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Welcome to BBC Channel Islands. so it's goodbye from me


These are Thursday's headlines: Living a lie to survive -


Jersey Live has closed, but could another festival return? I think it


is a shame for younger people. the remarkable story of one woman


who outwitted the Nazis. Plus come ice or snow, day or night,


the team showing true grit, And I will have the


weather forecast. After 13 years and tens


of thousands of visitors, Organisers Warren Le Sueur


and Warren Holt say they both want to pursue separate projects,


but it has emerged they haven't cancelled their booking


at the Trinity Showground. So is this really the end


for Jersey's biggest music festival? To modern soul singers


like John Newman. Jersey Live has featured


a number of big-name acts. But last year ticket sales were down


and today it has been announced that the festival


won't be returning. There is not much to do for our


youngsters, so I think it is quite bad. They will miss out on money and


tourism. It is a disappointment. It is a great way to end the summer. I


think it's a shame. It's a bit devastating for people under 18


because it's obviously there main event of the year. But I think it


was dying out a bit anyway. But I think it was dying


out a bit anyway. It is not just those


who are already famous that found It also provided a welcome


boost to local talent. Growing up, it was something to


aspire to. Going and seeing it, it is different to other festivals. It


was a very real prospect. Jersey Live has been held here at the


Trinity showground for more than a decade. It usually takes place the


first weekend in September. Despite the announcement today, the festival


organisers have asked them to keep those dates reserved. There is no


place I would rather be. And with both organisers


saying they are hoping to pursue separate projects,


tourism bosses don't think we'll I wouldn't be surprised if something


equally as exciting came along in the future. Both Warrens are very


innovative. Other people are interested in staying something --


staging something. So watch this spot.


So we might have seen the last of Jersey Live.


But it might not be the end of music festivals here in Trinity.


Businessmen in Sark have met with a senior Guernsey politician


to discuss how the two islands can work more closely together.


Tourism, transport links and visitor numbers were high


on the agenda, as the President of Guernsey's Economic


Development Committee, Deputy Peter Ferbrache met


with the Chamber of Commerce to look at ways in which the islands could


Guernsey Police are applying for planning permission to increase


security at their Headquarters in St Peter Port.


It follows an incident last year in which a member of the public


drove into the courtyard of the headquarters and damaged


If approved, it will see the front iron gate fitted


with electrical motors, so authorised vehicles can enter


using either an intercom or mounted gate control buttons.


Tomorrow, Britain marks Holocaust Memorial Day,


to remember the six million Jewish men, women and children who died


at the hands of the Nazis during the Second World War.


And being Jewish in the Channel Islands during the occupation also


meant misery, deportation, and for three women in Guernsey,


But now, after more than 70 years, we can reveal a Jewish woman hid


in plain sight from the Nazis, concealing her religion


And it has been discovered she could have been in love


with a man responsible for drafting some of the island's


Miriam Jay lived in Guernsey during its occupation,


and during those five long years she kept a remarkable secret


She lived here, in St Peter Port for some of the war.


If discovered, Miriam would have at the very least faced imprisonment


This man has researched how she managed to go


Miriam would know these laws would be applying


to her and although she never said she was a Jew she knew


if she got caught she would be in serious trouble.


If she was uncovered, Miriam may have been deported


But Miriam may have had someone looking out for her.


Advocate George Ridgway lived with her during the occupation.


Richard Heaume believes they could have been


romantically involved, and that put the lawyer


As Solicitor-General in the island's States he was involved in passing


some of the very laws Miriam would have feared as a Jew.


He had to register them with the royal court before


the Jurats of the day, he was charged alone with presenting


the orders for registration by the Jurats so he had a bit


And when advocate Ridgway died in 1942 it was Miriam Jay


who was one of the lead mourners at his funeral.


