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Good evening, I'm Charlie McArdle welcome to BBC Channel Islands.


Disabled islanders face a daily struggle for access.


The provision of a ramp or outside lift which wheelchairs could use


will obviously solve the problem. I think it's a good opportunity to be


in the vanguard of a lot of local businesses over here to provide for


this sort of facility. tighter regulations for commercial


vessels in Guernsey. And from cradle to grave -


400 years of family history We have another cold night,


widespread frost and sunshine tomorrow, turning mist later. All


the details of me later in the programme.


People with disabilities in Jersey say they are facing daily


difficulties because of limited access to commercial premises.


Although the Islands government is holding a public consultation


into the concerns disabled residents have, some say the island


has a long way to go to become disabled-friendly.


John's local post office is soon to be based here at the reception


But the only way in is up these stairs.


The provision of a ramp or outside lift which wheelchairs could use


And it's a good opportunity for Jersey Evening Post


in the vanguard of a lot of local businesses over here to provide


But like many old buildings in Jersey, this one wasn't designed


And changing it isn't as simple as it seems.


We've got the added complication of running it as a through road


as well, so we have traffic running right by those stairs so we've got


to be considerate of how people would get onto a ramp or elevator.


So we'd have to look at building a refuge


for them first and foremost, so it would mean a whole


redesign of the front of building, which is why we're spending a bit


more time than just putting a ramp up.


Navigating around St Helier can be a bit of a minefield.


This is a particularly difficult challenge,


door and step, so I have to push with hand that works.


Pam is partially paralysed after a stroke, and often


While she has sympathy for businesses, she feels the island


has a long way to go to become disabled-friendly.


A lot of the buildings are listed, they problems obviously,


but there are ways around it, temporary ramps that can be lifted


up and taken in at the end of the day, and I think it's time


Jersey really has to start thinking about disabled people.


This town told us that they do have ramps for people who need them.


We asked for comment from the Town Centre Manager,


the Infrastructure Minister, and Jersey Post but they either


didn't get back to us or they said it didn't come


But with new disability laws set to come in next year,


Disabled access could be higher on people's agenda.


Three Guernsey midwives who are facing charges of misconduct


following the death of a baby at Guernsey's Princess Elizabeth


Hospital in 2014 will have to wait until next month to find out


Lisa Granville, Antonia Manousaki and Tuija Roussel accept


some of the charges, and deny others.


All three worked on Loveridge Ward at the time.


Their hearing will resume on the 6th of February.


Controversial proposals to introduce tighter regulations for commercial


vessels in Guernsey have been making waves among the island's


Following the adoption of the UK Port Marine Safety Code,


the Harbour Master must review current legislation and also


A proposed Bailiwick of Guernsey code is at consultation stage.


Poor communication, complacency, and a failure to follow safety


procedures led to this passenger ferry hitting a reef last year.


And now safety regulations are being tightened up.


A consultation's underway that will affect all


Some of the key proposals are that there needs to be:


More qualifications for crew members.


And also a full time engineer present for every journey.


Guernsey's Harbour master is proposing the changes.


He says safety is ultimately his responsibility.


We aren't suggesting people are not experienced or have a wealth of


knowledge and competence, but we need to have that in some sort of


structure that we can force and monitor as the agency and ultimately


the people who December and explaining the awful event of an


incident happening. -- who have to stand there and explain.


This man's worked in shipping for 50 years


But he says the new safety code would mean that he wouldn't be


allowed to work on any commercial vessels.


The qualifications is currently written are very stringent, and as


it stands, I wouldn't be able to work on any of the vessels. That is


quite a high standard? I'm not sure it was the intention, but that is


how it was worded, and that's where you engage in consultation.


Peshmerga that's why you engage. -- that is why you engage.


The consultation finishes at the end of the month with the new code


For the first time ever, Jersey baptism, marriage and death


records going back to 1540 have been made available to search online.


A collection of 72,000 images can now be viewed at ancestry.com due


to a two-year collaboration with jersey Heritage.


Jon De La Haye has been delving into the islands history.


