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Welcome to BBC Channel Islands on Wednesday 01 March.


Making the news tonight: Hang up - drivers who repeatedly


use their mobiles are warned they could be banned


from the roads as the police toughen up their stance.


We've seen an increase of a fifth in the last year. We're right there are


a lot more and it has become more Cuts continue, but as Guernsey


records a budget surplus should Cuts continue, but as become


more Guernsey records the island stick to its guns


or consider cutting the cuts? Reviewing rental laws -


tenants could face fewer charges as concerns are raised


about the cost of renting homes. And we are in for a very windy night


over the islands. Mainly dry. Wet weather towards the end of the week.


The details coming up later. 444 drivers were prosecuted


for using mobile phones That is the highest number


for the last four years. Jersey Police have launched


a new campaign to crack down on the offence,


on the same day that the UK has So with figures increasing


in the Channel Islands, More and more drivers in Jersey


are illegally using mobile Even within half an hour of filming


police road checks today to mark the launch of their new campaign,


five drivers were caught But it is not just police presence


contributing to last year's record of the highest number


of prosecutions since 2012. We've seen an increase


of about a fifth over the last year and that really is of course


we are out there a lot more, it's become a lot more


socially unacceptable. We get lots of people phoning us


and say they've just seen someone on a mobile phone


and they are really angry about it. People know now how dangerous it can


be and we've seen the tragic results Not only is it dangerous,


but it is also costly, with drivers facing


a fine up to ?1,000. However most of those caught


in 2016 paid ?100 or less. Road safety campaigners say


fines need to be more. The current penalties don't go


far enough, do they, and obviously if your figures


are showing there is an increase they blatantly aren't working


what we need is a real strong deterrent and ?75, ?100 isn't


enough to deter somebody If we're going to really cut this


down, we need to hit people where it hurts the most and that seems to be


in the pocket. But some drivers in Jersey believe


punishment needs to go further. A driving ban should be introduced


because it would be equal punishment for all types of people, whether


they have money or not. I think it would stop people from going on


their phones. People will just pay the fine. If you lose your license,


it's a bigger things. There is never any justification for using a mobile


phone while driving. Now call is that important. People have got used


to it. Something needs to be put in place to get it out of the psyche


that it is acceptable to use the mobile phone.


The department responsible for Jersey's roads is working


on a new penalty points system to be in place in the next


But will it be enough to stop drivers taking the law


A man has appeared at Jersey's Royal Court,


accused of the attempted murder of his friend.


The court heard Gerard Eamon Maguire stabbed Shaun Patrick Howard


in the neck with a knife after a drunken


The family of a Jerseyman, who was killed with another British


tourist in Thailand have asked the authorities there to show


leniency towards two Burmese men facing the death penalty


Jersey's David Miller and Hannah Witheridge from Norfolk


were found dead on a Thai beach in 2014.


An appeal court in Thailand has upheld the death


In a statement, the Miller family said the court process had been fair


and effective and the killers' guilt has now been confirmed.


The chief executive of the States of Alderney has resigned,


Victor Brownlees has served in the role since 2014


and will leave in May, which is in line with his contract.


There are calls to reconsider planned cuts to public


The Policy and Resources Committee intends to trim 3% from public


spending this year followed by 5% for the two years after.


But there is a warning to islanders not to get carried away


with a recent return to a budget surplus.


Guernsey is trying to trim public spending.


It is slashing 3% off committee budgets this year.


And this man plans to cut another 5% in 2018 and a further


It could save the government ?26 million over the next three years.


But some deputies are warning the cuts may be hard to achieve.


Two thirds of the revenue goes on education, health care and law and


order. The idea that cuts of this magnitude can be achieved by


bureaucratic savings or administrative savings that no one


will notice, I think is fantasy. The states have to get into the core of


whether we are prepared to cut public services or whether we want


to defend public services and then we will have to raise more revenue.


But a Guernsey tax adviser is urging the States to stick with substantial


spending cuts over the rest of this political term.


Since the turn-of-the-century, the island has increased its income by


50% and increased its expenditure by 83%. We have gone through uncertain


times and there is more coming. This is the wrong time to send out the


wrong message which is that we are fine and wet get back to spending.


Everyone in the Ireland knows that we spend more than we should.


The man controlling Guernsey's purse strings wasn't available


for interview today but said in a statement: "The 5%


reductions are collective aims for the States as a whole,


and have not been levied on any committee at this stage.


