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Welcome to Friday's BBC Channel Islands News.


A St Helier nursery is to close, leaving parents and children


Will absolutely devastated. We were not expecting it at all. There was


no morning that this was going to happen. -- there was no warning.


Innovation backlash - calls for Senator Ozouf to resign.


Failure to identify inadequate care - we'll have the latest


And this weekend it's less windy and less cold, but still quite blustery


tomorrow with the risk of a few showers. I'll have all the details


later in the programme. Shocked and angry -


that's the reaction of parents in Jersey on the closure


of a St Helier nursery. Avranches Nursery looks after 50


children, but with it running at a loss of almost ?100,000


every year, the parish says We are absolutely devastated. We


were not expecting it at all. There was no warning that this was going


to happen. It shocking, really. To be honest, I was angry. I was angry


for all the kids and the staff. She says used to be stuff. It's going to


be such a change. Today's reaction by parents who've


just found out their children's We haven't been allowed to film


inside Avranches Nursery, and the staff were advised


not to speak to the media. The nursery behind me has been open


for nearly 25 years, but with a loss The Constable says he couldn't


justify keeping it open any longer. Clearly one of the issues we've had


to wrestle with is Avranches Nursery doesn't simply cater


for parishioners, it also caters for more than 50% of


the users are from outside the parish, and it's much harder


for the ratepayers of St Helier to justify a loss of that magnitude


when it's not even helping Parish plans to move the nursery


to another site were rejected by planning and other


options were exhausted. Today's decision has left


questions over staff jobs, and parents with seven months


to find a new nursery There are calls for


a Jersey Minister to resign following a damning report


into a taxpayer-funded loan scheme. The Innovation Fund was set up


to support new business ideas but it's potentially lost


?1.4 million of public money. Some politicians say


Senator Philip Ozouf, who oversaw the fund,


should step down. When a fund is set up, the fund set


up by Treasury resources and then passed to the relevant department


for administration. So the fund itself was set up under Philip


Ozouf's watch as Treasury minister. I was asked to take responsibility


to sort out issues to do with the innovation fund, and that's what


I've done. I call upon people to read the report, because I've been


vindicated in the actions I've taken to stop the waste of public money.


A senior Guernsey midwife accused of misconduct in the death


of a newborn baby initially claimed the care provided had


The Nursing and Midwifery Council says Lisa Granville's initial


assessment "flavoured" the subsequent investigation,


It follows the death of a baby almost three years ago.


Mike Wilkins has been looking at this week's


These three Guernsey midwives are charged with misconduct.


From left to right, Lisa Granville, Antonia Manousaki,


They were working on the Loveridge Ward when a baby died.


An investigation found that the baby's heartbeat


hadn't been properly monitored and its condition should've been


The NMC also said the midwives administered medication


Today at a hearing held by the Nursing and Midwifery Council,


it was revealed that investigations into the death were hampered


because one of the midwives, Manousaki, who was from Greece,


struggled with English and that she didn't understand


There were also claims that midwives were reluctant to call


The NMC claims that had the death of another baby in 2012 been


adequately investigate, then the death of the baby in 2014


It's been quite unsettling for the people to hear some of the details


that have emerged. But I have too stressed that the NMC have been back


to the hospital behind me several times and say that it's made


tremendous progress. But with several weeks to go


and more witnesses to give evidence, a clearer picture should emerge


as the hearing continues. Scrutiny leaders say they've


been denied the chance to review borrowing plans


for Jersey's new hospital. The States will debate


borrowing up to ?400 million in the States next week,


but a scrutiny panel says the Treasury Minister refused


to delay it by four weeks to give enough time for experts


to examine the plans. This is the highest level of debt


that the island has ever seen. Its ?400 million, and it's important


that time should have been allowed for it to be looked at properly and


independently, and that is not the case.


Changes to Guernsey's education system seem to be being imposed


on teachers, rather than being made with their input.


That's the warning from the largest teacher's union in the island.


The Committee for Education, Sport and Culture says a forthcoming


workshop for States members is just the start of the process,


but the NASUWT is concerned that their professional opinion


We need to sit down with the Department and with the committee at


the earliest point in time to thrash this out and lift the uncertainty


that's been hanging over for far too long.


A 16-year-old student from Jersey says she's heartbroken


that she can't go to university because her parents can't afford it.


The teenager spoke at a workshop held last night to gather evidence


for a major review of the current student finance system.


Today the Education Minister said a new bursary scheme could be


implemented, as Jessica Banham reports.


16-year-old Lara Peters had always planned on going to university.


But, because of the cost of tuition fees, her parents can't afford it.


