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Welcome to BBC Channel Islands on Thursday the second of March.


Specialist help for young victims of abuse.


Jersey invests in a creative way to help youngsters overcome


The people who have gone through the service has said they feel that they


can sleep better, that they are less anxious, less angry. They are not


displaying negative behaviours. They are able to come to terms with what


has happened to them. with a big increase of high earning


civil servants should Guernsey States get rid


of automatic pay increases? Homes needed - do you have what it


takes to become a foster parent? Children who are sexually abused


in Jersey will get access to specialist therapy,


under a new scheme by Health It's the first time this service


will be delivered in the island, where nearly 200 cases of child sex


abuse have been reported The States are providing


?50,000 a year to fund a social worker specially trained


to help victims. but these activities of painting,


story-telling and creative play helping young victims


of sexual abuse. They're run in the UK by the charity


the NSPCC, and now they're


being introduced in Jersey. The one-to-one creative sessions


are to help victims come to terms They may feel anxious, they may


display negative behaviours, they may also hold a lot of anger,


but children and young people who go through the Letting The Future In


courses learn to manage So their mood has got better,


they've told us they've been able to sleep better,


that they've not felt so aggressive. And it's a service that's


needed in the island. There were 54 cases


of sexual abuse of under-18s In the years since,


the number's grown to around 70. That's a similar rate to the UK


when compared with population size. The service is being


funded by the Health and Social Services Department -


?50,000 a year for With the findings of the inquiry


into Jersey's care services due out this month, was that what prompted


this new investment? I guess it was the catalyst


to some extent. All of this has been partly


about what we learnt reading the transcripts,


listening to the inquiry. Rather than wait until the inquiry


gives us their recommendations, we wanted to provide


a better environment But before that, the department


faces the issue of hiring a specialist social worker -


a sector that Jersey's previously A Former Director of Guernsey's


Health and Social Care Services has been struck off by the Nursing


and Midwifery Council, following the death of a baby


at the island's maternity ward Jacqueline Gallienne worked at


the Princess Elizabeth Hospital including failing to ensure


adequate standard of care, and safe delivery of


maternity services. The panel found these failings


put patients at risk. Guernsey's Health and Social Care


Committee has responded saying substantial changes have been made


in midwifery practices A code of conduct complaint made


against three senior politicians The three deputies -


Lyndon Trott, Mary Lowe and Paul Le Pelley -


were accused of suggesting that Deputy Marc Leadbeater could not


carry out his political responsibilities because


he has a disabled son. The new chairwoman of


the States Members' Conduct Panel - who has been in post for less


than two days - says she's not satisfied there is sufficient


evidence to support the complaints. A forensic medical examiner has told


an attempted murder trial that if the victim's neck wound had been


any deeper he would have died. Gerard Eamon Maguire denies


the attempted murder of his friend Shaun Patrick Howard in the early


hours of October the 30th Dr Virginia French told


the Royal Court had Mr Howard's neck wound been deeper,


he would not have "There's no such thing


as an automatic pay rise". That's according to the head


of a union representing It follows claims by the island's


top politician that the States could save money by removing


an automatic pay rise for employees. There are around 5,000 people


working for the States of Guernsey. The island's most senior politician


claims the States could save money by removing an automatic pay rise


for civil servants. But the local civil servants


association of Guernsey says "there's no such thing


as an automatic pay rise". A job will be evaluated and it will


be determined that the rate of that job it is, say, ?27,000 a year and


what they do within the states is scaled back three or four implements


backwards and so a new starter coming into that post will be


started on ?25,000 per year and what will happen is over the years, as


they gain knowledge and experience and qualifications, they will work


their way up through steps back up to that ?27,000.


The chief executive of the state has spent more than ?240 million on


starting in 2015. He says pay rises have


already been reigned in. Pay rises have been substantially


controlled across the public sector and we have seen more two-year pay


deals, which in real terms they have not been the increases as such.


But when it's public money it's an issue that'll always be close


E petitions could be introduced in Jersey -


allowing people to have more of a say in the issues


It's being suggested that online petitions could force


a States debate if it attracting enough signatures.


