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These are tonight's headlines... so it's goodbye from me,


With one week to go, there are calls to delay Guernsey's


It is not all sweetness and light as far as Alderney is concerned.


Alderney tourism gets a boost from books -


Literary festival proves a hit with authors.


Beautiful, it's peaceful, full of history, what is not to like?


Jersey Reds beat the odds and brought London Irish's winning


streak to an end. And after the fabulous sunshine of


today, it is starting to change it towards the middle of the week with


low pressure taking charge. In between, some usable weather.


Details later in the programme. With one week till it becomes law -


there are new attempts to delay Guernsey's Population Management


regime. The States convenes on Wednesday


to approve the legislation. The proposals include introducing


a new permit system for workers - the length of the permits depend


on the type of job. The longest for roles such


as nurses, social workers and some The business sector have criticised


the plans saying it'll impact on migrant workers


that the industry relies on. But it'll also impact on those


wanting to move within the Bailiwick from Alderney and Sark to Guernsey -


they'll have to have 14 years residency in the Bailiwick,


have lived there with parents before And if they want to move


to Guernsey for education, they have to prove they've been


offered a place on a course. Deputy Peter Roffey described


the proposals as ludicrously restrictive for youngsters


in Alderney and Sark - Children that were either born there


or brought up there will not only have to wait 40 years before they


can either train or work in Guernsey, they were also only be


able to take jobs for which unemployment permit would be granted


anyway for somebody outside the Bailiwick. I don't think that will


be much of a special place for families in the communities within


the Bailiwick. It should be less restrictive. Do you think the


younger generation are getting a raw deal? I think they are. I am not


trying to courage anybody to leave trying to


and Alderney and Sark, but it and Alderney and Sark, but it


worries me when people pursue a career that is not available there,


we are pushing them right out and saying go to the UK and pursue your


career there. I don't think that is career


While you may disagree with the While you may disagree with the


proposals, the president for the Committee for Home Affairs, Mary


Lowe, says that the agreement has been made with the Alderney States


on behalf of the people Alderney. She may say that, as she may be


right. I haven't seen the correspondence. All I know is that


an Alderney representative who sits in the Guernsey States says that is


not correct. Another letter is going to follow, spelling that out. And he


is supporting my amendment. That shows it is not all sweetness and


light as far as Alderney is concerned and we would like to see a


better deal. Guernsey's government say changes


in the way doctor's notes are handled are helping employers


deal more effectively The Social Security department


brought in a new sickness certificate and capability


assessments in 2015, with the aim of trying to get people


back to work sooner. The head of operations says


ultimately they're trying There will be saving, obviously. If


we return people to work more quickly, there will be less sickness


benefits paid out. But the saving is more for the employer than for


ourselves because it is expensive to have people off work.


Tougher penalties for failing to submit tax returns on time


As part of a wider review into the tax system,


the Treasury Department is asking for the public's views


on whether interest should be charged on late tax payments,


and whether there should be fines for providing


Most jurisdictions have a range of penalties for Mr declaration is, for


example, without going to court, that is not available to the tax


office in Jersey. There is no civil route, which is easier. We are


trying to rearrange how we manage the tax office so that what is due


is paid and paid on time. Tourism bosses in Alderney


say the industry's been boosted by the third annual


Literary Festival that took Award-winning authors


from across the UK were in Alderney for book signings and talks


on the theme of historical fiction. Alderney - home to WW2,


Victorian and Tudor era fortresses. And, fittingly, to an annual


historical literary festival. Over the weekend, fans of the genre


enjoyed talks by writers on a range of historical settings -


from early 19th century detective thrillers,


to Roman medical mysteries; from Eleanor of Aquitaine


to Wallace Simpson. For many of the writers,


it was their first time in Alderney It has been on the bucket list


four-year is. We have friends who have been saying, you must go, and


we have not had a chance to it. -- on the bucket list for years. I


can't imagine why it has taken me so long to get here. It is beautiful,


full of history, what is not to like? It is the richness of a


history which crashes back from today until the Roman days. Islands


are always fascinating communities. As the writer # As a writer, the


idea of a small number of people held together in a small


geographical space is always fascinating.


Since it began back in 2015, the festival has brought over around


a dozen authors a year, this year from as far


And it attracts more than 200 visitors from the UK


and the Channel Islands, mostly locals but around 30 to 40


from the other CI and UK, though organisers say expensive


and limited flights mean the numbers are lower than they could be.


