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Welcome to BBC Channel Islands on Friday 20 January.


Here are tonight's headlines: The cancer


from taking potentially life-saving action.


Bred some women commented I could have saved lives and I didn't even


think about that when I was posting. Creating an accessible


island for all. How islanders are helping


to shape the future A lot of work is being done and now


we are at a stage where the opportunity for people who live with


some form of disability can say what they think.


But some women in Guernsey may be putting off going for a cervical


The problem has been highlighted after one woman, who took advantage


of a little-publicised free screening service, wrote


about her experience online, and saw her post go viral.


I pressed post and then I saw the likes were going up,


and within six minutes, I had over a hundred


When Lara Allen shared her post about free cervical


smears in Guernsey, it struck a chord with


I'm really pleased, because some ladies commented that


I could have saved lives and I didn't even think


I purely posted to try and save ladies' money.


It's not a nice procedure, but women over the age of 25


are advised to get screened regularly to reduce the risk


However, if you go to your GP in Guernsey,


The charges vary across the island surgeries, and range from ?61


if it's carried out by a nurse, to ?86 if done by a doctor.


But what many people on Social Media didn't realise, is that if you go


to the Orchard Centre at the hospital,


We have tended to focus on vulnerable women and women who find


it difficult to bear the costs of St Michael screening tests. It is


important women have access to this and do not prejudice their health


and well-being. The Orchard Centre has seen an increase in the number


of women get in touch. But screening figures in Guernsey


are already above the national average with 80% of women


registered with a GP going through the programme,


compared to just over Health and Social Care say


the cheaper screening alternatives provided by the Orchard Centre,


and the Choices Guernsey aren't widely advertised


as numbers are limited, Regardless of where it takes place,


screening saves lives and all women are being encouraged to make


an appointment when it's due, It's certainly been getting some


strong responses on social media, Cheryl admitting she'd been


putting off her test until she had the money to pay


for it and Laura saying that her health


insurance won't pay as the procedure Finally, Steve came


across the thread and was stunned by his naivety,


in finding out that such a vital preventative test was charged


for in the first place. Guernsey's government's being urged


to invest more in the economy Latest figures show


that it is growing BUT there's concern the Island is lagging behind


Jersey. After some bleak years, Guernsey's


economy is on the up. Figures released by the Government today


show that the economy's grown by 9.4% -- 0.4%. The number of workers


is up around 4%, but not everywhere, there is a 4% fall in construction


jobs. That is the biggest drop. Generally, the outlook is considered


bright, though quite -- not quite as good as Jersey. They had a steeper


recession after the global financial crisis and appeared to have emerged


from that quicker in terms of a bounce. We've had a much flatter


experience and it has been a more sustained feeling of sluggishness.


To get things going, some feel it is time for the States to start


splashing the cash. They and in Jersey, this business owner and


former politician has noticed a difference between a two and feels


Guernsey needs to start investing in its economy. There are certainly


more investment going on in Jersey banning Guernsey at the moment. They


are investing in infrastructure, but noticeably hearing Guernsey there is


very little. We have seen what has happened with the UK and Jersey,


when you are investing in infrastructure. It is a trickle-down


effect. For an established business one just beginning. The creator of


this abscess start-ups could do with a financial boost from the States,


helping them but also the economy diversify. The word on the street is


the finance industry is going down. It is still a very buoyant, but


Guernsey doesn't need to diversify. Start-ups can offer that. Work is


ongoing to looking at ways to support the various industries here,


but they will have to look at the risk involved before committing to


parting with any cash. Senator Philip Ozouf


has formally resigned Senator Ian Gorst confirmed the news


on BBC Radio Jersey. His resignation follows a scathing


report into the running Senator Ozouf will no


longer be a minister, or have access to the


council of ministers. It is absolutely right that he is


respectful of the States, which is our island parliament and he has


done an honourable thing in stepping aside, stepping down to allow these


reviews to take place. The report did not criticise him personally at


all, but is taken an honourable decision. -- he has taken.


Both Jersey civil servants who spent thousands of taxpayers' pounds


on a controversial trip to South Africa have


Wayne Gallichan from Locate Jersey was criticised last year


along with fellow civil servant Mike King for spending ?13,000


of public money on flights for a business trip to South Africa.


Mr Gallichan has been granted voluntary redundancy.


Next time you're out and about in your parish,


have a think about whether it's good for everyone who lives there.


As new anti-discrimination laws are being brought in and


people with disabilities are being asked to shape


where they live with the potential to make lives easier in the future.


