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Welcome to BBC Channel Islands. These are Thursday's headlines:


Flight and passenger numbers continue to fall


Final call to claim these abandoned cars.


The glitz, glamour and speed of powerboat racing


And we have another cold, bright day tomorrow; all change though as we


head into the weekend, but milder air. The details later in the


programme. New figures show the number


of people flying between the Channel Islands has continued


to drop in recent years, with last year seeing the biggest


decline of nearly 10%. The airline Blue Islands


says it's regrettable , but that the fall in demand


is outside its control. However, many in the sports


and holiday industry Lizzie has just flown


into Jersey from Guernsey. She's not impressed


with inter-island travel. We think everything's running


smoothly, then all of a sudden we get phone calls quite a lot


saying it's cancelled or they've moved the flight times,


and it's not ideal. And it seems she's not


the only one being put off. Over the past three years,


the number of people flying between the Channel Islands has


continued to fall, with a 4% drop Last year the decline


was even worse, at 9% - The airline Blue Islands says it's


partly due to unprecedented weather disruption in 2016,


and to businesses increasingly using tele-conferencing rather


than inter-island travel. But many in the sport and leisure


industry are blaming flight The prices have gone


up quite considerably to what they were 12 to 18 months


ago, and people are looking at the cost of taking


children, not only teams, at the cost of taking children,


not only teams, but also... across the board, choirs,


you name it, everything that affects the two islands is costing a lot


of money to do a ten-minute flight. The airline points to the increase


in airport fees it's faced, and insists it provides enough


choice, with up to 16 flights a day. Although some islanders


may hark back to a time With the plane sizes now, they're


definitely bigger than they were. Those of us that remember


the Trislanders hopping backwards and forwards,


it was like a bus service. Now, the airlines use 40-plus seats


and therefore there can't be the number of flights


that there were. Blue Islands operates


the Jersey-Guernsey route with Flybe as its franchise partner,


after Aurigny withdrew last year - a deal that's currently


being investigated by And the outcome will no


doubt watched closely by passengers like Lizzie,


who feel inter-island flying has The Channel Islands


are going through one Rainfall has been so rare that


in Jersey it was the second But as Mike Wilkins


reports, some are more These are probably the happiest cows


in the Channel Islands today. It's the first time these calves'


hooves have ever touched grass. The farmer who owns them told me


it's much easier to introduce them to the outdoors with the sun


on their back, rather He says the good weather


is helping his farm. We are not collecting as much slurry


because the rain isn't as much. So that saves a bit of haulage cost. So


it's just nice to not have to walk around in the rain, really.


And in Jersey, the arid weather's helping its world famous


At the moment we're not too worried, clearly we do need rain at some


point. If you look at reservoirs, they are half empty. But from the


perspective we are now back with ideal conditions for planting.


But whilst it's been good news for some farmers, it's not so great


The water levels behind me at the reservoir look lower than they


should be at this time of year. We have approached Guernsey Water for


the latest figures, but they haven't been able to talk to us. But it


shouldn't come as much of a surprise considering that this December has


been the driest since 1879. It's unclear what impact a dry


summer and now a dry winter could have on water reserves


and prices, but for now, many are happy to enjoy


this unseasonal weather. It's a New Year clean-up that many


say has been needed for a long time. Tomorrow, nearly 30 vehicles left


unused or abandoned on a Jersey trading estate will be towed away


if not claimed. Businesses on the Rue des


Pres Estate in St Saviour welcome the move, but are also concerned


that stricter measures due to be brought in have not


been thought through. Alison Moss is there now,


and can explain more. It's quite clear this


van is going nowhere - and nor is that one,


or that car. These are just some


of the 28 vehicles published in the paper last week -


which, if not claimed by tomorrow, will be towed


and possibly destroyed. Rue des Pres is a busy trading


estate for people in Jersey, it's probably best known


for being the home of Jersey Post - when you need to pick up


a parcel you come here - and anyone who has done


will know how busy it is. all with employees and customers,


so space is at a premium. These abandoned vehicles


take up precious room - and that means legitimate visitors


to the trading estate are parking on roadsides, corners etc,


and that's become a safety issue. People can park anywhere they want


to. There are no designated spaces. There are a lot of people but have


got no business interests on the estate that are using it for free


parking during the day, and it's obviously leaving a lot of employees


and businesses on the estate without any safe parking.


