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I'm Charlie McArdle, welcome to BBC Channel Islands.


Serious road accidents double in a decade -


could penalty points and the threat of losing


There are still rules about what they should or shouldn't do on the


road, whether it is pedestrian or cyclist or driving a car.


Five weeks of roadworks for one of Guernsey's main commuter routes.


And not just the hangover we're left with after Christmas.


Cards, paper, boxes and trees - recycling gets a boost.


And after the frost of last night, not quite as cold tonight. It will


be quite busy for a time tomorrow. All the details later. -- breezy.


Drivers in Jersey caught breaking the law could face penalty points


on their licences to tackle the rising number of


The department that oversees roads says they're safer


than they were 20 years ago, but bringing down the number of


Penalty points on your driving licence are something drivers


in the UK and Europe have been familiar with for many years,


but that's not been the case in Jersey, where you are less likely


to lose your licence because of bad driving and bad behaviour.


Jersey's Government wants to bring in a penalty points system by 2019,


The evidence shows that we are still getting as many serious injuries yet


an year as we have done for 20 odd years. That would suggest that we do


need to do a bit more. You can get fined, disqualified, but the logic


of the penalty points system is that it will add more to the process.


In the past decade, accidents have more than doubled,


going from fewer than 30 in 2005 to 68 in 2015.


But with measures already in place, such as Parish Hall Enquiries


and fines, will penalty points make a difference?


Basically, when you are driving a car, you need to have your wits


about you. Looking ahead and being aware of what's around you. A piece


of documentation won't make any difference. There are rules, whether


it is a pedestrian or cyclist, people still regularly break the


rules. When there are penalties already in place. It should make a


difference, but it remains to be seen.


The authorities also want to cut the legal


blood alcohol limit, bringing it into line


The latest police campaign over Christmas showed a consdierable


reduction in the number of people caught.


The police asked the public to help by reporting people getting behind


The public trust us, I feel, and they feel that they can vote as. We


need their help, their support, and we need them to contact hours.


While more work is done on the law changes,


the police say they'll be continuing their campaign


Chris Rayner, BBC Channel Islands News, Jersey.


A man's been arrested and released on bail following an alleged


The incident is said to have happened at the public toilets


at Snow Hill in the early hours of New Year's Day.


Jersey Police want to speak to the woman wearing a red coat


who helped the victim, as well as any other witnesses.


The parents of a murdered Guernsey woman have reached out


to the national media in the hope to see justice.


Vic and Kate Groves spoke to a number of national BBC radio


and television news outlets today, including the Victoria Derbyshire


Show, on the poor handling of their daughter's case.


Sarah was killed on a houseboat in Kasmir in 2013.


in the trial of Richard de Wit, a Dutch national


The Jersey civil servant at the centre of a flight


Mike King, the Chief Officer for Economic Development,


Tourism, Sport and Culture, has resigned with immediate effect.


A statement from the Chief Minister's department says


he is leaving by "mutual agreement", but doesn't specify the reason.


Mr King came under criticism in the States last year


when he and Wayne Gallichan from Locate Jersey spent ?13,000


on flights for a business trip to South Africa.


Schools, businesses and the Guernsey Ambulance Service


all have contingency plans in place, as five weeks of roadworks gets


under way on one of the island's main arterial routes.


The Rohais is set to close in stages


This morning marked the start of five weeks of work


on one of the island's main commuter routes.


Phase one will see the bottom of the Rohais go down


to single lane traffic, controlled by temporary lights,


and the work will continue in stages up the hill towards St Peter Port.


This is one of our biggest projects we've


At 900 metres, we're resurfacing over 200 metres a week.


That's a significant amount of work, so what we have to do is break it


into phases to try and keep the traffic moving to keep access


to businesses and hopefully that will lead to a successful project.


The island's ambulance service is at the centre


but plans are in place to ensure that emergency call-outs are dealt


Hopefully, our response times are not going to be affected.


What we plan to do is place ambulances and crews at various


points of the island during the roadworks


so our response times will hopefully not be delayed at all.


Businesses are keen to stress that they will remain open throughout,


with the Rohais Motor Centre quick to praise the levels


It's enabled them to keep customers fully informed.


Before Christmas, the engineer came round and spoke to us


in a lot of detail about how it was going to go and how


the phases would work, and we've been emailed


Yeah, I think it's been really, really good.