Peter's been visually impaired since childhood.


A retired grower, he still keeps busy planting,


as it's something he can do just by touch.


He's keen for Jersey to improve for his fellow disabled islanders.


I'm very lucky, because I'm mobile, when I go to town on the bus,


I have my white cane, I'm very lucky the bus


Depending where you live, you can have a long walk to a bus,


People are trying to make things better.


Nearly 14,000 people in Jersey are disabled


60% surveyed said they found it hard to get involved


in community activities and 41% found it hard


And 28% said they've been discriminated


A new law to tackle that discrimination is due


But in the meantime, people are being asked their views


Today was the first of three public meetings to discuss how life


in Jersey could be made better not just for disabled people but also


It is an island wide issue and the war responses we have from people to


understand what their needs are, we will hopefully be able to provide


services across the board to meet the needs of people. Along with


this, it is hoped the new strategy will help people like Peter finally


learned more accessible. -- find the island more accessible.


It was the summer of 2012 when two Jersey metal detectorists


discovered one of the world's largest hoards of celtic coins.


It's taken a conservation team at Jersey Heritage nearly three


years to take the 2,000-year-old hoard apart.


Today, the team separated the final coin and Robert Hall was there.


A small but symbolic moment, in a story no one


The last coin from one of the most important finds in Western Europe,


The story began with a 30-year search for treasure buried by Celtic


tribes from France, well over 2,000 years ago.


Their coins kept turning up, but the hoard found in 2012 was far


Since then, it has been giving up its secrets.


precious objects have emerged, including gold


neckpieces, silver brooches and


As soon as that hoard was found it went on show to the public. Then it


was put in a laboratory, purpose-built, so the public could


visit to see what was going on. We were part of our journey, right the


way through. Now, at last, this phase


of the restoration is complete. It has been extraordinary. Every day


there have been surprises and we think there is so much more to find


out in the future. Today marks an end to three years of painstaking


work. It also closes a chapter. But there are many here in Jersey who


believe this is not the end of the story. There is so much study to do


with the board itself at what we can learn about events 2000 years ago,


but in a much broader context, what else is beneath the ground? It is as


if it found us, we didn't find it. Maybe there is a reason for it for


the future. Jersey Reds hope to book a place


in the knock-out stages of the British Irish Cup


when they take on group leaders A win at St Peter would be enough


to earn the Reds top place in their group,


and secure a Home quarter-final. A defeat for Jersey though could see


them crash out of the competition. We don't want to look too far ahead.


If we do get the right result, there is the opportunity of a home


quarterfinal and as we have seen, last year, we built a momentum and


missed out in the semifinal by one point. Hopefully, this will give


others the opportunity to look ahead, but let's not get carried


away, we have a very, very big test of the week. Pic of it at 2pm


tomorrow. -- kick-off is at 2pm tomorrow.


I'm loving the cold, sunny weather at the moment. Are we holding onto


this sunshine? A little bit. A slightly different day tomorrow.


Cloudy, but the dry, cold story continues. Also into next week.


Cloudy tomorrow. Dry and cold. Overnight tonight, quite a


widespread frost. The area of high pressure which has been reasonably


close for the last few days does move through the weekend ahead. It


allows more cloud to come in from the West. That will not produce any


rain to spoil the sunshine and the sun comes back by Sunday. Overnight


as you can see from the earlier picture, there is not any cloud in


the sky really, that means the temperatures are going to get just


below freezing. Around the coastline, just above freezing.


Inland, temperatures down to zero, possibly even -1 in Jersey. Light


winds, some cloud around tomorrow to spoil that sunshine. But she and it


will break up readily through the afternoon. Winds lights. Not stir


the air and temperatures in the range of 4-5 . Times of high water


or on screen now. Surf forecast on screen.


This is the outlook, taking us into next week. The temperatures do


recover a little, 7-8 by the early part of next week. But it is still


fine and dry and with these temperatures during the daytime, it


means that night, we will see more frost. Unusual to see such a


prolonged spell of fine, dry weather, but also a continued risk


of seeing frost across the islands. Have a nice weekend. Thank you,


David. You are up-to-date with the latest news for the Channel Islands.


I'll be back at APM. Theories spotlight.


Later in the programme we'll look back at the grounding


of the Napoli, and asking what lessons were learned.


And memories from the man sent down on a helicopter


Jay O'Donnell will be here to describe how all 26 people


Jack Nowell and Henry Slade have both been included in England's


34-man training squad for the upcoming


Six Nations Championship, but hooker Luke Cowan-Dickie misses out.


