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These are Friday's headlines... There is continuing coverages of the


It is in such a condition that I think that it has gone to the point


of no return. We had to take it down as soon as possible.


The gift of life - but in Guernsey there's no


guarantee your wish of organ donation would be granted.


The best of British - two Guernsey chefs cook up a storm,


Milder air is now arriving. A bit of a change this weekend and some rain


as well for those who need it. The old swimming pool at Fort Regent


will be demolished as soon That's according to the head


of the group reviewing the future It comes amid increasing concerns


regarding the safety It's been left unused and derelict


for more than a decade. And while Fort Regent's old swimming


pool has formed part of Jersey's skyline for generations,


there are growing concerns that parts of the site are unsafe,


after video emerged of teenagers As you can see by the graffiti, it's


a regular haunt for the youngsters. And there's a three-foot gap


in the fence further up, There are a lot of security


measures here on the site, For example, here the fence runs


along the side of the wall but then just stops,


which could give people the Safety concerns are also


heightened by the presence Mickey Bees worked at


Fort Regent in the 70s. He's been diagnosed


with an asbestos-related illness and believes it's


a direct consequence He says the illness has


really affected his life. Right up until the biopsy until


February I worked, I worked outside most of my life on ropes, physical


jobs. That has been taken all the way from me.


But the man currently responsible for the regeneration of Fort Regent


doesn't believe asbestos poses a major risk.


Constable Pellett also said that security at the site has been


improved and revealed that the old swimming pool


will be torn down as soon as funding can be found.


