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I'm Charlie McArdle. Welcome to BBC Channel Islands.


These are tonight's headlines: Calls for more affordable homes


in Guernsey but private landlords are not happy.


The prescription for health care in old and includes a formal apology


for Doctor Rory Lyons. Due procedure was not followed and we apologise


for the effect that had on Doctor Rory Lyons and the people of


Alderney. Plus the activity boxes helping


to improve care for the increasing And despite the low temperatures and


frost across the islands in the last two days it hasn't felt too bad.


That will change. Stronger winds later tomorrow and on Thursday, with


a high wind chill. I will have all the details later in the programme.


Better emergency midwifery services, more social work, and increasing


clinicians skills are just some of the recommendations made


by a Guernsey review into Alderney's health care.


The independent report also highlights the importance of a full


apology to be made to an Alderney doctor who was investigated for


It's been almost two years since this police raid on a surgery


in Alderney stunned people in the Channel Islands.


Dr Rory Lyons was suspended while investigations were underway,


but all cases against him were later dropped.


But according to this latest independent review,


the effects are still having a significant negative impact


Among the report's 38 recommendations, one of them


is that there should be a formal apology to Dr Lyons.


It says there should be chemotherapy treatment available on-island.


It also says there should be greater use of video conferencing


which could halve the number of trips to Guernsey for treatment.


And another recommendation says that making seatbelts compulsory


The President of the Committee for Health and Social Care


HSC totally accept the findings of this report at the time, which said


that there were, in terms of the investigation, it was rushed, and


due process was not followed. We apologise for the impact that out on


a doctor Rory Lyons and the people of Alderney.


The report's been welcomed by one of Alderney's senior politicians.


Louis Jean says now's the time to ensure doctors


They could come in and really work and assist Doctor Rory Lyons to get


his practice open. It seems to me that that may be part of the reason


why there is this lack of continuity in GPs, it isn't entirely the only


answer but it is is certainly part of it.


It's not clear how many of the 38 recommendations will be


Whilst some savings could be made, half of the recommendations


are predicted to cost taxpayers money.


RBS International have announced they are closing Natwest branches


The St Peters branch will close at the end of April,


while the Alderney branch will shut in June.


The banking company say the decision was based on usage


Alderney customers can continue to use their Natwest account


through online and mobile access but won't be able to pay in cash.


It's thought the two Alderney employees will be made redundant.


A teenager's been allegedly assaulted


It's alleged the 15-year-old boy was attacked by two young people


outside a takeaway shop on Union Street at 5.45pm yesterday.


Police want to speak to the driver of a 4x4 who was shouted


There's a public appeal to find the people responsible


for the fly-tipping of asbestos in Jersey.


Nine bin bags of the dangerous substance were dumped in a field


The Environment Department says it's looking for witnesses because this


It says ?5,000 of public money was spent getting


From this incident there is no risk to public health and the mass has


been cleared up by us as a contract. We would like people to contact us


and let us know if they have any suspicions about asbestos that may


have been in a building they were aware of or they have seen people


carrying black bin liners into a building.


The growth of the Guernsey Housing Association is stifling the private


sector rental market, according to the island's


The GHA says a shortage of land is its biggest challenge


in trying to meet demand, but landlords argue that more


affordable housing will put another nail in the coffin


These are some of the newest properties in the Guernsey Housing


Rodley Park accounts for five of the 54 homes


There's huge demand for affordable housing in the island,


and another 40 new builds are also in the pipeline.


We have got a waiting list of just under 300 applicants of households.


We are just at about 800 properties now, which we manage, red and


partial ownership, and we have demolished about 350 properties of


state housing estates that we have redeveloped so the overall net


increase is about 450/15 years. Developments like this help people


to get on the property ladder through partial ownership schemes


but there are concerns that it's having a negative effect


on the private sector. They have steadily taken the clients


that traditionally come into the private sector and they have


migrated to the Guernsey Housing Association, and it is no wonder


they do that. However we in the private sector are not getting any


breaks at all to keep us pace with what they are producing rather than


catching up. We have no incentive to improve our properties, the


insulation and so forth and over the past few years we have got reduced


between five and 10% in the private sector of the older generation who


are just packing it in putting their in other means.


Private landlords claim their livelihoods are being stifled.


While they can understand why people choose to move from private rentals


to housing association properties, they simply want to be able


Growers have criticised a delay in a government plan


The Rural Economic Strategy looks at how local produce and the organic


industry can be developed, and what subsidies


It was due out in 2015, but the Economic Development


Department says the delay was due to changing budgets,


and it'll be published within the next week.


A public inquiry is being held into the building


of the new Les Quennevais school in Jersey.


It's after the Environment Minister backed plans for the secondary


school to be built on protected fields in St Brelade.


