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Welcome to BBC Channel Islands on Friday, March 31st.


No day trips from Guernsey to Jersey this summer -


now there are calls for a dedicated inter island service.


If you are going to pay that kind of money you want the full days. It is


not enough time to do what you would want to do.


We go behind the doors of Jersey's old police station.


We're taking you back to the 80's with some of Bergerac's memories.


And I think April will start true to form, April showers for the weekend


ahead and feeling just a little bit cooler with dryness on Sunday.


there won't be any opportunities for people in Guernsey


to travel by ferry and spend the whole day on Jersey.


Condor's timetables only allow Guernsey customers to travel


to their sister island for the afternoon.


The States say they want other providers to come


forward and offer to run a dedicated inter-island service.


To appreciate the beauty of the Channel Islands,


It's advice many of us have given - like Condor ferries who offer day


trips with a difference on their website.


But this summer for Guernsey locals and tourists alike -


it might not be so easy to experience other islands -


As you can't spend more than an afternoon on Jersey.


The committee of economic development did not


It is debatable what a day trip compromises of.


Condor would argue that going out on the Liberation,


spending three to four hours on our sister island and returning


Condor would argue that going out on the Liberation,


spending three to four hours on our sister island and returning


Personally I do not feel that's a day trip.


From the beginning of June to the end of August,


there are just 12 days when you can spend over


five hours on Jersey - with the longest amount of time


On those days all crossings leave after midday.


And for a family of four taking their car over -


it'll still set you back almost ?200.