While things have been moving fairly smoothly today,


the real test may well come when the schools go


You're watching the BBC in the Channel Islands.


Later in Spotlight with Justin and Victoria:


Memories of the Blitz - a new film goes underground to mark


the 75th anniversary of the World War Two bombings.


Online shopping is having a big impact on the amount of waste


As the festive season nears its end, waste centres are seeing much more


And as Mike Wilkins reports, it's not just cardboard,


Christmas cards and wrapping paper being recycled.


It's beginning to look like the end of Christmas.


Although there's still a few days till the end of the festive season,


hundreds of trees have already been dumped at this recycling point.


The island's waste officer says they're put to good use.


We collect around about six and have thousands trees per year. That


matches the amount of trees coming into the island. What we will do


with those trees is chipping them onside, and taking the chips are


down and makes them with the material in our green waste site.


And it's not just trees being dumped.


This recycling centre is dealing with all the Christmas


Behind me, there are towers of cardboard stacked high. The people


who run this place tell me that one in three of the cardboard they


recycle comes from one online retailer. We are seeing a increase


in online shopping. That increases in the cupboard coming into the


island, particularly in December. -- cardboard.


We don't have the overall recycling figures yet for this Christmas,


but with a few days left of the festive season, there's


Ensuring the island's views are represented during ongoing talks


on Brexit will be one of the biggest challenges for 2017.


That's according to Guernsey's President of Policy and Resources.


So how do Guernsey and Jersey go about that?


And what other things do we have to look forward to over


and you made your way through the Christmas treats.


So all that's left is for you to gaze into your crystal bauble


Of course, there's no way of knowing what's in store.


But the States can take a good guess at what the key challenges will be.


The people have spoken, and the as is, we are out. Although we are a


small jurisdiction, we must deploy and emitted resources in the most


effective way to insure our voice is not lost. The biggest challenge is


that we are not below the radar, and our interests are well represented.


It's something Guernsey will work Jersey on.


And a challenge which could actually benefit


both Islands' tourism industries.


That means, probably, pound sterling will remain weak. For British people


staying in Britain, including coming to the Channel Islands, it is great.


If you are in France, with a stronger euro, you can pop over and


enjoy it. Our job is to market Jersey, but we will continue to grow


the visitor numbers here. Will the sun be shining


for the influx of visitors, though? I think the trend is a little bit


towards extremes. There seems to be more extremes of temperature and


rainfall, maybe more extremes. Four. the charts and graphs can


easily get it wrong. So perhaps this will


give us a more certain Or at least one I hope


comes true for you. It's been a bright yet


chilly start to the first We won't have to wait


long for the weekend, so how's the forecast looking,


David Brainecan? That piece reminding me of the


weather we saw last year. What might have escaped our attention over the


last four or five weeks is how dry the islands have been. I will


briefly looked back. Jersey and Guernsey have been particularly dry,


but Guernsey especially so. Rainfall has been the driest December since


1879. That is nearly back to where the records started. One of the


driest December 's ever, December 16 was. More cloud around tomorrow. Not


quite so cold. As it arrives through the night, capable of producing


drizzle. A blustery breeze both tonight and tomorrow morning. A


weather front drifting down from the North. That is that layout of --


layer of clouds coming towards as later. As it just down it will


introduce cloud, drizzle in the wind, but it's Peters out into


Thursday. Thursday is brighter. There is beware of cloud. -- the


layer. Producing a few spots of light rain and drizzle. Before it


gets to us, temperatures will tumble away. But a blustery started to


tomorrow. Cloud and drizzle, but petering out, winds becoming


northerly and temperatures up to about 9 degrees. Here is the tides


and high water. Most of the beaches are likely to be choppy. At a good


evening. You're up to date with the news


from the Channel Islands. brothels and believes women working


together in one place is safer, but Laura Watson told me why these


short-term brothels are a problem. The major problem with the pop-up


brothels is the transient nature of them. We have been seeing all over


the country that people are raiding premises where sex workers are


working together collectively and safely. The police are raiding them


and closing them down. So in your raise you see the police as a bit of


a problem in this situation? Definitely be major problem. They


are the ones who are raiding premises and closing them down where


it is just two or more sex workers working together for safety and even


if there is no force or caution involved in that setup... You see


these women as victims because the police are treating them as victims?


