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Good evening I'm Charlie McArdle, welcome to BBC Channel Islands.


These are Tuesday's headlines: Public pressure


following innovation fund fiasco - A tearful Senator Ozouf offers to


ask you to be glad for now we are rid of a minister who has been such


a liability to this island. ?3 million shortfall for Guernsey's


new waste management facility. And there's been an increase


in the number of people with mental health issues being held


in police cells. I worked fine but cold weather


continues, no sign of any arena for the next few days. All the details


later in the programme. -- no sign of any rain.


A tearful Senator Philip Ozouf offered to resign from his role


as assistant Chief Minister today over losses to the Innovation Fund.


It was set up to support new business ideas but potentially


lost one point ?4 million of public money.


Although Senator Ozouf didn't set up the scheme,


he has been legally responsible for it for the last year.


There were calls outside the States meeting today for him to see out


Over a hundred protesters gathered in Royal Square this afternoon


to show they'd no confidence in Senator Philip Ozouf.


Their anger was also directed at the Chief Minister who they've


The public perception is that the Chief Minister is very


So it may be that the Innovation Fund is small money compared to some


of the other problems that they may not know about.


And the anger wasn't just outside, with policians also


We have a States Chamber that is completely


They don't know how the people in this square feel because these


are ordinary islandners who represent everybody


on the island in terms of their views, their values


and what they want to see from government.


The people in that States assembly simply don't understand how


But the man at the centre of this protest wouldn't face the public


and offered to resign behind closed doors.


He says he believes he's done the right thing


I shall be writing to the Chief Minister offering to step aside.


The Chief Minister was also avoiding questions.


I shall be making a statement to the assembly.


had enough of Senator Ozouf, the Chief Minister says there


is a role for governments to get involved in promoting innovation.


He went on to say that is a role for Government to get involved in


promoting innovation but the state must learn from mistakes made in


handling the innovation plan. Guernsey shouldn't become a slave


to it's recycling targets That's the stark message form


Deputy Peter Roffey ahead of a debate aimed at freeing up


almost ?3 million to meet a shortfall in funds


for the new waste management Guernsey has certainly embraced


the recycling message. But there's still more to be


done if targets of 70% That's the ultimate aim,


and a government debate next week could launch the island


into a new era of waste management. But costs have gone up


since the strategy was originally and now the States are being asked


to free up the extra funds needed. I think that the figures originally


put forward to persuade the States to go down this route


were wildly inaccurate. It's almost irrelevant


now, isn't it? We've got a tip that will be filled


some time next year, there is no other plan B


on the table, we've got to export, we've got to say, "Sweden,


we didn't want to burn our waste, "so will you burn it


for us instead'. I'm going to vote for that


with a very heavy heart, but that doesn't mean I'm


going to accept all of Kerbside collections are set


to cost ?2 million a year, and Deputy Roffey feels the island


shouldn't simply plough on with recycling targets


regardless of cost. But, time for talking


is running out. What we need clearly


is a decision. We've done a certain thing


for a very long time. We've done something that's cheap,


it's dirty, environmentally it's unfriendly and we need to stop doing


it, so States members need to coalesce solidly around a vote


in favour of waste export. Each time the sun sets


on Mont Cuet, the island moves Any more delays, however well


intended, could cost time Roisin Gauson, BBC Channel


Islands News, Guernsey. There's been an increase


in the number of people with mental health issues being held


in cells at Jersey police station. Last year 72 people were detained -


that's up from 67 the year before. It comes as a report


by the Jersey Police authority that says cells should not be


considered a place of safety. We are going to illegally who is


expressing suicidal ideas. A mental health nurse accompanies


a police officer on a call-out. Sussex police are one of several


forces who have trialled this It led to a big drop in the number


of people with mental health issues Mental health is very much an area


where there are lots of different practices being tested around the


British Isles and we are looking at Best practice and aiming to provide


the best possible service we can to our community. Last year officers


were called out to 105 calls relating to mental health issues and


there are concerns about the pressure it is placing on resources.