If you are going to pay that kind of money you want the full day,


everything included and you're not getting that you're not getting your


money 's worth. It is not enough time to do what you would want to


do, personally I would go and make it. It needs a more user-friendly


timetable. You can get more time in Jersey. People would go for leisure


purposes. But Condor say their timetable just


isn't designed to only And a feaseability study last year


found that a dedicated inter-island service wouldn't be financially


viable for them as there Yet the states believe


there is a market for a smaller passenger only ferry service


and are urging companies who may be interested in running


one to come forward. Jessica Banham, BBC


Channel Islands News, Guernsey. You've been in touch


and have plenty to say. On Facebook, Lisa said the longest


land time she's seen on the Condor schedule is about 6 hours,


take off check in time And Richard called to tell us


he thinks it would boost tourism to have frequent boats


back and forth. Finally, Charlie wrote online


that we need a ferry operator who can give us what we need,


not what they want. If you have a comment to make


on that story or anything else. You can do so on facebook @BBCCINEWS


or drop us an email [email protected] Guernsey's new Population Law


will come into effect on Monday. The island's politicians


passed the last of the new This included capping the number


of Open Market properties that could be used for multi occupancy


use at two hundred and five. All aspects of the new law


and its effects will be subject to a review by the States,


with a report due back Meanwhile States owned company


Andium Homes has today purchased the Robin Hood site in Jersey


to build affordable housing. The site at corner of Trinity Hill


and Springfield Road has been un-developed for a number of years


since the former Robin Hood Andium Homes will be tidying up


the site as a priority and will Out of touch with


the people of Jersey. That's the reaction of Deputy Sam


Mezec to the Chief Minister's claims that the gap between the rich


and poor is shrinking. Senator Ian Gorst said the number


of people on low incomes in Jersey is falling -


but a number of politicians and the States statistics departmeny


say the opposite is true and Deputy Mezec says


he should admit he was wrong. When a politician says something


that turns out to be untrue, it would be a real sign


of leadership to hold your hands up and apologise but the Chief Minister


so far has indicated that he doesn't want to do that and I think that's


a sign of bad leadership, really. It's been the headquarters


for Jersey Police for over half a century -


but now they've moved into their new station


on Green Street, what does the future hold for the worn,


and unfit for purpose We've been allowed in with our


cameras and given access It's been a safe and secure


place for over 50 years From housing evidence


in the archive library to reading suspects their rights


at the custody desk. But even though it still holds


historic memorabilia from Jersey's policing past -


it's now it's dissembled, Questions are being asked


on what can a former secondary school showing signs of its age


and a listed building that's been adapted for specialist police


facilities be used for? What we do with the remainder


of the site, particulary the cells - they are large concreate blocks


attached to the granite building, they really arent very easy things


to deal with so we need to a little bit more work looking


at the feesability of the site. Which has to incorporate one


emergency service that's not The Fire service have been


a neighbour of the police throughout the period of the police being here,


they'll remain so in the future so we need to have an eye


to the fire service needs but also what we can do with the buildings -


we have a school next door, Rouge Bouillon primary school,


it's tight for space and its something we'll work


with the fire chief, with the education department


and the school to ensure that we've got a future that adds value


to all of those functions within the walls of the police


interview rooms could be replaced with the sounds of school children


as the doors of Jersey's old police station are closed


for the final time. Sport now - Last weekend


Jersey Reds pulled off one of their greatest wins -


beating this season's undefeated This Sunday both teams will be


squaring up once more for semi-final tie in the British Irish Cup


at Reading's Madejski Jersey Reds could make history


if they reach the final. BBC Radio Jersey will have coverage


on Sportscene this Sunday. It's a massive weekend


for Jersey Netball with On Sunday is that crucial last


National Premiership 2 League match, when Team Jets play


Premier Romans in Bristol. A win for Jersey is necessary,


if they're to be sure of avoiding Guernsey Archery will be taking


a mix of experience to the 2017 Steve Yates and Chris Massey will be


managing the teams which include previous medal winners and three


making their debut. At the last Games in Jersey,


they won a total of eight medals - two gold, three silver and three


bronze -and are hoping to bring home their biggest ever


medal tally this year. A network of German tunnels


and rooms hidden below a Guernsey All this is underneath the Mirus


Battery at La Hougette Primary. It's been closed off


to the public for decades, but volunteers will begin to clear


the site tomorrow. It's hoped eventually it'll


open again for tourists, One of the things we want to do in


getting it open again is allowing people to come in here and feel the


atmosphere because anyone who has ever been down here, you get a sense


of history and it is living history which unfortunately more and more we


lose that so it is the opportunity to have living history and


experience it. That is quite a clean-up job.


Today was a glorious day of sunshine, will it hold out for the


weekend? Let's find out. It looks like we're going to see


quite a mixture of this weekend, plenty of showers around Baghdad


tomorrow, April will show us just at the weekend. Some sunny spells, a


little bit cooler but of the two days of the weekend Sunday is the


better day. We have an area of low pressure which is pretty much living


reasonably close to his overnight and, that keeps the shower activity


going. Until the ridge of high pressure follows, that will be


across us for the middle of the day on Sunday so Sunday is a much more


settled then, we should see some sunshine. It will feel cooler. Rain


overnight tonight, gradually moving away and what will replace it is a


scattering of showers by dawn tomorrow morning, and for tomorrow


there will be some sunshine. At the same time they will also be a few


showers, going slowly changing directions of the day coming west


and the north-westerly. I am hopefully get sunshine but every now


and then the day is spoiled by a sharp shower of just 12 degrees, the


maximum temperature. There are times of high water, incident earlier that


is 1017 and 20 to 34, at St Peter Port it is entity for, 20 to surfers


the reaches will be choppy, the ones turning Westerly the north-westerly.


The coastal waters forecast the winds Westerly giving


north-westerly, four but occasionally five isolated showers,


mainly good visibility. So the forecast for the rest of the weekend


and into next week looks promising. It also looks warmer. On Sunday


after a court might first thing on Sunday morning averages into single


figures. We should get some sunshine on Sunday and Monday is the same.


Monday night is a very weak weather front but it won't produce very


much, just the risk of a few showers and Mondays temperatures will be


higher with southerly winds of 14 or 15 degrees. Rate into Tuesday of


next week. Have a nice weekend. Finally, what


do you think of when you hear this? It was the decade of big hair,


shoulder pads and big personalities. 'Bergerac's Island -


Jersey in the 1980s' is a major exhibition opening this weekend


at Jersey's museum. Julie Flanagan with a car I most


definitely recognise. It's iconic 80's Jersey isn't it -


perfect for this exhibition. You can't explore that decade


here without mentioning John Nettles - what memories does


this beautiful triumph bring back? John has been talking to us and


everyone here who is celebrating everything they remember about the


80s. The clouds, the bright jackets, the daycare, the music, thinking


about the Walkmans and the videos and everything that makes the 80s


what it was. We have a few shell suits ran the corner and some people


in the background here who are just taking a step down memory lane.


Trying to remember everything about that decade that they loved and


loathed. At the moment we can see everything that was just Jersey in


the 80s, the region, the upper house, the visual art and we look at


every aspect of Jersey, Caesar's Palace, everything that may Jersey


was. People here, some of them have come dressed in 80s fashion. For


example Princess Diana 's wedding dresses down there and you can see


this exhibition when it opens to the public tomorrow.


Thank you, Julie. You go and find Bergerac follows and get an


interview! We will try and talk to him and bring you that in the late


news tonight. You are up-to-date with the latest


news for the Channel Islands, I will be back with your headline that if


the clock. And again at 10:30 p.m.. Tell then I leave you with


Spotlight. Good night. the 30th anniversary


of the Cornwall air ambulance. And if you thought the big race at


Chilton was two weeks ago. Find out why when we hear from this intrepid


11-year-old later in the programme. -- race at Cheltenham.


