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A reminder of the day's main story... The


Support and guidance to encourage Guernsey businesses


If they stay on the line, the call will be answered. It will be always


picked up later on. We have the number and we'll pick it up as soon


as we can. And, a vote for football


independence could bring hundreds of thousands


pounds into Jersey. And we have got some very strong


winds to come which will hit the island tomorrow in association with


Storm Doris. Full details later in the programme.


The man in charge of Jersey's ambulance service has told the BBC


that he's concerned they're now receiving so many emergency


calls it's taking longer to get to patients.


There's been a 40% increase in the number of calls the service


has attended in the past six years, and they admit there are times


Ambulance service, what's the address of your emergency?


Dial 999, and we all expect there to be someone


But in Jersey, there's been a steady increase in the number of calls


to the ambulance service, and at times, when there's several


calls at once, they can't all be answered immediately.


Staff say they are under pressure but are still offering


If they stay on the line, the call will be answered.


It will always be picked up later on.


We will always have the number and we'll pick it up as soon as we can.


What we do have is an urgent disconnect, so we know that


if there's another call waiting, that's a priority, we can urgently


disconnect from the first call, providing we have sufficient details


Back in 2010, the ambulance service attended around 6,300 calls.


By last year, that figure had risen to more than 8,700


And the service admit the high volume of calls is having an impact


Generally they manage to attend about two-thirds of all critical


calls within eight minutes, but in the past year that figure has


The Health Department believes part of the problem is people


calling for an ambulance when they don't need too.


The minor ones that could make their own way, it would make a great


difference. It is like people going to hospital as did their GP because


it is easier. Ashley, you could help someone else who is in dire need of


urgent attention. An additional call dispatcher has


also been recruited, and if the increase in the number


of calls continues, the service say they are willing to hire more


staff to meet demand. Jessica Banham, BBC


Channel Islands News, Jersey. Businesses in Guernsey are to be


given more support to encourage them GET, the Guernsey Employment Trust,


is just finalising a new charter and good practice guide it'll be


asking companies to sign up to later this year,


as well as offering training. Penny Elderfield got


an insight into what they do. He's pretty new to this


job, but already making Happy to be here, and happy to have


been given a chance to work. About ten years ago I got a pain


into my leg went to the doctor, and within a few years they found out it


is to do with the discs in my back. Most employers don't want to touch


you when they hear there is something wrong with your back. It


is almost like they look at you when you have said that as you are going


to be a compensation claim. Ben's back problems


don't stop him working. He just can't be on his feet


for more than a few hours. Luckily his boss, Andy,


was able to work with him and the Guernsey Employment Trust


to find a way to make it work. It is probably natural to feel


apprehensive and not be sure how it will work, but just to meet the


person, get chatting to them, advise of any issues that might be more


tricky for the individual, or areas that they might excel in.


And GET wants to encourage more businesses to be open


to the idea of taking on staff with a disability,


with a new charter, good practice guide and training.


Once we have given them the right direction and a bit of training and


help, they can see that they are in a good position with good management


skills, in helping people with disabilities into employment.


Over the past year, the charity has helped around 70 people


And, luckily for Ben, this is one that's just his cup of tea,


A British parliament inquiry has been told the Channel Islands


will be taken into account when the UK brokers its deal


The Ministry of Justice is investigating the implications


of Brexit for the Crown Dependencies.


Giving evidence this afternoon, the Minister for Justice


and his team gave reassurance Guernsey and Jersey


I guess we just take every opportunity we can, so there were


lots of different types of meetings happening, and we take the


opportunity to raise around dependency in those meetings, and


sometimes in the margins of those meetings we can have softer


conversations and invite people to come and meet with us.


People living in St Helier in Jersey could foot a new bill for waste


disposal after the parish constable lost his appeal


An old agreement that the parish didn't pay for waste became void


when the disposal operation moved from Bellozanne to La Collette.


The constable argued the agreement was for all time,


but the Infrastructure department claimed it could be ended


Judges agreed and dismissed the constable's appeal.


Meanwhile, Jersey's treasury minister has been urged to get


on with finding a way for Jersey's government to pay rates


The States have agreed in principle that rates should be paid -


now the parish constable wants the States to tell the minister


to bring plans forward so payments can start next year.


