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Hello and welcome to BBC Channel Islands,


Three Guernsey midwives facing charges of misconduct


will have to wait five months to hear their fate.


With the economy and tourism is in decline will Alderney's island


plan have the answers to reverse the trend?


This is the first time a comprehensive plan has been


produced, covering all areas, the economic activity, the need for


housing, the heritage and its infrastructure.


New technologies could improve Jersey's drinking water.


And we have had problems with mist and fog over the last couple of days


thanks to high pressure. Find out the details later in the programme.


Find out the details later in the programme.


Three Guernsey midwives charged with misconduct by the Nursing


and Widwifery Council will have to wait until the autumn


Concerns were raised over the working practices


of these midwives at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital


A little earlier I asked our reporter Mike Wilkins


when the next meeting is likely to take place.


We were led to believe that we would have a result


by the end of February, but following four weeks


of evidence, the cases of Lisa Granville, Tuija Roussel


and Antonia Manousaki have been adjourned for five months.


And the hearing's due to resume on 17th July when the defence


will have two weeks to put forward its case.


And remind us of some of the key revelations


Well, the nursing watchdog, the NMC, claims that the death of the baby


on Loveridge Ward in 2014 could have been prevented if another fatality


two years earlier had been investigated properly.


The panel have heard that the midwives would administer


drugs without speaking to a consultant and make


decisions they wouldn't take anywhere else in Britain.


And I'm hearing some of the midwives are trying


That's right, Lisa Granville and Tuija Roussel have applied


Though the panel has made its decision, it's


delayed announcing it in case it's misinterpreted.


Until the hearing resumes in July the two midwives and a third,


Antonia Manousaki, can continue to work without restriction.


They admit some charges and deny others.


A further two weeks has also been set aside in September.


So for all involved, particularly the bereaved parents,


the wait to find out the truth goes on.


High end office developments, improvements to retail space,


more support to the tourism industry and even world heritage recognition.


They are just some of the recommendations being put


forward in three major strategies published today that


will form the basis of the Alderney Land Use Plan.


More support is needed for small retailers,


or new uses need to be found for empty retail spaces.


These are just two of the recommendations


It has also advised new, high-end office accommodation


to boost the island's economy and more support to the dwindling


tourism industry which has seen bed spaces drop by a third over


In total there are over 200 recommendations made in the three


strategies published today to shape the final part of the


It is the first time a comprehensive plan has been produced,


covering all areas, exconomic needs for housing, its heritage


It documents all the work needed and it has taken some time to do,


and the report bears witness to that and local people have


The authors of the Land Use Plan, Arup, have also suggested that


Alderney has the necessary credentials to apply for UNESCO


World Heritage status, which has been welcomed


It's a very good idea but I'm not sure it would succeed.


A few years ago we discussed it becoming a UNESCO site.


After a lot of work the conclusion was the only thing considered


by most external people was what could make


But will the economic, environment and heritage


It's open for public feedback for the next month before the states


Jersey Farmers are trialling new fertilising methods


It's after high levels of nitrates, which exceeded the legal limit,


were found in the island's water supply.


Now it's hoped the new machinery will reduce nitrates by 20%.


They're the traditional countryside custodians but now they are taking


on new technologies to reduce the amount of fertiliser they use.


Rather than spraying the whole field with chemicals,


measured fertiliser pellets are planted with the crops.


It's hoped this will reduce the amount of nitrates that leak


into the island's water supply, which has been higher


The corners of the field and the internal headlands make up


about 10% of the field so that's an automatic 10% reduction straight


away where the crops aren't taking it up,


so that should help in the leaching of the nitrates into water.


But also in rows because we're putting it very near to the potato,


we're reducing by about 8% in the rows as well.


So we're looking at between a 15-20% reduction.


This reduction could help the island's sea lettuce blooming


on our shoreline as it's caused by the high concentration


What we see here in this field today is physical evidence


This is machinery allowing us to put less nitrates


Although it's a move forward, improvements won't happen overnight.


Nitrates in drinking water has been an issue on the island for over 20


years and that's all been related to the volume of nitrates which have


been going on the land and this is a significant,


tangible step in the right direction.


