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Good evening, I'm Charlie McArdle welcome to BBC Channel Islands.


Jersey's Environment Minister has refused a planning application


Costly and controversial BUT effective at reducing speeding


I think it was a waste of money, I think it looks a mess and as a


choice, it really confusing. I'm a cyclist and it feels really unsafe.


Plans for a new secondary school on fields in Les Quennevais


The Environment Minister believes the scheme -


on farmland near the airport - goes against guidelines


The decision's disappointed members of the community.


Jessica Banham is at live at the school.


This application can then the three things. Was the school needed, what


with the impact be on the local area and should be built on green field


site? The most about the school was needed and there was... But had


concerns about the design of the building. It is a ?40 million


project, covering 11,000 square metres, but these images now might


become a reality as planning permission for a new school in Le


Quennevais has been rejected. Local residents are disappointed. I don't


think it's very good because a lot of my friends went to Le Quennevais


said it was crowded and didn't have seats in the canteen. I have


conceivably would have gone to that school they were older and I think a


new and better school should be done. We do need a new school, we


have an ever-growing population, I'm sure they have their reasons,


whatever they are, it will have to be looked at again. The minister's


decision was based on a report compiled by an independent planning


inspector, during a public enquiry last month. In that report, the


inspector concluded he had considerable reservations about the


site layout. He also concluded that the design


of the proposed building Raising particular concerns


about the building shapes, Education bosses remain convinced


that a modified application will be approved. We had a meeting this


morning so what will happen is we will have further meetings, look


again to discuss what the concerns were with regard to the design,


redesign that and look at the situation with regard to traffic and


redesign that as well. Peaky Blinders he has been advised new


design to the school could be put together in little as six weeks. The


deputy will make any future decision. What were your main


concerns about the design? There were issues and an inspector found


and I agreed that generally the shape of the building didn't sit


together, they were various shapes, it is a large building as we know,


and they didn't sit together, they would surely pleasing, he also


raised issues about the finish is used on the building and the colour


which is incidental, but in the building of the magnitude is this,


it's really important, hugely important, we have got to get it as


best as we can to sit in the landscape in the best way we can


find. He mentioned in the statement you released that you're working


with the infrastructure and education Department on future


proposals, but we've already had a public enquiry, why were issues


around the design of the building find out for this? There were a


number of issues, the main one being the one you raised early, can we


build in the Green zone, it is against the policies of the island


pine, and is there a need? I'm delighted those issues have been


resolved. But we need to work harder on this application permits an


important school and everybody needs to be proud of what we can to put on


the site, so my department will continue to give the application


advice to infrastructure and I'm confident we can come up with a


compressed plastic building in the future. -- fantastic building. The


education Department had targeted news rule could still be opened by


2020. -- the new school. A business in St Peter Port


was raided in connection with money A woman was arrested


at the offices of Immuno Biotech - which distributed the unlicensed


blood product GC MAF before it was outlawed -


while a man was arrested Police officers removed "a number


of items" for further examination. Guernsey's Economic Crime Division


is leading the investigation, The number of drivers caught


speeding in a Jersey village has dropped 40 percent


since the installation of a controversial


traffic-calming measure. The speed bump in St Mary has been


criticised for being confusing - and for its quarter-of-a-million


pound price tag. Who would've thought a raised bit


of granite could cause such a fuss? This speed bump in St Mary was built


just under two years ago as part So unpopular, it's even been


the victim of vandalism. But could new figures turn it


from victim to hero? Since its completion,


speeding offences in the parish have fallen -


from 155 in 2015 Will that make people


finally warm to the quarter A lot of money spent, it could have


been done a different way. If it came in St Martin the box more


effective and less confusing. I think it could have been done


differently. It's a very expensive overcoming the traffic.


But the department behind the work credits the bump


with helping reduce the number of drivers caught speeding.


The only way which will bring it down to zero


is active policing so that's police being out there as much as possible.


That's a stretch for the honoraries and the States police to do


with the size of the island and the resources they've got,


so it takes some pro-active measures form the drivers themselves.


So while it'll take more policing and a change in driver attitude


to end speeding completely, this bump in the road has helped -


even if that hasn't helped its popularity.