The States say they're taking the action to try and improve


parking road usage around the Rue des Pres Trading Estate -


and this is the start of that - but there is wider parking reform


about to take place, which is proving contentious.


The Infrastructure Department, which is to take over the roads,


wants to charge for parking - the same charge as in


the centre of St Helier - but that potentially has a huge


impact on businesses, and traders are so unhappy that


they're meeting with the minister Deputy Eddie Noel next week


A tax office worker accused of stealing hundreds of pounds


in Jersey has been cleared of all charges.


40-year old Carl Robert Frankum, who worked at Cyril Le Marquand House,


denied two counts of stealing from the States of Jersey


between June 2012 and August 2014.The prosecution claimed he took


tax cash payments for himself, but a jury acquitted him


after a two-day trial in the Magistrates Court.


Pressure on hospital beds in Jersey is said to be "easing",


after being on red alert before Christmas.


During the holidays, bed capacity at Jersey General Hospital varied


A hospital spokesman says this was due to a "planned reduction


in the number of operations over Christmas and New Year",


plus new measures which help make beds available


But flu and norovirus levels are still high.


Guernsey is stepping up its efforts to become a firm fixture


Many of us can remember the heyday of the Formula 1 offshore


racing in the '80s - and now plans are under way to bring


the glitz and glamour back, albeit on a smaller scale.


The sound of engines will resonate around Guernsey's shore this summer,


as Powerboat Week makes a return to the island.


Guernsey is just such a fantastic nautical place.


If you look back, we've got the strong currents,


we've got the navigational challenges, we're got


Certainly for us we've got the spectator's view,


because we're going to put two of the races...


Two of the races are going to be inshore.


With 17 local boats set to take part too, it's got all the ingredients


to be a memorable week, planned to coincide


with the Red Arrows, Proms on the Pier, and the visit


This will be the race headquarters for a whole week.


Castle Emplacement will become a focal point -


not only for competition, but for the celebrations and social


The event has been part-funded by the States.


Tourism bosses hope it'll help showcase the island as a vibrant


sports-loving destination - promoting Guernsey to


It is spectacular, and the world is looking in to try to bring these


events back to Guernsey, and if we can make this a success -


then who knows what the future holds?


Organisers are hoping local businesses will now come on board,


to help make the event a roaring success.


Well, as you heard earlier, we've been experiencing a dry


spell in the island, and it's been a bright


Yes, change to perhaps milder conditions, no real change in terms


of rainfall though because the rainfall amounts are again likely to


be pretty small, pretty dismal. The forecast for the day tomorrow and


into the weekend I think is for us to continue on a dry theme. We


haven't quite yet got the milder air, so some sunny spells through


the morning but still quite cold, and then some patchy drizzle and the


milder air arrives overnight. You can see the cloud starting to


approach the more western parts of Ireland, couple of weather fronts


heading towards us, slow progress as them with -- get closer and closer,


and we still have the influence of the high pressure so we can't expect


too much of a change for much of the day tomorrow. This weather front


however will be a featured tomorrow night, and into the start of the


weekend, but it is trapped within an area of high pressure so it will be


a wee creature and little if any appreciable rain. The detail for


overnight tonight, the sky is clear tonight. Temperatures will get lower


I think than they were last night, two or three degrees, cold enough


for some frost to fall first thing tomorrow morning, so we are going to


be cold, dry, bright, with some sunshine, but through the afternoon


the cloud will continue to stream in. Not overly warm, you will need


to wrap up. Birth at times of high water. -- there are our time of high


water. Any surf on west facing beaches are likely to be choppy.


There is a reminder of the forecast as we head into the weekend; it is


warmer, but also, at times, rather cloudy. C. -- back to you, Charlie.