Work's now started on an 18 month project to repair


Extensive work is needed both outside and in after


The repairs have been on the cards for decades,


but it's taken that long to work out how to fund the project,


It will be one of the biggest scaffolding structures in Guernsey


for a long time, and this is costing an absolute fortune. Once that is


done, the entire building has got to be appointed inside and out. The


tower and the spire will have to be filled with a grout to glue all the


stones together, because basically all the mortar inside has been


washed out over the years. Football clubs in Jersey could be


hundreds of thousands of pounds better off if the island manages


to join European UEFA officials rejected the Jersey


FA's application last year. But Jersey won't take


no for an answer. The Court of Arbitration for Sport


will rule in June whether existing member nations should have a vote


on the bid. Jersey football officials put in


this bid to join Uefa a year ago, saying they want to bring


international football here to Springfield Stadium. Uefa officials


originally rejected that, saying the island is not an independent state,


but Jersey challenge that, and that is what will go before the Court of


Arbitration for Sport at the end of June. Phil Austin joins me now, how


significant is this day? It is one we have been trying to get in place


for six months or so, and we heard just last week that the court will


go ahead on the 28th of June, so a big day for Jersey football. Will it


mean if they are eventually accepted into Uefa? It would change the whole


picture of Jersey football, giving a pathway for these young people right


through into international football. Our league champions every year, and


our runners-up, would have automatic entry to the qualifying rounds of


the Champions League and Europa League. A massive financial boost to


them, but also massive motivation. Our senior team, men and women, and


our under 19 and under 20 ones would also have access to international


tournaments, so a massive change to the way we run representative


football, and massive motivation for club football as well. And you


believe that existing members should decide? That is the crux of our


appeal, that the Uefa executive have decided that our catered not have


sufficient merit to go for a vote with members. Our lawyers believe


they don't have the powers to do that. The crux of our appeal is that


we want our application to go forward to members for a vote.


That Court of Arbitration for Sport at the end of June on the 28th.


Rugby now, and the Jersey Reds club captain Pierce Phillips is leaving


The 24-year-old lock is joining current Premiership side


Worcester Warriors in the summer, after three seasons in the island -


He's the second player in as many days to announce he's leaving


Finally, some good news for air travellers as the fog


Whipping up those winds is Storm Doris.


How will this affect us here in the islands?


What a great picture of Jersey cows. I know, I saw this one and really


loved it. This was this morning when we did have some fog, but like you


said, the winds picked up today and we have seen that list in places.


Tomorrow, a wet start, some sunshine later, but it is the strength of the


wind which will be most noticeable. Here is Doris. They will have


cleared east by the middle of the day, so the heaviest rain will be


across the islands in the morning. The winds will be strong, up to 70


mph, particularly into the afternoon. It does quieten down for


Friday, light winds, largely dry, a little bit cooler but plenty of


sunshine. Fairly brisk westerly winds at the moment, and still a lot


of cloud which is giving some light rain and drizzle. No cloud in


places, but those westerly winds are letting the cloud not get too low,


so not quite the visibility problems of last night. Very mild once again,


temperatures down to eight or 9 degrees. Quite quickly, the rainbow


push into tomorrow, a couple of hours of fairly heavy rain, and then


some sunshine. Don't be full by those temperatures and the sunshine,


those wins will be strong, gale force quite widely, up to 60 mph. It


could even see one or two isolated busts of 70, so don't be surprised


if it is very windy tomorrow. The Times of high water: I would not


advise going out to the coast tomorrow, with some strong winds


kicking up the surf. Further south slightly quieter. This is reflected


in our coastal waters forecast. The rainbow click quite quickly -- the


rain will clear quite quickly. It does turn quieter on Friday, light


winds, plenty of sunshine. A bit of a dip in temperatures, but it does


turn milder as we had through the weekend.


