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Good evening. I'm Charlie McArdle.


Welcome to BBC Channel Islands. These are Monday's headlines:


Students from low-income families are half as likely


to achieve top grades. But could cash close the gap?


If you spend the pupil premium wisely, you can make a huge


difference to learning, especially to children who come from


disadvantaged families, and who we now need that education.


Meanwhile the future of eduction in Guernsey could cost ?138 million.


Plus - the highs and lows - after 11 years, Jersey bids farewell


to the Dean of Jersey, The Very Reverend Bob Key.


And the weather tomorrow is very similar to what we have seen today.


I will have details later in the programme.


New figures show students from low-income families in Jersey


are half as likely as their peers to achieve top grades at GCSE.


It's the first time this data has been recorded in the island.


The Education Department says the problem will be tackled


by a new funding scheme that allocates extra money


to schools for each disadvantaged pupil they have.


A new breakdown of figures shows the last academic year was another


But also highlights a big gap between children from different


A key measure in education results is the number of GCSE


students getting 5 A* to C grades including in maths and English.


For the first time, Jersey broke this down further to show


under a third of students classed as being from low-income families


While two-thirds of their peers achieved the same.


Now, a new scheme aims to reduce this gap.


The Pupil Premium scheme, which already exists in England,


is being rolled out across schools in Jersey after a successful


It allocates extra funding for schools based on the number


of children they have whose families are on income support


The amount of money hasn't been made public yet,


but in England it's about ?900 extra a year per eligible


The Education Minister says 2,500 students in Jersey will be eligible,


and in a push to give schools more autonomy,


Part of that autonomy is to make sure that heads and teachers have


the ability to look at how that money is spent and where it would


most useful. So in terms of school at the opportunity to decide where


it is best placed, to do with literacy or new Morrissey, or in


fact, just increasing the training for teachers.


But can money really translate into better grades?


A UK charity whose seen the scheme's success across the water


The key thing is that people spend it well. There is no direct


relationship between more money and better outcomes. You need additional


resources, spend them well, spend them wisely, and then you get the


chance to improve the situation. And whether it's been money


well-spent won't be evident until the next set of GCSE


results, in the summer. Guernsey's Education Committee has


announced it's applying for ?138 million to rebuild


La Mare De Carteret Schools and the College of


Further Education. They plan to press ahead


with a three-school model. It follows a series of workshops


last month asking deputies what direction they wanted


the future of education to take. Looking over plans that


could transform one La Mare De Carteret is no longer


considered fit for purpose and this man is leading the charge


to get it rebuilt. I believe that we had the workshop


and that 25th of January, when nearly 25% of the deputies turned


up. And these were the two options they preferred. And actually, when


you factor in the cost of further education, which is part of the


number you mention, you can actually reduce the overall cost. At the end,


I am hoping that the rebuilt of La Mare actually proves cheaper.


Deputy Meerveld wouldn't reveal which other site will close


under a three-school plan currently under development.


But if La Mare is to go ahead then the Education Committee needs ?138m


to rebuild it and to consolidate the College of Further Education


It's unclear if Guernsey's Policy and Resources Committee is in favour


as no one was available for interview today.


But prior to the election the Treasury Minister criticised


Education's proposals to re-develop the site.


But as we've seen from the selection debate, some deputies


There are calls for a second public referendum on changes


It follows the States approval for a major reform of elections


in the island to move towards six super constituencies with different


The Economic Development Minister Senator Lyndon Farnham has lodged


a proposition for the change to be put to a public ballot -


which will have to be carried out in the next three months as no


changes can be made twelve months ahead of the next election.


As Westminster debate a petition calling for Donald Trumps State


visit to the UK to be cancelled, people in Guernsey have gathered


to make their concerns of the new American President heard.


Islanders gathered to demonstrate their support


for immigration, the LGBTQ community and climate change tonight


Those behind the protest say they need to speak out on the impact


Donald Trump's policies will have on human rights.


it is something that a lot of people feel needs to be said at a stage


where, throughout the world, there are and there is a reaction to his


rhetoric, to the executive orders they is introducing, that could have


an impact on the world, and that worries us.


A service of thanksgiving and valediction was held


at Jersey's Town Church yesterday in honour of the Dean


He'll be leaving his post to work with the Archbishops'


Before he left, our faith reporter Cathy Le Feuvre spoke to the Dean


about the highs and lows of his 11 years in Jersey.