The system is popular in the UK - where recently more than a million


people opposed a State Visit by the American President


but in Jersey it's thought it could make politics


I think we've seen a number of things recently in the Galaxy S4 we


have talked about herself and it has not about the wider public of


Jersey. We are as guilty of doing it as anyone else. If the people of


Jersey are passionate and want us to be talking about something, that is


what we are there to do. There's a drive to recruit more


foster carers in Guernsey. The Family Placement Service says


having a bigger pool of people to choose from helps make sure


the most suitable home can be found. It's been holding drop in sessions


at Beau Sejour today. We've spoken to those


involved in fostering. Some families struggle to cope. They


have a lot of pressures on them. Sometimes they are in poverty and


health problems with substance misuse. Children come into foster


care for a number of reasons and with that, they bring a lot of


anxiety. They may bring some behaviours that foster carers need


to understand and learn to deal with. The positive thing is


fostering can really help children overcome some of those difficulties.


There were a few challenges to begin with. But surprisingly, he settles


very quick. To watch that child develop and become more confident,


more outgoing, we are really enjoying it. It is really good fun.


And he really makes you smile everyday. I think the people need to


really care about children and be interested in their welfare. They


need to be kind and thoughtful. They don't need to be perfect. They need


to understand where a child is coming from and I think you have got


to have a genuine, kind of, care and thought that things can get better


for a child. If you are sitting on the fence, you have been thinking


about it, as I had, for a very long time, you will not regret it. It is


massively rewarding. It is just wonderful. We enjoy it so much. And


wished we had done it earlier! Now you may have seen fictional


characters come to life across the Channel Islands today -


that is of course And you've been sending


in your characters. Here's Beatrice dressed


as Betty O'Barley Winter spent today as "Crazy Dave"


from Plants vs Zombies - Lacey went with an animal theme


for 101 D almations - where Poppy went with an aqua theme


for the Singing Mermaid. And here's the whole


of Les Landes primary school enjoying World Book Day -


and even some of the staff joined in the fun as Snow White


and Mrs Trunchbull from Matilda. I was trying to think


who you could have been, David, I came up with Raymond


Briggs' Snowman. I love your costume, by the way,


that is brilliant! Lets have a look at the forecast for the next couple


of days. We are going to see lots of rain in the forecast. Welcome for


some. I am sure the reservoirs will appreciate some rain, but if you are


out and about not to welcome at all. Rather cloudy. Some showers, if not


longer spells of rain. A little but milder if you're out working in the


feel. Temperatures a little higher than they have of cloud on the


sideline, two land is approaching. One will merge with the other and


these two combined to form an area of low pressure eventually. As one


line of rain comes up from the south and develops into an area of low


pressure, sat pretty close by for Friday and whistles on Saturday as


well. Saturday, I think, will see some sunshine and a few showers


dotted around. Not many this evening but later on tonight," and from the


side. That is already apparent across northern part of France.


Producing outbreaks of rain as a whole lot will move northwards. Try


for a time, increasingly cloudy and later on this evening, the wet


weather will turn up. Accompanying that, strong south-easterly winds


and overnight temperatures no lower than 6 degrees. Spots of rain in the


morning tomorrow, briefly some brightness, maybe a few walls and


the cloud to let the sunshine in every now and again. Later in the


day, the showers will return. 11 or 12 degrees will be maximum


temperature and brisk winds from the south and south-west. Using with the


second half of the day. They are as our times of high water. And for our


showers, most of the beaches protected from a cyber


south-easterly wind will actually be clean, so not too bad. When the


southerly, eventually veering south westerly. Degreasing four, rain at


times, moderate disability. That is the forecast as the two Saturday and


sunny. A few showers dotted around, brisk winds from the West and those


showers likely to be quite heavy. Temperatures holding up, perhaps a


little bit holder at night-time, funding made and also Monday night,


as the showers tend to fade when you get some clear skies. On the whole,


and unsettled picture for the next four or five days and that unsettled


theme continues into the early part of next week. Alison.


David, thank you ever much. That is it from the team in the Channel


Islands. I will leave you with Spotlight.


Official figures show its risen for the third year in a row.


And it appears people from Plymouth are dumping


their rubbish in Cornwall - evidence found in the waste has


sparked an investigation which Cornwall Council hopes


will end in prosecution and a heavy fine.