The Policy and Resources Committee has no reason


However, work is now being carried out to consider the extent of any


underlying improvement and what that may mean for the 2017


The island's politicians will face a fundamental debate in June,


when they will decide how best to tackle future shortfalls


You're watching the BBC in the Channel Islands.


Later in Spotlight with Justin and Victoria: After 90 years,


the end of an era for this family run post office.


Jersey's housing minister says she will do whatever needs to be


done to make sure letting agencies in the island are fair


Deputy Pryke has launched a review into their practices and may follow


England in banning agencies from charging tenants fees.


Moving house can be an expensive business.


There is rent to pay, bills to cover, and in Jersey -


for some properties ? there is also the fee you have to give


I understand they need to make a profit. I think if the challenged


the landlord instead of the person renting, that would solve the issue.


Moving is expensive enough as it is. I don't think they're doing much for


that money. I think it is fair play. I've never looked at it and thought


it was unfair the. But at Gaudin and Company,


they believe it is the landlords It is the landlord's property. They


can afford to pay the fee for us to do the work for them. I think that


is the way it should go. This letting agency may not charge


the so-called introduction fee but there are several


across the island that do. The fee is usually the equivalent


of one week's rent and is taken by the agency once


you accept their priority. That's on top of the deposit


and the first month's rent up front. So the Housing Minister now wants


to hear from the public She says she will consider banning


tenancy fees altogether. Letting agencies are our business so


they need to make some money. But some people I understand have been


charging the landlord as opposed to the tenant for doing the same thing.


And that's wrong. Anyone wanting to contribute to the


review has until the end of April. Spring is in the air somewhere


and it means we now know that Jersey had its driest winter for 20 years


and while one of the sunniest on record February was


the dullest for a decade. David Braine joins us


now for the forecast. Now are you going to


bring us sunshine? Well, I will try. It's not looking


too hopeful. Tomorrow is the best day for sunshine. More cloud around


on Friday. The weekend is a mixture of sunshine and showers. Tomorrow is


the best day of the week. Writer and mainly dry. The winds will ease. The


winds are a feature of the weather overnight tonight. Blustery westerly


wind has developed and continues to develop this evening across much of


western Britain, the West of France. By the middle of the day, the strong


winds have gone. We have a ridge of high pressure to bring us some


sunshine. Saturday and Sunday, looks like it will be showery. Some quite


frequent showers through both days through the weekend ahead. The


strength of wind is a concern this evening. Gust of wind up to 50 or 55


mph for a short while this evening. The winds begin to ease. Blustery


evening and a blustery start to the night. Largely dry. A few showers


around and temperatures of 6 degrees. Not a warm start to the


day. Apart from a few stray showers, there is some dry weather to be had.


Feeling warmer with ten or 11 degrees the highest temperature.


Here are the times of high water. The coastal waters forecast. Let's


see if we can find you some sunshine. Not much around on Friday.


Cloudy. Southerly winds giving some pretty good temperatures. Saturday


and Sunday, both days, a good chance to see some sunshine but


short-lived. Brisk south-west winds on both days. Ten is the maximum.


Parents across the Channel Islands are most probably panicking


and making costumes ahead of World Book Day tomorrow.


Don't forget to send us your pictures either on Facebook,


Twitter or by email - to [email protected] and we'll try


and show a selection on tomorrow night s programme.


You're up to date with the latest news for the Channel Islands.


I'll be back with your headlines at 8pm.


but today a Cornish post office sold its last stamp


It's been a stalwart of the community, but Paynters Lane


End Post Office in Illogan closed at lunchtime.


It'll be replaced by a new counter service in a local shop,


part of a major modernisation programme by the Post Office.


Selling stamps for the last time before shutting up shop after nearly


But, of course, like every other day, could post


But, of course, like every other day, the post


Three generations of the same family had served the Illogan


It was started by Grandpa, William and Annie, in 1928,


In is a pasty shop now but it was a butcher and a post


office, and they ran it for 22 years, I think.


And then my father-in-law, Douglas, took it over in 1953,


but he moved here in 1955, and this building was personally


Some loyal customers have been using the Paynters Lane End Post Office


I've been coming over here 58 years and I will miss it.


They are very upset, naturally, and I will miss them


And emotional end to the data in Cornwall.


Now, no doubt you enjoyed a few pancakes last night before any Lent


ambitions to lay off the chocolate or resist a glass of wine.