Despite his death, she went on to survive the occupation


At her grave, Miriam's great nephew explains how he feels


Sadness that we will never know the true story, pride


I know that there were very few Jews that survived Guernsey,


that once they were discovered to be Jewish they were either packed off


And this story of survival is one that's resonated with the leader


of the Channel Island's small Jewish community.


proud to hear that this Advocate Ridgway by his own silence


saved this woman's life, and I think some recognition


needs to be made of this shall we say inaction,


And if the connection between this Jewish woman


and a Guernsey lawyer is proven, I'm told efforts might be made


to have Advocate Ridgway honoured by the State of Israel.


If you have had to wear a few more layers recently or if you've had


to scrape ice off your car windscreen, you will have


probably noticed it's been a bit frosty lately.


The gritters have been out in force to tackle the icy conditions,


and Luxmy Gopal joined the team early this morning.


MUSIC: Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey.


This is one of the teams out to battle against


Jersey's gritters have had a busy few days of making our roads safer.


We can get a call at any time, day or night, one of the managers


will say come in at 4, 5 o clock, get the vehicles


ready, and we'll head straight out on the roads.


This morning, Jersey's roads weren't as icy as they have been recently.


But this is what they looked like a mere four years ago.


When we had the heavy snow a few years ago,


we were doing 12 hours shifts on and off, it got a bit


tiring but we did the job, so it's just one of them,


have a cup of coffee, get a nice thick coat on and off we go.


And if we get that snowfall again, Jersey is stocked up ready.


We use it through our winter months for de-icing,


for the frost which we have had recently in the past few days,


The infrastructure team has been reduced since the snow of 2013,


so if it happens again, other departments


But who knows if we will see those conditions again soon.


I've only ever seen that once before in my lifetime,


But, come snow or ice, day or night, Bob's team will be out


and about showing true grit in protecting the island's roads.


Finally, Guernsey motor racing driver Andy Priaulx is hopeful


of helping his team to victory at a 24 hour race in


Andy has competed at the Rolex 24 in different classes previously,


but this time will be teaming up with Harry Tincknell


Priaulx's team Ford has four cars in the event,


Well, it looks like there will be a few less early morning


We have some milder weather on its way. With that, some cloud and rain


to come tomorrow as well. Bitterly cold today. The winds gradually ease


through tomorrow. Still quite windy for a time tonight. South-easterly


winds are bringing in cold air from the continent. As the weather front


pushes closer from the West, the rain may initially turn a little bit


sleety. That will quickly turn to rain on and off for most of the day.


The wind is still with us for a time. Easing on Friday night.


Saturday, south-westerly winds head and were way. Bringing some mild a.


A few showers possible coming through on the breeze. Generally dry


and bright. Sunday, or change again. We continue with the milder flow of


the right across the weekend. Today, we have had pretty good clearance


under the cloud. Despite the sunshine, it has felt extra cold.


The breeze continuing through tonight, but I think there is still


a chance of a touch of ground frost locally with temperatures down to


around 2 degrees at their lowest. Cold start tomorrow. Some brightness


initially. Possibly some sleet for a time at first. Generally, we are


looking at rain on and off. The wind is still brisker times. Here are the


times of high water. And the conditions for surfers. Now the


coastal waters. We have some sunshine for a time on Saturday.


Cloud and rain to come on Sunday. Looking milder after tomorrow.


Nice to see we are going into double figures for the weekend!


We will bring you the very latest on the top stories at 10:25pm.


Until then, from me and the rest of the Channel Islands team,


so, there you go, Exeter. That is the competition.


Now to the anniversary of a disaster in South Devon which washed


Welcome to St Michael's Church in Stokenham near Kingsbridge.


A special service of commemoration is currently underway here tonight


to remember the events on this day 100 years ago which all


but destroyed the coastal village of Hallsands just a few miles


A violent storm washed away homes which had been left increasingly


vulnerable after years of dredging off the coast nearby.


The event is part of the history of this area but it has remarkable


similarities with the modern day dilemma about how much money and


time to spend protecting our coastal communities. Tonight we will look at


that modern day battle and reflect on the events of 1917. First, John


Henderson has looked at how today's anniversary has been commemorated.


Retracing family footsteps. My grandmother had to do this in the


gale thunderstorms. With all her family. I felt today I should do it


as well on her behalf. And I'm wearing herring gauge mirroring! The


remembrance walk started just above the ruins of the lost village. There


are two cottages left. This was purchased many years ago over ?20


and is now used as a Fairweather holiday home. Oh we pay council tax!


