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These are Wednesday's headlines: developing


Could permeable pavements be the answer to stop


We are looking to identify areas where we could see the greatest


benefit for the retrofit of sustainable drainage into that urban


environment. Plans approved for building three


of Jersey's Finance Centre and 250 homes get the


go-ahead at Gas Place. And I'm alive from the Jersey War


tunnels where there is a special film premiere and the heroic actions


of a Jersey woman during the occupation.


First tonight: The leaders of Jersey and Guernsey's governments have


voiced their support for people involved


Jersey's Chief Minister Senator Ian Gorst tweeted his


"thoughts are with all those caught up in the attack",


in which four people, including a police officer


and the man thought to be the attacker, have died.


Guernsey's most senior politician says he "recognises the vital role"


played by the emergency services "at times like this".


Both islands have confirmed staff at their London offices


Water bosses in Guernsey believe building extensions and paving over


driveways is making flooding worse in the island.


The process called "urban creep" leads to more water ending up


in sewer systems, rather than soaking into the ground,


so they're now urging residents and developers to use more


sustainable drainage systems, as Jessica Banham reports.


The sudden downpour of hail and heavy rain took everyone


In July 2014, drains in St Peter Port were simply


overwhelmed, as too much water flooded the sewer system.


Now, Guernsey Water think this may be the answer.


It might look like an ordinary pavement,


but it's actually permeable, meaning rain water can soak


through into the ground, rather than heading overland


It's an example of a sustainable drainage system, and the company


thinks it will help prevent flooding in the island.


But not everyone's convinced - this bar on the Pollett was flooded


Long-term, obviously, it seems like a good idea for anyone


outside St Peter Port, but with St Peter Port


being built up already, the flow of water coming


from buildings is already going to be massive when we get


these freak weather events, and what's going to happen


is that the water is still going to go into the drains,


flow into the sewers and flood the buildings along the Pollett.


But water bosses say they're not only urging builders to use


this permeable paving in new developments.


They also hope to replace existing paving in town.


What we're looking to do is to introduce sustainable drainage


as a retrofit into town in particular areas,


and what we're looking at is the areas of greatest benefit


where we'll get most out of our investment.


The new advice has been welcomed by the building industry,


who say sustainable drainage schemes have already started


being implementing, as seen here in Clos Barbier.


But there are concerns it could take time to see the benefits.


You will start to see small improvements obviously


in the first year or so, but, in terms of having


a significant impact, I would have thought it's


Guernsey Water acknowledge this won't be a quick fix, but hope that,


by working alongside the island's builders and architects,


ultimately they can make flooding like this a thing of the past.


Jessica Banham, BBC Channel Islands News, Guernsey.


Two major developments in St Helier have been given


planning approval today - 250 homes at the Gas Place site,


and a third new building at the Finance Centre.


There'll be a lot more building work to come in St Helier,


following today's double dose of planning approval.


While finishing touches are being put to this first building


at the Finance Centre on the Esplanade, work has started


on the second, and a third has got the go-ahead today.


It'll be five storeys, with underground parking.


Plans for a housing development at Gas Place have been rejected


before, but today a new version won approval for about 250 homes,


The buildings will be one or two stories lower than originally


intended, and I think that is the key issue for residents on the


street, so there is less impact than there was before.


It could still be blocked if an appeal is made


in the next few weeks, but, if there's no objection,


Luxmy Gopal, BBC Channel Islands, Jersey.


Work could start soon on a new site for businesses facing eviction


The companies have until the end of the year to move on.


This old vinery is one of two that have been identified as possible


Today planners gave the go-ahead at an open planning meeting


for the necessary work and change of use.


With any planning permission, it is a three-year permission, so we will


have to instigate that as soon as possible, but also it you are a


reasonable landowner with a reasonable application for the


clearance of a glasshouse, we hope you instigate it soon.


The body of a man found off Pleinmont in Guernsey over


the weekend has been confirmed as Patrick Eker.


The 49-year-old's disappearance sparked a major search


after he was reported missing on Saturday.


Police say his death is not being treated as suspicious


and an inquest will be held at a later date.


A film based on the true story of love, defiance and courage of one


Jersey woman during the occupation is having its Channel


Another Mother's Son tells the story of Louisa Gould,


a shopkeeper in St Ouen who sheltered an escaped Russian


It had its London Premiere last week, but is now having a special


showing at the Jersey War Tunnels, where Emma Chambers is now.