We do not see these women as victims. The women do not describe


themselves as victims. They describe themselves as head of households,


earning money to put food on the table to feed their children. Most


sex workers are mothers in the UK and that is the reason they are


working. The police are a little bit between a rock and a hard place


because they have a job to do. There are children in the streets, you can


see that police have a duty to try and move them on. Sex workers are


mothers themselves and therefore it take into the consideration that


there are families in the area, all those other considerations, so any


kind of anti-social behaviour that happens or noise or anything like


that can be dealt with. You don't need a prosecution to deal with


those kind of problems. You are making it sound like any other


business in a normal street. So what is the answer here? What we want is


an end to the law, legislation, which prevents sex workers from


working together. Not only does prevent from working together, it


means you can't come forward to report any violence that does happen


to the police because the police are more interested in our experience in


the prostitution of fans that you're committing rather than dealing with


the violent crime. And how likely is it that changing the we think it's


definitely possible. Recently Amnesty International announced that


they supported decriminalisation. We have the example of New Zealand who


decriminalised in 2003. With great success. Women feel they have the


support from the law and more entitled to protection and more able


to come forward and report any violence that does happen. We


appreciate your time, thank you very much. Thank you very much.


Now, you wouldn't necessarily think that reopening a tin mine


near an area of outstanding beauty was a particularly good idea.


But community leaders in East Cornwall think it is,


and as our Business Correspondent Neil Gallagher reports,


the local mayor says if the plan doesn't go ahead there'll be some


That much remains of the old red for mine on the edge of Collington. But


there is a lot of ten here. And if tin prices keep rising it may become


economic to dig it out. Mining specialists have been consulting on


plans to start test. First reaction is locally have been quite positive.


It is crying out for regeneration. It would be wonderful if new jobs


were brought in. All bought knowing that the mining was happening in the


area, so it has not come as a huge surprise. Cornwall historically is a


mining county, mining heritage, so from that point of view we are very


positive and obviously people are concerned, as we are. Used to have


to take into account residents concerns and the environmental


impact. -- we have been assured by Cornwall resources but that this


will be managed correctly and we will be keeping an eye on that as


part of or job as the council. Those involved with the scheme say a mine


would have less impact on the village of Kelly Bray than was seen


near Plymouth where a tungsten line restarted. This would be a very


different mining operation. It would be underground. Although the deposit


is close to the southern part of Kelly Bray, we would be looking to


cite any processing plant or waste tips some distance away to minimise


the impact on local residents and community. Any actual mining is


years away. That would need planning consent and also need tens of


millions of pounds to be raised from investors.


It was a busy festive period for our football sides -


with our teams involved in plenty of games and action.


Natalie's here to round up the latest of it.


Exeter City boss Paul Tisdale has been nominated for the League Two


manager of the month award having led the Grecians to three wins


and a draw from their four games in December.


And they had more success yesterday when they welcomed the New Year


The run has lifted the Grecians away from the bottom of the table


Tis has been nominated for the Football League manager


of the month award eight times during his 11 seasons at City,


but has never managed to pick up the accolade.


Ollie Watkins has been nominated for the player of the month award.


One of the other contenders is Plymouth's Oscar Threlkeld.


Speaking of which, the League Two lead changed several


Having been in top spot twice, Argyle start the New Year in second


place after being beaten 1-0 by Barnet yesterday.


The hosts took the lead early on and a superb defensive


display saw them hold on to the final whistle.


Argyle are now a point behind leaders Doncaster.


But for now it's all eyes on Anfield - there were long queues


at Home Park today as non-members were allowed to pick


Of the 8500 that were made available, it's thought


there are now a few hundred left for the FA Cup tie on Sunday.


Some will have to be up at 4am to slog their way by coach up the M6


but Argyle playing here is rare, so 8500 fans have got tickets to go. It


is my bucket list, to go to Anfield, I have been to a few of the other


big ones but I would always love to go to Anfield so this is a dream


come true. Nervous. Freezing cold. Over the moon. I can't wait to go to


the cup with all the flags and I can't wait to see the atmosphere it


will be really good. Big game and big payday. Getting into the third


round of the FA Cup is worth ?67,000 in prize money alone. Plymouth will


also get ?144,000 from the TV rights, a share of the gate receipts


from Anfield, capacity 54,000, and it is easy to see why the game could


be worth over half a million to Argyll. This is a massive gang. The


fact that a thousand 500 fans will be travelling all the way to


Liverpool on a Sunday is testament to that. Dream start would be a


draw? Or an away win! You have got to admire the optimism. Others might


say, come down! -- calm down. Meanwhile Torquay striker


Nathan Blissett has been linked It's understood the 26-year-old


target man is due to have a medical He scored four goals for Torquay


this term and eight goals in 17 games last season as he helped


the Gulls avoid relegation. Yeovil Town were comfortably


beaten by Crawley Town. The last time the two sides met,


the Glovers thrashed Crawley 5-0. And that's it for now -


but before we go, well done to Torquay who were involved


in a humdinger of a It finished 5-5 against


Forest Green Rovers - the first scoreline of its kind


in the Gulls' history. Did you like John's attempt there?