Throughout the year thousands of people across the Tamar to seek out


those hidden corners of Cornwall which promise natural beauty and


tranquillity. Others are doing it to dump rubbish illegally. I think it's


disgusting. Someone has taken the rubbish and just dump it in an area


of outstanding natural beauty and its utter laziness. Dumped along the


coast road is a spoil which holds hidden treasures. The sort of James


which Cornwall Council investigators delight in finding. A letterhead,


maybe a bill, certainly evidence revealing it has come from an


address in Plymouth. I feel even sadder that someone has taken the


time to drive out from Plymouth, find somewhere secluded and this was


tipped during the night we believe. There are recycling centres in


Plymouth as well as the one they virtually drove past in Saltash. The


audacity of the act has sparked anger. It is appalling. They could


go to a municipal tip or get rid of it in the proper way, I don't see


why they have to come over the border and do it here. It makes me


wonder if they have the facilities to get rid of it in Devon, to make


that ever to come over the border into Cornwall to do it. People


travel a long way to save a bit of money, that is why they are


criminals, they are commercial, they are thieves, stealing from the


public purse and every single council taxpayer because those


things have to be cleared up. In a statement Cornwall Council says it


is not only unsightly but costs the council thousands of pounds each


year to clear up the mess. We will continue to respond, investigate and


where evidence is found we will take appropriate enforcement action. Once


cherished, now discarded by the roadside. There would have been no


charge to take these toys to the tip.


A commercial recycling waste centre faces demolition tonight


after being severely damaged by fire.


At its peak a hundred firefighters tackled the blaze


All the ingredients needed for a devastating fire, paper, cardboard,


plastic, each week hundreds of tonnes of business waste came to


this recycling plant. Tucked away on one side, an electricity substation,


one of three helping power the industrial estate. Little wonder the


emergency services were not taking any chances. At its height it was


approximately about 100 firefighters, three hydraulic


platforms, and support appliances. The alarm was raised just before 11


o'clock last night, the intense heat caused the steel panel building to


collapse in on itself as it is designed to do. But it meant


hotspots kept flaring up. It is well over 12 hours but there are still


pockets of flames are popping up in and around the building. The area


was blanketed in smoke but the owners of the plant, on-site for


five years, said it did not deal hazardous waste. Only office type


waste, we do not deal with hazardous waste here. Any hazardous waste goes


to other places. But yes, General office recycling, paper, cardboard,


plastics, whatever. The damage has been put out millions but nobody was


hurt and the 90 or so staff will work from other sites. A 15 strong


fleet of waste trucks was saved, this one had to be pulled free by a


recovery truck with an uncompromising name. Another


building in Exeter destroyed by fire.


The Environment Agency says erosion at Dawlish Warren has worsened


since it began its multi million pound scheme to improve coastal


But it says the beach should return to its former glory by the end


of the summer and be less vulnerable to rising sea levels and storms.


Our Environment Correspondent Adrian Campbell reports


Dawlish Warren is not looking at its best at the moment. In fact some


local people say it has never looked worse. That's not surprising because


the Environment Agency is only part way through a multi-million pound


project to secure the long-term future of the area. The aim of the


agency and its partners is to protect it from sea-level level


rising and potentially splitting in two. Eileen has been keeping a close


eye on progress. I wondered what they were doing, sandbags, stones,


rocks. We always said if they moved the stones they would lose the Junes


which they found they had done which is why we have sandbags up. They


have been taking these baskets full of rocks and replacing them with


bags full of sand. In the end they aim to reach the beast level.


Whether Junes are at their most vulnerable and narrow the aim is to


stabilise the sand with what experts College YouTube. It's about like a


giant sausage fed deep into the sea facing edge of the Warren and


inflated with a mix of sand and water. The water fades away to leave


a concrete like structure. For now the Environment Agency are still


persuading people it is doing the right thing. Other than extra sand?


Recent storms, in recent years, more than a thousand cubic metres of sand


have been lost in the last 18 months. Sand levels dropping by a


metre in all the last few weeks so at the moment visitors will see it


at its worst. The white bags people see our temporary, they are coming


out in the next couple of months as we remove the old stones and


subsequently replace a large amount of sand. The Environment Agency says


by some things should look much better at Dawlish Warren. It plans


to import huge quantities of sand from just off shore to recharge the


beach and then natural forces will be harnessed to help protect the


sand dunes. Children from across the South West


have been dressing up in their favourite characters


to take part in The day's aimed at encouraging


youngsters to explore books and reading -


it's also a celebration of authors and illustrators


and children have been given a free Jane Chandler joined


a group of children - as they marched into their local


bookshop dressed for bedtime. Let us step into the night and


pursue that flighty temptress, adventure. It does not do to leave


alive dragon out of your calculations if you live near him.


