any doubts


about the future climate, obviously after Brexit


there are still uncertainties, but I think we are able to adapt


and change as it comes along and I have every expectation that it


200,000 visitors come to the factory every year to watch these


A crystal clear day for many of us today.


With the forecast, here's Ian Fergusson.


We are in for a cold night, more particularly across north and


eastern parts as we see a Met Office warning for parts of East and North


East Devon, Somerset and Dorset where temperatures will be low


enough to give a threat of some slippery surfaces. Temperatures down


to freezing all below and in some areas, we could see as locals -4


minus five. Could be the old patch of freezing fog around, most areas


will be clear of that. A good deal of sunshine and then a bit more


cloud around. Eventually by the tail end of the day, thicker cloud is


moving in from the north. A few spots of light rain. Temperatures


tomorrow getting as high as 6-8 C and through the rest of the week, a


lot of dry weather. Rain on Friday. I'm back with the late


news at 10.20pm. Good evening. It has been turning


colder and clearer and our weather watchers have been capturing the


sunshine. Here is the scene in Derbyshire and where we have had the


clear skies by day, we are in for a cold night tonight. Temperatures


already plummeting, particularly towards the south with some icy


stretches across parts of central and southern England, and into


Wales. For the north-west, not as cold, as we have the cloud building.


But to the south we could see temperatures down to minus four or


five first thing Tuesday morning. If


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