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Plans to borrow hundreds of millions of pounds for Jersey's new hospital


It is the biggest level of debt that has faced this island for many


years. It is important that scrutiny and due process is followed for


governance purposes and we have seen very recently what happens when


governance fails. A stronger Britain in


charge of it's own laws. But how will Brexit


affect local businesses? And little chapel big costs but just


how much to save one The plan to borrow hundreds


of millions of pounds to pay for Jersey's new hospital has been


thrown into question. Ministers want to fund


the project by borrowing up But the plans haven't been reviewed


by a scrutiny panel, who say they weren't


given enough time. The question of where Jersey's


new hospital should be has of course But today, the big question


and the subject of lengthy debate The budget for the new


hospital is ?466 million. Rather than funding it entirely


through the Strategic Reserve, the so-called rainy-day fund,


which currently stands The plan is to help pay for it


by borrowing up to ?400 million. This would be the biggest debt ever


taken on by the States. But the plans haven't been reviewed


by the scrutiny panel, who say they weren't


given enough time. The item that we're


debating is so important. It is important is that scrutiny go


through in the idea of Government. But the Treasury Minister says


time was of the essence. Interest rates are predicted to move


and every 0.1% increase could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds over


a 40 year period. Equally, I do support the scrutiny


process and it's regrettable that scrutiny weren't able to review


this before now. But it's not just


the lack of scrutiny. It's emerged in the past hour


or so that the plans may not Under the law, The States


can't borrow more than They've already borrowed


millions for social housing, so 400-million more to pay


for the hospital could However, there's confusion over


whether the Long Term Care Benefit If it does, the the States


taxation pot is bigger, so it could borrow enough to fund


the new hospital. So the debate's on hold


until tomorrow once the States More certainty and confidence,


that s how one Jersey company is feeling following


the Biritish Prime Theresa May has been


answering questions today following her announcement


that the UK will leave But there's still lots


of negotiations on where the Channel Islands sit within these


plans, as Emma Chambers has What I am proposing cannot mean


membership of the single market. But it does mean more freedom


to trade, or that's what the British Its unclear if that freedom


will also be carried to the Channel Islands,


who are also not in This is a typical example


of a product where we have the bottle made in italy


and shipped from there. The foil is in Germany and the label


in the UK and the case Tim imports lots of


goods from the EU. He's distilled yesterday's


Brexit speech positively. He still has concerns and new trade


deal could cost them more. Definitely. We've already seen the


uncertainty of Brexit in the first place. Trade prices are in disarray


and we have probably seen in the markets that food ingredients have


raised by about five or 10%. We maybe don't know yet. As awhile


before that filters through. Wallace to slightly clearer, whether Channel


Islands set within these agreements have not been made.


The most important thing for us is that we maintain our existing


relationship with the UK and that's about the common travel area with


the UK, its about the customs union with the UK and they are the most


important things not only for individuals but right


And it will be the local businesses like Tim's who will be listening


closely to this to make sure all the imports in and out of the Channel


Islands will be made smoothly in the future.


A Jersey constable hopes that giving prisoners the chance to vote


in island elections will mean they're more likely to integrate


Len Norman's proposition was passed yesterday.


Now prisoners who serve four years or less for their crimes will be


The move will bring Jersey in line with most other European countries,


except the UK where prisoners still don't have the right to vote.


Going to prison is not just a matter of punishment, not just up matter of


revenge, it is also rehabilitation and education. Hopefully those who


are impacted by this we'll think about their place in society and


think about whether they're going to vote or not.


Concerns over funding for a new benefits system have been


raised at a scrutiny hearing in Guernsey.


Members of the Employment and Social Security Committee also


faced questions on pension funds, family allowances and tax


Its president says they're committed to the principle of universal


benefits rather than means-testing, but admits there are doubts over


how sustainable current funding models are.


That all has to come. That all has to be paid for. We've only got a


certain pot of money. We are under pressure to deliver more with that


money, but actually we have got a declining pot of money. So for us as


a committee, that is always the difficulty in getting that balance.