Nowell has been in fine form since his return from injury


and stands a good chance of playing against France in two weeks' time.


The Cornishman is being rested for this weekend's trip


to Clermont Auvergne in the Champions Cup.


The Chiefs must win and hope other results go their way to stand


any chance of making it through to the last eight.


If we go there and don't perform well than qualification,


if it's even possible, it doesn't really matter.


The important thing is we focus on our level of performance.


That will drive us forward and give us an opportunity to qualify,


or potentially make us a better team just by going out there and really


Wins for the Cornish Pirates and Jersey in the British and


Irish Cup tomorrow will most likely see them both through


Meanwhile, Plymouth Albion are in National One league action


The glamour of Premier League opposition in front of a packed


house will be a distant memory for Plymouth Argyle when they return


to League Two action against Cheltenham Town tomorrow.


Elsewhere, Exeter City will be looking to extend their unbeaten run


to nine games when they welcome Colchester to St James Park.


Yeovil travel to Blackpool and in the National League,


It's hard to believe this was ten years ago,


but a decade on from the beaching of the MSC Napoli, authorities say


the disaster was a "turning point" in how stricken


You may remember the scenes where people searched


through the many containers filled with cargo, which washed up


Here's a reminder of the astounding sequence of events of a decade ago.


But as every member of the crew was rescued,


the nightmare of the MSC Napoli was only just beginning.


With cracks in its hull, the ship had been listing badly


since it got into difficulty 46 miles from the Cornish coast.


The decision to turn to Portland was abandoned amid fears it


would break up in the channel, threatening the world renowned


Faced with limited choice, the vessel was beached


in the relative calm of Lyme Bay, off Branscombe.


The Devon shoreline never busier in January.


Mile after mile littered the ship's containers and their cargo.


Treasure hunters carried away what they could.


Top of the range motorbikes, nappies and pet food


As the biggest accident at sea at the time unfolded,


Hundreds of people descend on this stretch of East Devon coastline


to ponder the washed-up cargo of the Napoli.


There was concern that thousands of tonnes of oil would leak out.


The MSC Napoli was broken up in the end with explosives.


It took 2.5 years before every scrap was recovered from the shoreline.


Authorities both here and in France now work much more closely


It may be the first and last time we see a bonanza on the beach.


Adrian Campbell has been hearing from some of the people who helped


Ten years on and John Hughes, a local fisherman, remembers


all the flotsam and jetsam that washed ashore.


Well, Branscombe will never, I hope not, see anything like that again.


It put Branscombe on the map, without a shadow of a doubt.


People from all over the world were ringing up saying,


The Napoli and its cargo came ashore around the same time


Now at schools, they're learning all about the ship


I think people shouldn't have taken the items on the beach


because some of them were other people's belongings.


Other people might have wanted them back.


Some got really sad because they saw their stuff being taken away


Some people didn't want to take things because they found out


that there was a toxic waste that might have spilt on everything.


As well as concerns about chemicals, an oil spill killed birds


It was only when it got a little bit darker that the atmosphere changed.


There was quite a lot of characters starting to go down there.


By the time we got back to the car park at the village hall,


It's all so lovely to hear the children that were babies


at the time reliving what their parents have told them,


and it comes to life or them really as well.


So with a good few days remembering it.


The removal of the Napoli was a remarkable achievement.


But it's a small detail that really stand out.


Then there was the container full of Bibles.


That was the only thing that was left on the beach at one time!


I think they were in Swahili or something.


Ten years ago, the 62,000-tonne Napoli ran aground


Now ten years on all that remains here is the anchor -


all 13.5 tonnes of it, a permanent reminder


I remember standing on that beach as if it were yesterday.


The ship got into trouble a couple of days before running aground.


All 26 crew were winched from the decks in an operation


involving two Seakings from RNAS Culdose.


Royal Naval Airman Jay O'Donnell saw them all in safely and joins us now.


Of course, we remember the beach pictures, as we've just seen. But


you must remember that they are incredibly clearly. What was that


rescue like in terms of what you've done? Well, it was really funny


because I was due to go home. I finished my shift and we were all


talking about the weather that was becoming a bit of an issue. We were


going to train and we were talking, randomly, about Jackie in the sick


bay with her lover daffodils. Then off we went. The other went and they


said there was 26 people in the water 45 miles away. -- the other


went. There was a surge of manpower. The first aircraft got ready. I went


into the second aircraft with the diving kit and off we went with a


bit of trepidation, but adrenaline is not white what scene greeted you


-- what scene greeted you when you finally got to the location? It was


fantastic and also quite awesome in the fact that the waves were just


gigantic. I'd never seen the sea so angry. Amongst all the missions we


had done, I couldn't believe it. 70 knots of wind and 40-50 foot waves.