Lots of you have been getting in touch with the BBC today


Julie believes it's still a waste of money and that the number


of drivers caught speeding depend on the number of speed


checks the police do so might not be relevant.


Guernsey and Jersey's one pound coins are being


The current Guernsey and Jersey coins will be withdrawn


The UK's new 12-sided one pound coin will be legal tender


in the island from March, but there'll be no


You're being encouraged to exchange your UK and Guernsey or Jersey coins


The States says people prefer notes.


The circulation of Guernsey pound coins is very small, none have been


issued since 2006, because the people of the islands much prefer


the pound note. Part of Jersey's town centre


was cordoned off at lunchtime as nine firefighters dealt


with a fire in the roof above a shop Two crews were called


after staff in a pharmacy and doctor's surgery in the Parade


smelt smoke and the fire The fire service said workers


using a blowtorch on the roof at the rear of the building had


accidentally set alight timbers. A tree's been planted to commemorate


protests that helped Campaigners were angry


when People's Park in St Helier was shortlisted as a possible site


for the island's new hospital. 5,000 people signed


a petition against the move, forcing the Health Minister to take


it off the list of options The red oak planting ceremony


was a chance for campaigners to reflect on the importance


of the park. It's important that we have the


space to allow the people who will be living in Saint Hillier in


decades of centuries to come to be able to enjoy themselves, do


whatever leisure, sport, activities, however families, however people


individuals, businesses, whoever that there is space available for


all sorts of activities, which is open, accessible, three and


something which needs to be preserved.


Doris has stormed her way across the UK leaving havoc


in her wake, thankfully the islands have ecaped.


How's it looking as we get closer to the weekend?


I think we have got over quite likely, it has been postulated a but


nothing unusual for us, the strength of wind is now beginning to ease and


that process continues. Doris is now well over to the east. Lighter


winds, just a bit cooler perhaps, and small chance of a few showers.


As one area of low pressure moves out of the way, what follows is this


temporary brief ridge of high pressure, strong enough to give us


some sunshine tomorrow, and then this would affront and this one


following will change things as we move into the weekend, so make the


most of tomorrow, before we see more cloud and patchy rain late into the


weekend. A fair amount of clear sky means a runner to be chilly night,


some cold air that has followed that storm that has swept through, we


start the day tomorrow morning, temperatures are five or 6 degrees,


for much of the day tomorrow, it's bright, try, they will be some


sunshine, winds continuing to drop, perhaps a bit more cloud around


through the afternoon, capable of producing a few showers but there


aren't many of those. Onto the forecast for the times of high


water. Some quite big swell running after that storm, so some sizeable


waves to start with, they calm down into the afternoon to. Generally


pretty good visibility. Next week, another area of low pressure, this


time the air is coming from a long way north, round the side of that


area, so there is the potential for lower temperatures. Monday we start


to cool down and certainly by the end of the day on Monday, we start


to see that the bridges back down into single figures so tomorrow,


make the most of the bright and dry day!


Never mind! Before we go, reminder of our top story plans for a new Le


Quennevais school have been rejected. I will be back with a news


update just before 8pm and again at 10:25 p.m.. Good night.


these improvements near Saltash. Cornwall Council today branded


today's settlement shockingly small and disappointing.


Now a brief round-up of other news tonight.


A woman's died following a fire at a bungalow in Wadebridge.


Firefighters managed to get her out of the building and she was taken


to the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro.


Officers have praised the "brave attempts" made


to make way for a ?75 million redevelopment -


The city council says it needs more time to finish its bid.


Construction on the new leisure complex and a new bus station had


been due to start at the end of next month.


The Maritime and Coastguard Agency says people calling 999


in South Devon will still get help, despite a dispute with


members of the Dartmouth Coastguard Rescue Team.


It's understood two senior members have quit


The team is responsible for cliff rescues.


It's thought the dispute centres around changes to their procedures.


Justin? Volunteering for the BBC. And I'm still volunteering in a way!


