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skies across the islands tonight. The good news is it set to continue


through the weekend and even turn a little bit warmer. Stay tuned for


the details. All 25 members of Jersey's St Helier


lifeboat crew have resigned in a dispute with the RNLI over


the sacking of the coxswain. Andy Hibbs, who's volunteered


with the charity for more than two decades, says there's


a culture of bullying. The BBC has been contacted


by another RNLI station that claims its volunteers


were also bullied. They're the emergency


services of the sea - volunteers with the RNLI regularly


risk their lives in all kinds But if there's an emergency today,


this lifeboat won't be going out Yesterday coxswain Andy Hibbs


was sacked, and his crew has He says he's being punished for


standing up for himself and them. There's all sorts of issues


obviously that I can't go into because we've got


five days to appeal. But an allegation was made


against me, it was investigated, I was found not guilty


and on the back of that investigation, quite clearly shows


that the person who made So there's serious implications all


the way through, but the thing is, at the end of the day,


myself and my crew have been put under immense pressure,


and bullied by a senior member of the RNLI through


no fault of our own. Commenting on the allegations


of bullying, the RNLI said... But having no St Helier


lifeboat crew during the hot, sunny Easter holidays poses


a health and safety concern, although lifeboats from


Guernsey and Alderney will be Jersey's harbour master says he's


confident they'll be able to respond There's a range


of options we've got. We just have to respond


appropriately, depending But I can reassure everybody that


as long as they're well prepared and properly equipped,


there's no reason at all why they shouldn't go out


to sea this weekend. A protest is planned on Sunday


to support Andy Hibbs and his crew. He has five days from Monday


to appeal against his sacking. In the meantime, this


station will remain empty. "Significant failings" contributed


to the death of an elderly woman after she fell at the


Princess Elizabeth Hospital. That's according to her family


who spoke at her inquest. There was also a second inquest held


this week after another patient died The first inquest was related to an


88-year-old admitted here in May with a fractured hip. She died after


a fall in July. An investigation couldn't establish a cause,


something her family have described as disappointing and disingenuous. A


verdict of accidental death was recorded by the coroner. But her


family feel that her confused mental state, which only developed after


being admitted here, was an indirect cause of her death. There are now


calling on health and social care to take steps to ensure the serious


deficiencies in care are addressed. The second inquest recorded a case


of accidental death for another 88 202 died following a fall in July. I


spoke to his widow today he was understandably too upset to speak on


camera. The inquest has heard how he hadn't been properly assessed. If he


had, then he would never have been left unattended. The committee for


health and social care says a new system of monitoring falls were set


up last year. Early indications are positive, they have seen a reduction


in the number. They also say that no external investigations were


required and no members of staff are subject to regulatory


investigations. More than 40 people are now


working on a murder investigation, following the death


of a woman in Jersey. Ana Maria Rebelo's body


was discovered at a Tributes are describing her


as a "bubbly" person Three days on, it's hard to believe


this is the house where 51-year-old Ana Rebelo was found


strangled to death. This sole bunch of daffodils


on the doorstep isn't A different scene on Tuesday,


when police were called to the Victoria Street property,


and later arrested a 58-year-old man, who's since been


released on bail. Today, officers say they're working


with Ana's extended family Ana was a member of the congregation


here at St Thomas's Church, where people are shocked


at her death. We were all bruised by a thing like


this, especially the Portuguese community. It is in our


neighbourhood here. This is the third such tragedy we have had in


this district in recent years. We are still shaking with that. She


always said hello, she was a smiley person. Very bubbly and energetic. A


view shared by others who met her. Pipa told us Ana was a family


friend, who always had time Rory, who works at a phone shop


where Ana was a customer, Claudia says, the last time


they met, Ana talked about how happy Investigators are continuing


forensic work in the area today, looking at CCTV footage,


social media and phone records, focusing on Ana's last known


movements, to find out what was behind the brutal act


that ended a woman's life. Sark residents calling for changes


to the island's election and voting system met with the MP in charge


of the Channel Islands' link On his first official visit


to the bailiwick, Sir Oliver Heald, who is the UK's Minister of State


for Courts and Justice, visited Sark The group Sark First say


a solution needs to be found to the political disenfranchisement


felt following uncontested Sir Oliver believes


there is democracy. They are moving rapidly in terms of


reform of their governance. I think it is obviously a good thing that


they now have a democracy and that they've made those steps forward.