Meanwhile, an independent report's found that Jersey's social


security fund is healthy, with ?1.4 billion


to meet the costs of future pensions and benefits.


However the report written by the UK Government Actuary


also concluded that these assets will gradually be used up


But it said that action doesn't need to be taken


Fundraisers are turning to the public in a desperate bid


to save one of Guernsey's most popular tourist attractions.


Structural work on the Little Chapel has revealed its condition is much


worse than anyone thought, and the clock is ticking,


as Mark Inchley has been finding out.


In its prime it was one of Guernsey's hidden gems


But now the race is on to save it and it's proving to be a bigger


job than ever imagined, with restoration costs


One side is on rock and one side is not. The tower was completely moving


very very slowly down the hill. That was going to go. We had to start the


work immediately or there would have been trouble.


It had been hoped the roof could be saved,


but that's now had to be removed and there's concern


And that's why the group is appealing to islanders to help


raise the ?500,000 needed, something they're


We have had a wonderful coastline in Guernsey, I want of town, but also a


wonderful centre. The valleys are wonderful. This little chapel


sitting here all through the seasons is tremendous. This morning when you


came with the moon sell-outs and a little bit dark, seeing this chapel


going across the valley is lovely. But time isn't on their side


and campaigners are hoping islanders will dig deep into their pockets


to help save one of Guernsey's most Should learner drivers


in the Channel Islands have to spend more time behind the wheel before


taking their test? It's something that's


being considered in the UK. And it's an idea that's got


support locally too, So driving in Guernsey is pretty


different to the UK. Although not without


it's challenges. But pass your test here and you can


nip over and be on those bigger, And wanting that to remain the case


Guernsey tends to mimic the UK when it comes to


things like driving tests. What is important is that although


we pass our test in Guernsey in the Channel Islands we drive in the UK.


Our test has to be rigid and can parable for other areas. -- can


parable. So if plans in the UK go ahead,


to make learners spend a minimum of a many as 120 hours behind


the wheel before taking their test. This local instructor thinks


there'd be merit in the idea. You know, having a certain amount of


hours to do before they do their test is a really good idea. Some


people passed their test very quickly and I think it leaves them


open to danger on the roads with not enough knowledge, just being taught


how to do a test. That is one thing, but being able to drive properly and


have the skills to react well is another thing. In reality of


Guernsey does not want full behind and the UK decides more practice is


what learners need, then Guernsey might have to consider going for it,


too. Well, my boiler is certainly


burning the oil as the cold But will we be scraping the wind


screens in the morning? And they get well. Another frost


overnight. The figure might help these temperatures go above freezing


is a keen wind and easterly wind. It will remain with us overnight. It


will remain with us. Lovely sunrises and sunsets. This was an rise across


Guernsey which was taken by Chris, one of our weather watchers and fine


weather continues. Dry tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, but that cold


wind means you really will need to wrap up properly. There is not a


great deal of change. High pressure. Southern area of high pressure


across Central parts of Britain. That will not move too far away at


the moment. The easterly winds continuing, very similar picture


tomorrow. Not a great deal of change. Showers may be moving


through the English Channel and they will mainly Saint to the north of


us. Great deal of clear sky means that the temperatures falling and


will continue to drop and we will see some frost on the grass and the


Greens tomorrow morning. Temperatures around zero or plus


one. Cold enough for most of us first thing tomorrow morning.


Tomorrow is a lovely day until you get outside and just realise how


cold it feels that Britain is silly wind is not there to help either.


Six or 7 degrees, but because -- feel how cold is that Windows. There


is not much because the beaches will be flat. The coastal waters forecast


Eastern or suitably five but occasionally six. Fair with good


visibility. Friday, there is a bit more cloud around. The same kind of


setup. Slightly less windy on Friday. Not any warmer, five or 6


degrees. This dry spell of fine cold weather continues.


