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Good evening and welcome to BBC Channel Islands.


Making the news on this Friday night:


Robbed at knife-point, the terrifying experience of one Jersey


shopkeeper. How much time off should


a new parent be allowed? Businesses and parents are asked


to help shape future laws. We should have longer maternity


leave. It is nice to bond with your children and the dads should have


that extra bit of time. The Channel Islands expertise


which is giving this seal And quiet would be a good way to


describe this weekend, lots of cloud around, generally a bit warmer, and


I'll have all the details later in the programme.


A Jersey shop owner was left badly shaken after being


robbed at knife-point in St Helier last night.


It happened at about 7:20pm


at Temple Stores in Stopford Road. The owner wasn't hurt.


The police would like people who live and work in the area to help


with their inquiries. Our reporter Julie Flanagan


is there for us now. Last night was a normal night


for shop owner Bruno Alves. He only took it over


five months ago. He was at the back


making a cup of coffee, heard someone coming in,went


to serve the customer and saw what he described


as a massive knife. You can imagine how


terriying it was. He's too shaken to be on camera


but he told me it felt He was so scared, and all he could


think about was his two boys. So what are they saying


about the investigation? Well around ?800 was stolen,


so this is a significant crime, not only of theft


but for the violence involved. Detective Inspector Steve Langford


is leading the case and says it's Well, this is clearly quite a


desperate act carried out by a callous individual. It is difficult


to excess -- to assess the reasons why this occur. We suspect that the


individual could have been casing the shop, to see if it could


identify a potential target later in the day. Jersey is a very safe place


and we would reassure the community that these incidents are not very


common. The police also say the man they're


looking for is around 6 foot tall, They say he was wearing a black


leather jacket with a silver hoodie. Unfortunately security cameras


in the shop had stopped filming so the police really want


help from people who were in the area at around 7:30pm last night


or earlier in the day Mr Alves has opened the shop up


today as usual even though he's been so shocked by the robbery,


but it has made him think twice about security and has made him


worried his wife working there. Today he said he was still shaking


from the shock of the ordeal. That's almost 24 hours after his


ordeal. Parents in Jersey could get more


time off work after their baby's born, depending on the outcome


of a consultation. The government's asking for people's


views on extending statutory There's criticism the island's


behind the times for not providing


as much leave as the UK. A picture of quality family time:


parents and children playing at this But how family-friendly


are the island's employment rights? The current rights came


into force just over a year ago, making it compulsory


for workers to get than in the UK, so do parents


in Jersey feel it's enough? I don't think it is enough. We


should have longer maternity leave. It is nice to bond with your


children. And for dads, as well, to have that bit of time to spend with


their children and help out with setting a routine and things like


that. I see lots of people struggling with babies when they are


only three or four months, it is really sad to see. And some people


have to get back to work. I think maybe there should be more.


Now all islanders are being asked for their views


It's being run by the Employment Forum, an independent group


who wants to hear from both sides of the fence.


It will be a balance between individuals who want longer


time with their babies when they're born, but also with businesses


who have businesses to run and the cost of having people


out of a business for any length of time.


People's views will be gathered over the next three months,


before the forum puts recommendations to the States.


It could lead to a law change that sees new parents


have more time to spend with their babies in future.


Businesses facing eviction from Guernsey's Fontaine Vinery


could be relocated to a spot on the West Coast within a year.


The firms need to move to make way for social housing.


States Property Services have identified


But not everyone's happy, as Penny Elderfield reports.


At one time it was all go on Guernsey's vineries.


But could a very different industry be about to bring


Providing a new home for the businesses


The dozen or so businesses based here at the Fontaine Vinery


So this entire area can be cleared to make way for housing.


The question is where should they go.


This is States Property Services' first choice.


The Pulias Vinery on Guernsey's West Coast.


Both needing planning permission before anything can happen.


But current tenant Ross isn't happy with the plans.


He wants to stay on States-owned land.


We need the States to invest in this industry. They have invested in the


fisherman. We won something similar. We have an ideal spot next to this


yard that is not being used, that is owned by the States, and they would


be getting an income on this bit of land.