In a report released by the police authority they see the level of


demand on police from people suffering from mental health issues


continues to be a source of concern and while they recognise the


importance of the role officers they believe police cells should not be


considered a place of safety. They have assured us when the new


hospital is built there will be a proper suites are available for


mental health conditions and of course the provision will be much


improved when the police move to the new police headquarters in March


this year. With the new hospital at least six years away a short-term


solution not involving police cells still needs to be found.


Guernsey's Health and Social Care Committee is looking


to "focus on the future, not the past" after it released


the findings of the final visit by the


It concluded there have been significant improvements


in organisational culture and better leadership.


It follows a damning report two years ago


The President of the Health and Social Care Committee is keen


There has been a lot of investment put in the past two years, money


does not mean everything behind that has been a sea change in how


services are provided and would say this is safe environment for patents


to have their babies. And I'm really proud of what the staff of time to


get us to place we are today. -- what the staff have done.


The Channel Islands could have a new airline.


It's called Waves and will be leasing a fleet of these


It's hoping to be in operation this summer.


The company will run up to four services an hour between the islands


at a cost of between ?45 and ?75 for a single leg.


Its boss says he hopes it'll be an "alternative" rather


than a "competitor" to other airlines.


We are completely driven by our technology backbone and that


technology enables islanders to book and fly in the most convenient and


easy and cost efficient way possible. It is an alternative to


the existing airlines which are currently offering services.


Guernsey's tennis star Heather Watson has made it


through to the second round of the Australian Open.


Watson didn't drop a game in the third set, beating


Australian and eighteenth seed Sam Stosur


She's next in action in a few hours' time in the doubles.


Heather is one of several British players who have


And Heather says it really spurs her on.


For me, it really motivates me when I see it but on day one and then I


followed Jerry's match on that court. I think it is great and I use


it to push myself along. And try and keep up with them all now. -- when I


followed Joe's match. The temperature has dropped


but a least we can be thankful it's dry for the time being,


or am I speaking too soon, It is certainly a bright story,


perhaps too drive for those in the fields and the gardens -- to drive.


A lot of cold weather coming in from the east. Cold and ride tomorrow and


some overnight frost but also sunshine. Why is it dry and cold?


Because of this area of pressure, high pressure. It moves around a bit


over the next 24 hours, this -- tracking steadily westwards. We are


clear of that cloud in the south-west of England. By the middle


of the day on Thursday the same area of high pressure is still giving us


easterly winds. Those winds coming from quite a cold correction, where


temperatures are startling -- called direction, such as France. We will


see a frost overnight, inland temperatures around zero. Disturbing


winds which means the raw feeling day, -- easterly winds. It is a


called Mike datamodel, a bit more of a breeze and quite a cold day. -- it


will be called Mike datamodel. Here are the times of high water. The


coastal waters forecast has the winds used by north-easterly four,


occasionally five. This is the outward. More cloud into the weekend


but the temperatures do not get above six Celsius. A bit more cloud


on Thursday and Friday, Saturday generally rather cloudy and quite


cold. If you're heading to France and across into Belgium temperatures


just a few degrees above freezing. Our top story, tearful senator


resigned from the States to over potential losses of ?1.4 million


from innovation fund. Join us again and 30 PM. Why for now.