I'm dreading those winter bills coming in. The plan to borrow


hundreds of billions of pounds to pay for Jersey's new hospital has


been thrown into question. They want to borrow up to ?400 million in the


plans had not been reviewed as yet. We'll be back at eight o'clock this


evening to them. 17,500 fans are expected


to be here at Home Park tonight for the game -


many of them have made it already. But there are many many


more who won't be here - some of them are in far flung


corners of the world. I've tracked a few of them down -


from Afghanistan to the USA to Australia and New Zealand -


all members of the I will be watching in Kaboul,


Afghanistan. I'm from Perth Western Australia, here is my mum Sue and my


dad Mike, and we are all going to be watching the game against Liverpool


on Monday morning at 3:45am. I'm Claire and this is Kevin and we will


be watching from the beautiful island in Honduras. I'm going to be


watching from Mick Ugen USA. My name's Andy Soper, I'm calling from


New Zealand. I'll be watching from 5am tomorrow morning. I'm very


passionate with the North Argyll. I'd rather be there in real life.


He's the reason I'm so Argyll mad. He took me when I was seven and it


has carried on from them. How does it feel to be so far away from the


big game? It's so frustrating. One of the best feelings is to look at


the app on my mobile phone and to see the next game is Liverpool


against Plymouth Argyle. I've considered flying home on a couple


of occasions. Unfortunately, losing at Wembley. I was never able to make


it. It's a great thing that they are airing on screen here. Not only one


game, but two, and maybe three if they beat Liverpool. I've told my


mates that I won't be at golf because this is far more important.


Did you watch the first game at Anfield? We were on the edge of our


seats. They took so much pressure in the second half but they worse


magnificent. Were hoping for more of the same on Wednesday. We had a


slight problem with the electric for the last five or six minutes so we


didn't know the result until it came back on again. The one thing I miss


more than anything is the trip from hail up to Argyll. I would eat my


pasty, watch the game with my mates. Block three, C 92. It's a close


game, really exciting. At 3:45am, it's hard work. It will be a mid


afternoon kick-off for me with the time difference. Everything will be


on hold for me. Albee watching the game, really excited. Albee back in


a few weeks. I'll be home for the next round match. Can they do it?


Come on, Argyll! Such lovely people and it was fantastic to talk to them


all. If you are watching the match anywhere unusual, take a picture and


post it on our Facebook page. Keep it clean though.


Now let's see now how the managers are feeling.


The superstars landed in Devon this morning,


But how many of their big name players will be


In the first match, three players who cost Liverpool more


than ?60 million pounds between them,


were brought on to try and break the deadlock - to no avail.


The manager has no regrets, but there's a big hint


We want to win the game and go to the next round. So, you will see it.


Probably, it will be different to the team that we had in the first


game. But that's not 100% sure. Have to wait a little bit.


His opposite number has a much more simplistic approach.


You've got to go and enjoy the match. It's just another game. A


very good spectacle for everybody in the city but as a footballer, it's


11 against 11 on the park and you never know what can happen. Well


said, Derek Adams. Did you know that here in Plymouth,


Liverpool fans have a meeting place where they can go and


enjoy games together? It's Porters on the Barbican


and tonight it's welcoming new visitors who've made the trip


from Merseyside and have stopped off there for a pasty before


they come here to Home Park. Hamish Marshall has


been to meet them. The atmosphere is building here. The


flag says it all. This is where the Liverpool fans of Plymouth com to


watch the match. Some of them are able to get to home Park tonight.


Steve, you're the landlord. How big is this? Over the last two seasons


it has built and built. Whatever game is on, we have a great time.