It's heartbreaking, because I've worked so hard my entire life. My


whole life, I have aimed to be a teacher and go to uni and get my


degree so I can come back and be a teacher. I work so hard at school


and get all the grades I want, but I can't go to uni.


Choosing a child - it's like Sophie's choice all over again!


Lara's family aren't the only ones struggling.


Scores of people vented their frustrations last night


in a workshop with the panel investigating student finance.


For the next academic year, the threshold has risen to ?34,500.


Any household that earns below that will be given money towards tuition


States funding is then adjusted as household income increases,


but if it's above ?100 and ?1,000, you'll have to cover all costs.


Today the Education Minister also gave evidence to the panel.


He revealed a local businessman has offered to help


This is somebody that has worked with us closely in education and


different areas, and has funded different things. We would welcome


any philanthropist on the island they would want to help us with the


dilemma that we face at the moment. The panel are hoping


to publish their final report But for students like Lara


it will be an anxious wait. A Jersey charity has become


the latest victim of fly-tipping. The National Trust had to remove


a large amount of rubbish, including furniture and a broken


toilet, from their land this week - taking up valuable time


and money they could be They look after our natural


environment and historic sites, but this week the National Trust has


been removing rubbish tha'ts been An unslightly display,


which they had to get rid Somebody reversed onto the bin and


surrounded it with rubbish. There was a toilet, some cupboards, an old


chair. An unslightly display,


which they had to get rid The major impact is really on our


time. With a charitable organisation and we only have a small team. We


completely reliant on our membership. It's not fair that our


members should be financially burdened with dealing with this sort


of problem. The National Trust say they've seen


more cases of it recently. This disregard for the area has


upset those that use it. Someone has had to make a big effort


to get right up here. It's not on the main road. Someone has had to


come up here. It's really quite disgusting to see this sort of


thing. Fly-tipping is not good. But should that be down


to the landowners - especially as there's a concern


fly-tipping could get worse when the new commercial waste charge


comes in next year. We will certainly request the


resources to be able to provide support to those organisations, the


parishes and certain charities, to be able to assist them with clearing


that waste. The Trust hopes their land will be


left in their natural state and only be enjoyed by those


who appreciate it. And the only rubbish left


is the rubbish that fits Severe winter weather has disrupted


travel in the Channel Islands. Flights in and out of the islands


have been cancelled because of conditions across the UK,


and Condor's fast ferry isn't To tell us how the weather may


affect our travel plans this weekend, David Braine


has our forecast. Hello, good evening. Still a very


blustery wind, I think that's the main feature of the weather at the


moment. Those winds continue to be strong overnight tonight. They're


slowly dropping but tomorrow we have another windy day. It still feels


quite cold because of the wind and are still a risk of showers around,


too, and showers still wintry across the eastern side of Britain. Again,


check your flight details if it is affecting any of the airlines flying


into eastern England. One weather fronts drifting down from the North


doesn't really get to us tomorrow. It will introduce more cloud on


Saturday. Sunday for all of us is generally a cloudy day. Where on the


edge of high pressure. By rock bands of high pressure affecting us on


Sunday that could produce rain. -- there are a few bands of high


pressure. Tonight, a cold one ahead of us and a night where we will see


some frost and the risk of ice as well. There are still showers dotted


around. It's a brisk and cold Northwest wind. That sticks with us,


easing in the second half of the night. But it won't stop the


temperatures dropping, possibly as low as between 2-4 is obvious.


Certainly for the larger islands. There will be the risk of ice


because we will see showers dotted around. Where they do occur, they're


lighter than we've seen recently. Some spas of sunshine in between


before more general cloud comes in from the North overnight into


Sunday. Eight Celsius is be high for tomorrow. But with a keen Northwest


wind. Here are your times of high water. Here are the ways for our


surface. -- our surfers. A lot of cloud around on Sunday and Monday


next week. At least temperatures of 9-10 Celsius. It is cooled down a


bit on Tuesday into Wednesday. Have a nice weekend.


Athlete Cameron Chalmers has topped off a successful year by accepting


the outstanding performance award from the Guernsey Sports Commission.


A packed hall at Beau Sejour gathered to celebrate


the island's achievements, but it was Chalmers who took top


spot after a year which saw him become the fastest under-20 athlete


12 trophies were given in total with the team award is going to go the


men's hockey and the British Isles Bowls team. Congratulations to all


that took part. I'll be back at 8pm then again at 10:30. See you then.


of Devon. You can see much more that scheme on the Sunday Politics this


coming Sunday at 11 o'clock on BBC One.


A Devon firm which makes yurts is expanding thanks to an EU grant.