Clearly it is for Sark to decide how to refine that. I would have said


that they have made some strides. This year we won't be


seeing or hearing this. The Royal air force


aerobatic team, more commonly known as the Red Arrows, will not


be in any of the Channel Islands' A clash in their event calender


mean spectators will not view their iconic colourful


performance which has been part of the event


for over half a century. They are the highlight


of the annual air display, roaring overhead to the enjoyment


of thousands of spectators. But this September, the Red Arrows


will not fly over the Channel Islands for the first


time in over 50 years - apart from the events that have been


disrupted by weather. I know from experience that


everybody stays until the end of the display to see the Red Arrows. I


hope that our replacement, whatever it may be, and I'm still working on


that, will be equally exciting and therefore people will stay until the


end as well. We will have a brilliant air display anyway, but it


is just a disappointment because of the long association with the Red


Arrows in Jersey. The team has announced its going


on a tour to Pakistan a week before the display on the 14th September


and won't be available. Visit Jersey are remaining


optimistic that their absence People come for lots of different


reasons. We have great events, the boat show, Battle of flowers, lots


of things. We have a fantastic exhibition in our museum at the


moment, Bergerac's Island. There are lots of people that come because


this is a stunning island with walking heritage, history, cycling.


We have so much to offer. At this time, the air display


is still going ahead. But without the Red Arrows,


many locals and visitors may be disappointed by the absence


of the air display finale I think they will be missed this


year. Clear skies in the islands today,


perfect for the air display. Dan, my producer Emma wants to know


is it bikni weather this weekend? Hello, Charlie. I would be turning


my bikini out, but Emma might be in luck because we could see


temperatures of maybe 21 Celsius for Jersey this weekend. Lovely blue


skies across the islands this weekend. Thank you for all of your


Weather Watcher pictures. This one taken in Sark first thing this


morning. Over the weekend disdain fine and sunny, feeling warmer than


it has even today for tomorrow and Sunday. -- over the weekend it is


staying fine and sunny. The high pressure is keeping things settled


through the week. It slips away slightly during the course of the


weekend towards the east by Sunday. We see this weather front pushing


down. It stays fine for Sunday, but by Monday that front is on and


likely to turn it cooler and cloudier. I don't think we will see


much rain on that front, generally staying dry into the next few days.


This has been the picture from the satellite radar. No rain around or


cloud either, particularly for the islands and the whole south of the


UK. Overnight tonight it stays basically with patchy cloud. A clear


night. Temperatures tonight, they made it into single figures as we


see clear skies, mist and fog patches forming towards dawn.


