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Good evening, I'm Charlie McArdle, welcome to BBC Channel Islands.


The mental health of teachers should be one of the priorities for


In order to make this a success, they've got to have a happy


workforce and really they need to pay more attention to the welfare of


teachers and two teachers are more general well-being. .


Making sure the Channel Islands are not forgotten


Plus, start your day in the best possible way with Wake and Shake


Raising standards, teaching local history, and responding


to care inquiry findings - these are some of the priorities


for Jersey's Education Department in the coming years revealed


It says, despite having to make savings, it can deliver.


While unions welcome the plans, they're highlighting the pressures


Education in Jersey has been in the spotlight a lot lately,


from issues around free nursery places to funding


Today, the department laid out its progress


over the past two years, and its priorities for the next two.


These include: teaching children more about the island's


history and politics, updating guidance on children


with special needs, and improving standards in schools,


all against a background of having to make savings.


While some union reps welcome the business plan,


they say teachers' mental health should be a priority.


In order to make this a success, they've got to have a happy


workforce and they really need to pay more attention to the welfare


of teachers and to teachers' emotional well-being,


The issue of stress in the industry was highlighted in a recent


survey of Jersey teachers, with concerns about workload


The department say they're taking the responses seriously.


There were two key areas, one was, as you mentioned, workload,


which is why we're working with teachers to see


The second is training, they'd like more than we currently


provide, so we're responding to both those issues.


The department's confident it can follow through its business plan,


despite the challenge of having to tighten its belt


Flags are flying at half mast in the Channel Islands today


in sympathy for those affected by the Westminster terror attack.


It was requested flags on public buildings be flown


Guernsey's senior politician has today written to the Prime Minister


Meanwhile, security at the ports in Guernsey and Jersey


has been stepped up, although the threat


A former ambulance station officer in Guernsey has been suspended


for a year after failing to follow up an aborted 999 call from a man


Alan Hamilton called the St John Ambulance in July 2014,


The station officer at the time Jason Garnham has now been suspended


Our reporter Jessica Banham has been following this story.


Jessica, what more do we know about the call?


Back in July 2014, Alan Hamilton, who was a groundsman


at the King George VI playing fields, called the St


That call was cut off and the next day he was found dead


Now, this week, Jason Garnham - who was in a supervisory position


that day as the ambulance station officer - was the subject


of a conduct and competence hearing at the Health and Care Professions


council over the way this call was handled.


The hearing heard how the member of staff who took the initial call


did attempt to call Mr Hamilton back twice but was unsuccessful.


She said she then asked Mr Garnham whether she should carry


on trying, but was told she should "stop panicking."


And what did Mr Garnham say happened next?


Mr Garnham denied all the allegations against him and told


the hearing he had followed the correct procedures.


But today the committee panel found that Mr Garnham failed to send


the police or ambulance out and failed to ask the call-taker


to fill in the appropriate call log afterwards.


It's worth noting here that the hearing was told


there is "no suggestion" the alleged failings contributed


But the panel did find that Mr Garnham's behaviour constituted


misconduct and he's been suspended from the council's register


for a year, which means during that time he won't be able to practice


The inquest has opened into the death of Valerie Jehan,


who went missing from Jersey's north coast.


The 75-year-old's handbag was found on cliffs


near Devil's Hole and her body later discovered three miles off Noirmont.


Today's inquest heard her death is not suspicious


and was adjourned waiting for results of the post-mortem exam.


Concerns have been raised about the number of late deliveries


The aim is to deliver all letters by 2pm each day.