Sometimes I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.


The world of books is full of all things possible, even wearing your


bed clothes during the day. These children have dressed up to get in


the mood for reading to celebrate world book day. But why do they


read? I read at night when I am in bed and cannot sleep. When you first


read a book you just read it and when you get to the end you feel you


have an achievement. They are very exciting and I get stuck into them.


If you finish a book then you feel like you want to do another because


I like this book and it makes you want to read and read and read. We


may think these youngsters are a techno generation but they are more


retro, preparing to read books rather than from a computer or


tablet. There has been research recently that children are moving


away from tablets and re-engaging with a book particularly at bedtime


when is thought the blue light from the tablet is not such a good thing.


A recent study by the National literacy trust shows more children


and young people than ever are now reading for enjoyment. Evidence


suggests youngsters who read for one day lead to better in reading tests,


have broader vocabulary and better general knowledge. All very good


reasons to snuggle down with a book at bedtime. Part of what we believe


is that reading before bed can reduce anxiety, it's a lovely way to


go off to sleep and it's the perfect time to get kids to sneak 30 minutes


of reading in. I like to read at bedtime and of course in school. I


read every night, like half an hour in the evening, just before I go to


sleep. What makes you want to do that? It comes me down before I go


to bed. Or you cannot help that, said the cat, we are all mad here.


So come snow after fire and even dragons have their endings.


Excerpts from J.K. Rowling, J.R.R.


Tolkein and Lewis Carroll in that piece by Jane Chandler.


Nothing like a good book. A book at bedtime. Let's see what the


weather's story is tonight. The storm cat is coming, if you know


that story. Good evening, blustery conditions, rain in the forecast as


well. I think tomorrow it's a different day, sunshine today, a few


isolated showers, most of us dry. Tomorrow rather cloudy, it will be a


bit milder, there will be rain at times and some of it quite heavy. It


will arrive overnight tonight and be with us for a good part of the day.


This is why, this area of low pressure, weather fronts wrapped


around it which means more rain as we move through the day. Perhaps


drier conditions on Saturday although the risk of showers and


more rain returning on Sunday as this weather front moves across the


south-west of England. Also becoming windy on Sunday with the winds


becoming north-westerly again. Drawing in slightly colder air,


avail of cloud has arrived and thicker cloud approaching from the


South which will produce more persistent rain. For a time dry and


then here comes the wet weather, around midnight or just after we


will get a bit of rain as it moves through, turning showery by morning


and with all the cloud and breeze from the Southeast I don't think


temperatures will fall much below 67 degrees. Tomorrow we have a rather


cloudy day, rather wet day, I of rain off and on throughout the


morning, perhaps briefly at lunchtime holes in the cloud but not


a great deal of that to look forward to, the rain returns to the


afternoon. The breeze will be lively in the morning and ease in the


afternoon. Some good news, temperature slightly higher than


they have been despite the rain. This is the forecast for the Isles


of Scilly. Cloud, breezy and outbreaks of rain. Time is of high


water for the ports and harbours. For the surfers, most of the beach


is likely to be a bit messy, particularly along the south coast.


The north Coast some sheltered areas which could be usable but still


quite big waves, between four and eight feet depending on which way


the beach faces. The winds quite gusty, from the South South West,


rain at times with moderate to good visibility. The outlook is for us to


see showers on Saturday and Sunday and some of them also quite heavy.


Not a lot of cheer in the forecast and notice the temperatures, we


start at 11 on Friday but by Monday and Tuesday of next week back down


to seven or eight so despite the fact we are into spring temperatures


are not responding. Just a little bit of sunshine does help things.


You have been seeing all these weather pictures and if you want to


get involved in the programme there is a website you can go to. BBC .co


.uk/ weather watchers. And to those already involved, thank you for your


pictures. And on World Book day that's


where our story draws to a close. But we'll leave you with some


of the photos we've been sent today of children dressed


as characters from WHISTLING: Blue Danube


by Johann Strauss II


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