The inquiry, at St Brelade Parish Hall, is expected


You're watching the BBC in the Channel Islands.


Later in Spotlight with Justin and Victoria:


The Real Junk Food Project that's helping feed hundreds of people


Health bosses at Jersey's General Hospital say they're seeing


an increase in the amount of patients admitted onto wards


So, to help nurses engage with their patients,


they're trialling two activity boxes with games and puzzles.


It's part of a wider strategy to improve care for patients


with dementia as Jessica Banham reports.


Sylvia Green has been on Beauport ward for a few weeks now.


She's been using games from the activity boxes


But Senior Sister Chantal Bellingall says the boxes are also helping them


improve care for the increasing number of patients


It is good to engage with them and get them involved with the nursing


staff and our team and their family and relatives. It is very tactile to


get involved in making jigsaws and jawing, the drawing of colouring is


therapeutic and coming for them as well. What exactly is in these


boxes? There are a variety of different activities including


puzzles and crosswords and colouring in and quiz packs which would


provide to clients on the ward. One example is this lovely puzzle that


we have got which is a nice and easy Wyper Bull and clean puzzle which


our clients into really enjoy. There are around 1,400 people living


with dementia in Jersey. But it's thought less than half


of those people have a diagnosis. Numbers are also likely to double


in the next 25 years. Alongside the activity boxes,


nurses have also made visiting They want to improve


signage on the ward so they show pictures rather


than just words. It is not just about the


orthopaedics now, so many of our patients have dementia or other


needs and by putting these things in place will make a difference to all


of our patients, whether they are visually impaired or had hearing


problems, it will be better for everybody.


I was going to ask you later as there is somewhere I can buy them.


It's becoming a regular morning ritual and I can't tell you how many


David, is there any end to to these frosty mornings?


I think so. Perhaps not necessarily the way we wanted to but a towel


across the windscreen will save you a lot of de-icer! It looks like we


will have more fine weather tomorrow morning. This was a Weather Watchers


picture of the famous lighthouse. We will have more sunshine to start the


day and another frost overnight tonight, so actually start and a dry


day but more cloud in the second half of the Day and at the same time


the breeze is picking up and that Breeze is going to be a cold wind.


There is a cold pool of cold air heading our way. The high pressure


is finally weakening somewhat and beginning to move out of the way.


Very slow progress but gradually this area of low pressure will come


closer. By the time it gets to us it will be weak but there is a squeeze


in the isobars, they are starting to get close together which means more


of a breeze for us and it means some quite lively wins by the time we get


to Thursday. Cold winds coming out of Europe as well. With this weather


front tantalisingly close, and eventually, as a weaker affair it


brings more cloud and the risk of rain. Overnight we have clear sky


again and it will be another cold night and another night with a


widespread overnight frost. Temperatures down to zero. Tomorrow


we start the day with a good deal of sunshine and quite quickly there


will be more cloud coming in. It comes in from the south-east. By the


end of the afternoon it is generally rather cloudy and it also becomes


misty. Four or five is the maximum temperature. It will be a cold day


and feel pretty miserable once we lose the sunshine. Clean waves for


our surface. -- surfers. The coastal waters forecast. By the time we get


to Thursday the wind is going to be quite strong. Coming in from the


south-east, it means of raw feel to the day on Thursday, but milder by


the weekend. Thank you. It looks as though we


will have to batten down the hatches as the wind heads to the islands.


That is all for now. I will be back just before 8pm and then again at


10:45pm. Here is Justin and Victoria.


and the Landmark in Ilfracombe went into administration yesterday.


North Devon Council is blaming falling ticket sales


It says it gave the trust more than ?300,000 this financial year.


The doors are closed now but these campaigners want them back open, and


soon. This woman performed that theatre in Barnstaple last week. I


feel heartbroken by the news. It is so sad that it is all going to be


gone and this makes people like me inspired and able to dream big and I


don't want to play just another nightclub. This and the Landmark


Theatre in Ilfracombe have gone into administration. There are calls for


the local council to step in. They don't have the money, we understand


that, but we believe there is a viable future for these theatres and


as North Devon council owned theatre buildings, that we can come to a


solution. We are pleading with the council to work with us and the


administrator to find a way to get doors open again. The North Devon to


distrust blamed falling sales and a cut in public subsidy from the local


council for its financial problems. These closures leave the plough arts


Centre in great Torrington as the last art centre for miles around.


It's a rise of just ?9,000 a year in public funding. Many organisations


have been on a journey of weaning themselves off public funding out of


necessity and it is a journey that some have made more successfully


than others. If you have got two big theatres with big overheads it is


difficult to say that you will cover that from the box office. It was or


was gone to need some sort of support. As a society we should be


supporting the arts. If you go to other countries, they support the


arts, phenomenally. The subsidy to support the favours from the castle


was over ?300,000. The council says that it is facing financial pressure


and needs to save money. It would not comment further whilst the


administration process is ongoing, leaving campaigners waiting for a


verdict on the theatres' future. What makes a good B?


