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These are Friday's headlines. alone.


Could private investment mean the end of sporting


If there is no money to continue running for the region in the way it


has been run, then how are we going to afford to have new sports


facility somewhere else? of literature fly in for


Alderney's literary festival. And doing something funny


for money - islanders go There are concerns private


investment in Fort Regent could lead to the loss of sports facilities


at the site. The government wants to ask private


companies to put forward proposals for the regeneration


of the leisure centre. But there are fears this might NOT


include the same level of provision From welcoming the Dance World Cup


to providing a home Over the years Fort Regent has


hosted a range of different sports. But there are fears that could be


about to change as the States look for funding to help


regenerate the site. If a private investor came forward


with a fantastic plan to turn Fort Regent into a conference centre


with a hotel, restaurant, and so on, the sports facilities


we currently have here would have Now, if there is no money


for the States to continue running Fort Regent in the way in which it


has been run then how are we going to be able


to afford to have sports There's a gym here, dance studios -


even shooting and archery ranges. But the government says it's had no


investment for the past 50 years and there isn't enough


public funding available. So now they're turning


to the private sector for ideas about what the venue


could be used for. But what do people who visit


the site want to see at Fort Regent? I would not mind seeing more


development of the gym and the sports areas. There are facilities


there now but I would like to see them all done up. I would like to


see more exercise facilities because I believe that we don't have enough,


especially for children. It is part of Jersey. Why not keep it as it is?


does change, the man in charge of the project is adamant


Can you guarantee that if sports facilities


are removed from Fort Regent - they'll be catered for elsewhere?


Absolutely, I've said that all along, we have to work


with sport to find the right facilities for them.


I'd love it to remain a sports facility and entertainment complex


looking for new ideas from private investors in the next few months.


Jessica Banham, BBC Channel Islands News, Jersey.


A 29-year-old man from High Wycombe has pleaded guilty in


Jersey's Royal Court to importing cannabis valued


Shane Lee Ray was charged with attempting to bring almost 60


kilograms of cannabis resin into Jersey via Elizabeth Ferry


Ray has been remanded into custody and will be sentenced on 24th May.


Guernsey Police are appealing for information after an attempted


burglary at the Iceland store at Admiral Park last week.


It's thought a man forced entry to the store shortly after one


-- 1am last Monday morning, before being seen sprinting out


He's been described as around five foot 7 inches,


with white mittens or socks covering his hands.


The States of Guernsey is attempting to rubbish what it calls


"myths and misinformation" about the island's new


For two days, anonymous advertisements have been taken out


in the Guernsey Press claiming the new law will be


And today, four Guernsey industry groups met politicians to urge them


to revisit the law and introduce what they call simple,


Writers and bookworms are gathering in Alderney for the island's third


Authors from across the British Isles have flown in to give


talks around the theme of historical writing.


Luxmy Gopal is in Alderney and sent this report.


This room is part of the island hall, which was built in 18th


century here in Alderney, an island rich in history. So what better


place to host a literary festival centred around the theme of


historical writing? 12 authors from around the UK and scores of Reading


fans from across the Channel Islands have flown in for the Alderney


Literary Festival and the festival organiser is Isabel Picornell. Now,


what is it about the history of Alderney that made it such a


suitable theme for the festival? Alderney is known as the fortress


island. There is a fortress from any date, Roman, Tudor, Victorian on


every Suntory and exceeds the character of the island. The


character of the island makes it a bit of a logistical issue getting


here. What were some of the challenges in getting the authors to


arrive? Last is the flights to get it. Some of the authors come from


far afield so that involves a number of changes of flights and then there


is keeping an eye on the weather, which you know, you never know what


will happen. How important is this event to put Alderney on the map? It


is very important for Alderney. This is only the third year of the


festival and already we are being known across historical circles and


people just don't know Alderney exists and this is one way of them


getting to hear about us. Thank you very much, that's Isabel Picornell,


the organiser Alderney Literary Festival. This room will become a


bit of a hub for British historical writers as fans and writers gather


him for the three-day event and I will have the highlights for you on


Monday's programme. You're watching the BBC


in the Channel Islands. Later in the programme,


doing something funny for money - our cameras capture the fun


of Red Nose Day. In rugby, Jersey Reds expect one


of their biggest ever crowds for tomorrow's Championship match


against the leaders London Irish. About 1,000 visiting fans


are expected to swell the overall Irish have won all of their league


games so far this season, while Jersey are themselves


on an eight-game winning-streak, but have a tough few


games ahead of them. If we look at the end goal we're


never going to get through this game and we have got a serious challenge


over the next three weeks. London Irish back-to-back, we are going to


have to find a balance between a championship game and eight Semi cup


final followed by a Doncaster game and a short turnaround.