especially when your child is learning difficulties. -- when your


child has learning difficulties. A Devon man is taking his campaign


about living with dementia Norman McNamara has made the film,


Norrms, to raise awareness and show how people with dementia can


still live happy lives. It will be shown at


the Sundance Festival in Utah. Diagnosed with dementia in his 50s,


Norma McNamara was horrified at how little people knew


about the condition. He started the Purple Angel


campaign and even canvassed It started with a Memory Cafe


and local shops signing up Now, there are ambassadors


worldwide in more than There are films out there


and to be honest, they are Because to be honest,


it always shows the bad side, and of course there is a bad


side to dementia, there But we wanted to show the positive


side and how there is life And also how people can actually


live a good life after Norman's partner Elaine has


seen good times as well She's seen how making this


film has helped him. It helps because it


keeps his brain active. It has got something for him to do


and you're not thinking about what's wrong with you, but


about other people. And when we set off with the Torbay


Dementia Action Alliance, we have the Memory Cafe,


but the idea was if we can dementia and their carer,


that was job done. Norrms was filmed both


here and in the USA. I was probably one of the first


Dementia Angels, Purple Angel The second or third,


maybe the first, I don't know. I interviewed Norman,


I was running an online talk show called The Dementia Project


and I had Norman on as a guest. But it all came together


and the Purple Angel started and it's amazing


what the man has done. As part of the campaign,


many hospitals in the US now give patients a Purple Angel wristband,


so when they go missing, people know This is not about labelling


people or showing people up or putting them


in a box, but helping them. We love the NHS, especially


in Torbay and we will carry on knocking at that door


and they'll say yes, hopefully. Although not officially


sanctioned by some dementia bodies, the Purple Angel


campaign is huge, with thousands of Norman hopes the film


will spread Now swimming outdoors probably isn't


high on your agenda in January, but for some people,


including our next guest, Pauline Barker is an ice


swimmer and later this week is leading a team out to Poland


for a rather chilly competition. Welcome to Spotlight. Why do you


want to swim in icy cold water? Ones used to date, it is quite pleasant.


Getting in is the hard part, but the camaraderie of the event and once


you're there, you end up with a smile on your face. We have photos


from the event last year in Poland, with the temperature at minus 17.


Tell us a bit about the competition are what you have to do in these


conditions? It was about minus 17. This year it will be a little bit


warmer, minus nine. , Easier than! The water will be about two degrees.


For the main event, it is a one kilometres event, the longest swim


but we do. There are also shorter events of 100 metres and 250 metres


for those who don't want to go the full kilometre. You did well last


year, didn't you? Yes, I won the 500 metre event. That took about 12


minutes. There's a serious side though, isn't there? We all know the


shock bodies can go into an exposed to cold water and people even die


from hypothermia. So, how do you adapt to the bitterly cold


temperatures? How do you prepare? Folk cold water swimmers, we to


acclimatise. When we first start-up we tell people to state in the water


for one minute for every degree of temperature. 10 degrees for ten


minutes and so on. You can stay in for longer and longer as you get


used to it. The trick is not just the swimming, but how you recover


afterwards. We should point to anyone wearing a wet suit, are you?


Just a normal swimming costume. No wet suits, no hats and gloves, just


a swimming costume. This is very different to your day job, isn't it?


Yes, I work in a bank. So my spare time IIS swimmer. I've always been a


swimmer and I swim -- swum the channel and I had to learn how to


acclimatise to the cold vendor. It is becoming quite popular is wild


swimming, in the south-west. Is it good place to train? The best place


to train for this sort of thing. There were lots of wild swimmers in


and Cornwall. I run a group. It is a social group and there are 7000


people in that group watching it, swimming with others and it happens


all over Devon and Cornwall. People should take an organised group,


shouldn't they? Yes, it's always safer to swimming company. There is


guidance on the website. -- to swim in the company. Swimmer with


friends, it is not just compatible, but safer. Good look in Poland.


Rather you dummy! -- a rather you than me!


The Princess Royal donned her wellies during


Princess Anne met workers and users of two charities and opened


Spotlight's Andrea Ormsby has spent the day


Arriving by helicopter with a big wave from the youngsters touring


A big day for them and for this pig, Licquorice.


A good old brush from the children to


Wellies are the order of the day here.


What was most exciting, meeting Licquorice the pig or Princess Anne?


It's the most wonderful way to celebrate Farms For


She's been a long-term supporter and it is always great to have


support to help us raise our profile and this is really nice to have her


here today, celebrating the end of our 40th anniversary year.


The Princess was here this morning to help


celebrate 60 years of the Highbury Trust which helps those with


I would like to say thank you and I think she's


It means so much to the Highbury Trust.


It is an incredible organisation that encourages


It highlights who they are and helps people take notice.


