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Good evening, I'm Charlie McArdle. Welcome to BBC Channel Islands.


Making sure the islands are not forgotton when it comes to Brexit.


is charging too much for new social housing.


If their rent is fully covered it's not a problem for them that it is a


problem for the taxpayer and there are questions about inflation in the


whole housing market. Safety concerns means more


of La Cotte's secrets And we've got a cold day in store


for the islands tomorrow. Some sunshine, strong winds and low


temperatures. All the details later than the programme.


That's the message from a senior Guernsey politician


following the UK's justice committee visit today.


The three MPs are responsible for making sure the interests


of the Crown Dependencies aren't forgotten, when it comes


to Britain's exit from Europe, as Mark Inchley's been finding out.


If there's one thing that Brexit's promised to deliver


And the Channel Islands are by no means immune.


But this week's visit by members of the UK Justice Committee has


at least gone some way to reassure the islands' governments that local


I'm cautiously optimistic but I'm absolutely sure of one thing,


that there is no room for complacency which is what makes


visits such as the one from the Ministry of


Justice Select Committee so important.


The committee's here to make sure the Channel Islands feel well


represented and to hear where concerns lie.


One is the whole question of uncertainty affecting


That's exactly the same as we've got to handle in the UK as well.


And the second one, again common to the UK,


is giving assurance to EU citizens who are already in the Crown


Dependencies as they are in the UK that their rights to remain


and remain a welcome part of our society are not


The island's smaller industries such as fishing and agriculture also play


a role in the inquiry, but local farmers say there's


at least one area likely to survive the changes unscathed.


We actually manage our production to try and avoid export


because our costs of production are high so we're not really


We produce milk for the island and we try and make sure we have


enough for the island and very little extra.


And for those reasons, what goes on beyond our shores


hopefully isn't going to impact us in a huge way.


But that optimism isn't shared across the island's industries


and as islanders line up to find out the true impact of Britain's


departure from Europe, much rests on the findings of just


A Jersey politician will travel to Washington DC to attend a meeting


addressed by newly-inaugurated President Donald Trump.


Deputy John Le Fondre has accepted an invitation on behalf


of US Congress to go to the National Prayer


The annual event has seen every US President


Deputy Le Fondre says he'll pay for the trip himself.


Jersey's Andium Homes is charging too much for new social housing,


Deputy Montfort Tadier is worried rents are spiralling out of control.


It comes after some social housing was priced at ?1,300 a month


These are the newly refurbished homes at Clos de


Deputy Montfort Tadier's impressed with the quality of the flats,


but he says for some people affordable housing


The rent for these two bed maisonettes is around ?300 a week.


And as social housing, those rents are pegged at 90%


But his concern is that tenants on income support who are renting


privately only get around ?280 a week.


If their rent is fully covered by income support that's not a problem


for them but it's a problem for the taxpayer. That is also question


about inflation in the whole housing market.


But Social security says this isn't an issue for tenants as the cost


Andium Homes follows the rent policy set by the States.


The Housing Minister wasn't available but her spokesman told us:


We are making a ?250 million investment to improve social


housing, which would not be possible without the financial certainty


We have completed a consultation, which looks at issues


A report is due to be issued in March.


Jersey's Social Secutiry Department says:


Income Support fully covers the cost of social housing rentals.


For private rented properties, Income Support rates are based


on the average value of the Andium stock.


The property highlighted by Deputy Tadier has been


refurbished and therefore likely to be at the higher end,


so it is misleading to use it as the benchmark for social


So while most of Jersey's affordable housing will be refurnished


to provide better accommodation, that will cost the tax payer.


Guernsey's Scrutiny Management Committee says it's extremely


concerned by the findings of an independent review into health


The Committee says the review identifies a number of areas


where existing provision falls below acceptable standards.


It's President says a lot of work is needed to rebuild confidence.


It's clear that there has been a breakdown in confidence between the


people and the health service. I think we need to work with all


agencies to rebuild and renew that confidence in the service.