Not all farmers will follow this direction, but they will have


to adopt modern farming methods to look after the island's land


Local football now and there's renewed hope that the women's


Guernsey originally pulled out of the game against rivals Jersey


because they couldn't convince enough players to register


directly with the island's Football Association.


Now the Guernsey FA will re-visit that decision to cancel the fixture,


saying they've found a possible solution.


Our sports editor Tim Pryor joined me earlier and I asked him


It is more likely than it was 24 hours ago. But we should point out


as things stand at the moment the game is still off, the Muratti for


women will not be happening. It comes down to this dispute over


player eligibility. Remind us of the background of Guernsey football.


Guernsey FA have gone to the players and said we want you to register


directly with us to play in the Muratti. A lot of the top Guernsey


players were already registered with a side that played in Hampshire and


are affiliated to the hatchet FA. They've tried to force the issue and


tried to sign up with clubs in Guernsey. They thought they had, but


that will not be happening. The association has said they will


revisit this decision to cancel the Muratti in the first place, to have


a look again, and they need the players to get on board with this


idea they have come up with for that to happen. Earlier we heard from the


Jersey manager who said he really wanted this Muratti to go ahead. He


may get his way, but there are talks to be had behind the scenes in


to be had behind the scenes in Guernsey.


Guernsey's Government House has been bathed in purple light in support


of international efforts to eradicate polio.


The Rotary Club of Guernsey is at the forefront of the global


campaign, which has designated today as Purple Pinkie Day, a chance


to raise awareness and vital funds for the fight against polio.


The island's Lieutenant Governor says it was only after moving


to Guernsey that he discovered the extent of the work going on.


It has been a focus for Rotary Guernsey to really support this and


this idea of pushing the purple pinkie day has been very strong and


Guernsey is almost at the front of one of these initiatives. It has


been great fun turning the house slightly different shade.


It's been the talk of the day especially with many heading


Holly, I'm frightened to use the word beginning with F,


Good question. We stay in a similar weather pattern as we have seen this


past week. There is a little more breeze around, so hopefully that


will clear it a bit more. There is a risk you could see some spots


getting further mist and fog, especially overnight and into the


morning. For many of us today seems like this were very familiar. This


weekend that is the potential for further mist and fog patches,


hopefully not as extensive as it has been, hopefully a bit more keen to


clear with a bit more breeze around and that should lead to brighter


spells. All the while it is mild. In addition we have got this high


pressure in charge which is keeping things quite stagnant. We have got


some week whether France trying to push in, but in general it is mainly


dry. Overnight tonight we have got a risk of mist and fog forming over


France and drifting its way across us. It could get quite chilly and we


could see a touch of ground frost. Then there is a potential for mist


and fog patches into tomorrow morning. With a bit more breeze


around hopefully that will clear a bit more. If we do see some


brightness, because the area is mild and moist it will feel quite nice.


Temperatures get into double figures. These are the times of high


water. These are the waves for the surfers. Generally choppy


conditions. This is the picture out at sea, so there are potential


problems with the mist and fog. It is a fairly settled look as we move


through the next few days. Yes, mist and fog problems, but hopefully


sunny spells will come through and it will be mild in the sunshine as


well. I think you used the word quite


considerably throughout that I'm afraid.


That is it this Friday evening. If you missed anything, you can catch


up on the iPlayer. I am back at 10:25 p.m..


His reponse was expected by 6.00pm this evening.


The hearing should be taking place right now.


Back on the field, the Pilgrims will be keen to return


to winning ways when they make the near 800-mile round


Exeter City host Stevenage, while Yeovil travel to Cheltenham.


In the National League, Torquay face Barrow.


If you can't make the games you can tune into your local BBC radio


There are no Six Nations games this weekend which is a bit of a bonus


for the Exeter Chiefs with a couple of returning internationals,


as they travel to Worcester, having not lost in the Premiership since


When the teams met earlier in the season the Chiefs put more


than 50 points past the Warriors, scoring nine tries in the process.


But Worcester stunned champions Saracens last weekend and should


provide a much tougher challenge at the Sixways tomorrow.


We are both really fighting for something. Worcester


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