But what about giving up the comfort of your own bed and sleeping rough


Well, that's exactly what former prison governor turned vicar


He wants to raise awareness about the growing problem of homelessness.


Spotlight's Andrea Ormsby's been to meet him, and his dog.


Ash Wednesday, a day of symbolism in the Christian church.


From dust you came, to dust you shall return.


The sign of the cross in ash on the foreheads of the faithful.


It marks the start of Lent, when many fast from food or drink.


But for the vicar of St George's in Goodrington, it's the comfort


I've got a lot of concerns actually, yes.


Last night I thought I would have the best night sleep


ever in my own bed and it all went wrong and I was up at 5:30am.


I guess I am quite worried about it actually.


It seemed like a good idea at the time but I'm not totally


Father Gary and his dog Tess will spend the full 40 nights


of Lent sleeping rough to raise awareness of the growing


Some people might say to this is a nice thing to do but wouldn't


it be better to open the doors of your church and let


They might say that, yes, but I don't think it is a nice


We have opened the door of the church and we open them


The difficulty with that as it is OK to provide somebody with a roof


over their head for a short term but actually what you need to do


is engage with people so that they don't have to sleep


on the streets, so they have the skills that they need


to be able to get a job, to be had to get into work,


to be able to get a job, to be able to get into work,


to get proper housing, not just some temporary


accommodation in a church or somewhere else.


He's bringing a sort of new dimension to it.


People are obviously very keen to get involved and to hear


It is such a huge sacrifice that he is making to bring that


That's a long time to go out and do something like that.


He's reaching to the people who are not of the community.


I think it is absolutely wonderful and I think it's a great sacrifice


that he is making for this time and at the same time


it shows his concern for what is around us,


which is homeless people and people with mental problems


Before being ordained he'd been the governor of Pentonville Prison


and Exeter Prison and says many of those released


Now Father Gary hopes his six weeks sleeping rough will help raise money


And do wish and his lovely dog all the best. We will check on the


weather forecast for them in just a moment.


And we're hoping to keep in touch with Reverend Deighton during Lent


From that thought-provoking mission to a young chap.


Pupils at a school in Devon have taken part in a walk to raise


awareness of a debilitating condition which affects one


Seven-year-old Lucas Trice has hip dysplasia which occurs when the hip


Spotlight's John Danks joined the kids on their walk.


They called it the Warrior Walk, appropriate enough


considering the conditions they had to brave.


Throughout the day all of the pupils at Stover School


near Newton Abbot put down their pens to plod a mile.


And it was all for seven-year-old Lucas.


Myself and Lucas was diagnosed with hip dysplasia when he was four


months old and we set up a small charity which over the last 12


months has simply snowballed and the school have very kindly got on board


and organised an entire day and we hope that this is just the beginning


of putting hip displacing on the map for patients -- parents.


Joining them on the walk was a former Paralympic


swimmer who competed in the London 2012 Games.


I was diagnosed at four years old and underwent all the treatments


that Lucas went through and I have developed a swimming career and I


joined the charity because like Natalie, my parents didn't have the


support they wanted, so I am doing a party for them and partly for myself


to encourage parents to seek support and help when they need it.


Despite the rain and the mud, Lucas made it to the finish line.


Look at the smiles on everyone's face, including mine. My focus was


just standing on my feet but everyone has enjoyed it. It has been


a thoroughly successful day. It was fun because we all got to Walker's


work so we could all have a bit of chitchat. Really good and kind of


inspiring. OK, it was quite muddy in the forest.