?1200 a year, I think. Not much rubbish collection down here! This


plaque was officially unveiled. 100 years ago there was no loss of life


and nobody was injured. So please can we repeat that feat as we walk!


The Lord Lieutenant was among those making the mile and a half track


across the rugged coastline. This place is an example of what happens


when nature overtakes what humans have done. I think that is an


interesting lesson and a difficult one for the people down here. 50


people made the hike for one historic moment.


So how did almost an entire village vanish into the sea?


Well, on this day in 1917 spring tides and a strong easterly gale


combined to overcome defences which had already been weakened.


Many in the area had long argued that dredging off the coast


of Hallsands had left the village at risk.


John Ayres has looking back at the events of 100 years ago.


We're used to the sea and the storms causing huge damage, but the scale


Against the wishes of the villagers, the beach below was


dredged as the Admiralty was expanding the naval dockyard.


This left the village exposed and the


Tim Lynn descends from a well-known fishing family based here.


Just can't imagine what that must have been...


The storms here must have been horrendous.


In this day and age there'd be a big rescue and


everybody would be rushing here, but then we just


Eventually the villagers were compensated, but many felt it wasn't


This gable end here, that belonged to the Mitchell's house.


Four generations of Roger Stone's family were born at Hallsands.


There was a pub, there was a London In.


There was a pub, there was a London Inn.


I think it was first opened in the late 1700s.


There was a shop owned by two sisters, which


And in its heyday there was a blacksmith's shop


Eventually everyone left, except for one brother and sister.


ANNOUNCER: In the only house in old Hallsands, John and


And in his workshop, old John, now 82, still makes models of the


three-masted schooners in which he spent his boyhood.


And that model boat is still around today.


That was built by Lisanne's brother at the end of the garden, in


And all carved out of a pocket knife and bits of


Which, when you see it, it's absolutely fantastic.


ANNOUNCER: 60 years ago, this was this was a village - warm


and alive with folk who had their roots here.


Today it is deserted but for one person, the last inhabitant


Today, nearly 80 and still refusing to give


way to the irresistible advance of the


sea, Elizabeth continues to live her strange but full life.


And that lady's granddaughter is still in the area.


Elizabeth Lee lived there with her grandmother when she was very


We just remember playing among the ruins.


You know, you played among the ruins, probably


We played down there and on the beach and went


These days local schoolchildren are being taught about that eventful


storm and what life was like the sum of their ancestors.


It's kind of quite sad thinking that people lived there


and now there's nothing really there.


I find it really interesting, because I get to know what actually


Many descendants of the original Hallsands


families still live locally, and


they are keeping the legend of the old village very much alive.


Well, many feel the village is still as vulnerable today.


The last big storm was in 2014, when many of the village's


There's a campaign to get the authorities to change


the official policy, which is to let nature


take its course and not invest any more money


Sophie Pierce been to take a look at the challenges


These defences are all that protect Hallsands from the sea.


They were repaired by villagers at their own


expense in 2014, and they have recently paid for more.


They are unhappy the village is being left exposed, unlike


Two years ago, the then Government minister Oliver Letwin visited


I think what I need to do is have conversations with the Environment


Agency about that, because I found in my own constituency there


was a time when there were parts of my constituency which were


The residents didn't find that a very attractive proposition,


we changed that, and I think we probably need to find a


A few months later villagers learned that nothing had changed and


The shoreline management plan says that there's


nothing worth saving in this village - we beg to differ.


You can't just say to some people, your houses


are going to fall in the sea and there's nothing were going to


We pay our council tax and our national taxes the same


While the authorities are sympathetic, they say


Do we spend ?1 million protecting the coast here or


do we spend that ?1 million protecting adult services, special


educational needs, youth clubs, libraries, mending the roads?


It's a balance and unfortunately it is not


an infinite pot of money and we have to make priorities.


As it happens there is more shingle on the beach today than there has


been for many years, and it acts as a natural defence.