Jersey's Environment Minister says the quality of the island's water


is getting better but admits there's still room for improvement.


Deputy Luce has issued a response to a report by Save Our Shoreline.


It's concerned that marine life will disappear and tourism


will suffer unless more is done to reduce the level


We have got some environmental challenges and our water could be


better but are we at a tipping point? I don't think so and I come


to that conclusion because our quality is improving. It has been


for a few years. I will put my hand up and say we can do better and we


will improve further. Later, more than 85 years of service between


them, two pilots tell us their stories.


It's one of the most important ice age sites in northern Europe


and this week archaeologists are meeting with engineers to work


out how the La Cotte site at St Brelade can be preserved


It comes after Jersey Heritage had to turn down a ?180,000 grant


from the government as work can't continue until the site


More than 40,000 years ago, it was mammoths and Neanderthals


And they returned time and time again to the site at La Cotte.


Once linked to Northern France by coastal plains,


it now contains more Neanderthal artefacts than the rest


Like most of the coastline it is vulnerable to erosion and rock


movement. It's a question of stabilising the site and stopping


the rocks from becoming loose and creating a safe environment to do


archaeology. Archaeologists wanted to continue


digging at the site later this year. But that work has been frozen, along


with the government funding for it, Around 200,000 stone tools have


already been discovered there. But Dr Matt Pope, who's


an archaeologist, is confident Although a lot of excavation has


taken place only about 40% of the site has been explored and that was


a long time ago. For the future that is an incredible archive there.


Modern scientific techniques would throw an even greater light on the


Neanderthals. Dr Pope and Jersey Heritage are


meeting with engineers this week. They're hoping to publish a report


on exactly what needs to be done But as it's expected to take


years rather than months, for now the rest of La Cotte's


secrets will remain undiscovered. It's been another cold


start to the day. Gritters were out and about


keeping the roads safe. Temperatures got down to around -1C


overnight with Jersey Police saying there were a number of accidents


on the island's roads. But the ice did give way


to beautiful sunshine, although it did cloud


over this afternoon. So, will it be another early start


for gritting teams tomorrow? You are quite right, it's going to


be another cold night. Frost as possible again. We'll -- with a


strengthening wind this evening. By the time we get up tomorrow morning


it's going to feel bitterly cold. A really cold day. Maybe some clout to


start with and some sunshine as well. We are seeing some changes now


because first of all tomorrow is going to be colder than today. The


high pressure is weakening and moving away. This is an area of low


pressure which is getting a little bit closer over the next 24 hours


and that changes the type of area we're going to see. Before that


happens we've got a cold wind and those low temperatures. The


combination of the wind-chill will make it feel bitterly cold. Well


below freezing. Overnight tonight some patchy cloud. The frost will


reform despite the fact the breeze continues to be strong and will see


temperatures as low as minus two Celsius. When we start the day like


that and we have a lot of cloud and the strong wind it's going to feel


bitterly cold. Gradually through the day the sunshine will come out and I


think that will help things along a little bit. But it will still feel


cold. Only five or 6 degrees. The times of high water. Most of the


beaches clean but a really cold day for our service. This is the coastal


waters forecast. So as we move into Friday and the weekend that's when


we start to warm up. On Friday still a southerly wind which will get


temperatures up to 9 degrees. A chance on Friday for a few spots of


rain. Showers on Sunday and possibly Saturday. And it will be warmer


during the daytime. A reminder of our top story. There is no room for


complacency, that's the message from a senior politician following the UK


plus much is this committee visit today. The three MPs are responsible


for making sure the interests of the Crown dependencies are not forgotten


when it comes to Brexit. Our bulletins will be available on the


eye player and I'll be back just before 8pm with a news update. And a


full bulletin after the ten the news. Until then, goodbye.


Now, they may not seem all that similar but there is one major


challenge which connects all the following places -


the blocks, avenues and streets of the Big Apple, the burgeoning


skyline of Melbourne, Australia and somewhere


They've all been named as markets where prices for typical houses far


outstrip what families on middle incomes can afford.