We have lots of different people here. We have somebody whose father


was a painter, a gardener, we have an illegitimate child here. So we've


got lots of information here that people can use to trace their family


history. A 19th century baptism


register from St Helier - now accessible online


for anyone to see. Thousands of images featuring


hundreds of thousands of people between 1540 and 1940 are now


available - and these documents have already helped those


tracing their roots. We actually had a couple in on


Saturday, and they came in to the archive, they knew that the


gentleman's grandfather had left Jersey in the 1920s, but they didn't


really know anything else about the family. Within an hour, we were back


to the 1760s by using the Parish records. Richter baptisms, the


marriage of the parents. They are wonderful for building up the family


tree. Bye many of Jersey's more famous. -- many of Jersey's more


famous. famous residents also


feature in these records, from Jessie Boot, World number one


golfer Harry Vardon, The Church of England documents


needed to be legally released by Jersey's Dean,


who thought they should be by people, so should belong


to them to be accessed. The secrets of 400 years of Jersey's


history is now available to members of this website,


but also for free here Jersey Reds have reached the quarter


finals of the British Irish Cup. They faced Ulster A for a place in


the final eight of the rugby cup - but the Irish side didn't make it


an easy win for the hosts It was a strong start for the Reds


at St Peter as Uili Kolo'ofa'i scored the first points


in the match. But with a home quarter


final up for grabs - a first for the island -


guest side Ulster A wasn't They soon made it equal with this


try and then McPhillips conversion But despite a good effort


from the Reds and a strong support crowd of over 1400 at


St Peters, the home side And that gap continued


to grow in the second half. Ulster went 11 points


ahead with a 21-10 lead. But with lots of board


banging and encouragement from the supporters,


the hosts fought back. With just ten minutes to go,


Jersey finally over took And went even further to win


the match 26-21 to make history. We knew how big a game


this was and the reward of a home quarter final,


I think um more impressive was how we - the way we went


about our business today. We showed character and we got


a bonus point to win. To come from 21-10 down


was exceptional and the boys really Jersey Reds now hope this success


and a home quarter final will enable them to repeat last seasons success


and make it through to the semifinal Fixtures for the British Irish


cup quarter finals have Jersey will host Cornish Pirates


on the second weekend in March. It's been a very cold few


days in the Islands, with most of us waking up


to a blanket of frost. Not good if you need


to scrape the car windscreen, but fantastic conditions for taking


great pictures, which some have you have posted


to our Facebook page. Tristan Boscher captured this


magical shot of the sun coming And Laura Garnham took this


in the lanes of St Saviours. If you've got a great picture


there is way you can share it to many others and possibly be seen


across the BBC, it's David Braine can tell us


more and of course bring You are quite right. If you look for


BBC weather Watchers, you can register and send your photographs


in. Not just seen across the Channel islands, seen right across the


world. This is one of our weather Watchers, a lovely shot of Guernsey


in the morning sunshine this morning. But as we have been seeing,


the frost is already starting to form. It is another bitterly cold


night to come. A frosty start tomorrow. Fine and sunny again, but


perhaps turning a bit misty overnight tomorrow night. And into


the early hours of Wednesday morning. For the most part, it is


still a dry story. The high pressure which has been with us since the


start of the year is very stubborn. It's sticking its hills and again,


still across as buying the middle of the day tomorrow. There are several


mother fronts trying to move into western Europe. -- weather fronts.


They bump up the area of high pressure, squeezy isobars and give


us a strong wind on Thursday. Thursday could end up being quite a


raw feeling day, not only will it be windy but with the cold it will feel


quite bitter. Quite a high wind chill factor as well. The cloud


covering the south-eastern part of UK has been mist and low cloud, and


for all of us overnight tonight the skies will be largely clear. Which


will allow those temperatures to get pretty much where they were last


night, zero, possibly as low as minus one. Widespread overnight


frost to start tomorrow morning across the islands. Tomorrow is


another fine day was the frost has lifted. The wind light in,


eventually coming in from the South or Southwest. That will help


temperatures up to nine or 10 degrees as a maximum. At times of


high water. And for our servers, the wave size is increasing. Quite a big


swell developing in the Atlantic, some waves will come ashore. 2-4


feet. The coastal waters forecast, southerly force to 23-macro,


generally fair with good visibility. Wednesday could start of cold, and a


bit misty. And then a breezy and cold feeling day on Thursday. Have a


good evening. Charlie. Thanks, David, nice haircut. If you have a


great picture, we would like to see them. You can post them on the


weather watchers page, or our Facebook page.


You're up to date with the news from the Channel islands -


I'll be back at 8pm with an update and then again at 10.30pm.


A mother from Somerset calling for a fresh investigation


into the death of her son on the Isles of Scilly has


had a private meeting with a senior police officer.


Tracey Clayton says she's convinced someone else was responsible


for the death of her son Josh on Tresco 16 months ago.