That's it from us. Goodbye. And the toy train which got stuck


in the tunnel of this dog's throat - A brand new ?15 million intensive


care unit to treat patients who are critically ill has been


officially opened at The project comes as the trust


is also looking to close 32 beds in the hospital,


but it says this is all part of its plans to provide the best


care to patients who need it most. Tucked away in the corner


of the brand-new intensive care unit, the last of 100 or so staff


were finishing up Just help me with your


breathing a bit there, Gary. In shiny new surroundings,


with state-of-the-art equipment, A rare good news


story about the NHS. There are 14 bays in


the new intensive care unit and the first thing you notice


is how much lighter and brighter they are, with daylight lighting


and so much more space for staff As you can see, it's very clean,


it's very bright, we have got top of the range equipment


and there is space for them to get on with their job,


because you feel very uncomfortable when you're doing things


for a patient and you are having to kind of trip over their wife,


their mum, saying I'm sorry and you don't want relatives to feel


like they are in the way. The hospital's League of friends


raise an incredible ?1.6 million The hospital's League of friends


raised an incredible ?1.6 million which has helped to pay for much


of the top of the range kit and two I'm very proud, actually to be


standing here and saying that The trust has effectively


borrowed the money to pay for the new facilities at a time


when it is also looking to cut costs by closing beds


elsewhere in the hospital. In a sense, this is all part


of the plan that we described, which is, where possible,


we move people's care into the community and provide


additional services there. For those people who need


to be at the hospital, and there will be fewer of those


in the future, we need to provide the highest level of care possible


and this is at the very extreme end of that, in the sense


that it has the sickest The makeover also includes


new reception and cafe areas The ICU is expected to open


to patients in June. Yeovil District Hospital has created


a private company to carry out It says the new venture,


which is part owned by an American company, will reduce waiting lists


and cut the number of cancelled operations but the Royal College


of Nursing says it's members aren't happy at being transferred


from the NHS. Here's our Health


correspondent Jenny Walrond. There's a big operation in progress


at Yeovil District Hospital. It's starting with a new


multistorey car park. And that will allow operations to be


carried out on the side of the old car park,


a new purpose-built theatres A private company called


Daycase UK is due to take over all the hospital's


planned day surgery. It's 70% owned by the hospital


and 30% owned by an American Doctors working for Daycase


will stay within the NHS because it 60 nursing and administrative staff


are due to be transferred The union representing


them isn't happy. I don't think they have


to do it at all. The NHS is the best place to have


care and the fact that YDH chooses to transfer their care


into the private sector isn't necessarily going to be better


for patients and I'm absolutely sure The hospital trust says


the new theatres and the new company will allow them to keep up


with rising demands, use the latest surgical procedures


and prevent operations being cancelled when there's


pressure on the main hospital. In the past, the department


hasn't taken over as In the past, the department


has been taken over as an emergency temporary ward,


but the Royal College of Nursing's legal team has questioned


whether the hospital has complied with rules on competition


and procurement and whether it has the authority to create


the new company. Yeovil District Hospital insists


that it does and says the establishment of Daycase UK,


including the procurement process, has been conducted in line


with its statutory responsibilities and in the full knowledge


of NHS regulators. Yeovil District Hospital says


the current staff working in day surgery are at the heart


of its plans and many are enthusiastic about these


changes, but those who do transfer across to the new company


will continue to receive many of the same terms


and conditions Now a brief look at some


of the other news tonight. The investigation into allegations


of financial irregularities against Devon and Cornwall's Police


and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez is alleged to have


failed to properly declare election expenses whilst a Conservative


election agent in Torbay in 2015. Archaeologists working on the site


of The Royal Clarence Hotel have discovered a rare medieval


decoration of a peacock The hotel was gutted


by fire last October. Weymouth Beach has been


named the best in the UK. The three-mile long stretch of sand


was also ranked number nine across the whole of Europe,


in reviews posted on the Some say that the ability


to play Pool is the sign Some say that the ability


to play pool is the sign of a misspent youth,


but two Devon men are hoping to prove hanging out in pubs can be


a virtue as they attempt to break the Guinness World Record


for continuously playing pool. They're raising funds in support


of Rowcroft Hospice in Torquay. They started at noon today and hope


to break the record on Sunday. Our reporter Johnny Rutherford


is with them now. Right on cue!


Did someone say cue? I'm not very good ideas. Luckily, it is not me


taking the challenge, it is a macro guys here at the pub and they have


got to go for 100 hours and more to be at the world record, which was


actually set in America. If you look on this screen here that they have


constantly running, it says three days, 21 hours, in 11 minutes and 46


seconds. So that is quite some way to go. Let's go across and talk to


Darren. Tell me what you're doing. We are raising money for Rowcrofts


Hospice, we are up to ?5,000 and counting, we are looking to do over


100 hours continuous play, as I said, in aid of Rowcroft. 100 hours


nonstop, do you get a break? We are allowed five minutes per hour, so we


are going to bank those five minutes in order to have some kind of sleep


and whatnot in the next day or two. And who are you playing against?


Graham, the landlord. Who is the best player of the two? Probably me.


Sorry about that. That's not what you told me earlier! Coming across


to you, you are the landlord and why did you come up with this and why?


It was just a chat between myself and Darren, it was Darren's idea and


we both thought it was possible. You know, it is a great thing to do for


Rowcroft, we wanted to do it for a local charity and it all added up


and we have had such great support, as you can see this evening, and it


has been constant, trying to do it since last October. It is very


official, you have cameras appear showing you are live and everything.


If you are going to do it, do it properly! What is worrying is the


number of times you are literally bending over, have you got a misuse


on stand-by? Yes, my daughter. For real? For real, she is qualified.