While for some it was a day at the races, others preferred a more


The National League has confirmed that control


of Torquay United Football Club has been transferred to


The takeover ends months of speculation about


the future of the Gulls, who were facing


The deal was agreed before Christmas but the club only received official


confirmation this week. A Devon football team is celebrating


after winning an amazing On top of that, SAS girls under-12's


from Barnstaple have only been But their amazing winning streak has


led to an invitation to play their equivalent side


at Premiership club Chelsea. Kirk England has been


to see them in action. Tournaments, friendlies,


competitions. Whenever they play, they win. Great football! SAS girls


under 12 is from Barnstable on a massive winning streak. We are


working together. We shoot and we score. 48 games unbeaten, it is


great to see SAS going on a winning another one. We just go for winter


wind, we won the first game and we progressed from there and we were


getting games like 1- 012- zero and we have had gone onto to really


excel and have things like 6-0. We have had some close games but we


always find a way to win. This time it was 8- nail. She plays five or


six times a week and she doesn't stop. She lives and breathes in its


football. It is all she wants to do. Tanabe 49 games unbeaten is just


something that will go with you for ever. But it? Yes. The girls are


seemingly unstoppable at success has been spotted and they will soon be


heading to London to play the girls number 12 premiership leaders


Chelsea. Honourable lady icons actually believe the fight but we


are going. Thank you to everyone who has made it happen. It is going to


just be such a opportunity for us. It will be an amazing challenge. The


girls have gone out and done this themselves. Every game they just get


better and better and better. The attitude in training is just


phenomenal. I can't believe it, it is brilliant. Who are we? SAS! We


try our best! They have great team spirit there. Some really inspiring


youngsters on the programme tonight. When the girls get back for the


Chelsea match we should get them here on the sofa and have a chat


with them. Good luck with that anyway. We were talking about


Reverend dated earlier on in the programme out he is sleeping outside


for the whole of Lent. It hasn't been a great start today, as it?


I hope you have a little bit of shelter if he can find it because it


doesn't look too clever. At least it is slightly less cold. That will


happen tomorrow. Today has been miserable and cold and this is a


Weather Watch photograph where you can make someone out in the sea


there, that is pretty brave! It looks like we will continue to see


unsettled conditions in the next few days. Tomorrow is less windy. There


will be some sunshine and it is mostly dry with good conditions for


most of us. At the moment the winds are a bit of an issue and they


continue to increase this evening and for a short time overnight the


winds could cost up to 50 or 60. If it causes any problems your BBC


local radio will keep you informed. These westerly gales continue for at


least half the night before they gradually drop. By the end of the


night it is a little bit less breezy and hopefully with the wind you


won't see too much in the way of frost developing, although there is


a risk of a few passing showers, even though the main area of rain


has moved out of the way. You will notice very weak but across as just


one day, a ridge of high pressure, but after it goes it will be no


pressure in charge. This is Friday. The low pressure system gets a bit


stuck. This is the middle of the day on Friday and by the middle of the


day on Saturday it has been moved and even by Sunday it is close by.


We are looking at some unsettled weather for the next three days. The


cloud from earlier today with the more persistent rain has now broken


up quite nicely and there was some late sunshine in a few places. This


was this afternoon in Plymouth when briefly there was some sunshine here


with a few showers dotted around. This is before the winds got out but


now it looks a bit different down there. These pictures were filmed by


our cameraman. This evening and tonight for those heading out to see


it is going to be pretty blustery. See conditions on the north and


south coasts will be pretty lively, with some big waves. Some showers


around but not many. A lot of dry weather through the night. The


showers that appear are light and fleeting. The wind helps to hold the


temperatures up so it won't be as cold as it has been. Minimum


temperature of three or four. Tomorrow we wake up to some


sunshine. The chance of a light shower and for much of the day for


most of us it is a dry day with sunny spells and increasing amounts


of medium and high level cloud approaching from the south-west at


the end of the day. That is the change again to wet conditions as we


move into tomorrow night in the small hours of Friday morning.


Tomorrow is warmer and with less wind and a bit of sunshine it could


feel better. Ten or 11 is the maximum. The Isles of Scilly here it


is bright with sunny spells and the winds will drop. Pretty lively wins


for the next few hours across the islands. Times of high water. For


our surfers, pretty awful conditions really. With the strength of win the


pixies out there and up to seven or ten meet -- feet but really very


messy, if not stormy. The coastal waters forecast. Not much to smile


about. It has to be said on Friday. It is a pity miserable day with


outbreaks of rain but not quite as windy as it has been. For the


weekend, the area of low pressure across us and a bit of sunshine with


a few showers around. Not particular cold through the night time is


slightly colder in the daytime, with nine or ten the top temperature.


Have a good evening. Thank you very much. That is all


from us for now. We have not -- we have an update at 10:30pm tonight


and we will be back with you at 6:30am tomorrow. Have a good


evening. Good night. I think my political beliefs are


really quite straightforward. I believe that our country needs to


work for everyone. Not just for the rich,


not just for the privileged, not just for those who know


the right people or who've got the loudest voices, but a country


that really works for everyone, has the opportunity to be


who they want to be. In order to make sure that the


country works for everyone, Standing up for the vulnerable,


for the voiceless, against those who feel that they're


strong and powerful.


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