Some in the village now feel that keep campaigning is a


waste of effort, as the authorities are unlikely to change their minds.


Well, as I mentioned, a service of remembrance is taking place


here tonight in Stokenham, just a few miles form Hallsands.


Descendents of those who lived in the village have joined today's


residents and others from the surrounding area


to remember the events of 100 years ago.


Among them is internationally renowned musician Damon Albarn,


I asked him about his connections with Hallsands.


I think late '94 decided I wanted to buy something by the sea.


And there was this place that looked kind of interesting side just came


down here and fell in love with it straightaway.


And how much of an inspiration has it been to you as a


musician, as a songwriter, over the years?


You've got the hills, you've got the moors.


It's the place I go to think, and swim.


And what about the disaster itself, 100 years ago?


I was always kind of looking like, what's that


Went out in the dinghy or whatever into the bay


I started reading up about it and, you know, the whole...


The drama of it and the fact that the


descendants then moved just a little bit round the corner to


Yeah, it just seemed like it was such a nightmarish night.


How do you feel about the vulnerability of


The whole of this coast is in a constant state of erosion.


Obviously, you have explained the story of why Hallsands fell


Sometimes, if I don't come down here for, like, six months,


I always imagine what life must have been like for


everyone in these villages, before roads.


And, briefly, what does it mean to be


here tonight, to join the community for this commemoration?


I thought about it, it inspired me so much.


I feel like I want to be part of this, you know?


Yeah, I'm connected, so that's why I'm here.


Damon Albarn, thank you very much indeed for talking to us.


course and destruction and weather conditions. What was it like 100


years ago? It was dry, it was cold but it was incredibly windy. We had


winds today around 30 to 40 mph. On this night 100 years ago they had


winds of 70 to 80 miles an hour. But also exceptionally high tides. It is


the two combined the release smashed into the village. Most of the year


it is well protected from the wind from the south-west. It's unusual to


see an easterly gale and one that was quite so strong. What about


tonight's forecast? The cold is still with us but that


is about to change as we start to warm up heading to the weekend.


Let's start with a summary of tomorrow's forecast. It's going to


be less windy, perhaps feeling less cold as well. But there is a chance


for patchy rain. That slowly creeping in from the Atlantic. It's


the first real change for us to get less cold. There is the satellite


picture. You conceive how the cloud is building, that will make its way


towards us eventually. At the moment we're still the influence of high


pressure. If we run the sequence, you can see how the web front


approaches from the West. By the morning that could reduce outbreaks


of rain across Cornwall. The rest of us not faring too badly. By Saturday


low-pressure is taking charge. Atlantic air has made its way in and


it is a similar setup on Sunday. Sunday looks like it will be rather


cloudy but at least the temperatures are on the rise. A closer look at


that picture shows us the clouds today which made it feel very cold


and grey. There was some late sunshine and is now a good deal of


clear sky. Tonight's forecast is for it to remain breezy and clear, the


exception being the far west of Cornwall where we will see patchy


light rain. Night-time temperatures probably getting to freezing


overnight tonight. Tomorrow we have a blustery day and patchy rain


coming from the West. More rain coming from the south. By the end of


the day it is milder and also cloudy with patchy rain. Temperatures


finally getting up to double figures. That's the forecast for the


Isles of Scilly. Patchy rain and not as windy. That's the times of high


water. Some big waves as well for the surfers. The winds from the


South slowly veering south-westerly. Patchy rain coming in eventually.


Outlook for the weekend is for it to get a lot less cold, temperatures


back into double figures, and patchy rain around on Saturday and Sunday.


Have a good evening. And that is it for tonight, on the


day that the 100th anniversary of the destruction of Hallsands.


Einstein replaced Newton's theory of universal gravitation


with a more accurate theory - general relativity.


So, why's my apple falling? Well, it's not.


It is the ground that accelerates up to meet the apple.


So that's why the chair that I'm sitting on now


that actually feels as if it's accelerating up


It's really changed my relationship with this chair. Mm-hm.


The FA People's Cup - a free five-a-side tournament


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