They are nice people. You've been out of Liverpool for a while but you


are still a fan. I've been here 42 years. Supporters do a fantastic


job. It's a home from home. How's it going to go tonight? I firmly


believe it should be 3- 02. But Argyll did really well. I'm really


pleased that they got the money for the replay but I honestly think that


we'll win 3-0. Scott, what do you think will happen tonight? Any win


is fine by me. I know a lot of locals and if they win, I won't hear


the end of it. How nice would be to get home before midnight? It's


brilliant. Normally, I wouldn't be home before midnight. Tonight, taxi


home, five minutes. It's brilliant. I'm just heading up to home Park to


join you up there. But those here in the pub are going to have a


brilliant time. It sounds fantastic. There are loads of famous people


here. I've seen Steven Gerrard, Neil Warnock. I've got some more famous


people. John Houston. You are here to work for five live. Did you


expect to be here for the replay? I don't think any others expected to


be here. I have to say, you've deserved the right to be here. A


wonderful defensive display from Plymouth. Derek Adam Scott his


tactics spot on. Financially, they will be in a better place for the


replay. I feel it will push them on. League 2, second at the minute, this


is a fantastic boost for the club. Great atmosphere, isn't it? It's


brilliant. A pleasure to be here. Not only the Argyle fans. The


Liverpool fans. People have spent a whole day coming here tonight and it


is a big game for both clubs but it is huge for Plymouth. They deserve


it. They've worked so hard to get here. Ryan, you are injured. Are you


gutted to be missing it? I am gutted. But I'm pleased to be here


watching and involved in the club today. You are both summarising for


radio Devon. Are you looking forward to it? I've done it all season and


it's been really good, keeping my mind close to the team. He's had a


blinder every game. Don't get used to the radio, we need you back,


pitch. John, who do you think is going to do it tonight? The FA Cup


is stoked traditionally with shocks and upsets. It can happen. You saw


Lincoln knockout Ipswich last night. Already, six Premier League clubs


have gone out. It can happen. You have got to dream. I think Liverpool


will be too strong on the night. They will play with a strong front


three but Plymouth will give it everything and it won't be a stroll


in the park for Liverpool tonight. I'm hoping for an Argyll win. It's a


tough test. It would be memorable. Fingers crossed. And, Ryan? No goals


during the game but late on somebody can nick it. That is my guess. They


have all got jobs to do here so I am going to let them get on with it.


From here at home Park, but to you in the studio. What an exciting


night. Don't worry if you cannot be there.


BBC Radio Devon will have full commentary from seven o'clock


and you can also follow the game online.


And we'll be live at Home Park in Spotlight's late news


for all the reaction to tonight's match, that's at half past ten.


I'm not a big fan of football but even I am quite excited. One of our


viewers is excited about daffodils in full bloom.


It's been very cold but quite a lot of sunshine. Starting with the


football, it's going to be very cold tonight. But on an extra pair of


socks. By the end of the match, temperatures could be close to


freezing. It's going to be a chilly night but hopefully one from the


players and spectators. More frost tonight than we've seen recently. It


is cold. Six or 7 degrees, the top temperature for most others. -- for


most of us. The fog is trafficking slowly back four as. It may act as a


focal point for a fuchsia hours. The overall picture is a big area of


high pressure. A lot of settled weather to come. Not everyone has


had sunshine today. The four northern parts of Devon and Somerset


have kept the cloud. For most others, quickly it's going to turn


frosty. There will be a fair amount of frost tomorrow morning. A range


of temperatures along the coastline. Two or three degrees above freezing.


You don't have to go far inland to find temperatures in the minus


numbers. Another lovely day with sunshine helping the daffodils to


come out in bloom. But it is cold. Just a bit more of a breeze. An


easterly wind developing. If you want to set your barometer, a very


settled pressure at the moment. Thereafter temperatures. On the


thermometer, possibly 8 degrees but it will feel colder. For the owls of


Scilly, fine and dry with sunny spells. Cold wind from the East.


There isn't a huge amount for surfing at the moment.


This is the outlook as we head right through the weekend. More cloud


developing on Friday. Still quite cold. We will start to see a lot


more cloud creeping in. Cold at night. The main story is a dry one.


Finally, a lovely sunrise from this morning in the Channel Islands. Have


a good evening. That's all from others. From all


others, come on Argyll! Good night. Hello. I hope you're well.


I really do. Because if you're not, then chances


are the NHS won't be able to look after you as well as it should.


And that's wrong.


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