Fairweather first thing. Fine and bright with good sunny spells right


through the day. Temperatures reaching maybe 21 Celsius in a


Jersey. He your times of high water. Not a great deal of surf, the best


you could hope for is 2-3 feet clean waves. A richer coastal waters


forecast. The outlook is looking fine for the weekend, turning cooler


and cloudier as we head into the start of next week. Have a good


weekend, Charlie. Thanks, Dan. It looks good. They warn people of


Grouville, I will have my legs out! You're up to date with the news


from the Channel Islands. Now for the rest of the news


in the South West. Football, rugby, horse racing and


swimming in the sport. And join me later on in the programme when I'm


here at Swamp Circus, trying my hand at circus skills. I'm not doing


that! And join me and Majic as we try


and raise funds to save his sight. It's time for the sport now


and Andy's here ahead It's Grand National weekend


and this year could be a special Lizzie Kelly has already


done her bit, flying the flag with her win yesterday,


and on Saturday, it may well The trainer who's based


on the Devon-Somerset border has four horses in the race and one


of them, Vieux Lion Rouge, or old red lion, is one


of the favourites. No one knows Vieux Lion Rouge


better than Julie Bellamy. She rides him every day


at the yard near Wellington. He won both his races this season,


including one at Aintree, enhancing his credentials


for tomorrow's Grand National. It would mean so much to me


and everybody, you know. It's such a big race


and, you know, I've had runners so it would be a dream


come true, really. Jockey Tom Scudamore


will be on board tomorrow. He's never finished


better than eighth in the National, but he is from


a famous racing family. His grandfather Michael rode


the winner, Oxo, back in 1959. The horse that put


beef into his backers. I think probably between


dad, myself and my brother, you know, we've probably had 40 goes


between us, and we've only got one on the board so far, so, look,


it would be wonderful to do. You know, he's a young


horse that has improved a lot Trainer David Pipe is looking


for his second Grand National win after taking


the prize nine years ago. It's Comply Or Die


who takes the Grand National. Definitely helps me personally going


into it a little bit more relaxed. You know, my father won


it with Miinnehoma. I was very lucky to win it


in my second season as a trainer with Comply Or Die so it's


what every owner, trainer, jockey The team will leave


for Aintree at five o'clock But on Sunday, the village


hopes to be celebrating We're counting down the games now,


just six left in League Two and Plymouth Argyle could celebrate


promotion on Easter Monday, That's, of course, if they can


win their next three games. First up for them is Crawley


while Exeter City look to keep their own promotion hopes


on track against Newport The other matches see Yeovil take


on Portsmouth and Torquay travel As always, your local BBC radio


station will have all the action. There may be six football matches


left but only four games Second-placed Exeter


want to nail down that home Tomorrow, a win should be


straightforward enough against Bristol who


are propping up the table. The Chiefs ran in five tries


when the sides met earlier in the season and on Saturday


the visitors return to Sandy Park for the first time since losing


the Championship play-off in 2010. That's maybe a wee bit


down the line now. Both clubs are in two completely


different positions and, you know, obviously, Bristol


are going to be fighting They're won't be coming down


here and there are going We've got to scrap every


point as well because we want to try and finish as high up


the table as possible to give us Elsewhere, you feel it's a must win


game for the Cornish Pirates up at Doncaster if they want to keep


their hopes of reaching Closer to home and Plymouth Albion


are at the Brickfields Now it's all change


at Plymouth Leander and on Sunday the swimmers will get the chance


to impress their new head coach when they compete


in the League Cup Final in Cardiff. It's the first time Robin Armayan


has led the team on the big stage since taking over the top job


from Jon Rudd earlier this year. All good things must come to an end


and in November, after 27 years coaching swimming in


Plymouth, John Rudd announced he was leaving


the city. The highlight of his tenure


has to be the partnership with Ruta Meilutyte,


which saw the Lithuanian The club are sticking


with what they know by installing Rudd's former assistant


as the new head coach. It may sound like a bit


of a funny question, but are you quite pleased


that John has gone? No, I think, you know,


having John around was great. But at the same time,


you know, I would be lying if I didn't say it was a great


opportunity for me. His turn and his way


of doing things. These things don't happen


overnight, you know. To actually have a positive


impact, a long-term impact on this club,


it will take me a few years. And having the backing of his star


performers can only help. Like, it's been a great transition,


I think, between having John leave and have Robin


step into his position. Being in an environment


that is produced and Olympic gold medallist sort of


brings out the best out of everyone If the programme can produce


that, then other people can produce that


within the programme. With a number of swimmers heading


to the British championships in a fortnight, Robin


will still have a better idea of how likely any future Olympic


medals might be. That's all the sport and it's now


time to join Justin and Victoria who've made their way outside


to enjoy the sunshine. Thank you very much. Yes, the


sunshine, very still, lovely evening.


It's freezing! We've come outside with a very


special reason. That noise you just heard is Majic the eagle owl, and we


will find out more about Majic in a moment because he has a bit of an


eyesight problem. However, there is lots of stuff


going on around the region in the run-up to Easter. We would send BBC


radio Cornwall's David White to be circus to burn a few extra skills.


David. Yes. Now, honestly, you didn't think this was going to be me


up here, did you? Thank you, Rachel. That is Rachel who was part of Swamp


Circus down here. Lots of circus skills going on. I can roll a hip,


look at that. There is magic going on here. There is the nap on this


thankfully not so high wire. How are you doing? You stay on there! We've


got some little BB trampolines here and this is all happening under the


artistic direction of Brett Jackson who is here from Swamp Circus. What


is going on? Welcome indeed do swap circus. Easter in the cultural


centre here in Cornwall, busy partnership between the circus and


the environmental Centre and the circus runs circus will throughout


Cornwall so we have seven different clubs that happen every week


throughout Cornwall. We have a circus school where people can get a


GCSE equivalent in circus skills which is pretty amazing. And lots of


stuff going on this weekend? Lots of workshop for the book and words. It


took me forever to do that! We have trapeze, real juggling, some


tumbling going on some tumblers. Trampolines. And we teach balancing


and the big thing at the moment is physical literacy, so we have a new


Morrissey and literacy and what we are teaching is young people today


needing to learn about physical literacy. That is sort of PE, I


suppose, in all times. That is how to use your body because everyone's


on a screen a lot of the time, so we need to train them up. Chuck if you


balls around. Yes, it's really good. Brett Jackson, the director here at


Swamp Circus. There is lots of stuff happening here and around the region


as well. There are events to tell you about in Cornwall. First of all,


the arts and craft Spring fair. The Easter fair at the Saint Austell is


happening at the Merlin MS Centre tomorrow. Then in Devon, the April


dogs there is happening at all can beach. This features races and an


agility fair. Then on Saturday, is sponsored abseil at the Torbay


Hospital maternity unit in aid of the breast care unit. 1pm on


Saturday, please tell me somebody is going to be dressed as Spiderman!


