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Good evening I'm Charlie McArdle welcome to Monday's


An increase in the number of islanders losing their savings


And it's just totally devastated everything. We lost the marriage, we


also lost the bungalow that we had originally built up at St John's.


could be easier for first time buyers in Guernsey.


And a ?3 million recycling centre opens it's gates in Jersey.


I think it is absolutely fantastic. It is overdue. The previous one is


past its sell by date. There's been an increase


in the number people in Jersey losing money


through high-risk investments. That's according to the island's


financial regulator, which has seen 150 victims


in the past ten years. They include people who lost tens -


or even hundreds - of thousands of pounds


of life savings. Luxmy Gopal has been


speaking to those affected. It just devastated everything,


Geraldine and I moved apart, lost the marriage, lost the bungalow


we'd built up at St John's - because we were no longer


together we had to sell it. And the other thing


is we lost our pension fund. Alan's now back on his


feet in a new business. But ten years ago, he was one


of fifty people who lost money It was run by Jersey-based


financial advisors, including They were sent to prison,


but how did it all get past the financial regulator


in the first place? They were slipping through the net


really because unfortunately the people who invested in that


scenario were trusting the people they were talking to and that sort


of info is not something We can't be at every


conversation that takes place. But the next best thing is warning


investors of the dangers, which the Commission is doing


through a new campaign, working alongside other groups


to try to stop more people The advice really is don't put


all your eggs in one basket. Don't be overreliant on one


investment strategy, as tempting as that might be,


especially if they're offering the potential of high


returns for low risk. Like many victims, Alan


has learnt that now, You do feel a little bit bitter,


very bitter, and you never forget Everything you fought for all these


years. Eventually, I will get to start trusting people again but when


that will be I don't know. Drugs with a street value


of ?1.1 million have been 64 kilos of cannabis resin


was found in the roof lining of a Mini Cooper which had travelled


over to the island on the Commodore 29-year-old Shane Lee Ray


from High Wycombe appeared at Jersey Magistrates' Court this


morning charged with importation. There could be new help


for people trying to get A new business has been


given the green light to offer 95% mortgages -


giving people in Guernsey similar financial products to those


available in the UK. But as Mike Wilkins reports,


it's not just for people looking After 50 years in this house,


Dorothy Paint's looking to move. But owing to her age,


banks won't lend to her. The banks have said no. They haven't


even considered it. You know, this is a couple of years ago. We went to


the banks but they didn't want to know, basically.


But now, this man's company has got approval to operate a business


lending to those aged over 65, as well as offering 95% mortgages


We will be helping first-time buyers with a 95% loan- value product with


banks of mum and dad providing additional guarantees, and a lending


product. We will be helping those aged 65-89, and my understanding is


there are no present lenders in Guernsey doing that.


House prices have fallen since the end of 2014,


with the island at times experiencing the lowest number


Sales recovered last year and rose by 25% but the market


I asked Mr Welch about the risks of people investing


Is there a bit of a risk that some people could end up going into


negative equity if they took a mortgage with you and the house


prices continued to decline? I am hoping that... We cannot control the


property murky and Brexit, there are so many uncertainties on today's


world that nobody can predict where things are going to go. But if we


make sure that people are assessed properly and a sensible balanced


approach, it should be OK. It's unclear what this


year will hold. But with new favourable document


duty rates for the lower and middle sections of the housing market,


and now new mortgage products, 2017 may see a recovery


in the island's property fortunes. The Channel Islands


will have a new 'eye Channel Islands Air Search


say their new aircraft, which was due at the end of last


year, has been held This temporary aircraft has been


used for the last three years, while ?2 million was raised


for a new, state of the art replacement now due


to arrive in July. Jersey's law on dogs coming


to the island is being changed following the case of family pet


Mr Bronx. A court decided he was a pit bull,


after he was confiscated by customs officers while returning


from a family holiday in France. costing the taxpayer


thousands of pounds. This is the scene the Gomes family


thought might never happen. They're trying to make up for lost


time and hope something's done to stop others facing


a similar ordeal. I would like to think


that they will consider looking at other jurisdictions that have


changed the legislation and see how


it's working for them. Now the government is changing


the law to make it clearer. At the moment, everything


is on the table for consideration. I have heard calls for a register


of animals to be imported. That is clearly going to be


considered and discussed but at the moment it's very,


it is a complex matter. But the shelter where Mr Bronx


was kept for ten months at the cost of nearly ?7,000 of taxpayers money


doesn't agree The States should be


looking at deed, not breed because it is lots of period


evidence that show there are certain breeds that have a greater


propensity to carry out actions that Mr Bronx has to wear a muzzle and be


kept on a lead in public. It's a compromise his owners


are happy with to be a family again. A new recyling centre - built


in part from reclaimed materials - The site at La Collette replaces


the old centre at Bellozanne. It's hoped the project -


which cost just over islanders to recycle


as Jessica Banham reports. It's the same old rubbish


but an entirely different setting. Jersey's new recycling centre


opened its gates this morning. It's a much easier side to navigate.