Surrounded by his congregation and the Bishop, a crowded church sung


their praises to the Dean. But which moments of joy does he pick out from


his time here in Jersey? I have really enjoyed reading the island on


its great occasions, -- leading the island, and that has been a


particular thrill, and something I have taken to heart and try to work


hard at. I think another highlight has actually been to see the judges


grow. There are more churches growing in Jersey than there are in


decline, and we have increased the number of Anglican clergy on this


island. I know I am leaving now a full-time minister at the town


church, so that my successor will really be free to be Dean all over


the island, and yes, that is something that was first asked for


in 1960, so that is a pretty good thing.


You have done so many things over the 11 years you have been here.


Towards the end of your tenure, we have had the issue with the


safeguarding and the splits from Winchester. Has that in anyway


marred your time here, do you think? Do you know, it is rather like a


cloud that comes across the sun on a beautiful day, and it is very good


when it is gone. And I am delighted that it has gone. It was wonderful


to be supported by this fabulous island. They understood perfectly


well, and to be exaggerated by one of the most respected High Court


judges in England, to receive a wonderfully generous apology


personally from the Archbishop of Canterbury, and now to be asked to


be part of the Archbishops Evangelism Task Group, I think that


really tells everybody everything they need to know, really.


So is the Bishop of Dover presided over the Dean's last service, what


advice would he give to his successor?


They are going to have one of the very best jobs in the Church of


England, and I hope they go native very quickly! Because if you do the


job as a visiting Englishman, you are stuffed. You need to become


Jersey, you need to get a Jersey had and the Jersey heart. So that you


can minister to the island, and also be that bridge between the island


and the rest of the Church of England family.


Sports news now, and Guernsey FCR one place and seven points off


relegation. A 1-0 defeat to Hastings United yesterday means they have


failed to win at home for the last five games, their worst ever run.


In netball, Jersey's Jets have climbed above bottom of the League 2


after an outstanding win at the weekend. Jersey pulled back from a


six goal deficit in the last quarter to beat the league leaders, team


Bath To Guns. One was normal Elwood also success in the rugby pitch for


Jersey, who held a spirited London Scottish fightback. The women's


Jersey claim to sixth place in the championship table, five points


outside the play-off zone. Condor says they have had 1.5 extra


people travel with them -- 1500 extra people travel with them this


weekend. Will the father fact this? Lets talk to David. -- will be filed


a fact this? I know there is a lot of fog at the moment.


The airfield in low cloud and hill fog. That may lead to Little 's


night, more especially tomorrow, so not quite so bad, but still some


problems for travellers. The risk of further mist and fog. Some drizzle


at times, but mild, and staying mild for the next two days as well. One


weather front lying to the north of us is really the source of the


moisture at the moment. This is it for the middle of the week, and


then, things do start to change as we see an area of low pressure


developing along the same with the system. Hopefully, a clearance of


brighter skies in the afternoon, with a future hours. Definitely a


cold feel to the air, when the winds become north-westerly. By Friday, we


look at substantially lower temperatures than over the last few


days. Daytime temperatures will' is. A cold night, Friday night and into


Saturday. But not tonight, which is unusually mild. Temperature is no


lower than 9-10 for most of us. Westerly wind keeps feeding into the


cloud, and although there is a lot of low cloud at the moment, it may


just left a little bit during the course of the night. Tomorrow is


very similar, though the cloud breaks and solo, so they better


chance. Generally, rather overcast, grey day. 11 degrees, the top


temperature, and a brisk westerly breeze. Here are the times of high


water. For our surfers, the waves are not very day, particularly in


the South. Up to about five feet, choppy along the north. Westerly


winds tomorrow, 4-5, drizzle and still the risk of some West or fog


patches. Not much change on Wednesday. Thursday is much


brighter. Windy, and certainly feeling colder. Have a


good one. Tank you very much. Don't forget,


you can get regular travel updates on BBC Radio Guernsey and Jersey


throughout the day. I will be back later. Good night.


The airport, which closed in 2011, had been protected


But in the latest local plan ,that date has been revised to 2022.


Developers have put forward proposals to build a garden


A planning inspector is expected to decide its future in the autumn.


We believe there is no need to develop Plymouth airport for housing


employment uses. There is sufficient land in the Plymouth area to meet


the needs of this city and the wider area. We are certain the Plymouth


airport site should be reserved for aviation activity and we need to


work towards bringing back an airport use.


The South West's sky at night could be a potential boost to tourism.


Later we'll see how Exmoor has befitted from dark sky status


And the skateboard art project to raise funds


It's not every day we report on the resolution of a battle


which had rumbled on for nearly eight years.