That would be absently wonderful. That's about it from here at the


Swamp Circus. I am off to grab a leotard and I would have a go at


this, maybe. Magic going on there in Cornwall, Majic going on here in the


garden. With us is his handler, mind for the night, Julie. Tel is a bit


about Majic. Majic is a Western Siberian eagle owl. He is just


coming up two years old. Sadly, he has congenital cataracts, so he is


losing sight. How common is that in birds are owls? Very rare, actually.


You do not see it often at also we are very lucky that he has them.


Particularly given how young he is, so it really is a shame. What is


going to happen now? You are trying to raise money for an operation for


him. We are. We are trying to raise funds to give him a sight saving


operation. Cataracts can be removed, but obviously it is very specialised


with him being a bird of prey and anaesthetic is very challenging and


NEI operation on an animal is quite specialised to, so we are trying to


raise funds to give him the sight saving operation. Tell us about him,


he is a magnificent bird. What does he eat? In the wild he would eat


anything up to the size of a fox or a roadie. He's very capable and


would be a very capable hunter. With us, he has anything from the old


chips to mice, rats, quail, rabbit. He has a very tired. Elsewhere he


has his eye on you, by the look of it. What is his day to day routine


then? Use part of our collection at the Bird of prey Centre. We use of


flying displays, horses and experience with him. He is a very


friendly bird. He loves me be centre of attention. Given how beautiful he


is, he is quite a draw. People love to see him in the air. Given that


his eyesight is failing, it is just a lot more challenging for him and


he could live to well over 40,. So it will be worth it if you get the


money? Very much so. He is only to Mac now, so he has plenty of time.


We wish you and him well. Thank you very much for bringing him in.


Absolutely stunning, isn't he? Very beautiful. Thank you for having us.


As we said, it is a beautiful evening here so Dan is on the roof


with the weather forecast. Good thing I put on the factor 30.


You need it with a built-in solar panel like me! Let's take a look at


what has been happening today. Blue skies in Plymouth, a bit hazy but


blue sky right across the South West today. If we take a look at some


pictures from earlier today, I think we can start off in Staverton on the


South Devon where way. One of my other passions, steam trains, blue


skies here and I think it will be quite warm on the footplate over the


weekend. Off Cornwall next. He also blue skies through the day. Still


needing a wet suit, I think, if you plan to go into the sea. The sea


temperature only around 10 Celsius. Finally on our trip, let's head down


to Torquay, children here taking advantage of the centre over the


Easter break. So, also looking at some of your pictures if we animate


back, I think we can see some of your weather watcher pictures.


Starting in the east of our region, this is Dorchester in Dorset. Blue


skies here. Popping to the west to Newquay, hardly a cloud in the sky


here as well over the Channel Islands to, it is a blue skies,


hardly any clout here. For the weekend, looking very similar. Fine


and dry. For the sunshine, and it will feel warmer. A few degrees


warmer than it has over the past couple of days to as we have warm


air drying up from the south. On the satellite, you can see hardly a


cloud and the clout that we can see in an arc shape over the top of the


UK is around an area of high pressure. That is still with us into


the weekend. Slowly ebbing away to the east during the course of the


weekend, but I think it should hold things stable into Sunday. Another


fine day. We start to see a cold front pushing in from the north and


that is with us on Monday, turning things rather cloudy and cooler


again. Temperatures near to where they should be for this time of


year. One or two showers, but for most it should stay dry. Here is


what is going on through the weekend. Warm air coming up from the


south, keeping things much drier and settled. And as we look at the


satellite picture, hardly any clout in the sky as we go into this


evening, so overnight, it will turn rather chilly. Fairly light winds


too. We will see missed and fog forming tonight, particularly


further east and our temperatures falling to those of perhaps two or


three Celsius in rural parts saw the chance of Apache ground frost here.


Another chilly start of the day tomorrow. Miss and fog around but it


should burn away fairly quickly and then a fine break today. Sunshine


around and feeling a bit warmer than it has during today. I think we can


see temperatures hitting 18 or maybe 19 Celsius in some sunnier spots


away from the breeze. The Isles of Scilly also seeing a fine day.


Bright and try with sunny spells. It is cooler here due to the sea


breezes. High now coming in during the night and then again tomorrow


afternoon between 4pm and six o'clock. Not a great deal in terms


of service rendered. Perhaps two or three feet if are lucky and clean


waves. Coastal waters, occasionally forced five. Fine, good visibility.


The chance it may turn a bit poorer in any fog patches and injury, the


going is good. Dry and bright. The outlook, as I say, fine weather into


Sunday but turning cloudier and collate from Monday onwards. Back to


you on the ground. A wonderful weekend on score. Have a


lovely weekend, good night.


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