The site is in such a condition that I think we all identify that it has


gone past the point of no return and we have got to get it down as soon


as possible. And as he's instructed


his officers to start It might not be long before there's


a significant change Jessica Banham, BBC


Channel Island News, Jersey. Guernsey's Chamber of


Commerce wants the island's The Chamber is urging the States


to plan for expansion It says the new population


management controls due to come The Island's population is currently


around 63,000 and States policy But the Chamber believes it's better


left to market forces. Guernsey's government is looking


for an insurance company to help provide a States-run


health insurance scheme. It follows the loss


of the reciprocal health agreement with the UK,


which has put some Islanders off Now the government is stepping


in to try to help those who are struggling to get their own


medical cover to travel. How many of us have looked at this


section on our driving licenses and not got around


to filling it out? But did you know that


even if you have expressed your wish to donate your organs


on your driving license paperwork, there's no guarantee it


will actually happen, as the information isn't


centrally available? My name is Matthew Pietrzyk and I've


been waiting on the organ donor register list for a kidney


for seven years now. Matthew's high profile appeal


for a kidney encouraged many thousands of people to go


on the organ donor register. A match was found last


year, and he's since had But his wait may have been shorter


if more people had signed up. Here in Guernsey, around five people


a year die in circumstances where organ donation could be


considered, but many haven't registered their wish to do so,


and crucially haven't Guernsey driving licenses


all contain a section which asks if you want to become


an organ donor. But, even if it's filled


out, the information isn't kept centrally -


and people can still That is certainly a set


of circumstances that could occur - where a patient who wishes to become


an organ donor, even if they've filled out the form on the back


of their driving license, their family isn't aware,


then that information may not be available at the time a decision has


to be made. Dr McColl is encouraging Islanders


to sign up to the NHS Organ Donor register,


either in writing, Across the UK and the Crown


Dependencies, there's a central organ donor register which is held


by NHS Blood and Transplant. So although the website is an NHS


website, it equally applies to residents of the Bailiwicks


of Guernsey and Jersey. It's not something many of us


like to think about, but taking the time to consider


the options could make a real difference to the lives


of people like Matthew. Roisin Gauson, BBC Channel


Islands News, Guernsey. An Occupation survivor, faith


leaders and politicians have marked Around 150 people gathered at


the Maritime Museum for a ceremony But one Islander who risked his


life during the war had Bob Le Sueur admiring


the newly unveiled tapestry He is featured in it among other


Guardians of the Memory of the Occupation for their wartime


heroism protecting others At a ceremony held today


for Holocaust Memorial Day, Bob was the key speaker and had


an important, contemporary, You're all very nice people,


I can see that, please don't just lament the evils in the world,


don't give up. Holocaust Memorial Day is not


an exclusively Jewish event. Anyone that did not fit the Nazi


ideology, such as the disabled, A lot of these subjects


are back in the news for one reason or another,


but we must always be aware that our actions affect others


and diminish others' freedoms. Bob joined others with laying


of wreaths at Jersey's memorial. A minutes silence was held


to remember the 21 Islanders who were deported and died in German


camps and prisons. But it's thanks to people like Bob


that we have the inspiration Jersey Reds coach has signed


a contract with the club to remain as head coach until 2021 -


despite the club's South African Harvey Biljon arrived


in the Island three years ago Biljon says he's worked


with the club and wouldn't be committing unless he felt


they could continue to progress. We focused on the rugby through that


difficult time. We have now sat down and we know it is important we


remain a professional team competing in the championship and making sure


we can continue to perform and I am confident after sitting with them


that we're going in the right direction.


Two Guernsey chefs are some of the best in Britain after seeing


off stiff competition to come first and second in a national contest.


Bradley Travers and Liam Torode were up against 1500


It's been a sizzling start to the year for Bradley.


He's proving he can stand the heat of the kitchen.


So much so that he's been crowned Young Hot Chef Of The Year.


He cooked braised ox cheek with potato dauphinoise


and asparagus in front of an audience of 500


people at Birmingham's National Exhibition Centre.


I hope I will be able to get those more job opportunities, work


experience, various places, my dish will now be developed and hopefully


go on the Whitbread 's menu so I will be going in there for work


experience. This tutor say they are planning for even more success.


There wasn't awful lot of competition at the hospitality show.


We would like to get more students involved in competitions.