Jersey men's football captain Luke Watson has


Watson has been man-of-the-match in the last two


Muratti finals, scoring the winning goal last season.


The Jersey FA says the former captain doesn't want to be


The news has emerged just a day before the Muratti semifinal


Today is Red Nose Day and you've been doing a great job making


I'll have the proof shortly but first that all important


Good evening. A couple of things happening this weekend. The weekend


is going to be fine and dry, so fine weather coinciding with the weekend.


The other thing happening is the clocks go forward an hour but that's


start with the detail. Fine and dry, windy at first and some sunshine.


The fine weather coinciding with the weekend. The clocks go forward on


Saturday night and it looks like we will see some fine weather on both


days, Saturday and Sunday because of high pressure. Not quite close


enough to us because you can see plenty of isobars so around this


area of high pressure you have easterly winds. They will be strong


tomorrow, gale force for a time tomorrow morning, then easing into


Sunday. The winds start to change direction coming in from the South


East in the early part of next week. Not a lot to trouble us overnight


tonight. Patchy cloud floating by, drive, but the winds do increase and


by the morning we have a fairly last three East or north-easterly wind,


seven Celsius so not overly warm, you will need to wrap up warmly. The


wind and those low-temperature is making it feel cold. Some strong


winds at time through the day where top temperature of 11 Celsius.


There's our times of high water. For our servers, the waves for most of


our surfing beaches are going to be small. East facing races will have


choppy conditions with those onshore winds. The coastal waters forecast,


East or north-easterly. I would be surprised if it doesn't get to gale


force eight for a short while tomorrow. Decreasing to four or five


late in the day. There were generally good visibility. A's the


outlook as we head into next week. Sunday's a similar day, not as windy


so you should get some sunshine. A bit more cloud. Fine day on Monday


and probably feeling a lot warmer on Monday because of the lighter winds


and then changes on Tuesday as more cloud comes in from the West. Have a


nice weekend. Cakes sales, gunging and dancing -


we've seen the lot today as people across the Channel Islands have been


out in force raising The special fundraising event


is held every other year to support people living tough lives


across the UK and Africa . Our cameras have been out


and about in Guernsey and Jersey to capture the Red Nose fun -


see if you can spot someone you know From all of us here BBC


Channel Islands, goodnight. Hello, I'm Alana. We're from school.


I Michael Jackson! I'm Lorraine from British Airways. I'm David and we


have been raising money for Comic Relief and eight dance. We have


raised ?7,000. We have raised just over ?1200 so far. Still some money


to go. Everybody laughed at my nose! We have had a great day, we have


made 2000 biscuits. 1000 cups sent out to lots of local businesses. Hay


at school we have raised over ?600. Selling red noses, over 11 boxes.