30 years ago this weekend, Cornwall's air


ambulance took to the skies for the very first time.


The charity has just announced plans to fundraise for a new,


The air ambulance is called out to around 700


David George reports from on board Heli-Med Zero One.


The callsign has always been Heli-Med Zero One because it was the


first air ambulance in Britain. Today, the charity which runs it has


two aircraft. They are paid for through charity donations. They cost


around ?5 million a year. Priceless, if you are the mum of the theory


year old who is unconscious. -- three-year-old. We live far so to be


able to get into the referred, it is four minutes by air ambulance. It


makes all the difference. Today, there are 20 air Ambulance Services


in Britain but Cornwall led the way. Cornwall's was known as the first


air ambulance. The service started on April one, 1987, the first ever


all out was to west Cornwall. A young lady had jumped off rocks,


spinal injury, and from far West Cornwall, the ambulance was able to


deliver her to City Hospital. As we landed, she said this is a


marvellous service, how long have you been going? And my colleague


looked at his watch and said since about eight 30 AM this morning.


Heli-Med Zero One have carried out many missions, saving lives and


ringing help to people in inaccessible places. A car stopped


in the road in front of me and without any warning hit me, ran over


me, literally. The next thing I know, I'm being airlifted. The guys


did a ruined, good job. If it wasn't there, I wouldn't be here. They


literally saved my life. This vehicle can bring a great deal of


speed, critical care, get the patient to hospital rapidly, and the


joy is being able to bring relief to someone in a stressful as duration


and help them out. The focus is to replace this aircraft with new ones


that are bigger, faster, and can operate at night. A marvellous


sight. I can't believe it is 30 years of it


was so special. To the sport now and England's


men may have missed out on a Six Nations Grand Slam


but the women didn't disappoint. with a 70% increase in playing


numbers in the last three years. While the adult game


seems to be thriving, the girls' game is still


having a few teething problems, as Andy Birkett


found out when he went along to joint training session


involving three teams. Since England's women's team won the


World Cup in 24 team, there has been a spike in the number of women and


girls playing rugby. There is still a way to go. Plenty of teams want to


set up but not enough players to go around. You end up with this, three


teams training together. Numbers have grown but they still know when


near where we need them. My daughter was in a team with another team 80


miles apart. These three tie -- teams don't have a full side so it


is a pop-up battle all the time and girls rugby. It is a battle be


rescue is determined to win. Across the country, there are 300 clubs


with women's teams. The aim is to double the players. Role models


always help and this former player is a great example of how quickly


you can progress. The main thing that got me into it was the


environment that comes with it, the spirit of the game, everything at


each shoe on and off the pitch plays a huge role in not only how you play


as a player but also lifestyle, health and well-being. Now 18, she


has recently moved into senior rugby and she is already a star. All this


after just taking up the sport years ago. A special moment, not only


wearing the shirt for the first time. Any time you get to put it on,


it is a very proud moment. It can happen to anyone, not just myself.


If you are still not convinced it is for you. Various position for every


goal of every shape, size in rugby. From the men's rugby to the men's


game and Plymouth Albion will be heading north this weekend to take


on Macclesfield. A win there will go somewhere to cementing their place


as runners-up. For the rest, cup rugby. Jersey are still fighting in


the British and I are cups. Their reward is a trip to London Irish on


Sunday and in the last four. Back to league is this for our footballers.


Plymouth Argyle and promoted just yet but they are almost there. The


manager is getting too carried away. We are trying to push on now and


trying to get to win the title, if we possibly can. We are three points


behind Doncaster. 13 points ahead of fourth position but we still have a


lot of work to do. We have a team on Saturday that are coming and are


brimming in confidence and we will have to be in good form. The


play-off places are still wide open with Exeter occupying the last of


the spots after a comeback against Yeovil. The brothers can beat


Carlisle, the side below them, but they have to beat Mansfield, another


side with their eye on promotion. It is exciting. Take you back to the


end of November when we were bottom of the league, this is a pretty good


situation and we can decide or choose to be stressed and anxious


about this or we can enjoy it and march into it and make the most of


it and I think we will do the latter. Best of luck to Cornwall's


under 18 footballers who are taking part in the cup final this weekend.