Also on the royal schedule today, an official opening


of the new 50-metre Olympic Legacy pool at


It was great to meet a member of


The combination of 15-odd years of the vision to bring the


50-metre pool for the community to benefit from and for swimming across


A city is about to try and hold its nerve as Plymouth Argyle face


Premier League giants Liverpool once more in the FA Cup.


Manager Derek Adams today said he's not changing his tactics as the top


flight club comes to Home Park for the third round replay.


Ahead of the big match tomorrow, our Sports Reporter Andy Birkett has met


up with a Pilgrims legend to get his take on it all.


Eye taxi of a home part? Do you know where you're going? Not from on this


way? No, from Liverpool. Scouser? Yes. Bubble man? Yes, read. I'm not


a balloon. One just read, you are agreed. Where does your loyalty lie


for this game? I was born and bred in Liverpool, but I have lived in


Plymouth a long time and I will sit on the fence. You are a cult hero


here at home Park. What was it about this place the majors so successful


do you think? After the initial few games, the fans took to me and like


most strikers that can score goals, you become a bit of a cult hero and


you can go to Liverpool, they've all got goal-scorers, but every year, I


seemed to do well Plymouth and I loved it down here and when you are


playing well and scoring goals, it became one of those things. The fans


seemed to like me and it's been like that ever since. Your star was a lot


different to the way people start today in football, wasn't it? Yes,


it was Blu-ray competition in the Liverpool Echo. Collect 20 vouchers,


send them off to the paper and hopefully get a trial, which I did.


I went to six or seven trials and from 10,000 children, I got down to


the last 20. I was watched by the Liverpool staff and ended up playing


in a five a side which we would 5- nil and I scored all five is goals.


The next night, I was asked to become a trainer. You are not just


asked by any manager were you? Yes, I was asked by Bill Shankly. It was


a privilege to have been signed up with him and get to know him.


Without picking a favourite, but you've already said you fence


sitting, can Argyle win? Yes, they can, without a doubt. They defended


so well at Anfield and got the right result. If they keep without defence


and create chances, anything can happen. It has happened before and


it will happen again. BBC Radio Devon will have


full commentary from You can also follow the match online


and we'll be live at Home Park Nine or 10 degrees at the moment of


our sea temperatures. It is warmer in the sea than it is our side


though. We have some grey weather at the moment. Tomorrow, there's a


chance of brighter conditions. Some may try and work through the cloud.


Try and light winds. A quiet week. Not much rain. Not much sun either.


More of a chance to see spells of sunshine tomorrow. Across the


Channel, there's a good deal of clear sky. That will merge further


north overnight tonight. There's a weather front is the cloud we now


have. Is moving to the north of those tomorrow. It's allowing


clearer skies to develop. Belly comes back down on into Friday. --


then it comes down. If you want to set your barometer at


the moment, it should be reading about a thousand and 37. Let's look


at the cloud from today. It's broken quite nicely across eastern parts of


England. That's clear sky will gradually move westwards. We will


see clearer skies across Dorset. Maybe not into Devon, but even south


of Somerset, they might get a glimpse of the stars and quickly,


much lower temperatures. This was earlier across Dartmoor. There's


been a lot of hill folk. It doesn't make for much of an atmospheric


scene, look up cross and I think it will be a similar scene tomorrow.


The southern part of Dartmoor may start to see more breaks developing


in the cloud. But for all of us, is still feels cold. Overnight tonight,


the cloud clears. Parts of East Somerset and into the east of


Dorset. Further west, stubborn cloud, still capable of producing


drizzle. Temperatures of 3-4 . To the east where we see the sky is


clear, there will be frost with temperatures of -1 possibly. Some of


brighter sky and clearer weather will drift along south coast. Here


is where we will see the best of the sunshine. The cloud is stubborn


further north. Similar temperatures, 8-9 . Light winds. More breeze. We


should get some sunny spells as well. A brighter day compared to


earlier today. Times of high water on the screen now.


The outlook is a dry one and perhaps a little brighter.


There will be a Spotlight of the data 10:30pm. We are back tomorrow


at 6:30pm with a build up to the big match. Join us though. Goodbye.


That I will faithfully execute the Office...


And will to the best of my ability...


The Constitution of the United States...


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