The consumer group PostWatch says it's been made aware of instances


It's now looking into the situation to assess


There will be exceptional circumstances and if it is due to


fault, we can't alter the weather. Our understanding is that hasn't


been really do to those sort of circumstances, beyond Guernsey's


post-control. We don't really know the reason why some of them are


going late. A report says the Channel Islands


relationship with the UK must be protected and their voices heard


in Brexit negotiations. The House of Lords has been


investigating the implications of Brexit for the Crown


Dependencies. It identifies concerns


for the finance industry and the ability to attract EU


citizens to live and It also questions the islands


abilities to trade freely with the UK and Europe,


as Lord Kinnoull Farming and fishing are both things


which the UK will be discussing with the EU and because of the close


relationship between the UK and the Channel Islands, these things will


need to be on the agenda as well. So the position is completely clear for


the Channel Islands as well as for the UK. What are the implications


for the island's finance industries? The relationship between the


financial services industry is pretty symbiotic with the City of


London, that is actually a good thing because it's clearly very high


up on the list of things to be dealt with with the EU in the Brexit


negotiations. You are calling on the UK Government to make sure the


island voices are heard. How confident are you that their voices


will be heard? We are confident at the moment the process is working


well. We heard from the Chief Minister both of Guernsey and Jersey


that the impression was that interaction between the UK


Government and the Government of the Channel Islands was going well. How


can the islands make sure they are not forgotten in this process? I am


sure the Chief ministers will work very hard indeed to make sure their


voices are heard with the UK Government ministers, but they also


will note those we as the scrutiny committee in the House of Lords and


the scrutiny committee in the House of Commons, are extremely interested


in making sure the whole UK family, the interests are advanced and


properly considered. Senior politicians in Guernsey


and Jersey have welcomed We're told exercise is good not just


your body but your brain as well, especially first thing


in the morning. So, as part of their wellbeing week,


teenagers at one Jersey school put that theory to the test today,


as Chris Harrison reports. After only just waking,


its time for these students Here at Hautlieu School,


pupils took part in a quick exercise It wakes you up and most teenagers


struggle to get out of bed, dragging themselves into school, it gets the


blood pumping and muscles moving, wakes them up and sets them up the


day, keeps them awake during lessons. It's a good idea, they do


it in China and Japan and they seem to have really good academic


results, so maybe there is a correlation there. It's been really


fun, something we do in the form time and sometimes, just hanging


around dance around, it's really fun for the whole school.


It's all part of the schools wellbeing week, highlighting how


important it is to take time to look after both mind and body.


This morning's Wake and Shake event was led by a local health agency.


This was originated between the school and ourselves and we were


having talks about what we can do to get ourselves into the community and


it is the most fun way and it's nice to get to a lot of kids quite easily


as well. After a positive start,


could this school be onto something? I think that's a real possibility.


In the first stages, it was a voluntary activity, students can she


will, we are not doing this because we are told to, but because it works


for us, makes us less moody in the morning and more are ready to learn.


The students now head off to class, hopefully more awake


And if it proves popular, it could be their regular


David, is Wake and shake something you might consider to get


I think it will, yes, especially if the weather is good and it looks to


be good this weekend. We have had rained today, this is the grey skies


across Jersey. It looks like tomorrow a lot of that cloud should


move away, much brighter, some sunshine and a keen wind, not as


warm as we would like. This cloud is an area of low pressure heading down


towards the west coast of Spain and Portugal by the middle of the day


tomorrow. Behind there are clearing skies, brighter weather, a windy


weekend, certainly on Saturday morning. Strong easterly winds, gale


force for a time but high pressure is taking. Patchy cloud this


evening, still giving outbreaks of rain here and there but a lot of


that will move away overnight tonight as it goes away to the


western end of the English Channel, these guys were clear and by the


small hours of the morning, a fair amount of clear skies and


temperatures are low. Fort tomorrow, we are expecting to see patchy


clouds, summer showers, most of us dry, with sunny spells developing


and top temperature of 11 or 12 degrees, but a brisk north east wind


developing. Those could be quite strong, especially by the end of the


afternoon and into the early part of the evening. The is our times of


water. The ways are small tomorrow with those easterly winds and not


much for most other beaches. The easterly winds will feature in the


weather. Generally fair with good visibility. It will be a windy start


to the weekend, Saturday is going to be fine, dry, plenty of sunshine,


but cold and strong winds, the wind evening on a Sunday and a little bit


warmer by the time we get to the early part of next week.


A reminder of our top story tonight. Raising standards, teaching local


history and responding to your enquiry findings, these are some of


the priorities for Jersey's education department in the coming


years is revealed in its latest business plan. That's it for now,


I'll be back with the news update just before eight o'clock and then


again before a past ten. Good evening.


A Torquay explorer whose adventures are at the heart of a new Hollywood


blockbuster film is being celebrated at a South-West museum


Lieutenant Colonel Percy Fawcett disappeared in the Amazon in 1925


They were searching for an ancient lost city, which is the story behind


Ahead of the film being released this weekend, our South Devon


reporter John Ayres has been taking a look.


What you seek is far greater than you ever imagined.


The film may be typically Hollywood, but the main character


It's the story of Lieutenant Colonel Percy Fawcett,


who was born in Torquay and schooled in Newton Abbot.


He was a former soldier, cartographer, spy and explorer -


some might argue the inspiration for that well-known film


The photos we have of Fawcett, they almost evoke that


Indiana Jones-type image, but also, he has been linked


to other famous characters and he was a definite inspiration


for a character in Arthur Conan Doyle's Lost World novel,


because Fawcett and Conan Doyle became close friends


and Conan Doyle effectively wrote the Professor Challenger character


This film is based on a true story where Percy Fawcett,


played by Charley Hunnman, went off in search of the lost


city of Z with his son and son's best friend,


Torquay Museum has various artefacts relating to Fawcett,


including his school cap, false teeth and his diary


from the film, based on the diaries they have.