Dorset is also mentioned in the research which focussed


on different areas in a range of countries.


Janine Jansen has been to see what effect it's having on those


Lucy Stokes is an estate agent in South Brent.


All day long she sells houses but she's also trying


She has just moved here from Worcester and she


There is a huge difference in the prices.


Up there you'd be looking around 150 as a first-time buyer


for a three-bed and down here you'd be looking to start from about 250.


The US property consultancy says the least affordable place to live


in the world out of nine countries surveyed was Hong Kong,


with houses at 18 times the average household income.


Second was Sydney, with prices at 12 times.


Listed tenth most unaffordable place was Bournemouth and Dorset,


nine times the income, with Plymouth and Devon coming 14th.


This survey focuses on the middle of the market -


housing affordability for average households.


So in Devon and Plymouth the average house price is ?215,000 -


the average household income is just over ?30,000.


This means house prices are seven times the average household income.


The authors of the report say the answer is to build more houses,


something the British Government says it is doing.


The government's made some steps in the right direction recently


with some changes to buy to let mortgages and tax and stamp duty


by investors, but they're fiddling around the edges.


We need a massive increase in supply, a sustained increase


in supply, building 300,000 homes a year to meet projected household


demand and backtrack on all the unaffordability that


Lucy and her boyfriend bring in the so-called average household


income of ?30,000 but she can't buy what she wants.


You have a guide price of 245 for this one.


How does that fit in with your budget?


Slightly out of my reach unfortunately, we're only


Lucy regularly hands over keys to new buyers and she's waiting


for the day she gets to keep her own.


If she would like to comment on that story, please send us an e-mail.


If you let your birds run free you could face jail.


The warning to owners who still need to keep their birds undercover


in a bid to prevent the spread of avian flu.


Only yesterday the virus was confirmed in a flock of 10,000


But as our environment correspondent Adrian Campbell


reports, not everyone is following the rules,


despite a warning of fines or even jail.


Nigel Stevens is very careful about bio-security


He has put up a poly tunnel to ensure they can't come


into contact with wild birds or their droppings which might


Defra introduced strict controls in December -


they're still in force but Nigel says they are very confusing.


As to whether you should keep them in cages but have a roof


properly plasticed over, it's all a bit of guesswork really.


We went out and put up a temporary poly tunnel


to house ours in which does the job and still gives them


You don't have to look far to see there is widespread confusion


We filmed these birds a week ago in east Devon.


They should have been covered over to protect them from the virus.


Their owners told us they have since been advised by trading


standards that everyone must comply with the law.


The Government's chief veterinary officer agrees.


This particular strain isn't a problem for people or for the food


chain but it is very severe in birds, especially chickens


and turkeys but also potentially ducks and geese causing severe


It's not just hens and it's not just in East Devon.


Birds which should be undercover can easily be found in the countryside.


We just happen to be in the area filming nearby and noticed this


comic geese left out in the open unattended. No evidence of any


covering for these birds to keep them separate from wild birds.


The owners of these birds told us they needed to be outside


But even people like Nigel who are doing the right thing say


I don't think I know who is policing it at all.


I don't know whether Defra know who is policing it.


But Defra insists we all have an obligation to inform


Trading Standards where the law is being broken.


It was their first job after leaving school,


and now with more than 85 years service between them two admiralty


The men have helped guide ships in and out


They've seen plenty of changes in Devonport as David found out


when he met them on board HMS Sutherland during their


The World Pilot Gig Racing Championships, but it wasn't


In the 1800s there were lots of square riggers coming into port


and they needed the local knowledge of a pilot to come alongside.


The pilots race in their gigs to get the work, and a fast crew


Today's pilots do the same job but it's no longer a race.


When we first started there was very little


on the bridge to give you a hand, you had a radar and now you have


GPS, electronic charts, you can see exactly where you are.


Why does the captain need to have one of you guys on board?


We're there to give the captain as much advice as we can,


the support of Plymouth, local conditions which


The wonderful thing about our pilots here in Devon Port is they know


every inch of the river inside and out.