You got all the men off safely. There must have been some pretty


hairy moments during that time? There were a few full of the hardest


part was getting on the lifeboat. Securing it, I didn't have any


communication. The guys didn't need any English so that hampered things.


I carried on and what I knew I had to do, probably the main problem


that I had I reflected on was that at one point as the lifeboat got


pulled up the wave, before it flipped over the top, the winch


wire, my lifeline as well, got caught around the metal guard rails.


I had to climb up on top to release it. At that moment I really had to


stop and think for a couple of seconds and just remember thinking,


somebody's here, helping me, as it came off. I remember you talking


about this previously when there was one more to take off, a large chap


who wanted to do all of his belongings with him. How did that


situation unfold? It was typical. As we got rid of most of the guys on


the first aircraft, then the second aircraft, the lifeboat became


unstable and was spinning as well as flipping over the waves. Typically,


the largest man in the bed, who was six foot five and large, had his


whole worldly belongings. He didn't speak English and really didn't want


to let them go. I forcibly made him drop his bag and try to usher him


out. He was really difficult. I think you are suffering quite a bit


and he ended up going overboard in the rescue harness. I had to pull


him back on the ship. And you're still in the well maybe, we can see.


Love it, still flying in Merlin Mark two now daily. I'm testing in my job


and it's fantastic. We are really busy. We will never forget it. Jay,


good to see you after all these years. Thank you for coming in.


You may remember a few weeks ago we met Danny Claricoates,


who was part of a team taking part in a charity challenge to scale


Well, the good news is that Danny and his fell


The two former Commandos, who both served in Afghanistan,


reached the sumit of Mount Vinson with their team mates


The boys are now in Chile awaiting a flight home.


Well done to them. We can remember clearly what the weather was like


ten years ago. Not quite so called this weekend, I hope?


Very different. It with a howling westerly gale on the day of the


accident. It looks like we will continue to see this dry but cold


weather. There are some subtle changes coming this weekend, a bit


more in the way of cloud developing as we move through Saturday and into


Sunday. You've been taking some fantastic pictures. It's been great


for sunrises and sunsets, this one taken upon Exmoor. Thank you for


those and keep them coming. The weekend is rather more cloudy, I


think, for all of us. Still cold and mostly dry, but before the rest you


are the higher the risk of perhaps the a few showers. Still high


pressure in charge across us at the moment. That doesn't change a busy


weekend ahead. The high pressure is beginning to weaken somewhat and


everything weather front which may just come a little bit closer. With


the weak affair by the time we get to the end of the day tomorrow and


tomorrow night into Sunday. But what fun it is very limited, there might


just be a few showers for West Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly


keeping into the lower half of Cornwall by Sunday morning.


Thereafter it begins to move away again. This is the beautiful Sunday


and by Monday the high pressure comes back. For many of us today,


we've had glorious, unbroken sunshine. Earlier today myself and


our cameraman where guests on board HMS Sutherland. The captain and


weekly made us very welcome. We were filming for something we will be


looking at next week, but the sky across Plymouth and in Devonport was


completely clear of cloud, although there was a keen easterly wind. It's


that easterly wind that has been a feature of the weather for the lusty


microdata. The headlands on South Coast has felt pretty raw over the


last few days. -- feature of the weather for the last few days. A


widespread frost overnight with perhaps a bit more of a breeze and


more cloud across the far west of Cornwall. Elsewhere, defrost becomes


well established by the morning when looking at temperatures starting at


minus three, possibly even minus four. The lowest will across parts


of Dorset and Somerset. Tomorrow is a different day with more cloud,


still plenty of sunshine across the East. The West, the cloud is they


can might produce a few showers across the western parts of


Cornwall. Temperatures struggling. Rabbit starts of cold and frosty the


cloud. The sunshine. -- starting -- where it starts cold and frosty, the


cloud will stop the sunshine. Here your of high water. -- your times of


high water. There is a wave for our surface, but it's not very big. The


wings are lighted tomorrow and into the rest of the weekend. The risk of


showers in the West, otherwise there and generally pretty good


visibility. More fine weather on Sunday and in fact next week,


similar temperatures. We continue with the risk of overnight frost.


Have a nice weekend. Spieth Rebecca Wills will be


bringing you the late news just after 10:30 this evening with any


news updates. From all of us have a lovely weekend.


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