Good evening. Hello. Yes, the location of this


film premiere could not be more appropriate. The tunnels are a


striking reminder of the hardships endured by slave workers during the


German occupation here in Jersey. One witnessed by many islanders -


some who just couldn't stand Her actions made her a war hero,


and now a film sensation. Do you know how dangerous this is?


Any mother would do the same for love. Why do you think I am doing


this? Saving "Another Mother's Son" -


the heroic actions of Louisa Gould, adapted into a film


by her great-niece. I thought, wow, this


is a fantastic story, and I'm so proud of what these


people did, and around that time I started to think somebody's got


to do something with this, because otherwise it's


going to get forgotten. You know, small


documentaries not showing... Most people don't actually


seem to know the story. But I was nervous about it, because


you don't want to mess it up. You feel a responsibility


to get it right. But this isn't just a sad tale


of war and survival - it's one of love, which cost


Louisa's life, and now it will be If I'm ever lucky enough


to have another film made, I will never again have quite


the personal connection I am just delighted to be able


to watch on home turf with people Actor Jenny Lecoat speaking


to me earlier today. One of the start of it joins me now,


actor Julian Kostov. You play Bell, the Russians slave workers saved by


Louisa Gould. What about the film made you want to be part of it?


It was an amazing character to play and I did not know about the


occupation that happened at all, and it was a remarkable story to tell. A


wonderful character and so many emotional scenes, in very different


areas of human emotion, like fear, anger, happiness... I could not have


asked for a better character to play. It is a dream come true and an


honour for me to tell the story of Louisa Gould.


It wasn't filmed in Jersey, so how does it feel to be in the island now


I am honoured that I was invited, and I actually wanted to come here


on my own anyway, because I have imagined this place in my heart and


mind so many times during film-making, and it is amazing


finally to come and see it and overwhelming to see the tunnels as


well and know what my character went through. It is an absolute pleasure.


Thank you, Julian. If you want to see the courageous story of Louisa


Gould, the film will be showing in cinemas across the British Isles


from Friday. Thank you, MR. It looks like a great


and emotional film and I am sure many of us will be going by the


cinema. Now let's take a look at the


weather. Good evening. We have had some of


this today, glorious sunshine and not a bad deal to it either. They


are is cold, another cold night in store. This shot taken across


Guernsey. Blue sky and sunshine today. Tomorrow we celebrate World


Meteorological Day. If you have got any pictures of plants, then please


send them in. If you want to find out more about this, the website is


there. Onto the forecast for tomorrow and not quite as bright as


today. Briefly some sunshine perhaps and a lot more cloud, with risk of


showers for a time, persistent rain and a risk of thunder and hail. A


mixture to come through the day tomorrow. All wrapped around this


area of low pressure. This is the middle of the day tomorrow. By the


middle of Friday, it looks like that weather front will travel out into


the channel, travelling north away from us. A brighter picture on


Friday. And Saturday looks like a breezy day but a fine day with


sunshine to enjoy. A few showers possible overnight tonight, and that


will continue through to the morning, perhaps in a clear sky to


get temperatures to single figures, four or five Celsius. Tomorrow has


briefly brightness and a few showers perhaps in the morning, then briefly


sunshine and more general cloud from the East to give us more persistent


rain. 10 Celsius the maximum temperature tomorrow. Highs of time


water there. -- times of high water. Small waves they are, and coastal


waters forecast... Winds from these tomorrow, three or four, rain or


showers with good visibility. Friday morning, cloud around still, but


improving swiftly. Friday looks like a decent day, a breezy weekend


ahead, but if I went to look forward to. Charlie.


Great pictures in the sunshine although looks can be deceiving. I


went out for a it was chilly. If you have great pictures to share with


the nation's Weather Watchers, go on the website.


It's Red Nose Day this Friday, when many people


across the Channel Islands will be doing fun and crazy things to raise


money, or sponsoring others who are doing challenges.


Fundraising efforts in Jersey got a celebrity boost today -


TV and radio presenter Vernon Kay visited to help


While I am in Jersey, we are going to be raising awareness of British


Airways's Flying Start in aid of Comic Relief. And we have friends


from an intergalactic location, carrying buckets around St Helier,


so get involved. And we'll of course have plenty


of coverage of Red Nose Day on Friday across the BBC on radio,


television and online. If you are doing something special,


get in contact with us here at BBC Channel Islands News. You are


up-to-date with the latest news from the Channel Islands. I will be back


with an update at around 8pm this evening. Because of an extended late


news and international news on at 10pm tonight, will be on error later


at 11pm this evening. There will be regular updates on the website.