The firm, in Staverton near Totnes, is taking on three more staff


A further ?1 million of European money is is up for grabs


by rural businesses in South Devon before the scheme ends.


Yurts have become very trendy thanks to pop festivals like Glastonbury.


This company which makes yurts has recently received ?15,000 EU grant


to help it expand. It has enabled me to grow the business. As a result of


getting the grant I'd been able to employ two more people and extend


the product line which means that our offering is much better than it


was. It is great news. The yurts are handmade in this workshop in the


Devon countryside. The cash came from the South Devon coastal local


action group which hands out European funds to create jobs. This


is a prime example of a small rural business with four people employed


at the moment and we're going to employ another three. The future is


uncertain. We are looking at other schemes, UK-based schemes. If we can


get the same people involved and carry it forward, that is what we


aim to do. Brexit means the scheme will end. The good news is there is


?1 million left in the pot which could be handed out to rural


businesses in South Devon over the next few years. To the untrained eye


it might seem like just some canvas over some polls, but it takes


skilled craftspeople whose futures have been secured by the grant. I am


born and bred in topless. I help -- Totnes. It is very close to fine


furniture making, using the skills that I have. At the best of times


I'm not an enthusiastic camper but even I think that I could get into


this glamping lark! It's time for the sport now and


Plymouth's big game with Liverpool is getting ever closer.


Natalie's here to tell us more. We're not going to talk about it


tonight because with replay tickets rapidly selling out, Plymouth Argyle


will have to put the thrill of the FA Cup behind them and get


back to business this weekend when they host


Stevenage in League 2. The Pilgrims are still


second in the division. Doncaster have opened up a


four-point gap at the top Derek Adams reckons that rather


than being distracted by the Liverpool games, his players


have learned from being We have shown that again, go back


into the game against Stevenage, we take the experience of being able to


close teams down, not allowing them any space but then on the opposite


side, we have to go and get on the ball and pass and move it and create


chances again, this weekend. Elsewhere our other league 2 sides


are on their travels. Exeter are at Grimsby,


and Yeovil at Wycombe. In the National League,


Torquay are at home to Woking. The Exeter Chiefs will try to keep


their faint hopes of staying in Europe alive when they take


on Ulster this weekend. They're playing on Sunday, so let's


start there and work backwards. In the British and Irish Cup


the Pirates are away to Ospreys and it's the Blues versus the Reds


with Jersey visiting Cardiff. Meanwhile in League One, Albion


are at home to Esher. Well, it started as a joke but now


a teenager from Cornwall is preparing to take on an


incredible endurance challenge. Next month, 13-year-old


Siam Juntakeraket from Bodmin is going to cycle 3,000


miles across Australia. He's in good hands - going with him


is his coach Bob Brown, who's the first man to have both run


and cycled the route. Nothing unusual about cycling to


school and back, but Siam Juntakeraket has much bigger plans.


A throwaway comment is triathlon coach who was planning on setting up


a race across Australia set the wheels in motion for a gruelling


record attempt. I rang up and asked them if I could have a go, as sort


of a joke to start with, but then they said why not, let's give it a


go. And here we are. They will concentrate purely on his record


attempt. 44 days, the time to beat. We are aiming to do it in 30 but I


have only hired a motorhome for 36 days because of the finances and


things like that. It is an average of over 90 miles each day. No


pressure, then. They will start for hours north of Sydney and head west


with Siam's Perez following behind. It seems like quite a lot to do in a


day, but I am prepared. He has the attributes necessary to complete


this amazing challenge and I am really proud of him. Bob would know


what it takes having run across Europe, the US, as well as crossing


Australia on foot and on two wheels. If he had asked to run across


Australia with me I would have said no because of his age. Some days I


would get days when my feet swelled up and size six at the start of the


race up to size 11. What will be the biggest problem next month? It will


be the heat, quite bad, I think. But I reckon it will be fine. Me trying


to keep up with him, which might be more difficult than it sounds. As


well as raising money for two local charities, Siam wants to inspire


others on a global scale. I would like to get other children around


the world to realise that there is more to life than just their gadgets


and their phones, and to get out and feel what it is like to be doing


activities, rather than just sitting on a sofa and not really doing much.


Good advice for us all! That's right, it is not just children. Good


advice coming from a 13-year-old. Amazing, isn't it? Incredible trip.


Now how about this for a trip down memory lane?


Two sisters have just watched a film of themselves for the first time,


more than 60 years after it was made.


Back in the 1950s they took part in a production


All these years later they have finally seen it


and as Clare Woodling reports, it was an emotional moment.