Bradley's keen to get a full time job in catering


And this week's success will help them get noticed,


especially as his recipe could feature in 1800 pubs


is now the weather. A change this weekend for those that need it there


is some rain in the forecast, but those that don't like the cold


weather, it looks like temperatures but Mike and mild weekend for all of


us. A bit breezy especially on Sunday and we will see rain or


showers. Showers tomorrow. The big change for all of us is the air is


coming from the West and the surplus this weekend. Very much a milder


direction for us. One weather from across us is producing some


outbreaks of ring. That will continue for a time tonight. It


might favour a bit and then come back in the morning. For Saturday


refrigerant high-pressure. More wet and windy weather. The unsettled


regime continues next week. By Monday the wind is with a first from


DC. Hopefully temperatures improving. Hopefully a much milder


night. Some rain around. It eases for a bit tonight and then comes


back. Winds start to change direction eventually, suddenly then


south-westerly and temperatures around six or seven. Tomorrow is not


a bad day. Maybe start of cloudy with showers. By mid to late morning


the sun is back out. One or two isolated showers but it is dry the


rest of the day. There is the times of high 's water... For the surfers


disable bit messy. -- it is a bit messy. Showers with moderate to good


visibility. Some rain on Sunday and it could be quite heavy. Showers and


a mix of ring on Monday. Have a nice a mix of ring on Monday. Have a nice


weekend. You are up-to-date. No 8pm bulletin but I will be back at


10:25pm. In a moment we'll have


all the sport for you. We'll also meet a paper


boy in his 70s. David Rickard gives


all his wages to charity, the most recent to benefit


from his round - the RNLI. The pull of cold air over us and


Europe is about to be replaced by an very much milder air coming in from


the south-west. By Sunday, we could have temperatures up to 11 or 12


degrees. One of the first Nature Schools


in the country could be The Devon Wildlife Trust says it


wants to develop a different type of learning for 3-11 year olds


as part of the Government's But it's not the only group


wanting to establish a new school in the town


as our Environment Correspondent Outdoor learning can


inspire children. If everyone goes down to that end


and stands together. The Devon Wildlife Trust is already


working with a school in Exeter where staff say they value the idea


of buidling nature and You see them talking to completely


different friendship groups that You see, particularly


the girls, being adventurous. You see the boys taking risks


and I think that is a These children enjoy outdoor


lessons but what do they I want to know why the birds


have been hiding and Because it is nice


to have fresh air. The Wildlife Trust wants


to set up one of the These are schools which can be set


up by groups such as charities, They're funded by central


government but don't have to follow the national


curriculum and are independent The Trust says nature helps teach


subjects such as maths and science. There's no subject that you can't


teach with the help of the You can teach it outside,


you can take a subject like science and look


at the structure of the flower or a leaf and you can teach basic


principles of geometry along that. There's at least one


other proposal for It involves a partnership


to establish a Church of England That too would have strong emphasis


on outdoor education. There is a lot of stuff


on our doorstep here which we should A lot of kids round here have an


outdoor lifestyle so I suppose But critics say why does


the new school have I think it's a wonderful


idea that they want to work with schools but there is no


reason why it has to be a free It would be wonderful


actually if they could work closely with local authority


schools anyway and get parents and Outdoor learning is a growing trend


and whether its's provided by the Devon Wildlife Trust or some


other provider, it seems more children could soon be learning


outdoors in Okehampton. Now, if you see smoke coming


from Plymouth's Civic Centre and a huge emergency response this


Sunday, don't be alarmed It's one of the largest ever held


in Devon and will see 150 fire fighters involved in


tackling a simulated blaze It's to help test the procedures


for dealing with fires in the region's increasing number


of high rise buildings. It was the biggest fire


to hit postwar Plymouth. Since then the city's skyline has


only gone one way and that is up. As the buildings get taller,


the challenges for the If you have a look round our


major cities around the country especially in the


south-west, we are having more and more high-rise


buildings being built. Normally for student accommodation,


high-rise flats, so we need to be prepared and aware


of the internal structures of Plymouth today looks skywards


as well as seawords for the new council house and municipal


offices are as up-to-the-minute At 14 floors, the Civic Centre used


to be the city's tallest building. It has stood empty for a couple


of years but this weekend it'll be the centre of the largest fire


drill staged in Devon. If you can imagine coming


into here, the breathing apparatus crews first come into,


it is going to be dark, Fireman Steve Anderson


has been working on turning the building into every


firefighter's worst nightmare. We have a few surprises in store


but I'm sure they will be able to cope with anything


that is thrown at them on the day. So, on Sunday morning smoke


will billow down these empty corridors, sirens will sound,


actors will scream and fire crews from as far as Yeovil


feel and Bridgwater There you go, if you are passing


by here at 10:30am on Sunday morning and you see smoke billowing


from the Civic Centre don't It's time for the sport


now and Andy's here. Exeter City are doing


OK, aren't they? A little over two months ago


Exeter City were rock bottom of League Two,


but a run of nine games without defeat has put them


on the brink of the play-off places. Tomorrow, the Grecians have another


chance to gain ground on one of the teams above them


when they travel to Portsmouth. We haven't done anything different


on the training ground, we haven't We were fine before, we weren't that


bad before. We were losing games


but we weren't conceding that many There's no game for second-placed


Plymouth Argyle this week as their opponents Blackpool


are in the FA Cup action. Yeovil could do them a favour


at Huish Park though by beating Doncaster,


the side at the top of League Two. Torquay host Gateshead


in the Conference. One cup competition may be over


for the Exeter Chiefs with their exit from Europe,


but they're still in the mix However, the Cornish Pirates find


themselves without a game this weekend after London Welsh


were expelled from the Championship. However, there was some good news


for one Pirate this week as Tyler Gendall jumped ship


and joined Premiership The 22-year-old prop


started his rugby career in St Ives and leaves the Mennaye after three


seasons with the club's blessing. For him to kick on and go up


to Harlequins, everybody has been In terms from a coaching


perspective, it is lovely to see a young Cornish


lad do so well. For him to go from loosehead


to tighthead is no mean feat. He has achieved that this year


and I wish him the best Now onto something


a little bit different. East meets West in one


of the more unlikely settings - The Cornwall Kendo Club


is always on the look out for new recruits so I thought I'd go


and meet their world-renowned instructor Fujii Sensei,


who first brought the sport This was life for a warrior


in the Far East. Today in the far West


the knowledge and traditions Fujii Sensei first picked up


a 'shinai' as a six-year-old It is the longest martial art in


Japan, Samurai warriors used to fight it. Sam Dyke disciplines


adding here. The sport became a hit in Cornwall


when this man returned from Japan It is admittedly tricky word because


it has many layers of meaning. It is connected to Zen. Therefore, it is


connected to self-development and perhaps enlightenment. But what that


means, I am not quite sure because I am not there myself yet!