The production company came to the museum and,


during that research process, they decided that they needed


to reconstruct their own diary that Charley Hunnam could use.


They made it a little bit bigger, as well, because on the screen


they wanted to make it nice and visible.


He even, during the film, used a diary to block an arrow


Percy Fawcett has featured in Torquay Museum's ongoing


Explorers' collection, but they are hoping


to have an exhibit dedicated to him later in the year.


The film The Lost City Of Z comes out on Friday.


Now it won't have escaped your notice that tomorrow


is Red Nose Day, when people will be taking part in all sorts


of events to raise a smile and money for Comic Relief.


Here at BBC South-West there is much talk of the Great British Bake-Off


style Cake-Off challenge when presenters from radio


and television went head to head in the kitchens of City College


Their challenge was to bake a Victoria sponge,


decorate it and sell it, with the winner being the one


Simple, you'd have thought, but there were a few surprises.


Radio Devon's David Fitzgerald was there to compere the event.


Big mistake having a husband-and-wife team here.


There's no way you need that much butter.


My wife wife packed me off with a little box of stuff,


a recipe to follow and even the teddy, for extra comfort.


I quite like cooking, but I've never baked a cake.


I've got no sort of technical hinterland or anything to draw on,


so I'm literally just going to follow these instructions


I'm doing mini Victoria sandwiches today.


My thinking was that what would you prefer to have?


I'm actually mixing it up and I'm going for a chocolate


You've been on one, two, three, four rows now.


I can move around as I wish, I've been told.


If you put them all in at once, they go all squiffy.


Well, I'm not sure that's right, now.


Is the shell supposed to be in there like that?


I tell you, I'm making double the amount here.


I'm not sure what, but it's got something.


Victoria sponge or Victoria cocktail?


Well, I concede that my offering is looser than any of my rivals.


I've had a quick peek around the room.


A pint and a half of cake isn't going to work!


Larry, I'm sorry, where it says tablespoons of milk, can you show me


She has split milk in their to weigh up to two tablespoons.


I think you and I should start again at this point in time.


Tomorrow, on Red Nose Day itself, we will find out whether any of them


actually managed to bake a cake and sell it, and if


Did you really have eggshells in viewers, David? And how you cheat,


as well. It looks like good fun. A big important weather day-to-day.


Today, we celebrate World Met Day and this year s theme is clouds .


We asked you for your photos and here they are.


Thank you to everyone who has been sending in your photographs.


Tomorrow it will still be a great day. It is been pretty miserable


today with the brain, wind and cold. Tomorrow will be cloudy, patchy rain


beginning to clear but also quite breezy. The promised the moral of


brighter skies and even some sunshine yet in the day. We have an


area of low pressure at the moment but it is on the move and it is


moving away from us. That is high pressure and it is coming at the end


of the weekend. For the weekend, that is the good news. The bad news


is that we are on the edge of it so there will be a keen wind to look


forward to on Saturday and Sunday, particularly on the south coast. At


the time you get the Sunday that wind will begin to drop. Cold at


night for the weekend, with some pretty good daytime temperatures.


That was the rain we saw earlier today. It is moving away but still


the risk of showers left behind. That will continue for this evening


and overnight tonight. It is rather misty grey, spots of light rain and


drizzle on the south coast. Any breaks in the cloud will be in the


North Devon and the northern part of Somerset. Some of that rain will


come back before dawn tomorrow morning. There will be a keen wind


tonight, temperatures will not be as low as last night. A mild night, 5


degrees the minimum. Tomorrow will be warmer but still quite damp


through the morning. Gradually, a lot of that patchy rain will fizzle


out by the time you get to the afternoon there will be breaks


developing in the cloud, sunshine and North Devon, fine weather


drifting into parts of Somerset and Dorset. Hopefully we will see more


in the way of sunshine. It will feel warmer despite the fact that is


quite windy. Many others inland, not a bad second half to the day. At top


temperature of 11 degrees. The forecast as we head into the weekend


has a strong wind developing. For the Isles of Scilly, it is a


blustery day tomorrow, a few showers around but also sunny spells. For


all of us the wind will be a feature on Saturday. Times of high water.


Small waves on the coastline tomorrow for our surfers. Usable,


but only two or three feet. The coastal water forecast has the winds


from the ether north-east, occasionally seven. Patchy rain,


becoming merely fair with good visibility. Those winds will be


strong on Saturday, possibly reaching gale force through the


English Channel. Saturday is a blustery day, but a fine day. Not a


cloud in the sky on Saturday, a maximum of 14 degrees. Sunday, more


in the way of cloud, windy conditions. Similar conditions on


Monday. So, at last, some fine weather, and awarded the weekend as


well. My mum got several that taught us


out today. He is 70. He likes the warm weather. Thanks for joining us.


Join us again tomorrow, good night.


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