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Good evening. news teams where you are.


I'm Charlie McArdle Welcome to the programme.


?80 million - the cost of a cruise berth for Guernsey,


Jersey politicians get a grilling from students


Plus creative crochet crafters wanted for Jersey's very


It is harder than it looks but after a bit of practice, I will pick it


up. This low pressure is going to be our friend with the risk of showers,


possibly some sunshine. All the details later in the programme.


More shops, ferry services and ultimately more money for Guernsey.


That's what a deep water berth could provide according to a member


of the island's Development and Planning Authority.


Deputy Victoria Oliver says if there are wider economic benefits


then the cost of building a berth could be justified.


Mike Wilkins reports as the first cruise ship passengers


The first cruise ship passengers of the season


As Guernsey doesn't have a cruise liner berth, people have to come


ashore on these small boats, known as tenders.


And it's something tourists didn't seem to mind today.


On many cruisers we have made, we have been taking the boats onshore


when the harbour was not as big for the cruise ships. Little boat, it is


OK for us. We spend a lot of time and see and we make to cruisers. On


the sea, it is tough. It is no problem. The sea is no problem.


Cruise ship companies are very happy visiting Guernsey,


and that's reflected in the growing visitor numbers.


More than 130,000 people came ashore last year, that's 10,000 more


But feedback from the bigger ships shows ferrying large numbers


of people to and from the shore can cause problems and they'd welcome


Deputy Victoria Oliver is a member of the Development


She says if there are wider economic benefits then the cost


of introducing a berth could be justified.


It would have to show that it is a benefit that we could get a more


reliable ferry service and also it would have to have greater


implications. If you are going to build something like this, if you


look at Hong Kong, they have shops where their ferry terminal is, a


huge outlet and it could be a benefit to the island without taking


away from the main town. But the man who's responsible


for Guernsey's ports says a cruise The return at the moment, it doesn't


stack up. There are high capital priorities for the ports are matters


not one of them at the moment. When the States last considered


a deep water berth it was estimated But when cruise ship passengers


alone contribute more than ?4 million a year to Guernsey's


economy, it's an issue that some An extensive search involving


Alderney's lifeboat, air search and the island's


emergency services led to the discovery


of a man's body last night. It was found at Crabby


bay, near Alderney's Earlier in the day the police


were looking for island resident, A formal identification


will take place later. In Jersey, the police have confirmed


that the body found off the south coast of the island last


week was of Valerie Jehan. The pensioner went missing


on March 3rd after catching Her body was found by fishermen


near Noirmont Point. A file is being prepared


for the coroner. If you had the chance


to grill the politicians, Today it was the turn


of the younger generation at Jersey's Youth Assembly


in the States Chamber. Topics which came up for debate


included student finance, Luxmy Gopal joined


them in the chamber How did it compare to


a normal States sitting? Quite similar format -


Bailiff presiding over much of it, prayer in French, there were tough,


if not tougher questions, Was their debate also? They covered


tourism and school buses and student finances, student loans. Students


were asking why there isn't more funding available to help them go to


university and the assistant education minister said the island


can't afford to go it alone and the ink -- industry isn't looking at a


joint scheme. It did cover a lot of the big political topics of the day.


The youth assembly is designed to get youngsters into politics. Does


it work? This was the 20th youth assembly and it is to get them


engaged in politics and this is what some of the students told me


earlier. It is really important, especially for the youth of the


island. We have such a small States assembly and it is important for


people to get involved and get their voice heard. It gives the members a


chance to hear what people have to say and the new ideas. It inspires


people to go in the realm of politics. It is important because we


are not very involved with things and it gives us an opportunity to


get to know what is going on and learn more about it for ourselves.