I used to back-up horse manure and sell it by the side of the road. Did


you! Very useful. Well, matching up those looking


for the first rung on the employment ladder with the jobs available


hasn't proved easy in But that's all changing,


thanks to a group of teenagers at Treviglas Community College in


Newquay. Christine Butler has been catching


up with the schoolgirls turned The teenagers that could help out


coastal resorts in peak season. Paige cleans surfboards


and was lucky enough to be I help wax them and I helped just


sorting out the wetsuits, helping people get


the wetsuits, the rash vests. And then on the last surf


of the day, I go out with the group and I kind of help them there,


like push them onto the waves and help them stand up and just help


them feel confident in the water. Abigail mucks out all the time


at home but is now feeling she wants Well, I have horses at home


so I have a lot of experience with them and I don't


mind hard work. And although I don't have goats,


I think I could get used to them. I've advertised before and you only


get one or two people reply and you end up choosing somebody


that may not be wholly suitable for the job,


but you're restricted on choice. Back in the classroom,


the schoolgirls learnt to set Soon to be launched online,


linking employers with teenagers. Teenwork Cornwall is basically


a meeting place for employers and employees to connect


and find jobs. And it's all done over social media


and a website which will be With this system, the employer


advertises vacancies on the website. The student picks a job


and gives them a call. Teenwork is even improving


the prospects for those Because we are only Year 10,


it's kind of hard because we don't really have much experience,


but we are having lots of meetings with different employers and getting


lots of different opinions. And so we, it's definitely


an experience, and we are learning Farmer Rob has already


subscribed to the scheme. This Teenwork thing,


they are almost coming to you. They are looking for work,


so you've got a guarantee that out of the pool of people you're


going to get someone that you want, or someone that is actually


interested in what your advertising. If it's the employment market


Abigail wants to attract, she's already getting a bit


of a nipple! Christine Butler, BBC


Spotlight, Newquay. Still to come in


tonight's programme... an international photojournalist


reveals his images at And join me later when I'll be here,


learning a feud dance steps from the guys at Lord of the Dance.


The late Hugh Scully is fondly remembered as a presenter of this


programme, as well as Nationwide and of course Antiques Roadshow.


But away from the screen, he was something of a collector


himself and this weekend his collection of antique framed


Graham Bazeley, who was a friend of Hugh's, is the auctioneer


and he gave us a preview of what will be going


Well, Hugh Scully was an avid collector, as you can see here,


of political cartoons from a particular period.


They were 18th-century, early 19th century,


the reigns of George II, George I, George II,


George III, up until the reign of Queen Victoria.


The cartoons were a way of criticising the court


and the ongoings of the government at the time, and therefore some


of them are quite, well, shall we say, bawdy,


and some of them are quite rude, in the nicest possible way!


ARCHIVE: Napoleon Bonaparte described us


We've also been called a nation of goalkeepers.


But are we, I wonder, on the point of becoming


I remember Hugh from the beginning, Nationwide and Spotlight


And then eventually, of course, hosting the Antiques Roadshow.


The one subject we've not really done so far


So I'm using this opportunity to speak to John about that.


And John, you know all the old wives' tales


about soaking your rings in gin and scrubbing...


This particular one is very interesting.


They obviously knew that he collected 18th-century cartoons.


We've been on the air for so many years now that we are beginning


Hugh Scully also made quite an extensive collection of maps.


I would call them the 17th century version of a satellite


They are for coaching maps and they are in strict form and it


This one is particularly old, dating from around 1640.


Illustrated here with this castle, in a little vignette there.


We're really lucky to have this collection and it will come under


the hammer on Saturday morning in Penzance.


Looks like a massive collection. Very extensive, wasn't it?


He's had a ringside seat during some of the biggest moments


As a photojournalist, Tor Eigeland has captured


images of news events from around the globe.


But he's now settled in Dorset and is showing his work


at Duke's Auctioneers in his new home town of Dorchester.


Our reporter Claire Vera has been to see some of the moments


You try to transmit feelings, events.


You don't fake anything, you do it straight.


For more than half a century, Tor Eigeland has been


putting a thousand words into a single picture.


It was hot and this desperate mother didn't know how


ARCHIVE: Joyous followers of Fidel Castro sweep


triumphantly through the Cuban capital, hours after...


In 1959, Tor witnessed Castro's arrival in Havana,


Tor, living closely with his subjects, here


is saddened by the loss of some of the worlds he's captured.


A lot of the things I've covered definitely do not exist any longer,


In a way I wish I hadn't met all those people.