He has to go up with the skills fans and find out what a Liverpool accent


is really like. In the early of hours


of the 4th May 1942, 20 Luftwaffe bombers flew up


the Exe Estuary and orders were given for them to drop


their bombs on Exeter. A German radio report


at the time said, "Exeter "We have destroyed that jewel,


and the Luftwaffe will return Well, now a documentary's being made


to mark the 75th anniversary of the bombings and to capture


memories of the night that Anna Byles has been


following the film makers. The aftermath of German bombings


which claimed around 250 lives. Now film-makers are


unearthing stories that In those days the entrance


was in a shop in the Victorian arcades, and you would have been


down here sheltering down here two or three hours in the dark,


in the wet, with stuffy air and screaming children and the sound


of bombs landing overhead, not knowing what you might find


whenever you came back out, or even if you were going to be


able to come back out. But not everyone made


it to the safety of I will never forget


the young lad who was killed He would have been 16 years


old, but he was only Whilst many sheltered


from the raids within the city, others escaped to surrounding


villages and watched I stood at the window and I looked


up the South Street and I looked Because the next night


it was all blown to smithereens. More memories from the Blitz will be


shown as part of the documentary due to be released on the 75th


anniversary of the bombings in May. This is our first proper programme


of the year. Most are happy with this and to be back with you. The


weather has brought us some cold weather.


Minus six last night. It was pretty cold. . Perhaps not so much scraping


of the ice of the screens tomorrow morning. A different sort of date.


More cloud coming our way. The ruble of producing a few spots of drizzle


as well. I think that's crossing for tomorrow. Having said that Britain


is already fast falling and may well get to zero in a few places tonight


but there is a... Already starting to cloud over. The weather front the


ringside cloud lies across us by the middle of the day tomorrow. High


pressure squeezing out of the way a bit. It might return by Thursday, so


Thursday morning could also be frosty. Some sunshine on Thursday.


That all changes because several other funds out here will join hands


and moving as one band of cloud and rain arriving at some point through


the day on Friday. Already the cloud is coming in but that's look at what


it was like earlier today in Paignton where our cameraman caught


a glimpse of the hazy sunshine. Today has been beautiful because we


have had the very frosty start but from a diverse -- most of us we have


had unbroken sunshine from much of the day. It has helped the


temperatures. Ayes hasn't helped the temperatures. There will be a lot


more cloud, not just for this part of Devon but right across the West


of England. It is patchy cloud at the moment and it escaped bull of


producing some drizzle as it cuts down across us by the end of the


night. Even the temperatures falling now, by the end of the night I think


they start to come back up again. Perhaps one or two Celsius in a few


places, then three or four by dawn tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is cloudy


to start with. Light rain or drizzle will gradually petered out. It might


continue across ports of Cornwall but we get a clearance across parts


of Somerset and the east of Devon and Dorset by the end of the


afternoon at the top temperature of most of us of eight or nine Celsius.


For the Isles of Scilly overcast with a few spots of drizzle. We


might get some brief early brightness but generally cloudy


here. In times of high water... The forecast for our surfers is for the


north coast to be a little on the chubby side with the wind is coming


in from the North West. The wave is not very big. Mostly fair. The odd


spot of drizzle. The forecast is going to Thursday is bright, dry and


cold. Another frost first thing on Monday morning. Temperature starting


to come back. So does the cloud. But great towards the weekend. A few


spots of rain on Friday. Have a good evening. Thank you. That is all from


us for now. Andy is here with an update at 10:30pm along with David


and we are all back with you tomorrow at 6:30pm. Have a good


evening. Magical new drama...


The Worst Witch. Something like this


could change my life. We're looking for someone


who can sing, someone who can move. Someone who can keep an audience


on the edge of their seat. Something like this


could change my life.


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