Nevertheless, tourism bosses say the festival is a big help


It brings people doing the shoulder months and even before the season


starts. We have seen a clear increase of visitors this week at


the tourism office. So it is all very exciting.


Organisers hope to bring authors over from further afield next year,


to raise Alderney's profile in the world of literary festivals


and to try to encourage more people to visit the island.


A Guernsey charity has named a property it owns in Southampton


as Aggie's Burrow in memory of local schoolgirl Aggie Nicolle.


The Priaulx Premature Baby Foundation offers parents


a comfortable place to stay while their children


Aggie died last year from a rare type of cancer called neuroblastoma.


Today her old school, Vauvert, also unveiled a special


garden its created in its grounds to celebrate her life.


Aggie's parents say it'll be a happy place for all


I know she would be very proud to have this dedicated to her. And it


is a present for the children as well. Just to have positive memories


rather than to feel sad. Very important for us. It is a place


where all the children can come through lessons and through break


times as well. The illegal dumping of rubbish


is to be closely monitored More than ?8,000 was spent


last year clearing up after flytippers and now,


as more resources are being invested in finding those who dump rubbish,


tougher penalties could Turning to sport now -


and Jersey Reds has pulled off one of its greatest wins -


beating this season's undefeated Championship leaders,


London Irish, at St Peter. The victory came just after news


that the club's former chairman Julie Flanagan has


more from St Peters. On Saturday, more than 3000 fans,


half of this stadium, watch Jersey Reds triumph over London Irish.


Here's the chairman, Mark Morgan. What an incredible achievement!


Amazing. Given the level that the club is playing at, as greatest


achievement. After that win, the sad news that the man who brought


professionalism to the club, Chris Scott, has died? Yes, I personally


played with Chris throughout the 80s and it is a big loss for the club.


He will be sorely missed. Looking ahead to next Sunday, London Irish


in the cup semifinal? Yes. They're been using the squad to give players


a bit of a run out, the younger ones. But after this, they may


change tack but whoever it is, bring it on, we are ready. Good luck and


we will be following Jersey Reds next weekend.


Football - and Alderney missed out on the Muratti final


It was 0-0 going into the last few minutes but three injury-time goals


sent Jersey into a 2-1 lead, knocking Alderney out.


It means Guernsey will face Jersey in the Muratti final.


It's a glorious day in the island and the weekend wasn't bad, either.


I was tempted to get the garden furniture out.


I don't think so, Charlie. Get it out. It is shorts weather. 17


degrees. This time last week, maximum temperature was 9 degrees.


So certainly, spring weather. Another glorious shot taken of


Guernsey. Slightly higher temperatures by Thursday and then it


starts to cool down and by the time we get to the weekend, temperatures


are lower. So at the moment we still have the area of high pressure but


that is weakening. One weather front will clipless during the day


tomorrow. Not much on it apart from a layer of cloud and a few showers.


We stay on the edge of the area of high pressure which keeps most of


the more persistent rain out to the west of us. The chance of a few


showers throughout this week and by Thursday, we are drawing in some


warm air from Spain and Portugal which lifts temperatures. Pretty


high temperatures, the warmth across parts of Spain and Portugal could be


up at 90 degrees or 20 degrees. Not quite so much for us, perhaps 17 or


with some cloud around. The with some cloud around. The


temperatures will get into single figures. Patchy cloud. Tomorrow is


not a bad day. It may be that we have sunny spells until we start to


see that line of cloud arrived, and produce some showers in the


afternoon. Temperatures between 13 degrees and 15 degrees. These are


your times of high water. The ways are not big. This is the coastal


waters forecast. -- the waves are not big. Some warmth on Thursday.


And then colder on Friday, into Saturday. Have a good evening.