I'll be back at 8pm. Traders in one Cornish town


are warning that a major shake-up of their business rates could be


the final straw for many of them. From April, some shops in St Ives


will have to pay hundreds But while the changes will leave


some paying extra, others Tamsin Melville has been to meet


some of the winners and losers. Packed out for the New Year,


but there are some stark warnings from shop owners in St Ives,


facing bigger business-rate This will be the straw that breaks


the camel's back for an awful lot of businesses in the town that


are struggling already. The tax is based on the yearly rent


for which a property could be let and the so-called rateable value


is reviewed by the government every five years, to reflect changes


in the property market. In St Ives town centre,


it is leading to some big rises. Neil has owned this fish


and chip shop just back His business-rate bills will be


going up by around ?400 a month. They perhaps see that St Ives


is the jewel in the crown of Cornwall and so it's


buoyant and rich. It's very quiet in the


winter months still. A lot of businesses, you know,


will struggle to survive. And at this restaurant just down


the road, it means finding The people owning these


properties are not having It's the business owners


that are paying them, so it's a win-win situation


for the owners of the properties and a lose-lose situation


for the business owners. Businesses here in St Ives


are losing out, but it's definitely In fact, the government


says three-quarters of businesses are either


going to stay the same Like here in Torquay,


where a general fall in the amount businesses are paying


is being welcomed as a John's rates bill should be


going down by ?300 a month, meaning he can keep price


rises in check. But he has got every sympathy


for those facing increases. It's the one tax you


have no control over. It does not link in any way,


shape or form to your performance, so your business performance,


and so it is a cost. The government says there


will be transitional help In St Ives, there are plans


to oppose the changes. It may not be on the scale of some


parts of the UK, but the South West has a long history of welcoming


families from countries In the 1960s, Spotlight reported


on a small group of people from Poland who had made a new life


at a camp near Newton Abbot, having been deported from their


homes during World War II. In the late '70s, families


fleeing the Vietnam War We followed some of them,


as they got used to And now, as John Danks reports


from Bude, the South West is The war Syria in has been going for


more than five years and claimed more than 250,000 people. The images


of suffering have travelled all over the world. And no Greek community in


Cornwall is hoping to help some of them. Seeing these awful pictures


last year of all the migrants droning that really made me feel we


must do something. Merely runs a refugee support group. They are


helping to resettle to community families under the community


sponsorship scheme, launched by the government last year. The people


they do not all of them towns and cities. We think it is one of the


most beautiful places to live. It is a very healing place. The people are


nice here so they will get a warm welcome and be well supported. Like


always god knows how desperate the situation can get for those fleeing


war-torn countries. He recently volunteered on a boat helping to


save migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean. I have helped these


families out in the ocean and for them to be welcomed into my home


community, I am very cloak proud and pleased. Enough money has been


raised to settle one family Syria from. If all goes well, the family


could be here by Easter. It is easy to forget that, before


the days of television, the only way of knowing what Britain looked


like was either to visit the towns and villages yourself or look


at photos and artwork. But those still images can


be just as revealing. Here is a very quiet Lyme Regis,


nowhere near as busy as it is today. There are carts, not


cars, here in Polperro. And what about a donkey


ride in Clovelly - These are the works


of a South West painter. John Shapland was prolific and, yet,


forgotten - until now. Andrea Ormsby has been having


a flick through a new book, Exeter's Lost Artist,


which is the culmination of 40 years The life and work of John Shapland,


recorded forever in this book. Shapland, his wife and their 12


children lived in Exeter. What you're looking at is just


a small collection of some of the items that was actually found


in the John Shapland studio. Across the floor was paintings,


etchings, picture frames, For years, the artist


and his family travelled all over the country in an open-top


car, painting hundreds and hundreds of scenes.


He called them brunotypes. These are what you would


really need to see. This was the end result


of the family's work. What you're looking at here,


with the brunotypes, nobody knows of their existence.


This is a revelation. We are seeing scenes


that will have changed beyond all recognition,


some of them, so they are very nostalgic.