Last week, a coroner ordered Devon and Cornwall Police to investigate


Mrs Clayton has been speaking exclusively


Before I take my last breath, we will know what happened to my boy.


Without a doubt, we will find out and we will get justice for Josh.


When police on the Isles of Scilly found the body of Josh Clayton, they


put it down to accidental death. The bar manager vanished after attending


a private party on Tresco. His body was discovered ten days later. Last


week, an inquest into his death was halted when evidence emerged. This


man, Leroy Thomas, told the hearing he witnessed Josh arguing with a


group of men. The coroner said the police needed to reinvestigate.


Which has given some hope to Josh Clayton's family who remain


convinced someone else was responsible for his death. I have


had a meeting with Devon and Cornwall police, a senior police


officer, who has assured me he will review and hopefully look for any


gaps that happened throughout the investigation. It definitely was not


an accident. I have thought it from day one, I still believe it now. The


police force have issued a statement saying we were only made aware of


the new evidence at the inquest and are carrying out further enquiries.


It is not clear how long they will take all what they will uncover


given the matter of time since Josh Clayton died. His mother who until


now has said she wanted a new force to investigate says she will give


Devon and Cornwall a week to convince heard they are serious


about uncovering the truth. A 300-year-old Dartmoor Bridge has


been struck by motorists more Devon County Council says the cost


of repairing the ancient structure but they now have a plan


to cut the cost. Today, CCTV cameras at the bridge


have been turned on and motorists who hit the bridge will be


charged for repairs. You might expect to be watched by


cameras here. But what about here? From today, Big Brother is watching


this bridge. Built in the era of the horse and cart, it now has to cope


with much more. The area north of Ashburton is popular with canoeists


and walkers as well as being a busy route for locals. But despite


warning signs, some drivers are taking risks. Risks which are


damaging the bridge and taking time and money to repair. Over 20 years


it has been repeatedly damaged many times in a year and recently that


seems to have got worse, say we are introducing the CCTV as a final


resource. New home bridge is one of nearly 3005 Hundred Rd bridges in


Devon. The county council has a budget of ?100,000 to fix accident


damage on all of them. Last year they went over that budget in South


Devon alone. We cannot afford to keep spending out money like we are


doing at the present time. It will cost around ?9,000 to pretend that


we think we can recover that money over the course of one year. How do


local people feel about CCTV cameras being used here? Horrified. This is


creeping urbanisation, it does not belong on Dartmoor but the more I


thought about it and the amount of damage, putting up signs does not


deter people send the charging them well. Anyone caught on camera who


fills to stop will be contacted by the council which will reclaim costs


for repairs from the driver or their insurer.


It's time for the sport now and Natalie's here


After last week's glamour of the FA Cup, Plymouth Argyle got back


to League business with a 2-1 win away at Cheltenham.


The victory means they're still second in Division 2.


The Pilgrims took the lead in the 26th minute when Sonny Bradley


After Cheltenham had equalised, fans had to wait until stoppage time


It's the second time this season the centreback has


It was the meeting of the two in-form teams of the division


and Exeter came out on top, beating Colchester 3-0.


Reuben Reid, David Wheeler and Liam McAlinden scored the goals


giving the Grecians' playoff hopes a big boost.


It's 999 for Exeter - they're now ninth in the league,


have extended their unbeaten run to nine and ended Colchester's


Yeovil could have had it all, but had to settle


Francois Zoko put them ahead - Blackpool drew level and then


Darren Ward put the Glovers back in the lead.


It looked like they would hold on, but they were denied in the fifth


The Exeter Chiefs are out of Europe after losing


They reached the quarterfinals stage last year, but this term lost four


of their six pool games, making for an early exit.


Their French hosts scored seven tries while the Chiefs replied


Rob Baxter said he was very disappointed with the manner


of their departure from a competition.


He feels sure the Chiefs could win at some stage.


Now, it's time to meet the Wrinklies - that's not what I've called them -


They've got an average age of 80 and their oldest player is 94 -


incidentally her baby brother is 92 and he plays too.


They meet in Ottery St Mary once a week for a spot of table tennis.


It keeps them fit and in some cases has changed their lives.


Andy Birkett doesn't quite fit into their age bracket, but he's


Speed, reactions, agility - things we are told diminish with age.


While that may be true, this group of senior sportsmen


and women are proof that sometimes guile, finesse and, of course,


If I do the housework, I'm allowed out in the afternoon.


What is it about coming here and playing table tennis


It is the highlight of most people's week, you know.


We just look forward to it, have a wonderful time.