This was the 20th assembly so what is the impact? It is hoped it will


lead to wider democratic engagements. The bailiffs started by


reminding the students of their duty to vote in elections. Historically


there has always been a low vote turnout for younger people. Thank


you very much. More steps need to be taken


to understand the the risks and opportunities for Alderney's


businesses as the UK starts The States President Stuart Trought


was speaking for the first time about the island's vision


in a post Brexit world - and said he was committed


to exploring its international And while he wants Alderney to be


consulted, he accepts Guernsey will have to represent the island


on some matters. Police are appealing


to a skateboarder to come forward after an accident


in St Helier this morning. Just before nine,


a 63-year-old woman The skateboarder who was involved


in the collision stayed with the woman as they waited


for an ambulance. The cost of sending letters


in Jersey is going up From April 11th, there's a one pence


increase on local letters, and a three pence increase sending


to the UK and Channel Islands. The increase is being blamed


on pressure from Royal Mail as well as the fall in the value


of the pound. Do you remember this


stunning installation Well it's inspired many


communities to try and come up with their own creative ideas


to mark Remembrance Sunday In Jersey, this year there are plans


for a swathe of poppies - albeit not on the same scale


as London, but with a twist or two. We sent our crafting supremo


Alison Moss to find out more. Here we are in Jersey's Central


market. The old Victorian fountain is being refurbished but also that


Remembrance Sunday it is getting ready. Tell me about this big vision


of yours. It started very small and the idea was to get volunteers from


the community to make poppies, net, crochet, whatever, so we could do a


display for Remembrance Day. Also from people to reflect on what


remembrance means to them. It is a community-based thing and we are


trying to get community spirit back into this beautiful market and for


the island. You want to cover this in poppies. How many were you need?


Initially my first thoughts were 5000. As many as we can get. There


are classes being held in the Central market on how to learn to


crochet but how difficult is it for a novice like me to pick it up? It


is tricky because you have to be confident with the first stitch. It


takes practice. Practice is what we are going to do. Hopefully there


will be thousands of poppies by the time November comes around and we


will come back then to have a look. I can't wait to see it. Here is one


Alison didn't make earlier. It's a been a great day


in the islands the sun was shining and even a glimpse or two


of blue skies. Spring is in the air and the clocks


go forward this weekend. It depends on what you use your


weather for. Tomorrow is not such a fine day. There is the risk of


showers around. These were the pictures taken by you today. We have


some glorious sunshine. We will find more cloud tomorrow. There will also


be some showers. There will be some sunshine and it would be less windy.


We between weather systems. This layer of cloud cleared away


eastwards. This cloud is heading our way and it has some rain associated


with it. A weather front is coming in on the wind becomes strong. It


produces some outbreaks of rain into the small hours of the morning. We


are in the middle of low pressure for Wednesday and we could have


slow-moving showers and then easterly wind that sin as we head


into Thursday and Friday. That is the clear sky we saw earlier today.


The showers are now on the radar heading our way. For the first four


-- part of the Knights, it is dry and breezy with wind freshening from


the south. The rain could be heavy in places and five or six Celsius


will be the minimum temperature. Tomorrow is a wet morning. We have


sunshine but also showers and some of those showers are at risk of


being happy with the risk of thunder. Lighter winds than we have


seen and eight Celsius is the top temperature. These are the times of


high water. Waves will be choppy. Variable wind of tomorrow. Becoming


very ball through the afternoon. Showers, mostly good visibility.


Warmer with easterly winds developing towards the end of the


week. That is it for the time being. I will be back with a news update at


eight o'clock this evening. Until then, goodbye.


And people are flocking to the south Devon coast in the hope of spotting


the humpback whale just like this near Berry Head.


We can't resist just coming to see if it's going to be around


and to see what photos we can get and all that sort of thing.


Because it's not supposed to be here and it's such a wonderful animal.


It is quite a buzz because it is unusual to see it so close to the UK


coast. An amazing feeling. Not everyone has been so lucky. I was in


a B and it was seen there but no. I was supposed to be home hours ago


and I thought I can't, not now. Not when it is due and if I leave


somebody will say it was seen at 5pm!


They're saying, we've come all the way down from Bristol,


from Birmingham, somebody came down from Manchester.


When I was in New Zealand I spent a lot of money


going whale-watching - didn't see anything.


I can walk down, half a mile from home, and there's a really good


chance of seeing the humpback whale in the bay.


Pete's seen a rise in bookings since the whale was first spotted,


and he is one of a number of businesses benefiting


I've been here for 40 years and never seen one in the bay,


and we've also had porpoises and gannets diving and a seal.