Dressing up with crazy hair. A super fundraiser for Comic Relief


in the UK. It's Red Nose Day today put up we are in fancy dress, we


have had talent shows, singing battles, and we have raised ?6,000


for Comic Relief. Many charities across


the South West benefit One of them is Pete's Dragons,


which helps people who've lost Spotlight's Andrea


Ormsby has the story. Life has been very tough


for 18-year-old India Sanderson Last year, two of her


friends killed themselves. I was just in a state


of shock all the time. I didn't really know


what I was doing, I was just kind of going through day to day just


confused and I couldn't concentrate and I was just so emotional as well


because I realised it could happen to anyone and especially


because you do not know what is happening on the inside


and I worried for my family, for my closer friends,


anything could happen. Her counselling here with Alison has


been helping but it really came into its own a few weeks ago,


when a member of India's family also That helped so much,


because I could have been so much worse than I was when my two friends


committing suicide, but just knowing that Alison was here,


and I'd already learned some of the coping strategies already,


that it helped me a lot, and because I learned those


strategies I could help my family. So have you been practising


your mindfulness? Alison set up the charity after her


brother, Pete, killed himself. Now Pete's Dragons is


getting busier and busier. What we have found this year


is we are picking up historical cases where because we are the first


specific suicide bereavement support group in Devon and we have


approximately 86 suicides a year consistently, we are picking up


historical cases as well where people just haven't had any


support and they have lost a loved Just knowing that there's somebody


there who has been through the same thing and understands the bizarre,


you know, the guilt, the pain, Last year, Comic Relief provided


crucial funding for the charity. Please do get involved


with Comic Relief. I can say that their funding has


made an enormous difference to the face of this charity


and what we are able to offer. They've really changed my life


and the lives of so many other families and they deserve every


penny that they get from funding To run the service this year


alone, Pete's Dragons One of the charities to benefit


from Comic Relief money. And later we'll see how


teams from Spotlight, Radio Devon and Radio Cornwall got


on as they took part It's time for the sport now


and Andy's here with news of a top Promotion isn't enough,


Plymouth Argyle still have their sights set on winning


League Two. While Exeter City take on neighbours


Yeovil Town on Saturday, Plymouth's trip to Doncaster sees


the division's top two The hosts may have the best home


record in the league, but it won't worry the Pilgrims,


who happen to have However they'll need to be


at their best and the return to form of playmaker Graham Carey in recent


weeks couldn't have You know, I've won the title


twice in Scotland so I'd like to try and do it


in England as well. You know, the players


are all focused on that as well, so we need to go to Doncaster


and win the match to push on. Doncaster's football team may be


at home but their rugby players will be making the long journey down


to Penzance for their In the Premiership,


the Exeter Chiefs will be looking to put the disappointment of last


week's Anglo Welsh Cup final behind them when they welcome


the Sale Sharks to Sandy Park. The Chiefs will no doubt have happy


memories of the last time the two sides met just before Christmas


when they ran out convincing Of course another boost


for the Exeter faithful is the return of England winger Jack


Nowell. It will only be our fault


if we do let it slip now, because at the end of the day


we don't have to chase anyone, we're up there, we just need to keep


on picking up points where we can. So it's another good chance


for us to show what we're While the Chiefs look well set


for another final in May, one school from the South West has


already booked their The Thomas Hardye School


hammered their opponents in the last four of the National Schools Vase


competition on Saturday and next week they head to rugby HQ in London


to try and bring the trophy They are friends on and off


the field and they celebrate together reaching a Twickenham


final. Today it was back to school,


and on Wednesday the lads will swap these gates for the gates at rugby


headquarters as they share They will be far from a madding


crowd but it's not about that. Staff are stopping me


in the corridors and The kids are getting


pats on the back. Everybody wants to come


with us next Wednesday. We're taking one coach,


not everyone can come. But, yeah, everybody wants


a little part of it. It's a first for the school to send


a team to Twickenham and following the emphatic victory


in the semifinal confidence is high. It is a team of mates


and everybody knows their job. Just shouting at them


and keeping them going. I've kind of just pictured walking


out through the tunnel, just with the massive stadium,


it's sort of hard to focus on anything else


really at the moment. It is an excellent carry


by number eight John Stewart. Obviously I'm not trying to be cocky


or anything but I think if we could play how we play day in,


day out, we will be OK. The number eight may marshal


the forward pack but the backs also possess some special talent


and in fly-half Orlando Bailey Despite a sparkling performance


in the semifinal capped off by a hat-trick of tries,


the playmaker remains humble. Yes, it's obviously great doing it


for my mates because we're all such a close bunch,


and to sort of go out and do it for each other,