You may remember a couple of weeks ago, we visited Ray Hill,


He had a very large and disputed water bill which, at one stage,


was more than ?10,000, but after our report,


Our environment correspondent Adrian Campbell has


Ray Hull who farms near Tiverton has been keeping a close eye on his


water meter for years. He told us his normal hill is around ?1200 a


year. But in May 2009 he was sent a bill for more than ?10,400. He told


us that after complaining to South West water, they cut the amount by


around half but that still left an outstanding amount of around ?5,500.


Now the company has cleared the disputed amount and things have


returned to normal. Since you came, South West water sent out an


important chap along with his colleague and they sat and listened


to me and they said, we are very sorry. It should not have happened,


we want to put it right. Ray struggled with his water bill over


many years and it wasn't helped by the fact that his farm is on top of


a hill, a long way from the mains, but in the end, there was one thing


to do. If you have a problem, you have to shake the top of the tree


not the bottom. South West water told us they have resolved the


disagreement. It should not have taken eight weeks let alone eight


years but this is where we are. I think everybody should check their


meter at least once a week because it is expensive if you waste water.


Now, if light pollution is limited and the skies are clear,


this is the sort of dazzling display provided by the night sky.


Exmoor already has special status for its dark sky and now Bodmin Moor


It's hoped it could help boost tourism by


Our reporter Tamsin Melville has been to Exmoor to see what effect


the special international recognition has had


Switching off to send a message on light pollution. The people of


Dulverton were family on board when Exmoor became the world's second


dark sky reserve five years ago. This official international


recognition of the top-class quality of Exmoor's night skies seems to be


as popular as ever. So many people in light polluted areas that it is


wonderful for them to come and see the wonderful skies. Getting


children enthused about the stars is said to be one big benefit and shops


are happy with the footfall. We as a business are aware of a lot of


people who come down here for dark sky. That is young families, other


people, so it is one of those things that has broad appeal and has


attracted people to the area. An area with a lot of light pollution


might see thousands of stars. Here on Exmoor you with cedar tree


billions of stars. Tourism is getting a boost with holiday


accommodation businesses offering telescopes. Gazing. It is a bragging


right for people to talk about and to make them proud of their area.


But it has genuine benefits in terms of bringing tourists to the area.


And now the top quality of the night sky recorded by exports -- experts


in Bodmin Moor has experts reaching for the stars. Cornwall councillors


were discussing a bid for the area to apply for this stock Skystrator


is. In Cornwall we have some of the darkest skies we have in the whole


of the UK. We do not have a designation yet but one would hope


that if we have Bodmin Moor, other places will follow suit. This is a


great way of preserving something historical, cultural that we can


pass on to future generations. It isn't just Bodmin Moor looking to


follow in Exmoor's footsteps. There are also plans for West Cornwall and


the Isles of Sydney. -- Isles of Scilly.


It's time for the sport now and Natalie's here with some good


All four of our main rugby sides won on the road this weekend,


In the Premiership, a hat-trick from James Short saw Exeter move


level on points with Saracens in second as they overturned


a half-time deficit to beat Worcester with seven tries.


The others came from Gareth Steenson, Olly Woodurn,


Rob Baxter said his wingers were fantastic and even though


he was disappointed to have conceded so many points for the second week


running, he was pleased that the Chiefs had maintained


Plymouth Albion ground out a tough 20-18 victory at Loughborough


It was refereed by Exeter's Sara Cox - the first time a woman has taken


By all accounts she did a good job and got a round of


applause from the players in the clubhouse afterwards.


That's six wins out of six for Albion.


It wasn't the best of weekend's for our League Two football sides,


Plymouth Argyle stay second in the table after missing out


Our South West teams managed two draws and a loss


Plymouth Argyle made the 800-plus mile round-trip to Hartlepool


and came back with the points to show for it, although it


Despite a bright start which could have seen


the Pilgrims go in front, it was the home side


Rhys Oates reacted quickest to score after Luke McCormick parried former


But the Pilgrims kept creating chances and it was a magical strike


from on loan winger Matty Kennedy that brought Plymouth


It was the Scots's third goal since joining the club from Cardiff.


It could have got better for Derek Adams's side


as Ryan Taylor had an effort cleared off the line late on,


but in the end, they had to settle for the point.


Closer to home, Exeter City are still looking to get


back to winning ways after they could only manage


a draw against an in-form Stevenage at St James Park.


The Grecians went close in the opening stages through


Troy Brown and Ollie Watkins, but it was the visitors


Veterinary winger Jobi McAnuff was allowed too much space


by the City defence and finished well past Bobby Olejnik.