That is your news from the Channel Islands. I will be back with a


summary at 8pm and then at 10:25pm. in Devon which has proved


the animals' natural It could save millions of pounds


on other high-tech solutions, and as Adrian Campbell reports,


in a region which has suffered its fair share


of flooding over the years, the results make for


interesting conclusions. The return of beavers


to the River Otter in East Devon has But in another part of Devon,


at a secret location sealed off by electric fencing,


another group of beavers The results of their hard work over


the past six years can There has been a dramatic change


in the landscape where they have been living and working,


with the creation of a network This is one of 13 dams along a 200


metre stretch of this watercourse and you can see there is evidence of


recent activity here by the beavers. When you look closely you can see


how big and deep V stands are becoming. Research is from the


University of Exeter have been monitoring the way the beavers have


changed the watercourse. The black lines represent the new dams and the


area of blue our new pools. You can see that damn that runs along the


face there. Mark Elliott says this project has shown how beavers can


provide cost-effective flood defences. When water surges in


during a flood, those palms and the dams hold the water back and it


comes back here much slower as the dams are slowing the flow of flood


water. It can only help to reduce the speed of flood water coming down


into the communities that live in into the communities that live in


the lower part of the catchment. The University of Exeter's data shows


flooding can be slowed by beavers. The chopping down of trees and


building of dams seems to work. Conservationists are keen to


persuade politicians that areas of flooding might benefit from this


type of natural engineering. David's here with the weather later


and he's making the most Not that way, this way. We find out


about the exciting future of bounty's and. And join me as we try


to identify how many types of daffodils there are on the tame are


badly. It's time for the sport now -


and there was a lot Just three wins from their last


seven games is all Plymouth Argyle need to guarantee


promotion from League Two. Victory over league leaders


Doncaster has also thrown the title Exeter City are one of the teams


in the chasing pack and they produced an incredible late


comeback in the South West derby with Yeovil,


as Andy Birkett reports. The childhood friendship


between Darren Ferguson and Derek Adams was put on hold


when their teams met on Sunday, and the home side being denied


an early penalty did nothing to improve the atmosphere


in the dugout. Then it was down to skipper


Luke McCormick to keep denying them. First, a reaction


save from close range. Then more of a team effort to clear


this shot off the line. It's not the number of chances


you create that people remember. It's the number of chances you take


and Argyle took theirs. Sonny Bradley left unmarked


at the back post and his bullet There was some more nervy moments,


but the defence held firm. The only thing to hit


the back of the Argyle The win narrows the gap


at the top to three points, but more importantly it means


the gap between them You've got to be a bit careful


about ccelebrating too early. As Yeovil found out


at St James Park. It took an hour for this match


to come alive and before the Glovers move it,


they were two up. You could be forgiven


for thinking it was all over. However, on the stroke of full-time


the unthinkable happened. In just 238 seconds,


Exeter scored three goals. It probably took radio


Devon's Alan Richardson a little bit longer to get his heart


rate back down. The shot has latched onto the post


and into the back of the net and City do get one back


very late on. They've committed everybody


forward for this corner. And it's a header and


City has another one! It is Exeter City's


3, Yeovil Town 3. That result has kept Exeter City


in the last of the play-off Who knows how important that point


might be at the end of the season. The Exeter Chiefs staged


a decent comeback to beat The win boosts their hopes


of securing a home semifinal Despite an early Kai Horstmann try,


the Chiefs found themselves 14 Then Luke Cowan-Dickie,


Olly Woodburn and Don Armand crossed Conditions at Sandy Park


were blustery and played their part. For a while, Exeter were level


on points with leaders Wasps, but are still in second place


after Wasps won yesterday. There are four games


left, so their destiny And all our other rugby sides


won too, so well done to The Cornish Pirates,


Jersey and Plymouth Albion. The Plymouth Raiders came out on top


of a game that has huge implications They brought south-west rivals


Bristol Flyers down to earth They needed to bounce back from last


weekend's trophy final defeat and did it in style in front


of a home crowd at the Pavilions. A win for Bristol would have put


the two teams level in the league, but it's the Raiders who pull away


from their rivals with the important Getting to the business end


of everyone's season now - All to play for. Exactly. I hope


Alan Richardson is resting his voice!