it's what it's all about, really. So the big question, is running out


on the hallowed turf enough or does We've come this far,


we want to win now. Of course it does matter


because it makes that memory You don't want to go


to Twickenham and lose. Obviously it's amazing to still play


there but to win there, If you can't wait until tomorrow


for your sport, the Plymouth Raiders match against the Bristol Flyers


is being shown live Tip-off at the Pavilions


is just after 7.30. Let's hope they can bounce


back in style after last Today is Comic Relief 2017,


and yesterday we saw BBC presenters from radio and television going head


to head in a Great British Bake Off style Cake Off challenge


to raise money for charity. Their task was to make a Victoria


sponge, and as we saw they did that with varying


degrees of success. Tonight we see them baking


and decorating their cakes and then trying to sell them to unsuspecting


students and staff at The winner is the one


who makes the most money. But as you're about to see it wasn't


quite as straightforward as that. Ladies and gentlemen,


you should think about getting I went to look at Martin's


mixture, my cake's gone. BBC Radio Cornwall


have vanished as well. We haven't thrown it


away, don't worry! Last time I baked a cake


was when I lived with my parents! Are you still getting


texts from your expert? Well, it's whether I can go home


tonight, really, isn't it? This is a moment we never


thought we'd see. It will be an improvement


from last time. This is one of those things that


you think when you've seen it on the internet it's going to be


a really good idea, and then you actually start doing it


and you realise it's not a good idea because it's really


intricate and really fiddly. David, is there


something to admit here? I gave the oven a little bit


of a shake, it looks like it might It does have quite


an alarming crack in it. Well, there's only two


words to say to that. It's going in the


bottom of the cake. Firstly let me say thank you very


much indeed to all of our presenters for throwing themselves into this


task with such gusto. It's very clear that some


of you spend an awful lot of time in the kitchen baking,


some of you perhaps less so. I think the most spectacular cake


and I think the one that's probably It looks like fantastic fun. Mel


Osborne's cake looked fantastic. And in true Oscar style


BBC Radio Cornwall's Mel Osborne wasn't the winner


- it was... The whole aim of the game was to


sell the cake and make the most money. My cake was rubbish but I


sold it all! Julia looked lethal with a palette knife. Three palette


knives under the cake! I couldn't possibly say is. It is very nice.


Congratulations on your win. You shouldn't eat cake just before


the weather. I want to see that all eaten up by


the time I get back. It looks like we will see some


lovely weather for the afternoon. If you have jobs queued up for the


garden, this is the weekend to do it. You may have to wrap up more


warmly than looking out the window suggests because we have blue sky


but a keen wind from the east. It will be windy, especially tomorrow,


and rather chilly at night but during the daytime it will feel


rather pleasant out of the breeze. The cloud we have seen today is


melting away from us so we have high pressure coming our wafer the


weekend. It looks like we will see the cloud in the South sink slowly


away from us. -- high pressure coming our way. We are on the edge


of the high pressure so it squeezes the isobars are bit so it is likely


to be windy on Saturday and Sunday, not so much on Sunday. By the early


part of next week we start to see low pressure getting closer so only


really for the weekend and into Monday before the low pressure


brings more cloud. That was the cloud we saw earlier today. It looks


like it is breaking up quite nicely now. It will continue to move


westwards and the skies are largely clear tonight. Ordinarily we could


see a frost because of that but there is enough of a breeze to keep


the air moving. A few places will C temperatures close to freezing,


particularly for Northern Devon and parts of Somerset. -- will see


temperatures. Tomorrow we have a blustery day but a fine day. Plenty


of sunshine, in fact almost unbroken for most of us, just a bit of patchy


cloud floating past. Winds from the north-east or East, strong at times


and quite dusty, especially over the high ground of Dartmoor, Exmoor and


Bodmin Moor. We could get pretty good temperatures but the wind will


hold those down. 14, 15 possible to stub out anywhere away from the wind


but along the coast not so warm. -- possible just about anywhere. It


will be a blustery day for the Isles of Scilly, fine weather but a bit


breezy with a top temperature of 11 or 12. Onto the times of high water.


Penzance, 2:36am and 15:01pm. For the surface, not a huge wave, the


winds will whip up the seas are bit but most of our main surfing


beaches, no more than two or three feet and predominantly clean. There


is the coastal waters forecast, the winds from the east or north-east,


five to six but occasionally seven through the English Channel.


Generally fair with a bit of a haze. On Saturday night the clocks go


forward and our so I think that means we lose an hour's sleep as we


move into Sunday. Sunday's forecast is bright and dry, a wee bit more


cloud coming our way on Sunday. By Monday and Tuesday the winds start


to change direction, southerly and south-westerly winds and the threat


of a few more showers later in the day. I will have to remind myself


not to eat cake before I do broadcast this time.


It was very nice, could have done with a cup of tea.


From seven o'clock this evening we have more from Red Nose Day. Good




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