Deputy Laurie Queripel got the States


to agree to look at land they own option


and he's disappointed they haven't yet.


The concern that private landlords is they might think, actually, I'm


not so keen on this and don't want to carry on with it after a year,


and they might think they want to push the rents up so that would


cause problems for the businesses, so it would be far better if the


States did it. If the current plans DO go


ahead though it's thought and the businesses here moved on


within the year. For the first time, it's been


confirmed that the body recovered at Pleinmont by Guernsey Police


on Christmas Eve is that of missing


local man Steven Corbet. Mr Corbet was last seen


getting off a bus The Court heard that in late


November, a group of young children playing found what was later


confirmed to be Mr Corbet's body. This afternoon, a Coroner declared


the cause of the 59-year-old's death Politicians' e-mails leaked to BBC


Guernsey reveal the 21 Deputies who voted to scrap


selection at 11 considered writing an open letter to counter


bad press about the potential The correspondence came ahead


of a vote of no-confidence in the Education Committee, which is


due to be debated next week. The proposed letter


was eventually shelved, seven Deputies put


their names to a letter asking the members of


the Education Committee to resign. And finally tonight -


a seal pup is making a good recovery after being rescued


from a Jersey beach. Sammy, as she's been named,


was flown to Guernsey And now a few weeks on,


although she's still underweight, Mike Wilkins has discovered that


she's getting her appetite back. Just four weeks old, still severely


underweight and fighting for its life,


this seal pup's been named Sammy. She was rescued from Bonne Nuit Bay


in Jersey a couple of weeks ago. She was flown to Guernsey


for specialist treatment. And the good news is she's making


encouraging progress and, as you can see,


has started eating whole fish! especially after such


an upsetting end to the year, Hopefully, all being well and good


we will get her back into the waters of jersey where she belongs. We love


to see local animal staying in local waters. This is exciting


development. We have been working together across the islands to help


woke -- to help local wildlife. If Sammy continues to recover well


it could be up to six months before she's released


back into Jersey waters. Sammy, the only creature trying to


put on weight this New Year! It was an ice scraping morning for most of


us. David has the weekend forecast. What is going to be like for those


working in the fields this weekend? Warmer than it has been, but not a


great deal of wind. Good conditions for getting out into the garden,


into the fields. Milder this weekend, rather cloudy and generally


quite quiet. Pressure is still high this week and, above 30 millibars,


but there is a weather front that has drifted into the more western


parts of the English Channel and continues to move over us tonight.


Then becomes stuck and the pattern then is very settled. Rather than


see a lot of sunshine, what we will end up with probably is a lot of


cloud trapped underneath that area of high pressure, and it will be


quite misty tomorrow. It's not going to be called. We might get down into


single figures, maybe six, seven Celsius, the minimum temperature,


but tomorrow, it should warm up with temperatures back up in double


figures. We will see the drizzle fading away into the afternoon. Not


much in the way of brightness, and some low cloud, becoming quite


misty, for a time. 10 Celsius the minimum temperature. And the times


of high water... The westerly winds mean that some beaches will be on


the choppy side but not to the, two feet at best. And the coastal waters


forecast... There is a risk of some mist and fog patches and a few spots


of drizzle which will reduce visibility down to poor at times. On


Sunday, still light winds and keeping a lot of cloud, on Monday,


the breeze picks up and later we will see some outbreaks of rain


arriving. By Tuesday, that weather front will have run through and


Tuesday will be much brighter but much colder. Have a nice weekend.


Thank you, David. That's it from the team here and the Channel Islands. I


will be back with the ten o'clock news. And I will leave you with the


rest of Spotlight from Justin and Natalie.


Also still ahead: Learning to read at 86 years old -


we meet Ursula who's proof that it's never too late.


I am in the mid Devon town that likes to mark the end of Christmas


with a couple of colourful characters.


Let's go to the sport now and the main story this evening


is Plymouth Argyle's 3rd round FA Cup tie with Liverpool on Sunday,


where of course they're hoping for a giant killing.


The players leave for Anfield tomorrow at noon, with most fans


Andy Birkett is at Home Park for us this evening.