The south before was a very small side, it required people to do a lot


of reversing, parking was difficult. So this is a drive-through site,


which should make it a lot easier for the public.


around 30% of its waste, quite a long way behind


It's hoped the new centre will help the Island meet it's target -


So what do locals think of the new site?


It is absolutely fantastic. It has been long overdue. The previous one


was past its sell by date! Does it -- it encourages you to want to use


it, look after your environment. They could do with improving the


signposting, as you dry along you are not quite sure way to go.


Parish leaders are also


We would consider other parishes that are not currently doing


kerb-side recycling to consider it. We provide the infrastructure in


terms of that, boxes and bags, so we are willing to help.


that can be re-used, the old Bellozanne site


is going to become part of a new sewage treatment centre.


Jessica Banham, BBC Channel Islands News, Jersey.


Guernsey's Wildlife Rehabilitation Unit is seeing a busy start to 2017,


as a second seal pup was brought in over the weekend.


The young male, which has been named Jonathan is extremely thin


with a number of injuries, and is currently receiving


He's being kept next to Sami, another Jersey pup, who was brought


If all goes well, both could be re-released in May.


It's been wonderful to work with Jersey. They transported the animals


over to ourselves and we are working with them to give them because we


would love to release them to Jersey and it would be great if those in


Jersey would help care for them here in Guernsey because we would like to


help get them back to where they were originally found, they were


Jersey seals. Let's have a look at the weather.


Yes, a new week of weather and it is a big improvement as we have through


the coming days. A lot of cloud across islands today. Tomorrow, once


they get the morning out of the way, the rest of the week largely dry. A


lot of sunshine but it will start to feel that little bit colder. At the


moment, this weather front has brought a spell of rain. Clearing


out towards the West, high pressure trying on and this area of high


pressure over the continent, there is call the underrated. That will


edge towards the islanders over the coming days. Not quite as cold as it


is all for Northern Europe at the moment but on Wednesday, we will


start to notice the difference. The payoff of that is not hunting.


Through the week, the risk of some frost overnight. We have had a spell


of rain in association with that weather front. Most of it is quite


late on Pratchett. A few breaks in the guide but not much in the way of


sunshine. -- quite late and patchy. A lot of mist and hill fog too. That


fairly solid layer of closure, temperatures should be kept above


freezing. Frost-free, lows of three or 4 degrees. That said the vote for


a fairly grey day tomorrow. Particularly through the morning,


cloud with outbreaks of rain. By lunchtime, it will pick up and you


will notice a difference into the afternoon. A lot of sunshine but bad


cold air starts to edge across us. Temperature is perhaps even 5


degrees down on today. Highs of around six or 7 degrees. These are


the times of high water. Four hours surfing conditions... Very little


Surfrider towards the north-west. Slightly bigger waves towards


jersey. For your insurer waters, the winds... Mainly fair, a bit of


drivel first thing possibly and visibility mainly good. Today is the


poorest day of the week in terms of weather. Beautiful blue skies across


much of the weekend that is because we have got that area of high


pressure dragging in drier from the continent. Whilst we will see more


sunshine of the week goes on, and light winds, there will be the risk


overnight where you keep the clear skies, particularly towards the end


of the week, of seeing a bit of frost. But certainly more sunshine.


That is it from me, back to Justin and Victoria. I will see you date


PM. -- at 8pm. Four months of disruption


to commuters and residents on one of Cornwall's busiest roads


is expected while Highways England carry out multi-million


pound roadworks. Overnight closures of the A38


in the Glynn Valley are already in operation, but the bulk


of the work will be carried out during the day with a one-way


diversion in place. A notorious pinch point. The Glyn


Valley for the next four months is the latest stretch of road works


that brings yet more disruption to many road users and locals. We


understand those concerns and we work closely with local communities


to ensure the disruptions are kept to a minimum. We have looked at the


diversion route when travelling westbound and we are looking at a


5-10 minute extra journey time. We have looked at how to minimise that


but working with local communities, that is the best we can get it. The


retaining walls need strengthening to cope with increases in traffic.