Stay with us to find out why this one has been voted the best


in the world. The African silverbacks trying


to cope with the Devon cold. We're looking forward to that one,


aren't we? We both love cooking


and try to use up leftovers. Well, a charity which cooks meals


using food thrown out by businesses and supermarkets has been


so successful, it's now expanding. The Real Junk Food Project set up


in April last year and has fed hundreds of people in Plymouth


and South East Cornwall. Well now it's looking to develop


the idea and has launched a fundraising campaign


for a permanent base. Emma Thomasson has been to see how


it works Tucking in, but this is no ordinary


lunch. Everything he was destined for the bin. How about asparagus


soup? Beef ragout, with potatoes, for the big apple charlotte and


custard. It has been made from food donated by supermarkets that they


could not sell before its best before date. What we do is very


inclusive, doesn't matter what the circumstances are, your welcome to


eat with us, and when you pay you can pay with the money donation or


you can pay with your time or skills. People volunteer, do some


washing up, some deliveries, and there is an exchange in that way. It


works really well. The one some salad or veg? Jese heads a team of


volunteers going round Plymouth and Southeast or -- South East Cornwall,


cooking. The food is prepared in her own kitchen then transported around


churches, toddler groups and even their pub. But is it any good? Oh,


yes, the meat is lovely and tender. Yes, everything was just wonderful.


Me and my husband have always worked. And we struggle ourselves,


but I make everything go round. I do not waste, I don't throw out, if I


can use it I use it, and a lot of other people do at home as well. I


was thinking about the meals that I do for my four-year-old boy and how


much ends up being left at the end of the meal, sometimes four or five


carats and you add that up and that is a lot of food wastage. It has


changed my thinking today. And he is not alone. The project has been so


popular, a second team is now working in Torpoint and Jesse is


working to set up a permanent base near Liskeard with plans for Linton


and Falmouth. The government says 8 million tonnes of food is wasted


every year, which equates to ?16 billion simply being thrown in the


bin. This project hopes the work it is doing, however small, will go


some way towards tackling the problem. It is lovely. It did look


good, didn't it? Now, we had images of Exeter's past


earlier in the programme and here's another familiar sight


of the South West from the archives. House after house on road after road


offering bed and breakfast. But the traditional guest


house has been changing. Many are still offering


the full English breakfast, with customers expecting a more


upmarket atmosphere. Tourism leaders say the move


towards the boutique hotel has been key in driving the industry forward


and one guest house in Dorset is now reaping the rewards with major


recognition. It is a bitterly cold day in Dorset,


but this place has the warmest welcome in the world. And that is


official. We are writing down phone messages. Quite a few e-mails have


come in. Clive and Lisa Orchard say that they are amazed to have been


named the best B on the planet for the second time. It means a lot. It


means that our guests have thanked us for their stay. We were just very


shocked and very happy, obviously. What were you doing before you


decided to move down to Dorset and open a B? We had a clothes shop in


West wittering. I was working in data communications near Reading.


Eventually we sold the shop and saw the Data Communications Bill 's less


and we chose a bed and breakfast as being a nice lifestyle. This is a


Thomas Hardy room. From the guest reviews on TripAdvisor it is clear


that this B offers more than just clean sheets and pulling this. They


think that Dorset is beautiful, and it is not difficult to share that


with people. When I was six or seven, my sister taught me to swim


in this area. So, for that reason, I think that is what makes it very


personal to me. You won the award in 2014 and in 2017. For the two years


in between, what went wrong? We relaxed! We genuinely just think of


the B as an extension of our homes anyway. That was our commitment when


we started, just to be ourselves and wanting people to share the area.


Whatever their secret, it has sent Bindon Bottom to the top of the


world's B destinations. Now the weather recently has been


quite chilly with frosty nights and cold mornings and for many of us


that means wrapping up or you could put your heating


on! But if, like some


of the animals at a Devon zoo, you're used to much warmer


climates, how do you cope? Well the keepers at Paignton Zoo


have been feeding them hot potatoes, as Spotlight's John Danks found


out. These flamingos have the right idea,


keeping their heads down during the icy weather. With temperatures not


climbing much above zero in sheltered areas, some animosity


turned their backs to the court. That is why at Paignton Zoo they are


dishing out hot potatoes to the guerrillas. It's very cold at the


moment and the guerrillas with the love hot potatoes. In weather like


this it is nice for them to have something hot to warm them up a


little bit. These western lowland gorillas are native to Africa.