And someone is witnessing this at all times? We have to have


professionals in place because it is a case that the adjudication has to


be covered, the video footage has to tie up with the adjudicators and


what they say, that is really how it works. We will go across to your


wife, the landlady. Carroll, tell me, this is all for a particular


reason. Tell me what this is? Basically to raise money for


Rowcroft Hospice, a hospice in Torquay that is very dear to locals'


hearts and it is very underfunded and threatened with closure. They


helped over 200,000 people per year with light limiting illnesses, so it


is very important that we keep this Hospice going and get some money in


the bank for them. Brilliant. Well, they'll still playing, still a long


way to go. Just setting up here ready for the next game.


Good luck, guys. Yes, brilliant cause, let's hope they go well with


it. I was a bit worried that they had


stopped playing very minute there! Now you've heard of dog training


treats, but how about this - a dog is recovering at home


in Torpoint after somehow eating a train that


certainly wasn't a treat. The toy which became a snack only


came to light when Cyril He was x-rayed by vets in Plymouth,


and happily, the nine-year-old has Why a dog should choose to eat a toy


train rather than a conventional But, luckily, he


didn't eat that too. He loves to eat and he will eat


absolutely anything. He is always hungry,


always want biscuits. crisps, sweets, and chocolate


but we don't allow it but he would constantly eat


if he could. Clearly, Cyril has a good appetite,


but there were signals something was wrong and when he fell ill,


the Mellors took him to the vet. We checked him over,


realised he was unwell, he had stomach pain,


so we gave him an anaesthetic and x-rayed him and on the x-ray,


we could clearly see of white object We were a bit perplexed


as to what it was, we thought it might be a Lego brick or a child's


toy or something like that and in fact, it turned out


to be a railway carriage. You can just see the wheels


on the top of it here. The discovery has brought


a whole new meaning After his operation,


Cyril's back and full of beans. Meanwhile, lessons have begun


on eating a healthy diet. not sure he took that in! C what the


weather is doing, with warnings of storms on the way, how will we be


affected? We have Doris, you can make all of the Doris Day jokes


later that you like, we have had fog today but some have seen sunshine,


the strength of the wind has picked up and it has broken up a cloud in


places. Tomorrow, we have Doris is starting to move in across the UK,


so wet start, a little more sunshine than in recent days but it


is the strength of the winds that will be noticeable, 50-60 mph gusts,


70 of the high grounds and some minor disruption could be on the


roads. At the moment, we have a westerly airflow, quite a bit of


cloud over us but the winds have started to pick up ahead of Doris.


Tomorrow, you consider strengths of the winds, heavy rain will clear


quite early on forth to most -- most of tomorrow, we should see some


sunshine and a much quieter day on Friday. Try and bright, a lot of


sunshine with winds, but feeling cool. Saturday, the wind pick-up


again, not in association with Doris, but a slightly breezy day. A


lot of cloud across the South west today, a few holes given the


strength of those winds, but we have a lot of low cloud still out there


and we will see further outbreaks of light rain and drizzle overnight. In


terms of temperatures, another mild one, down at around nine or 10


degrees. We get the rain quite quickly tomorrow pushing in from the


west so for most of the day, dry with a lot of sunshine. The peak of


the winds during the middle part of the day and early afternoon and we


can see 50-60 mph gusts, particular across the coast of Devon and


Cornwall and over higher ground. So don't be fooled, we see sunshine and


mild temperatures, offset by the strength of the winds, highs of nine


or 10 degrees. The Isles of Scilly will get the rain early on, so for a


good part of the day, it will be bright and the winds will be strong,


Gale force at times. Here are the times of high water. In terms of


surfing, we recommend heading to the coast tomorrow, particularly the


north coast of Devon and Cornwall, they will see some fairly big waves,


less so towards the South coach. -- coast. The coastal waters forecast,


the winds will come around to a north-westerly direction towards the


tail end of the day and they will increase. Some rain first thing but


the bulk of the day should be dry with some sunshine and visibility


will be good. So we have been talking about Doris all week and


that will hit as tomorrow. The winds are already starting to pick up. We


will see heavy rain during the morning between six and eight, the


heaviest of the rain, so mid-morning, most of seeing dry and


bright weather and the winds start to pick up coming in from the


north-west, Gale force at times and they will fairly strong throughout


the day, only easing as we go through the night. That does mean on


Friday a much quieter day and we will see the winds ease, cooler and


temperatures dropping but more in the way our sunshine. The winds pick


up as we head towards the weekend, nothing to out of the ordinary and


while we were see a lot of cloud, you can see temperatures recovering


so once again returning to more mild weather.


Thank you. So, tonight, we met Cyril the dog survivor and now it is over


two dogs you couldn't survive without. Thank you for all of your


e-mails and pictures about dogs with jobs. We are featuring some of your


stories over the coming weeks and in the meantime, here are a few of your


dogs with incredibly important jobs. From all of us here, good night.


Good job, guys. We totally nailed it.


This year, fundraising kits are going to be sent through the post.


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