The standard has been going up all the time.


Try telling that to Frank that it's just about keeping fit.


The man with the most fearsome serve in the whole of...


As well as the fun side to all of this, there


Over the last few years, John has offered a number of strokes,


For some time now he doesn't know who I am and will ask at least


several times a day, I don't know you, who are you?


When he's away from here, he can't walk properly up the road,


People with dementia tend to get worse like this because they have


Physically here, he's different as well.


He has never fallen playing table tennis here.


And then there is Diana and her 92-year-old baby brother David.


I'm told the last time these two played a singles match


What do you get out of coming here and playing table tennis?


I love the company, but I also love table tennis and, you know,


I think you have to think about it, and you have to move about a bit,


It's better than a rocking chair and a tartan rug.


I couldn't leave here without testing whether youth


I've never been so relieved to lose at something


She beat him fair and square! Diana showed him. Some great volleys.


Really brilliant. Now, weather is a topic


we all like to discuss - too hot, too cold -


we're never happy! And the Met Office says last year


was the warmest year on record. But does it still snow


like it used to? Jemma Woodman has been taking


a look back at the great Is anywhere more beautiful


than Dartmoor in the snow? And a light dusting at least


is pretty much guaranteed But if you think you remember a time


when you only have to walk out your front door to be knee-deep


in drifts, then you're The older you are, the more


likely you are to say, But is that true or just faded


memories wrapped up in nostalgia? Time to dip into the


archives to find out. In 1963, the south-west bore


the brunt of a series There were large-scale


rescue operations. The chief one was the


relief of Whittendown. But in 2010, the same


thing happened again. This time it was milk tankers


getting stuck on the roads in what proved to be the coldest


winter in 30 years. Actually the footage shows that


2010 doesn't compare to 1963 for cold or snow,


but there's one winter that does For that we have to go way back


in the archives before many of you were born and regional


TV didn't exist. Mike at the southwest film


and television archive has dug I have had a good look in the


database and in the paper records. There is very little


of 1947, but I think I have Hope Cove looking more


like Antarctica than The lifeboat brings in food supplies


to marooned villagers. In 1947, January 22,


the snow started to fall and fell every day somewhere in the UK


for over 70 days. And if you want to know why it


doesn't snow like it use to, find out the answer


on Inside Out South West Now with the forecast of blizzards


on the way... No chance. I don't think we will see any snow but what


we saw on the beach at Dawlish this morning, you might be forgiven for


thinking there was snow but it is actually frost. Also a beautiful


South Devon coast with a view out across to Bow Island. It looks like


the fine, clear skies will lead to another sharp frost overnight


tonight. Dry and bright for most of this week. Frost and fog but also


becoming quite windy later on. You will notice not a great deal of rain


in that forecast. First thing tomorrow, it is the freezing fog


that could be a problem. Both later on tonight and first thing tomorrow,


particularly across parts of Dorset, Somerset and the east of Devon.


There is quite a nice line of cloud out to the west which has rain on it


but it does not get much closer. We have high pressure in charge. By the


middle of Wednesday it is starting to weaken and by Thursday it will


get a bit closer. A really cold feeling day on Thursday with


Southeast winds and low temperatures. That was the satellite


picture from earlier today. Not only in land was it fine but also along


the coast. This is Watergate Bay where it was a beautiful day. A bit


of haze in the air, quite a bit of pollution around today but not so


bad tomorrow by something for our selfless and walkers along the


coastline, some lovely weather. See temperatures around nine or 10


degrees. Let's follow the forecast through the night to calm because


with all this clear sky, the temperatures are falling and we will


see some mist and fog developing later in the night. Further west, I


would not say it is frost free but temperatures are slightly higher. I


don't think anywhere will escape a touch of frost at some point through


the night with the lowest temperatures, -5 possible. Much of


the day tomorrow is fine and dry. More cloud from time to time. A


slightly higher temperature between nine and 11 degrees. For the Isles


of Scilly, staying dry with sunny spells. Have a good evening.


Just before we go, a look ahead to tomorrow's Spotlight.


We're investigating why people are commuting further and further.


We'd like to hear about your journey to work -


You can get in touch via Facebook, Twitter and email.


If you would like to join me on BBC radio Devon, I am on between one and


4pm. But from all of us here, good night.


To break someone physically... Agh! ..is not a problem.


Nectar of the gods, I'm telling you. Thank you, Colonel.


He's definitely battling some demons.


If they have a fear of water, God help them.


Tom Jones, obviously. Winston Churchill.


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