Hi there. As stadiums go, this one is pretty impressive. It will only


get better, once they developed that newsstand.


Here at Home Park you can pack 16k fans in.


On Sunday, it's going to be a lot different at Anfield -


a stadium more than three times the size of this one,


more than 50,000 fans are expected for their 3rd round FA Cup tie


with Liverpool and most of them will be hoping Argyle lose.


Then you add the millions of TV viewers all around the world -


Pressure the team feel they are ready to handle.


If all our players are at peak form...


This squad does have belief, and a manager with one thing


I think that there is that possibility.


But you have got to go there with that belief and attitude.


Graham Kerry, who is also a Liverpool fan, is argyle's star


man and not fazed by performing on the


Obviously, you will see that, but when the game starts your


But unless we are competitive, unless we give it a


good go, you're not really going to enjoy it.


These games are really for the fans and the club has sold


Some will be heading up tomorrow, but many others will be travelling


up in the early hours of Sunday morning.


But for five lucky supporters they received their tickets


from striker Paul Arnold Garita who had hidden vouchers around


Plymouth tweeting clues for them to find them.


Actually, I walk that way every day to and fro from work because


I live near by, so I recognised it instantly.


Five minutes later, there it is, still on my normal


He made it before me and got the ticket.


I gather you to have both got tickets already.


Where going to give it away to a friend that


obviously can't get one, so they got the opportunity to go to Anfield


It is good for the club, for the team, for the


Because it is important everyone can come and it is good


I was just looking at all the different people and


seeing whether they were heading in the same direction


they were going and if I could run past them, if I needed to.


Matt was the first to collect the ticket from


the BBC, hoping to give it to a friend of his.


There was a guy that came about 30 seconds after the


anti-looked pretty disappointed to not get a ticket, so if he is out


Yeah, I would like to say thank you to Matt.


Hopefully, I will see you up in Liverpool.


was holding it for the other one, so I said I may as well try and get


Just some good competition in my family, trying to get a ticket.


Tickets for the big match and a chance to say thank you.


Now, Arnie, if you can give the Liverpool


defender is the same runaround on Sunday,


there will be thousands of


Well, this is the FA Cup after all...


It's just a replica, but there's no doubt that Liverpool


is the place to be this weekend if you're a Pilgrim.


Whatever happens on Sunday, the club will be more than half


And who knows, we might have a replay or even a fourth


Thanks, Andy. I was going to say, last person you switch the lights


off. But I think that is you, Andy. That will be me, Justin. Lucky he


doesn't have to pay the electricity bill.


Now to the story of an 86-year-old who is proof that you're


When Ursula Sheperd left school in the 1930's she was unable to read


because she was too shy to ask for help.


But now she's decided to put that right.


We spoke to Ursula and her teacher Fiona Prideaux and asked


She's really keen, really enthusiastic.


She comes to me once a week and then she practices at home.


So what has prompted you to want to do this, Ursula?


Well, I wanted to learn to read so I could learn other


people to read when I finish reading.


And why did you wait until you are in your 80s?


What made you wait that long to learn to read?


Well, I was very, very nervous, you know, when I was young, you see.


And Fiona, how do you set about with Ursula and the


process of learning to read at this age?


Because I know you deal with people of various ages, but I think


Ursula is the oldest pupil you have had.


How have you set about making sure she is able to read?


Well, we start by learning the sounds of the


individual letters, so we build up from that and then we learn three


and four letter words, really simple ones like cat, mat, sat.


So it is learning to blend the sounds


together in order to read a whole word and then when she is really


good at that we are going to move on to learning sounds that have two


And then learning the words associated with those sounds.


And so it is a very structured programme


and we just build slowly and move on when she is confident.


What would you like to get to, with Fiona's


Well, I would like to go to a library place and get sort of a


And I think, Fiona, you have a lesson


prepared for Ursula, just to show us the progress


You are going to read just a sentence.


Well, we wish you well with it and thank you very much


I think she will prove to be an inspiration. Absolutely. She told me


she is very fast and netting. -- fast at knitting.


Time to take your decorations down or risk bad luck, or is it ?