So what keeps those at the start of their journey


Sometimes it is the competitiveness and the pure energy you can find in


other people. You have to want to try it at some


point. If there is something in it for you you will find it and you


will keep it. Self-enlightenment and


personal development Speed, stamina and strength. You get


weaker after 50. That is encouraging, I am nowhere near 50.


Honest!. I know he's in his 70s but I thought he would be tougher this.


I practice and daisy week. Six hours day, morning, afternoon and evening.


I train, train and train. Time to bow out. Thank you for that. While I


still can. He was seriously quick. When I had a


proper go, he was so fast and he hits me three times before I knew


it. He was playing with me like cat and


mouse. You have had quite week. I got


beaten in table tennis by an 94-year-old woman on Monday.


Now, a man from Devon has been given a personal thanks


for donating his entire wage to charity.


Over the years, David Rickard has raised thousands of pounds


Yes, the loyal fundraiser has walked hundreds of miles working


as a paperboy in East Devon and as Eleanor Parkinson reports


77-year-old David Rickard handing over yet another cheque.


This time for ?1,500 to the RNLI and the crew


So how does he raise so much money on his own?


Easy, he became a paperboy.


I am also doing a magazine drop once a month.


The money I get from those activities


I donate to a Cornish charity in memory of my


Over the past ten years David has walked hundreds


of miles to raise more almost ?15,000 for seven Cornish charities


including the RNLI, the air ambulance and two hospices.


This time his money will be used to help build


The old one is so small there is barely enough room for the crew


It is three times he has been down and presented us with cheques.


It is an amazing story, he is such a kind bloke.


Hopefully, it'll make a big difference to our new station.


We will have better facilities for crew training, there will be


a visitor experience, we will have showers and


What lovely story. It has been chilly on the paper round this


weekend. What has the weekend got in store?


Good evening. It looks like we will have milder weather this week. Less


of the clear sky because that is an awful lot of cloud covering is. This


is the fantastic photograph sent in by one of our weather watchers.


Doesn't that look spectacular? Not such good few of the stars tonight.


It is milder but there will be some showers around tomorrow, some


persistent rain on Sunday. Let's show you the set up at the moment.


We've got cloud covering France, Spain and Portugal and that is


giving as the rain at the moment. At that the gap on and is cloud out


here is the day's whether through the weekend. This cloud out here is


Sunday's whether. We do see some rain overnight. It is starting to


introduce the slightly less cold air and eventually temperatures will


reach double figures as we move through the day tomorrow. The ridge


of high pressure that comes our way tomorrow will give us some sunshine,


a risk of the few showers and then this weather front arrives and that


brings heavy rain across as, windy conditions but temperatures back up


to around 11. Closer look at that satellite picture shows you the


great we have seen so far today. Some of the show was in the west


have been thundery, there is more to come. You will notice brighter


colours developing, that is rain. Before that arrived, it has been


very murky today. Unfortunately, there wasn't much


blue in the sky today compared to yesterday. It has been eight Craig


David. Eight cold day and they are made of strong stuff here. On the


beach this afternoon in the kind of wind we have seen today, that has


been quite brave. Through the weekend, it is getting warmer. It is


going to take its time. That is the rain we have tonight. The list eight


clearance of that across west or not. Here, some of the lowest


temperatures down to three or 4 degrees. We can't rule out the


possibility of frosts. Tomorrow, we've got some sunshine and some


showers. The showers coming on and one of two of those heavy. Atop the


visual summary of eight or 9 degrees. For the Isles of Scilly,


early showers and then mostly fine and dry. Westerly winds. Times of


high water. And for our servers, most of the beaches will be messy


but some big waves. The coastal waters forecast,


the forecast for Sunday and Monday. It is milder. But rather wet.


I prefer the cold, dry weather. That is it from us. Do have a lovely


weekend. Thanks for your company. Take care.


We know you understand the risks associated with your pregnancy.


Because I'm smaller, people think my hopes are not so great.


You know what it's like when help is needed. You just jump in.


Are you saying that he's stalking you now?


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