A1 make system is being introduced an overnight closures means lorries


will have to take a detail through the A 30. The overnight closures are


a huge problem. Yes, it does cause problems on local roads. Again this


is due to a lack of investment over many years in Cornwall, in


alternative routes when these problems occur. They may look like


nothing but this is a reptile fence and hundreds of slow ones, news and


frogs have been taken from this area and move closer to the river to


protect them from the roadworks. Local people will wish they had been


as well protected. Applications opened today for people


who want to become the first new full-time fire fighters in Devon


and Somerset in almost a decade. The service hasn't been taking


on new people due to budget cuts, but many of its existing staff


are now nearing retirement, so the search is on for


the next generation. Hamish Marshall has been to see some


of the potential recruits being put No two jobs are the same. You solve


problems and you help people. Just some of the reasons people want to


become firefighters. People like Megan. A musician hunting a new


career. It seems like it is right up my street. I like a lot of the


physical aspect, working with people and being in water and I'm making a


change to people's lives. Megan was among potential recruits on a taster


day as Devon and Somerset looks for its first full-time firefighters in


eight years. Builder Scott Thomson saw what life was like wearing


breathing apparatus. Different to anything I have done before. It was


really good, enjoyed it. The service needs experienced staff but many are


needing retirement. But officers are just as likely to be carrying out


safety visits to vulnerable people than fighting fires. Being an


operational member of staff is very different to how society perceives


it to be. It is not all charging in, gung ho into burning buildings.


There are 16 jobs going. Competition will be tough.


It's time for the sport now and the big game is getting closer.


There are only a handful of tickets left for Argyle and Liverpool's FA


Cup replay, which is now just two days away.


Fans queued again at Home Park from the early hours to lay claim


Around 2,000 more have been made available after temporary extra


seats were put into the Mayflower Terrace.


With demand outstripping supply, the club looked at ways to get more


And a generous gesture by Liverpool meant they could afford


The number, we thought it was 1,833, but I'm told that there may be some


positive news on that, that we may have squeezed a few


extra out, but I should thank Liverpool Football Club as well,


because we could not have afforded it if we gave them 45%


of the revenue and had to bear 100% of the cost, so they have agreed


to give up their 45% share of the revenue,


their share of allocation for supporters, which has


enabled us to go ahead, so it's a really sporting


While Liverpool were warming up for the replay with a small game


at Old Trafford, Argyle were back at Home Park facing Stevenage.


But a six-goal thriller didn't disappoint in a weekend of good


90 minutes without conceding a goal against Liverpool at Anfield.


90 seconds back at Home Park against Stevenage and Argyle were one down.


Two goals in seven minutes saw the lead reversed.


First Jordan Slew got enough on Jake Jervis's


And it was a Slew-Jervis combination that helped put the Pilgrims ahead.


The ball found its way to Jake Jervis who smashed it


However their lead was short-lived as the Borough made


The bouncing ball making life difficult for Luke McCormick.


Into the second half and a goal that Paul Arnold Garita can count himself


Oscar Threlkeld teed him up, but it was a swing and a miss


with the ball falling to Graham Carey on


The Irishman's vicious shot deflected on its way in.


A nice way for Arnie to celebrate extending his loan


Strikers live off goals and while new signing


Nathan Blissett went close to scoring his first for the club,


it was David Goodwillie who finally broke his duck.


Exeter City's last defeat came on the 19th of November


and since then, they have only conceded twice in eight games.


Reuben Reid booking in their first against the Mariners.


The hosts were feeling the pressure and a lapse in concentration led


The goal of the game came near the end when Ollie Watkins


The Grecians are climbing and up to tenth.


Yeovil's charge up the table has stuttered in recent weeks.


But things were looking up when they were rewarded a penalty.


High-flying Wycombe had other ideas though, and forced


This game finished 1-1 and Yeovil now without a win in six.


The Exeter Chiefs did exactly what they had to do


to keep their faint hopes of staying in Europe alive.


They beat Ulster 31-19 scoring five tries along the way


One was a penalty try and Mikele Campagnaro


and Thomas Waldrom both crossed twice, meaning the Chiefs


Exeter have a slim outside hope of taking one of the runners up


sports if other results go their way.


Going back to the Argyle ticket situation, they will go on general


sale tomorrow but only to people with a local postcode. They will be


snapped up. Now, a little bit more history


was made in Plymouth today as the ground was officially broken


for the new multi-million pound History Centre.