Until 8pm tonight, I wish you a pleasant evening and good night.


Bye-bye. about the unique operation to tow


a stricken freighter to safety. The three thousand ton Lady Alida


lost power and was being blown onshore in the early hours


of yesterday morning. The Penlee and the Sennen Cove


lifeboats pulled the ship to safety. They had to carry out the operation


a second time when the ship's David George has been


to meet the two coxswains. The 88 metre freighter, Lady Alida,


with seven crew on board had lost power and was being blown onto rocks


on the South Cornish coast. In the early hours,


lifeboats were sent to the The first time the two boats had


attempted such a task. It wasn't easy, with


the weather conditions, We did what we had to do,


we stopped the boat from drifting Many hours later the crews


were at the lifeboat station when they were called to the ship


a second time because she was I don't think we had more


than a couple of sips of tea, and we were asked to go


again, dragging anchor. The 3600 tonne ship is more


than 60 times heavier than Both of the lifeboats are equipped


with these huge diesel engines here on this lifeboat,


the combined power is two and a half So they have got plenty


of pull, even to toe a big ship, a 3000 tonne


ship, but power alone The biggest issue for us was keeping


the lifeboats on the right place, without hitting


each other, so the boys on the deck had a lot


of work to do and they did


a really good job. This might have been a job


for a coastguard emergency type which were stationed around the UK


coast until they were scrapped six With the removal of the constant


presence of the tugs, we have known that eventually,


we would get involved in this sort of job,


it has given us a lot of confidence


that if the same happened again we could at least keep


a ship in a position and hopefully prevent


it The ship is alongside


in Falmouth docks waiting There's been special recognition


for a seven year old girl for her amazing work as a carer,


we'll meet her later, plus getting fired up


in South Devon. Join me on board the beautiful


Braveheart as she takes to the tracks for the first time in 12


years. Now you may remember a very


special moment on Spotlight We would like to introduce you to


the French consul with us this evening. Her


TRANSLATION: Verdun Hayes, might of the Legion of honour. -- in the name


of the president of the French republic, I make you a night of the


Legion of honour. That was Verdun Hayes from north


Devon being presented He'd recently returned


from a trip to Normandy where he paid his respects


to a fallen comrade. Well since then more than one


hundred D-Day veterans from the South West have come


forward to go on tours The scheme - which is funded


by Libor fines imposed on banks - is now being extended and veterans


will be able to visit Charlotte Foot has been talking


to one veteran from Dorset who's been remembering the events of more


than seventy years ago. Wartime Weymouth, and the harbour


is a sea of green. Young American troops


setting sail for France, Dorset a gateway


to the battlefields. The journey across the Channel,


one that so many veterans One they thought they may


never return from. Today, World War II veterans


are being offered the opportunity to sail once again,


and there's been an increase in the So much so that the Royal


British Legion is now I just thought, I've been there


before, and it was so different then Really expected to see


something nice and have a few 92 year old Peter Price


from Weymouth is even hoping Lots of people havn't


really travelled much at all since they came


back from service. I know people used to have a holiday


about every ten years. Across-the-board it has been


unprecedented and in the south-west, we have had over 100


veterans book on to tours. Now to put that into context,


last year we took a hundred veterans, so we've noticed


an exponential rise in people wanting to go on these tours


which is Despite the success of the scene,


the charity believes there are still more D-Day veterans


who they are not in contact with and with most in their 90s,


they want to make sure that they all have


the A seven year old girl from Cornwall


has won an award for helping to care Evie Gwilliams is now so skilled


at caring for Freddie she even Evie's mum says she does it


because she loves him. Eleanor Parkinson has been


to meet the family. She may only be seven years old but


she takes her responsibilities very seriously. Her younger brother


Freddie has a red condition, he needs medication every day and she


knows exactly what to do. First you plug the tube into his tummy, and


then, you get one of the syringes and you put it on the end of the


tube, and you push the top bit down and before you take it off, you push


the white spitting, so the medicine comes out. -- the white bit in. It


is important he has the right amount, and your mum has taught you


how to do that? Yes. She also helps give him his meals and putting to


bed. Her mum says she has never asked Evie to help but she wants to


do it. If he is in the bath, she will say that she will take over and


she wants to dress him and do his nappy and give him his milk and she


does a lot for Freddie, she is very good. And I understand you have been


very busy with other children and, Evie has put him to bed on her own?