And, yeah, the bay is absolutely thriving,


it's absolutely full of life, it's wonderful.


Well, I've been here for three hours now and, sadly, no joy.


And I have to admit it is strangely addictive, so I can really see why


so many people are flocking to South Devon in the hope


that they'll catch a glimpse of the whale.


When Emma turns up, the whale is nowhere to be seen.


Well, joining me now is James Wright from the National Marine Aquarium.


This is making business boom in the area so it is quite unusual. Whale


watching is big business in other parts of the world, they have a


reliable population and this is more sporadic and unexpected. Have we had


one here before? There are humpbacks around the UK coast land, 1500 years


ago there were more, whaling was a big business many years ago which


have a dramatic effect on the population. The worldwide population


was 120000 and the numbers dwindled into the thousands. The global


population is back up at 80,000. We may see the effect of the


reproduction occurring overprotected years. It is a spectacular sight and


lovely to glimpse a view. There were many worries it was so close to the


shoreline, what is their normal way of being out in the sea, this is


unusual? Yes, they do migrate. They move to cold waters where they catch


smaller fish to feed on and they move to warmer waters when their


calves are born. It is not unusual to have them close to the shoreline.


It is not that surprising in those areas however here it is surprising,


normally be expected the four or five on the Scottish islands. Could


be in trouble or distress? I don't believe so, they can be occasions


where this happens and there are videos on the internet where people


rescue Wales that are caught in fishing gear or lost fishing gear or


purposely laid and they can sometimes rescue them but the fact


it has been around three weeks and it has gone away and come back, it


is quite enjoying the area. He likes it here! And the wail in the North


died washed up on the shoreline, is there a risk? There are many whales


out there. People will be quite surprised that Wales around the


shoreline naturally and sharks as well. We cannot see them but are


there. The dead whale could have died miles and miles away and


drifted onto the shore. Thank you. Now to one man's mission to help


people better understand disability. But as Clare Jones now reports,


he's using his new role as a nude Since birth he has lived


with cerebral palsy and a speech problem, but he won't let


that stop him. I was the first severely disabled


person to do a Dance Theatre BA Presently, I am studying for


a Masters in Performance Training. Kevin communicates with an iPad,


by using his nose or a head pointer. My speech is my biggest problem


because, not being able to verbally communicate,


most people think I'm mentally challenged and I don't


know what I'm doing. When people take the time to engage


with me, they find out who I am. Kevin has become a life


model to use his nudity When I am dancing or life modelling


I am expressing who I am. That I am intelligent,


creative, sensitive and fully I am focusing on movement, nudity


and my disability gives me great body definition. He is determined


not to let his disability get in the wake me run for parliament,


travelled around the world and... In the future I hope to get my masters,


do a Ph.D. And make more close friends. It hasn't always been easy.


I understand I challenge many people and their perceptions of disability.


To my amazement, many artists and even lecturers have problems with a


disabled life model. Kevin's view is life is for living. If one persons


view of what I can do is altered positive leak, it is a small victory


in the battle to be accepted. -- positively.


A Plymouth theatre built with war damage compensation in 1961,


has risen up once again and will reopen as another major


The Athenaeum was moth-balled eight years ago but is undergoing a make


over so it can stage professional entertainment once more.


Its opening show 'Dracula' is a family comedy preformed


by the South West troop Le Navet Bete.


Johnny Rutherford joined in on rehearsals.