They have had to battle through four rounds to get there. They have been


entering this condition since 1944 so you might be surprised to hear it


is the first time they have reached the final. That all sex await in


Barnet. -- Middlesex await in Barnet. A good omen. Staying on the


sporty theme. And congratulations to 13-year-old


Siam Juntakeret from Bodmin who finished his cycle


across Australia today. He did the three thousand


mile trip in 28 days - smashing the previous record


of 44 days. He's now in Freemantle


having started in Sydney He's due back in Cornwall next week


when we hope to catch up with him. He really did smashed the record. 28


days, compared to 44. He has done really well but he is tired now. He


is having a sleep so hope Lee we will get to see him next week.


An 11-year-old Devon schoolboy is just moments away from completing


a unique challenge which has so far raised ?8,000 for charity.


James Clarkson has spent all week running around every National Hunt


It's about 50 miles in distance on challenging ground.


Today, he took on the World famous Cheltenham Gold Cup course


In racing, it is all about being one of these. And nowhere more so than


here at Cheltenham, the home of jumping. And they are off.


Supporters and family join James Clarkson in this special leg of his


charity challenge. The 11-year-old tramp up the idea to raise money for


the injured jockeys fund. More than half way around, Cheltenham hill is


still to come. It is Cheltenham so the excitement is fuelling my legs.


This whole challenge started on Monday at Lingfield and while James


has done the running, his dad has been clocking up the miles driving.


By tonight, it will be 34 courses covered. Range free was the


highlight. -- Aintree. Once the finish line has been passed at


Newton Abbey. It is the closing stages of the near two mile trip and


James is hanging in there. One more push and he is over the line. It


will be pretty cool when 60,000 people are screaming at you but yes,


it is quite tough as well. A couple of hours later and it is his home


track of Taunton. This morning, he got legendary -- messages from the


legendary AP McCoy. I have enjoyed it but I haven't enjoyed getting up


at 6:15am every morning. I will look forward to a lion. His own idea, and


for a good cause. No doubt, he will be off to the winners enclosure.


Great stuff. I didn't see Hamish doing any running. I was wondering


if he went over the fences at Aintree. James has one more race to


run at Newton Abbey this evening and we will let you know how he got on


in our late news. He looked very confident. Let's find out what the


going will be like? A nice evening? Not really but a bit of rain will


not stop him. April showers, really, is what we are going to see which


this weekend but only for Saturday because come Sunday, high pressure


comes in, settles down and brings the Sunshine backed out. Chilly and


I time, fine on Sunday. Sunday is the better day of the two days. At


the moment, we have cloud close by which will give outbreaks of rain


this evening. This speckled cloud of the West of Ireland, that is


tomorrow's weather, a load of showers tucked in there. All this


blue sky out here, that is Sunday's weather coming in. Not for tomorrow,


though, it won't arrive until tomorrow night. For tomorrow, we've


got showers. The risk of head and thunder, and then a ridge of high


pressure coming in. Settling things down quite nicely on Sunday. A big


chilly at night but it should be fine jewel in the daytime and high


pressure stays reasonably close by for Monday, too. This weather front


approaches from the West but that will be overnight feature. Here is


the pick just from earlier today. -- picture from earlier today. Rain for


much of the day across Cornwall. Brighter weather further east. Let's


take you down to Newlyn where there was rather level skies tonight --


today, and the showers have been coming and going throughout the day


today and the breeze has picked up, it has been a southerly wind today.


Quite strong and times. Now, outbreaks of more persistent rain


arriving. Hopefully, some karma seems spot our fishermen arriving.


The forecast for tonight is to take this area of rain and push it right


across the south-west of England, it will take time as it moves through.


All of us seeing some rain, some of it moderate. By the morning, it will


have cleared out of the way. We are left with a scattering of showers,


some capable of producing the order down pouring of rain. For tomorrow,


there will be some sunshine. The bad news is every now and then, there


will be a sharp downpour of rain. The most favourable location to keep


the sunshine for much of the day will be around them coast,


particularly the North, and here we could and with every nice day. Not


particularly warm, brisk breeze, temperatures up to 13 or 14 degrees


but there is a chill in the wind. As all that skies clear tomorrow night,


it will be cold. This is the forecast for the Isles of Scilly.


Times of high water, there they are. For our surface, the cleaner surf


will be along the south coast. The coastal waters forecast, a few


showers around but generally good visibility. The good news is we will


have a lovely day on Sunday, some patchy rain on Monday night into


Tuesday but for those on their Easter holidays next week looks all


right. Have an iced we can. Hamish 's most annoyed because he


did do some of the running. He says he ran at Cheltenham and at Taunton


so I take it all back. Well done, Hamish! Have a good weekend.


Goodbye. Giddy-up, Hamish!


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