Weighing around 200 kilograms, the powerful primates are kings of the


jungle, but here at Paignton Zoo... With the guerrillas and the


orangutans, they are happy going outside when it is a bit colder. The


guerrillas will have a nice, heated house outside, so in weather like


this they tend to spend a lot more time inside. We try to get them out


as much as possible to get some fresh air and sunshine, but it does


when it is not so nice like this. In when it is not so nice like this. In


the aviary, these noisy tropical birds are spending the winter


indoors. No jacket spuds required. The birds are lucky, because they


get shut away in nice, warm houses with heating on. It is the


zookeepers who suffer the most because they come in in the morning


and the padlocks are frozen, their hands are frozen, they have two melt


ice, hosepipes are full of eyes, so they are far worse off than the


birds. It is a year-round job for the keepers, making sure that the


animals are well looked after. A hot potato to keep away the cold seems


to be doing the job. Sadly for the guerrillas, there is no prospect of


chips being served, just yet! -- Paignton Zoo -- gorillas. We've had


lots of reaction to this story about commuting. Many of you have told us


about your long journeys to work. Graham has e-mail to say, I commute


48,000 miles every year, just passed my 500,000 miles mark, from


Ivybridge to Bristol, daily. Martin says, I travelled from Dunster in


Somerset to London for work every day. I now work from home which


means I am permanently on my wife's nerves! I'm sure that is not true at


all. Thank you for your e-mails, keep them coming in. It is time for


the weather forecast. Is it jacket potato weather, David? There is some


good news in the forecast. It is not quite as


cold. It is slightly less cold. That is the best way to describe it. You


have to wait until Friday before that happens. Tomorrow and Thursday


is going to be pretty chilly. Tonight, another frosty night with


some fog patches already forming. More of that come overnight. A cold


wind tomorrow, with the breeze picking up steadily, helping to


shift that mist and fog and again we will


even more sunshine than we saw even more sunshine than we


today, because we have this strip of today, because we have this strip of


cloud covering much of the of England. That layer of cloud


produced a few showers in North produced a few showers in North


Devon and up into the south Wales. The main rain bearing cloud is out


here to the west. This is a bit closer than it has been. It is


high pressure begins to weaken. What high pressure begins to weaken. What


is actually happening is we are squeezing the isobars, so there's


more of a breeze developing. The breeze continuing to increase and,


overnight tonight and into Thursday, we have a cold when coming in from


the South East, head of this line-up patchy rain, and drawing in some


very low temperatures from central Europe. They have had it bitterly


cold over the last few days. And that cold air reaches us on


Thursday. So although we have more of a breeze, if anything it will


feel even called on Thursday. Friday is hit and miss but there's a


weather front coming in on Friday that will change things. It will


introduce slightly less cold air. It might introduce some outbreaks of


rain as well, although the detail on that is elusive at the moment. That


cold air comes across from the other side of the channel and through


Thursday not only will be have low temperatures but with the strength


of the wind it is going to feel bitterly cold. It will feel like -1,


-2, so wrap up warm if you're out and about on Thursday. This layer of


belt has produced some showers and clouded the skies over a good part


of the South West. This was earlier today in Quantock. For the servers,


the waves have been quite attractive. A pretty good day for


many beaches over the last couple of days. The sea temperature at the


moment is around nine, 10 degrees. The waves will increase over the


next couple of days as you see the South West winds increasing. What's


going out in the Atlantic that will help our surfers, producing some


fairly sizeable waves. Tonight across the eastern parts of Somerset


and Dorset, we will have thick, freezing fog. If you are travelling


out of the region, if you're one of these long-distance commuters we


have been talking about heading towards London, especially, you're


going to run into some very thick fog and it is dangerous stuff,


because it's also freezing fog. More of a breeze in the second half of


the night, keeping the thick fog at bay. It will be a cold night with a


range of temperatures. The fog is going to be patchy with temperatures


anywhere from zero up to four Celsius. Tomorrow, Misty and foggy


in the east, but foremost, a better day with sunshine with wind


increasing. The breeze will continue increasing. The breeze will continue


to increase in most of the day in Cornwall. And it will lift


temperatures up to 9 degrees, but further east, temperatures not doing


quite so well. That's the forecast for the Isles of Scilly, right and


windy. And the times of high water... -- bright and windy.


And the coastal waters forecast... That's all from me. Have a good


evening. Looks like we're going to need more hot potatoes at the zoo on


Thursday. That's all from us. We'll have an update at 10:30pm. From all


of us here, have a good evening. Good night.


You might get the impression that history is just a record


Very often, the line between fact and fiction


In this series, I'm exploring how three turning points in our history


have been manipulated to become our greatest historical legends.


I want to be entertained. Entertain me.


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