Lines from the greatest of our plays, and you out of the rock is


one of the most lovely theatres in Europe, the Minack Theatre. 1955 and


preparations are underway for Macbeth. Among the cast, 24-year-old


Philip Kendall Carpenter. There is me. And there is Macbeth. I can't


remember his name. That is Duncan. Duncan, I could be wrong. Her


younger sister Vivian also has a role. 60 years on, and memories have


come alive as they watch themselves in a newly discovered film for the


first time. I think that Don McLeod, who was so good looking. He was


putting blood on his sword, bless him. I went out with him a couple of


times! Is that the boy? Yes. He was so sweet! They had Macbeth's head


wrapped up in a cloth and they dropped it on the stage with a


dreadful thud, and it was the biggest turn up that they could


find! This huge turnout, every night, kerthump! Did you know that I


went swimming? No, no. I bet mother didn't as well. Midnight? Yes,


somebody followed me, evidently. I can't remember who. No. Shall I tell


you? I was swimming and paddling away and suddenly I was aware that I


was not alone? Do you know who followed me? Mac Beth! No, really!


They just love cheering them memories. She went swimming with


Macbeth. Scandal! -- they loved sharing their memories.


Now for a budding young rock photographer the late 1970s


was an exciting time to try to launch a career.


Mike Searle was just seventeen when he took a cheap camera


The snaps he took didn't make it into the music press


But decades later his dream has come true and they've ended


The Jam Orntoft the Pops in 1979. Mike Searle went to see them that


month and took along his Russian-made camera. They were an


amazing band, so part of what I wanted to do was capture him jumping


with his guitar, Paul Weller, because that was his kind of


signature move. I managed to get that. Lacking confidence, Mike


didn't do anything with them. The pictures never saw the light of day


again until a few years ago. Wanting to set up as a freelance


photographer Mike dug them out and put them online and then he got a


call. Someone from Universal Music called me and said we have got your


photos and we would like to use them in a live album were releasing in


the same year, are you interested? Yes, I am! Six months later the


finished album was posted to him. I got the package and they opened it


up and it was just this shiny, heavy, beautiful piece of art. I


would have done it for love, to be honest! So, teenage dreams that


finally came true, 38 years later. I think the message is for other


people that age, if you do get the chance, follow your passion and


really follow it through and good things can happen. Photos that stood


the test of time. After the cold and I saw last night,


there was a bit more ice to come tonight. Yes, and the risk of some


frost for all of us. It's going to be a cold night with a widespread


overnight frost and some showers dotted around. Not the snow that we


saw last night. One of our Weather Watchers sent in a picture from


Exford, and not so slowly, Shaftesbury in some evening


sunshine. It is a quieter story this weekend. Less cold, the winds will


drop, some showers dotted around the some of those continuing overnight


tonight and through the day tomorrow. Mostly falling as rain by


tomorrow afternoon. The risk of ice is a real one. Temperatures could be


as low as -2, -3, and with a showers we have seen today that could lead


to some ice on untreated roads and pavements. So first thing tomorrow


could be rather dangerous on minor routes and on pavements. It is a


slow transition to less cold air. Out to the west, we have this area


of high pressure which continues to did in north-westerly winds. Round


the top of that high pressure, several fronts are moving around and


eventually they will introduce higher temperatures. It will take


some time to get back to double figures but by the time we get to


Sunday, with all the cloud rolling around the top of this area of high


pressure, we will see some patchy rain and temperatures reaching back


up to 10 degrees and probably frost free. Tonight, there's a widespread


risk of ice. Still the risk of a few showers dotted around. This was


earlier today on Exmoor, where Hamish Marshall went out to take


some pictures. A beautiful scene on the high ground near Dulverton. Some


of the showers overnight tonight could leave a light covering of


sleet or snow. But for most of us clear skies tonight once we lose


this first rash of showers, and later in the night, some more


showers might turn up, not everywhere, they are pretty


isolated, but were they do happen they could bring some sleep or hail.


The lowest temperatures will be across eastern parts of Devon,


Dorset and Somerset. We have a few showers around at some point through


the day but also some sunshine. More general cloud arriving from the


North later in the day, turning most of those showers to drizzle all like


rain. Temperatures to recover so, by the time we get to the end of the


day, between 8-10 Celsius. Still quite breezy with winds from the


north-west. The forecast for the Isles of Scilly, blustery again,


sunshine and showers before it clouds over. And the times of high


water... Although the tides are high there are no expected problems for


ports and harbours. And for our surfers... Milder conditions but


also cloudier on both Sunday and Monday with temperatures back into


double figures. Have a nice weekend. Looking very chilly. That's it.


Our late bulletin is at 10:25pm. Have a good evening.


Parents are facing an explosion in the number of children saying


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