Paul Tisdale must have said something at half-time as city


Reuben Reid got his first in five games, diverting a Lloyd James cross


The draw keeps Exeter City in the play-off places.


At the other end of the table, Yeovil made the relatively short


trip to Cheltenham and were undone by two second-half goals.


Defender Tim Platovitch rose highest to head James Rose's free kick


into the net and it soon got worse for the Glovers when Matt Butcher


caught Kyle Wootton in the area, giving the referee no choice.


Billy Waters, who missed a good chance just nine minutes earlier,


took the resulting spot kick and sent Arthur Krysiak the wrong


way, securing a vital three points for his side.


The Plymouth Raiders had a weekend of mixed fortunes finishing


with a dramatic late win over Cheshire Phoenix yesterday.


But they were beaten by Surrey Scorchers on Friday


evening, in a game that was broadcast live


The Raiders kept in touch with their hosts early on,


but the Scorchers proved too much and eventually took the win 99-75.


The Raiders are now fifth in the BBL Championship


with their next game on Friday against the Worcester Wolves


And finally from me, congratulations to 22-year-old


Jack Bowyer who plays for Sticker Football


As of this weekend, he has scored a hat-trick in each


He plays his football in the Peninsula West Division


and that's not all - he's now scored a total of eight


Have any other players stunned that? There are some in the Wolverhampton


area who have done the same. We wondered if Jack was a record


breaker but there are some good ones around.


We've covered many art projects on Spotlight -


sculptures made out of bottles found on beaches, village lampposts


adorned with knitted jackets - and now skateboards have been turned


into works of art by a group of artists in Plymouth.


18 boards have been transformed at Studio 102 and they're now


being auctioned to raise money for the Devon Air Ambulance.


As Jane Chandler reports, each one has a unique design


with the idea to stop people throwing things away.


The wheels have come of these skateboards and they are now headed


in a new direction. This bench is seven different skateboards that I


have fashioned together into something more functional. I have


sculptured a bench because they have a background in sculpture. Although


the artists are not skateboarders, they are sympathetic to their spirit


of freedom. I found some words online that inspired me. We are


skateboarders and nothing big or small can stop us except purples. I


have this vision of kryptonite and pebbles. It's a mixture of mediums


using spray paint and paint pens. The natural grain of the board is


sanded back and I left that to give it a nice effect. I am a fan of


sci-fi and pop culture so I thought I would reach out to that group. It


is designed to look old and crunchy. Lots of fine metal I covered in


black paint. I am very proud of it. If you want one of these boards, you


have until the end of the week to bid for one.


We were talking about stargazing earlier on. Let's see if we have


clear skies for that. Probably not. On the good side it is mild. We have


had temperatures of 15, 16 degrees today, that is pretty mild for


February. More of the same tomorrow. This week starts mild, there is some


rain around, it becomes increasingly windy and then it cools down. The


reason for the web being relatively mild is this westerly wind coming


off the mild sea. This is the middle of the day tomorrow, by Wednesday


there is not much change. But a developing area of low pressure on


the same weather system brings windy conditions across cars on Thursday.


It could be quite a windy day with gale forced winds. Overnight


tonight, we continue with spots of drizzle. The mist and the low cloud.


It will be a similar start to the day we have seen today and a mould


might to come. This was earlier today where our cameraman tried to


get some clearer skies, but as you can see, that layer of cloud is


pretty leaden and it has been with us for much of the day. Some of the


cloud is low enough to sit on the tops of the coast and low enough to


sit over the tops of the hills and Morse both tonight and tomorrow. It


will be mild tonight with temperatures of ten or 11 degrees.


Tomorrow is the same sort of day, patchy drizzle, brisk westerly


winds, temperatures of 12, 13 degrees. Temperatures could get


higher up to 14 or 15. For the Isles of Scilly, Misty at first. Breaks in


the cloud later in the day. Here are our times of high water. For our


surface it is rather choppy. Westerly winds for much of tomorrow


and Wednesday, whipping up some pretty big Cs. Not very clean and


the coastal waters forecast has the winds westerly with the risk of


drizzle and the possibility of sea fog patches vote tomorrow and


including Wednesday. Thursday we are watching quite carefully. It will be


a windy day, rain in the morning, brighter in the afternoon, colder


but also brighter on Friday. And that is all from us this evening but


I am back just after 10:30pm. Good night.


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Ugh. No, but, like, you get these flavoured... Not going to happen.


You take a selfie and post it on social media or whatever,


and then people have to pay to guess who it is?


That's a no-brainer, we love the secret selfie.


'For better ideas, get your free fundraising kit now.'


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