For us to be able to tap into that experience


For us to be able to tap into that experience is hugely


Is it a lot of pressure, do you feel the pressure and stress?


Yes, it's pressure but it's job satisfaction to feel that you moved


a ship 200 metres in length in perhaps a ninth and a half metre


draft from the sound to the dockyard alongside,


We've had some close shaves, you are bound to over 26 years


but we've never any major incidents in this port in a long time.


Presumably if it's really blowing a gale and there's a big sea


running, it's quite a hard thing to do.


Actually getting on and off the ships, particularly at night


on big ships you can go up to 9 metre ladders and a big swell


running, it gets very difficult and as you get older it gets


What are you going to do now you're going to retire, what's the plan?


I've got a boat with a friend that we've got a partnership


in so I'm going out, doing a bit more fishing.


I think that was they know they're at the end. You didn't take them a


bottle, then? They're leaving do is tonight so I


hope they enjoy themselves. Do you think we will clock up 85


years between us? We probably nearly have! It feels


like it. They do a fantastic service and people do not always realise


what goes on outside Plymouth Sound, all weather, if the wind is up at


night they still have to do it. It looks like we will see a change in


our weather pattern in the next 24 hours. We have some cold weather


tomorrow but you have been out catching a glimpse of some


interesting weather. This is a picture of a formal bow, a rainbow


created by sunshine and fog. We have also had some lively winds across


parts of Cornwall. It is the wind that is a feature of the weather,


especially tomorrow, and it is a cold winter so we will see more


clout by the start of the day, it will feel a truly cold with high


wind-chill because of low temperatures out of Europe but also


strengthening winds which could reach gale force for the western end


of the English Channel. Those weather fronts are out to the west,


they creep a little closer during tomorrow but at the same time they


squeeze those isobars, that is why they have such a strong wind,


especially for Cornwall where it will be at gale force, then we see


weather fronts of the Atlantic, slowly opening the door to milder


error, and by Saturday we are back into Atlantic air and temperatures


hopefully back up into double figures. At the moment it's bitterly


cold. It will be a cold start tomorrow with a widespread frosts


but the wind-chill there are real feature, you end up with


temperatures feeling like -2 4-3 tomorrow morning, so some very cold


conditions. This is Karen Cross, many of our wind turbines have been


pretty busy this afternoon because winds have increased. It has been a


fine day but feeling cold and it will get even colder tonight, so


despite the fact we will have a breeze and more cloud in the second


half of the night, we will see temperatures plummeting, getting as


low as zero 4-1 in a few places. There is more cloud creeping in from


the south-east, just about it enough for a few showers and with these low


temperatures one or two of those showers could be wintry. Winds


increase and we start tomorrow morning wintry, cold, even frosted


with temperatures starting from three or 4 degrees above freezing to


as low as -1 or minus two. So cold, cloudy, gradually it will brighten


up but for all of us it will not feel warm. We may see temperatures


of five or 6 degrees but it will feel colder than that because of the


wind. That is the forecast for the Isles of Scilly, gale force winds


and feeling cold. Times of high water that Penzance and Plymouth,


and this fight that -- and for surfers there could be some good


wins, messy along the south coast, and the Met Office has winds of


occasionally gale for straightforward Cornwall, then the


outlook for the weekend, it looks milder, less frost but not what


everyone wants because there is a lot of cloud and the potential for


some rain. On Friday, some Shari outbreaks, on Sunday the cloud is


that enough to produce some light rain or drizzle but the big story is


that we lose the night-time frost and daytime temperatures get back up


into double figures. On tomorrow's programme we'll be


marking the 100th anniversary of the destruction of a Devon


village which was washed Homes in Hallsands had been left


vulnerable after shingle was dredged from the area


for the new dockyards at Devonport. A high spring tide and easterly


gales on January 26th 1917 destroyed Tomorrow we'll find out more


about the history, and the concerns Just before we go, you know, good to


talk to you on BBC Radio Devon. I promised I would show you my work


shoes. I hope you approve. Good night.


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