The project involves demolishing parts of


the Central Library and the Museum - much of which was built


more than 100 years ago. Plymouth a city that is steeped in


history and this afternoon, it took a step towards preserving that for


generations to come. The team behind the ?34 million history Centre were


on hand as the Deputy Lord Mayor put the first spade in the ground. We


have been waiting so many years for this. After 20 years of protest


meetings and trying so hard to get the money and at last we are here,


at last it is starting, it is going to be a wonderful centre. And if


these artists impressions are anything to go by, Plymouth culture


and heritage are in safe hands. Part of the museum and library are going


to be demolished. As you walk in you sense history with all the stained


glass and preserving that and opening up a little bit further and


then bringing history and art to it, it's going to be a very cultured


space. Meanwhile, looking at the back of the church... We have


graffiti on the wall with various dates on it. Quite a good mix of


dates, nice drawing of the HMS victory. The history centre is due


to open in spring 2020 as part of the city's 400 commemorations.


A small Devon charity, which helps cats and dogs in Afghanistan, has


been handed a massive financial and publicity boost thanks


The star of the TV series The Office is donating half the profits


from a forthcoming gig to the charity Nowzad,


It's providing a support for hundreds of street dogs and cats


Ricky Gervais has taken to social media to explain why he likes


They are the people that are doing stuff, I am just tweeting about it


and giving some cash. They are the people that do it and they are


amazing. Amazing. They are doing things I would be terrified to do


myself. We're now joined by Hannah


from the NOWZAD charity. What were your thoughts


when you found out about It means an awful lot. Not just the


donation but the awareness it has brought to our cause in Afghanistan


has been overwhelming. Tell us about the work you do and the difference


the donation will make. You have over 150 dogs we are caring for,


over 40 cats and six donkeys and that is where the donation will go.


Townie is one dogs you have helped. Looking very happy. She is. She is


one of the original dogs that we rescued about ten years ago in


Helmand Province. Tell us a bit more about the day to day work you do on


the ground. What sort of help to you provide in Afghanistan? There are so


many animal in the streets that soldiers and up caring for the dogs


or cats. When their tour is over, they cannot leave them behind so we


help the soldier bring them back home so they can live with the


animal. Good luck with your ongoing work and thank you for joining us.


Now the weather. Yes, the weather is to sell this week. A lot of cloud


about. A fairly mild weekend and that is set to stay the same. A lot


of cloud out there. This week will be largely dry. A cloudy start so


today and tomorrow will see fairly grey skies, but more brightness. A


lot of cloud across the UK. If few breaks in the South West but fairly


grey skies and that will continue tonight. High pressure trying to


push in from the continent and over the next few days, fairly cold air.


Temperatures below freezing across Europe, and by Wednesday we should


see a little bit more in the way of sunshine and that does mean


Wednesday, Thursday, we could see Frost overnight. Thursday we have


this front introducing cloud and then a bright day on Friday. The


cloud has broken out in places so some of us have seen sunshine, but


it has been fit enough for rain and drizzle. We have had some mist and


fog also, fairly murky conditions but it should be frost free,


temperatures of three or 4 degrees. A similar start tomorrow, fairly


grey skies, mist, fog, but a change further east and parts of Dorset,


Eastern Somerset may see some brightness to was the tail end of


the day. For the rest of us still keeping those cloudy skies. By


Wednesday we start to get the drier air feeding in. For the Isles of


Scilly, a lot of cloud, light showers but light winds. Quite mild.


In terms of our surfing, slightly bigger waves towards the north


coast. Flat and clean towards the south. We have the winds east to


south-easterly, the risk of brain and resort through the morning


tomorrow so the visible -- visibility good. We have a lot of


low cloud tonight and that should keep things frost free. The further


east you are, the cloud breaks up but foremost, another great day. A


bit of light rain and drizzle. Wednesday we get that Calder, air


from the continent and once it gets towards us, you can see a much


brighter day on Wednesday but temperatures starting to dip. That


means Wednesday night, Thursday we could see a touch of Frost. More


cloud through Thursday and Friday. Largely dry as we had through this


week and it does look like as it will stay settled towards the


weekend. Thank you for your e-mails and comments about the NHS. Keep


them coming and we will put them to senior figures on Thursday, but from


all of us tonight, good night. Let me see them hands up.


Let's do this. Glastonbury!


Make some noise! How you doing, Big Weekend?


Get ready. Go solo, Hyde Park.


Don't believe you. Secure your place at


the 500 Words Final, BBC Radio 2's writing competition


for kids with our honorary judge her Royal Highness the


Duchess of Cornwall.


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