I am in the story. Where is the patient? This woman needs a stake


through the heart. Get me a stake. Restrain her. Stop, stop! We cannot


have killing on the BBC. It is professional theatre like this which


we are seeing more of in Plymouth. It is a chance for us to reach a


larger audience in Plymouth. We have had an incredible run at the


Barbican but it is only 140 seater so for us to be able to grow and


there is demand for our work in Plymouth, we have to be able to move


to a bigger venue. The theatre seats 340 and it went dark as the stage


was said to be draining the charity funds. Now in partnership with the


Barbican, it hopes to be in Plymouth's limelight again. It is a


growing interest in culture and people are now willing to experiment


and have a go at unusual things so I would like to see dance, comedy, and


live literature works. The initial stage shows will be professional


lead shows with the Barbican Theatre but hopefully as we make the theatre


more sustainable, we can allow the local companies to come back and


enjoy it as they did. It takes me back because I remember acting on


this stage Jesus Christ superstar, West side story and even a Star Trek


rip-off and the stage I remember revolved but that is rare in the


south-west. Dracula opens at the end of the month. And then on to the


theatre. More work! Twelve of the largest stones


from the last of Dorset's open cast mines have been put together


to create a unique art installation. The project, on Portland,


has taken three years to create and has been paid


for by the arts council. Geologists and mathematicians have


helped place the stones, weighing up to 22 tonnes each,


so they celebrate both the landscape,


the solstice and the equinox. The Stones actually create vistas


out of the landscape and they also throw shadows into the centre


and people will be able to read information from pools of light


within the stone shadows so you'll be able to read the landscape


through the stone. Now what would you do with seven


hundred thousand pounds? People who live in the west Somerset


village of Porlock are being asked for advice on how to spend what has


been described as a "jaw The money has been left


in a will to benefit And as Clinton Rogers reports,


now they have to decide As recreation grounds go,


it is all ready pretty impressive. Now imagine you have


nearly three quarters It is such a big


amount of money and... Something amazing


for the kids, maybe. Probably build a swimming


pool or something, that The public will get their say


because 1200 letters have been delivered to people living


in the area asking for ideas on how to spend the money left to them


by a lady called Susan Taylor. You know one of the more intriguing


things about this story is very We have not met anyone


who knew her well, we don't What we know is she was in her late


90s when she died in December and apparently she had no surviving


children and so the bulk of her estate was left


to the Recreation Ground And can you imagine the surprise


of those in charge of this area when they were told


there was a legacy for them? When he came to see me and told me


what the amount would be, ?700,000 and possibly more,


it was just jaw-dropping. It will be several months before


the final decision is made but one thing is certain,


Porlock is about to get one of the best recreation


grounds in the south-west. Incredible story. Time for the


weather forecast. It was sunny and then real downpours. Four seasons in


one day. Nice in places but also quite bad. We have had a variety and


some sunshine as well, not all bad news. You have been taking your


pictures. A lovely shot of the beautiful blue sky. Little clouds to


sport the sunshine but elsewhere a rainbow in Lyme Regis with heavy


showers and more to come. The showers continue this evening and


overnight. Tomorrow, less windy, and there will be showers around but


slow-moving so you may get a torrential downpour and the risk of


thunder and hail but also some sunshine to enjoy. Perhaps some of


us getting away with a largely dry day tomorrow. The showers of one


village but hitting the next. You can see we have speckled cloud


around low-pressure, there is white as well so some snow on Dartmoor,


the possibility of snow overnight tonight, it will not stick around


and will melt through the day if it falls at all. Low-pressure settled


across us and then moves south into Friday -- into France giving


easterly wind towards the end of the week. The easterly wind may have


cloud associated as well so the chance of a few more showers with


the easterly wind which generally gives dry weather. The showers Papa


western Britain, there is a line of cloud approaching giving more


persistent rain later tonight. -- peppering. There was some sunshine


and showers in Plymouth earlier, some lovely shots from a cameraman


and it felt quite pleasant but a chop in a Plymouth Sound and the


breeze has been quite strong across the south-west. We lose the first


weather front coming into night, that will have gale force winds and


as it travels through the south-west, a dusting of snow on


higher ground like Exmoor Dartmoor and the wind will drop, the sky is


more clear and it will turn quite chilly. It is quite cold and


temperature as could be as low as two or 4 degrees. Tomorrow, a cloudy


day, the sunshine will come through and the showers while widespread


will be slow-moving and isolated so lengthy spells of sunshine in


between the showers, not overly warm, seven or 9 degrees. It will


feel warmer with light wind. A largely fine and dry day on the


Isles of Scilly. Have a good evening. Claire has the late news at


10:30pm and an update on the meeting about the threat to a care home in


the Isles of Scilly. We are back tomorrow. Good night.


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