They are also historic. The work will go on show


at an exhibition in March at the newly-opened


Exeter School of Art. John Shapland was the headmaster


of Exeter School of Art back in the turn of the century,


so rediscovering all the works and having all of the artefacts that


Peter has unearthed and presented in his book and at the exhibition


is going to be a really important and exciting connection


with the past, as we look For those interested in art,


the author says this book will be a revelation and can be considered


as quite a coup for the South West. Good to see he is getting some


recognition at last. Plymouth Argyle finally appear


to have the funding for their It may please the fans, who rely


on the increasingly out-of-date 1950s stand, and it could


also help to transform But it is not the first time such


an announcement has been made, as our business correspondent


Neil Gallacher explains. Three saves a modern stadium, fourth


side terracing which cannot be used understand from the 1950s. This area


finally all accept that redevelopment which could transform


Plymouth Argyle. Not just the bigger stand, but conference facilities, as


well. We should bring income even on non-match days. Today's announcement


is possible because of further investment from the most important


overseas supporter. I first came here in 1966. I stood at that end. I


left at the age of 18 to go to university. I have been following


the mother since. This is a labour of love. This has been a long time


coming. We have been planning this ever since we took over the club


five years ago, so it is a very important day. The club chairman has


not only been planning it, he is also announced that before. There is


an aspiration to finish off the stadium. We will start work in


autumn this year. We will be in a position to do that and that is what


we are certainly planning. I am not going to make the mistake of


committing to another date. Their skin never took least because it


relied on income from commercial outlets which never took place. This


is being funded by additional investment. In other words, you can


see where the money is coming from? Exactly. I am an investment


professional by trade. The new investment today is clearly not been


made on commercial terms. This is being made on soft terms. This is my


contribution to Plymouth Argyle and to the city. A few years ago, all


that matters was for it to survive, first as a business and then as a


weak side. Both of these objectives have no been achieved and this could


be the moment that opens a door into a greater future for the club into


the 21st century. A new stadium is something


for Pilgrims fans to look forward to in the longer term,


but more immediately excitement is building for their FA Cup match


against Liverpool this weekend. Tickets for the game are now


highly sought after, so when one of the players,


Paul Arnold Garita, decided to hide five of them around the city today,


it prompted a frantic search. Here are the magic tickets. Good


luck, everyone. And we will meet some of the winners


lucky enough to find the tickets Did you know that was one head in


here? I did not, as Charlie! Now, it might not be spring yet,


but spring has certainly sprung This ewe has given birth to quads


on a farm near Truro. Farmer Treve Gay knew there


were four on the way after a scan. And it is not the first


time, either. Last year, the same ewe had five


lambs all in one go, Now, we can catch up


on the latest weather outlook. Good evening. There are clear skies,


and that means temperatures will be following.


There is some cloak, which will bring in some outbreaks of rain.


Although Weill, we have weather fronts trying to approach from the


West. That somewhat takes the sting out of these areas of low pressure.


The high pressure is pushed out of the way for the middle of the day


tomorrow. At the time we get into the "Mother had a pleasurable


re-establish itself. There will also be a lot of cloud with it. Quiet


conditions going into the weekend. The wind will freshen going into the


head of this band of rain. It will bring higher temperatures but a lot


of cloud. You can see the structure of that cloud, thickest to Cornwall.


We had a lovely sunset. Of course, it gets down pretty early at this


time of the year. A lovely view of the crescent moon. The sun has set


and the cloud will continue to approach from the West. Later in the


night, the cloud just taking off from the odd bit of drizzle.


Generally drive for most of us. High temperatures to the West 7-9 C. To


the east, temperatures just dropping down below zero. A rather cloudy day


tomorrow. That will produce a few sports of rain and drizzle.


Temperatures finally inching up towards double figures. Here is the


forecast for Scilly. He ran the water claims. Not much for people


who like surfing. There are in the coastal waters forecast. The outlook


for the weekend is quite and also slightly warmer. That doesn't sound


too bad. We are back with headlines


at eight o'clock and the late news at 10.30pm.


Bye for now. We're looking for someone


who can sing, someone who can move. Someone who can keep an audience


on the edge of their seat. Something like this


could change my life. When you're born to perform,


Let It Shine... Magical new drama...


The Worst Witch.


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