You take him through to his bed, and even if I'm busy with Freddie. She


then takes over the role of looking after car spec, she has even cooked


Casper some tea, haven't you? Mummy showed you how to use the oven and


she reads Casper a bedtime story. So she helps with both the boys. And


now Evie's degradation has not gone unnoticed, she has just wants a


little star award. Evie seems unfazed and is happy to get back to


the job that she thinks is so important.


Now it's been out of action for over a decade, but today


the Dartmouth Steam Railway proudly brought the locomotive 'Braveheart'


She made her long awaited return across the South Devon coast


and our reporter Heidi Davey was onboard....


After laying dormant for 12 years the beautiful locomotive brain heart


came into the sunshine to claim her rightful place on the track, it has


been an intensive labour of love for all involved at the Dartmouth steam


away and today's unveiling meant that the team were up early again to


make sure that she was ready for her audience. Today I started at half


past six, involving cleaning at yesterday's fire, the firebox and


then lighting brand-new box. And paraffin. Children, a primary


school, lined the platform to get a glimpse of her and then it was all


aboard as we set off along the south Devon coast.


It is hard work keeping this going? Yes between one tonne and 2.5 tonnes


of coal a day and near enough gallons of water every round-trip.


And for younger passengers there was definitely a favourite bit. My


favourite part was the dark, dark tunnel. Rumbling noises. That steam


may be a bit stinky but for young trade hearts driver, it is a day he


will never forget. We never put a BR standard together so we had was


pictures of when it was last running, if you head scratching


moments but I think we got there all right. How does it feel? Happiest of


my life so far I would two say. What a glorious picture that was. A great


day for everyone involved. Not bad weather either for Braveheart and a


big day for weather forecasting tomorrow?


It is Michu logical day tomorrow and I will talk about than in just a


second. Good evening we have had sunshine, I know we have had


showers, when you point out but everywhere has had blue skies but


where the skies have been like this it has been a lovely day with the


sunshine, not too windy, quite pleasant, sent in, also showers,


affecting some of us. Somerset quite sharp showers, that was the shower


in the distance and also some rainbows, a combination of the


sunshine and some rain, this 117 in Taunton. As I pointed out tomorrow


is world Michu logical day. This years his clouds, if you got any


good cloud pictures. And the website is here:


the area of low pressure that has brought us the showers and more


unsettled weather today is still going to be around here tomorrow.


Quite a cloudy day tomorrow, for those who had lots of sunshine, the


same weather system still close by on Friday, gone by the time of the


weekend. 18 easily weekend, but this time of year it has and strengthen


it and we are expected to see some low temperatures, certainly


coalfield to the air with sunshine out of the breeze and quite pleasant


and unusually so, some fine weather coinciding with the weekend. At the


moment there is the risk of a shower this evening but most of the showers


have now gone and what we are left with is some clearing skies


overnight, this was the picture from earlier today, down in Cornwall


where again, skies but again some threatening looking cloud. The


showers that we have seen today have also been of hail and sleet in


places, it is not unusual to see this in March, but it is in between


showers we have also had some lovely sunshine as well. Temperatures have


been up and down because of the showers. Most of the showers as I'm


inch and are now fading away so overnight tonight we are going to


see a good deal of clear sky, once that process is underway,


temperatures are going to fall away pretty quickly, we could well see a


frost overnight tonight and the risk of some mist and fog patches. Very


light winds, and temperature starting the day tomorrow morning as


low as one or 2 degrees above freezing so there is even the


possibility of a risk of ice here and there. Now tomorrow, across


Dorset and Somerset, a layer of cloud, will travel westwards. It


will be fairly broken cloud but I think the risk of a spot of drizzle


and light rain is possible through the rest of the day, Utrecht and


easterly wind and a top temperature of nine or 10 degrees. For the


aisles of city some bright weather and then gradually clouding over


with showers developing later in the day, a bit more breeze developing


coming in from the north-east tomorrow. There are the times of


high water. For our servers, the waves are small tomorrow, the breeze


does pick up but for most of the North reaches, anywhere up to three


or four feet. There is the coastal walkers, the winds are from the


East, four to six with the risk of showers. A bit warmer to pot


a bit chilly during the night time. Will you be bringing cake for


WorldNet daily? The late news, at ten, hope you can


join us then, good night.


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