Now, you may remember a while ago we spoke with international


professional sailor Conrad Humphreys about his epic 4,000 mile


He had been part of the TV series Mutiny, which recreated


the conditions of Captain Bligh's crew as they were


Now, as the series comes to an end, Johnny Rutherford has been


discovering what the replica boat, now belonging to Conrad,


More to starboard. Are you sure? Come on. When are you going to let


me have it out on the water? Who survived in this? It is remarkable


when you stand here and think, seven metres long, nine of us, a metre of


space each, this is what we lived on for 60 days. And the rough sea


conditions matched Captain Bligh's journey. Nine men crammed into this


boat as part of a reality TV series. Conrad Humphreys now owns the


vessel. Get in and have a sleep. This is where I would have been


sleeping. Pull yourself in. You lie down like that, feet that end. And


there were certainly plenty of waves. Surviving on the same small


rations as Captain Bligh's crew, Conrad and his team struggled. The


hardest thing was dehydration. Paul the barn out. We planned on two


litres a day but by the end we were down to half a litre a day. You


survived but what are you going to do with the boat? IM with the bounty


project and the idea is to put it back on the water with young,


disadvantaged and disabled children. A chance to experience a little bit


of Captain Bligh magic. You can also go off and visit schools. That


includes talks this week at Exeter and Plymouth universities. From the


South Pacific to the seas of the Southwest.


Now, do you know the difference between your paperwhites,


Well, they're all different types of daffodils and a group


of volunteers in the Tamar Valley have been taught how


It's all part of the Heralds of Spring project


and as Heidi Davey's been finding out, the group have been


using their new skills to record the different varieties.


There are thousands of different types of daffodils, but trying


to find out what thrives where, that is the tricky bit.


Thanks to funding from the Heritage Lottery,


a survey is now underway in the Tamar Valley to look


People don't necessarily need to know what they are.


As long as we can photograph them and we can get the measurements


and the total colours and everything, then we can go


to a local expert who has more of an idea of what they all are.


We were saying earlier that these could date back 30-odd years,


We have one local landowner who thinks there are over 60


varieties on his land and, of course, they were grubbed up


And for the volunteers, it has been back to the classroom


to learn how they can help preserve this area of outstanding


I wanted to find out more about them and particularly


We are trying to find older ones, so bit by bit, we're learning


which are the modern-looking ones, which are the older-looking ones.


That particularly has a lovely long trumpet.


And the petals as well, the way they are starred.


It is those beautiful characteristics that make daffodils


just so popular over the centuries, summed up best, of course,


"I wandered lonely as a cloud, that floats on high over vales and hills,


"when all at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils."


Gorgeous! Beautiful! A real sign of spring. Because it does feel like


spring, we thought we would elevate David to the roof of the studios.


Good evening. You are not seeing me right now because we thought we


would show you the view out towards Plymouth. It is a bit bracing up


here, there is a cold wind from the East but the sunshine has been


glorious today and we have had temperatures of 16, 17 degrees. This


is from one side of Plymouth Sound. This is from the other leg and we


have had some lovely sunshine today. That sunshine is pretty hazy, there


has been quite thick haze right across the Southwest and there is a


fair amount of medium and high level cloud coming into night but for many


of us, a lovely end to the day. The forecast for the next couple of days


is to see a bit of a change. These were the scenes from earlier today,


down in Cornwall where we had some Boreas sunshine. Some lovely


sunshine across other parts of Cornwall, into Devon. The sunshine


continues to be pretty good for the last hour before the sun sets, but


overnight tonight we will see more cloud coming up from the south and


the sunshine is bringing out the flowers. This week it is unsettled.


There will be some showers dotted around and towards the end of the


week, it will turn colder. The veil of cloud that is approaching from


the West, it is a long way off and it will get closer through the night


to come, introducing more cloud. A week weather front will drift past


us, a few showers associated with that, right conditions in the


afternoon tomorrow but by Wednesday and Thursday, more unsettled


conditions. Winds from the Southwest and the chance of outbreaks of rain.


Until the cold front goes through on Friday, some warmth still with us as


that continues this evening and been unbroken sunshine


that continues this evening and through the night to come, until the


will arrive in the West and that will arrive in the West and


might be capable of producing a few showers. Overnight temperatures of


five or 6 degrees across parts of Somerset and Dorset, most of us


holding up at 7 degrees. A few showers in the morning but brighter


tomorrow afternoon. Temperatures up to 15, 16 degrees. For the Isles of


Scilly, there is thick cloud capable of producing a few spots of rain


especially during the latter part of the day. There are our times of high


water. Those times are in British summer Time and for our surface, the


north coast will be rather choppy. We are seeing some choppy sea


conditions developing and the winds increase and they could be well


backed up to a force five or six. Some warmth still until we get to


the end of the week when we start to see a few showers, especially on


Friday and into Saturday. From the roof here, back to that one studio.


Thank you, David. It looks very nice there. Nice to end the programme


with lighter evenings. From all of us here, good night.


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