As you can see what has happened to Syria, it really,


Well, he may have travelled the world, but all roads have


eventually led to Dorset, where he is putting on his first


exhibition, so local people can see his work.


I think it's just amazing for Dorchester to have an exhibition of


such global significance. Tor has had an amazing career. I wouldn't be


surprised if we really had a wide range of people coming in to see it.


His later work features laces more familiar to us, but Tor Eigeland is


still learning. I think it is a blessed, calm corner of the world.


People here are very lucky to be here, I think.


Now, get ready for a spot of Celtic music and fast dancing.


Yes, Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance has


It's part of the 20th anniversary UK tour,


which is visiting more than 20 venues.


So we thought we'd send our one Irish reporter


Johnny Rutherford learn a few Irish steps from one


Have a look at what I'm wearing. I'm not quite sure why, why am I wearing


this? Well, you're Irish, we might need you in the show tonight, you


must at dancing! Tonight? For a lesson.


CHUCKLES Faster than me! But let's be


serious, you're here for four nights, it's the middle of the tour,


it's a new style of what has been done for 20 years. What's new? Well,


Michael Flatley released the show in 2015. We put new choreography in


there, new hand movements, new beats. We've got new costumes, new


set, lighting, sounds of these great graphics as you can see behind us.


We're really excited just to take you around the world again. That


does sound very exciting. And out here, Plymouth pavilions will be


absolutely packed to be able to watch a show as good as this.


It is very impressive, isn't it? I thought Johnny did a good job. Going


back to his Irish roots! Now, performing Lord of the dance and


bringing us the weather at the same time, David, over to you! You need


to get those legs up a bit more! Hello, good evening. It's been a


pretty wild day. Perhaps not too bad for us, a normal blustery day


really, although the gusts of wind have been pretty lively, but other


parts of the country have been battered by Storm Doris, which has


now left us and moved away to Scandinavia. You've been out taking


pictures of rough conditions, this picture sent in by Keith of Paul


Townend beat channel so long in Somerset and Devon we have had


pretty lively conditions. -- this picture of Porthtowan Beach. Peak


gusts up at just shy of 70 mph. Not unusual to see those gusts of wind


but a much quieter day to look forward to tomorrow, just that


cooler, slightly fresher air has arrived after the low pressure has


moved out of the way. The main setup for the next 24 hours is for a ridge


of high pressure coming over us. Compared to the conditions we've


seen today, it is quite a bit for tomorrow. This was along the north


coast today, where our cameraman went to Jabbar with


-- Trebarwith Strand. The waves dangerous along the coastline but


very quickly I think these scenes will calm down in the second half of


the night and tomorrow we will lose the strength of the wind. It is that


clear sky that will allow temperatures to fall away, that is


already happening this evening. The ridge of high pressure with us for


perhaps just one day because the weekend forecast is pretty


unsettled, one weather front coming in from the West on Saturday


bringing some outbreaks of rain and another will follow as we move


through Sunday. Behind that, to the north of this cold front, it's white


on here suggesting that some of the showers in Monday and Tuesday's


forecast could turn wintry and perhaps a return to some overnight


frost. Frost is possible to night with a good deal of clear sky but I


think temperatures will not get much lower than around two or three


degrees. The further west, the higher the temperatures, so parts of


Dorset and Somerset may see a brief frost first thing tomorrow morning.


For all of us to marry a pretty good day, there might be few showers


around but I think the wind is much lighter than they have been, nothing


to worry us too. Perhaps more cloud around later in the day but we


should see temperatures back up to nine or 10 degrees. The forecast for


the Isles of Scilly, a bright start but turning cloudy with the risk of


a few showers later in the day. The times of the high water, Penzance...


And for most of our beaches, the waves are still quite big and still


a bit choppy with those north-west conditions along the coast between


four and six feet but nothing compared to what we've seen today.


There is our coastal waters forecast. As we head into the


weekend, there is a lot of cloud, relatively mild and breezy with the


winter and the south-west and now turning colder on Sunday night and


into Monday. Have a good evening, back to you.


Thank you, Lord David! Back with the late news at half past ten. Hope you


can join us then. From all of us on Spotlight, goodbye.


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