There's some disagreement as to whether 12th night falls


The difference in opinion is said to be down to the fact


that in centuries past, Christmas was deemed to start


at sunset on Dec 24 and so the 12th night following it was Jan 5.


Nowadays, people count from Dec 25 itself and so assume


If you want a fuller explanation there's one on our Facebook page.


in Bradninch in Devon and John Henderson is there.


Yes, I am here. You are looking at the Bradninch Miller's Morris men,


in all their finery, really going for it. We have a musical


accompaniment. We also have some lanterns. Any ideas about the theme?


Willy Wonka. The theme is Roald Dahl because it is 100 years since his


birth. Let's have a look at this. What is that one? Who will enlighten


me? It is a golden ticket. It took roughly ten hours to make. And what


does it entitle you to? Sweets for the rest of your life? Let's find


the mayor in amongst this wrong. Liz Taylor, good evening. Looking very


nice. What is this all about? This is a great community event in


Bradninch where we celebrate the end of the last year and the bringing in


of the New Year. How long has it been going? It is quite a recent


event. Probably the start of the century. And the point is that


people bring their Christmas trees. Is that right? Indeed. Everybody


brings their trees and we have a big bonfire and burn them all up. You


had a very important job to do. You go and do that. Let's have a chat


with Mike. How has it gone tonight? It was excellent. Really good. Great


fun. So tell me how it works. It starts at both ends of the town, led


by the two giants, we get our peer, had a bit of a dance, and then we go


down the football fields where we have the bonfire. Right. The


is in position, if I could just dash is in position, if I could just dash


across you here. I think he is ready to do the honours. All, he may


make... Thank you very much for coming this evening. I would like to


lend my thanks to the organisers. All the best. As with tradition, I


will now signal the end of the last year by throwing the tree over the


balcony and welcoming in 2017. Happy New Year to everyone in Bradninch.


CHEERING Fantastic. There you go. Carefully


missing me. I am told that there are more entertainment in the pub


nearby, including some dancing. I am of their now for a glass of


lemonade, a packet of crisps, and a front-page seat. OK, John. Thank you


very much. Crikey, that was close, that tree. It is time for the


weather. Hello. Good evening. I will speak


about December in a minute, but first, the week ahead. It is quiet


and cold and also misty. We have had some questions about the fact that


it has been quite dry for the last six or seven weeks and when you look


at the figures, they show the picture quite well. The rainfall for


December was only 42% of what we normally expect to see. The seventh


driest December on record and the records go back to 1910. How does


that affect the reservoir levels? They are down quite a bit. They are


65% full. Last year, they were 92% full. So quite a big difference. We


have had some relatively dry weather. Through the Ottoman into


the start of the new year. That has changed today. We have had some


patchy drizzle and that sticks with as overnight and I. Slowly moving


out of the way. Once that process is underway, we are left with an area


of high pressure, but all of that cloud trapped underneath it, so not


much promise of a great deal of sunshine this weekend. It is high


pressure but it is a cloudy high. Lots of cloud and mist and low cloud


and fog and hail fog and little change as we move into Sunday as


well. The rain that has been coming in today has been patchy and light,


but it is gradually moving through this evening and through the night


to come. It has introduced a lot of low cloud. The fog will become more


extensive and lower through the night and into the day tomorrow. So


it will be a mild night. The drizzle will fade away. We will be left with


an awful lot of cloud and overnight temperatures much higher than they


have been. 7-10 is obvious. A drizzly start to the day tomorrow.


-- Celsius. Temperatures back up into double figures tomorrow. We


have not seen those for a while. 10-11th of years. Similar for the


Isles of Scilly. Here are the times of high water. Most of the beaches


are likely to be choppy. The wind coming in from the west. Finally,


the winds are westerly for the coastal forecast. Have a nice


weekend. Back to you. Thank you very much, David. Good luck to Plymouth


Argyll. We will have the reaction on Monday. We leave you with some of


those 12 night celebrations in Bradninch. Good night. Goodbye.


Panorama investigates the deadly terrorist attack


and should British tourists have been warned about the risks?


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