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That's all from the BBC News at Six, so it's goodbye from me


Good evening, I'm Charlie McArdle, welcome to BBC Channel Islands.


Islanders show support and call for the sacked coxwain


of St Helier's lifeboat to be reinstated.


How one survivor is encouraging us to talk about bowel cancer.


like bang. Your whole life has just changed. And you think, how many


weeks have I got or how many hours have I got?


And beating the tide to plug the holes and return one


of Guernsey's bathing beauties back to its former glory.


A former RNLI volunteer in Jersey says lives could be at risk


in the waters around St Helier if the local lifeboat


The crew walked out after the skipper was sacked


over allegedly breaching the Code of Conduct.


Hundreds of people joined a protest in St Helier yesterday,


calling for the skipper of the local lifeboat crew to be reinstated.


He was sacked last week after being accused of breaching


the RNLI's Code of Conduct, and his crew resigned


The organiser of yesterday's protest says having them back at the helm


How long would it take to train up a new crew


What they need to do is there needs to be mediation,


and what I'd ask is that Stuart Poppum, who's


the chairman of the RNLI UK, comes on a plane and comes


to Jersey, meets with our Chief Minister's Department,


who've been amazing, and resolves this situation.


Last week, Andy Hibbs said he and his men were being punished


for challenging a culture of bullying in the charity,


something that the RNLI says it's investigating.


A crew from the UK has been brought in to man the St Helier lifeboat.


The RNLI takes any allegations of bullying very seriously and that


will be investigated separately from this.


I think our main appeal at the moment is to get


the crew back in the room, have a chat with us, sit down,


A petition calling for the skipper to be reinstated has gathered


In the meantime, the RNLI is hoping the storm around


Meanwhile, Jersey's Harbour Master is stepping down, though


he says it's nothing to do with the ongoing RNLI issues.


The Ports of Jersey says Phil Buckley has tendered his


resignation for family reasons and is returning to the UK.


A teenager accused of sexually assaulting two women in Jersey has


appeared before the Magistrates' Court.


The 16-year-old, who can't be named for legal reasons,


is charged with sexually assaulting a woman in St Brelade on Friday,


and indecently assaulting another woman at St Helier's Jardins de la


He'll be appearing at the Youth Court tomorrow.


The States of Jersey Police was represented today at the funeral


of a policeman killed in a terror attack on Westminster.


PC Keith Palmer's funeral was at Southwark Cathedral.


Jersey's chief officer was in London for the service.


Both Guernsey and Jersey Police Stations are flying their flags


A Guernsey politician says a tax should be introduced to deter


motorists from driving up onto the kerb.


Deputy Peter Roffey, who's campaigning against so-called


pavement surfing, says taxing big vehicles could encourage people


to buy smaller cars, which are easier to drive


Guernsey Police say a recent operation led to two drivers


being fined and another six being cautioned.


An independent report has concluded a runway extension in Alderney


York Aviation says in the current climate, a longer runway to allow


larger planes to land is likely to result in a more expensive


and less frequent air service for islanders.


Supporters of the plans argue it would benefit the island's economy.


Around 60 cases of bowel cancer are diagnosed in Jersey every year,


with eight in ten found in people aged over 60.


It's hoped by raising awareness in the month of April,


more people will get screened before it's too late.


Emma Chambers has spoken to one survivor who says it's nothing to be


embarrassed about and it can save your life.


After three major operations within 18 months, John is taking


It's after a trip to the toilet in 2014 when he was 59


Even up to those last few seconds, I was having a joke and a laugh


with my partner, thinking I was fine, and then


they walked through the door and said, "Sit down.


I'm very sorry to tell you you've got bowel cancer."


Your whole life has just changed and you're thinking,


"How many weeks have I got or how many hours have I got?"


Around 20 people die from bowel cancer in Jersey every year.


The General Hospital currently sees two out of three people take up


the screening programme available to 60-year-olds.


But they hope more will, as it can reduce the chance


Bowel cancer doesn't develop from nothing.


The first thing people develop are small lesions called polyps,


and these are small growths within the bowel wall that


Some of these polyps over a series of seven to ten years can go


With the bowel cancer screening, we pick these polyps up,


remove them and therefore prevent them from growing and


Dr Duku also says diet and lifestyle changes can help,


and islanders must see their doctor if they have any symptoms,


He's now been given the all-clear, but is warning others.


And especially men don't talk about it, so now I definitely talk


about it and tell people if you've had the letter, go down and get seen


If you suspect anything, just do it, because otherwise I don't know


if I would be here today, that's for sure.


They describe themselves as bonkers and are living up to their name.


A group of volunteers is steadily transforming a neglected


La Valette Legacy Team is revamping the bathing pools


Work on one of the pools is nearing completion before


they tackle the biggy - the gents' pool.


Mike Wilkins went to see how things were progressing.


Low tide and an opportunity to drill.


These men are putting right what they feel has


The quality before has been very poor and everything holding the


whole of the concrete together has been a very small, mild steel bar


like this. We've now used this 30 millimetres stainless steel bar to


actually anchor into the Guernsey granite, and then on top of that, a


60 millimetres steel bar to hold the concrete together.


It won't be long before this horseshoe pool


And around the corner, the gents' pool is next in line


The plan is to repair storm-damaged walls,


install railings and reinstate the diving boards.


One of those behind the project says he's not willing to put up


with public areas being allowed to fall into disrepair.


There's a pride in the place now and there's the broken window syndrome,


that if you don't fix the door, another will get smashed. The policy


of managing decline is not something we are willing to tolerate.


This project is funded by generous donations and a lot of volunteers.


The States says whilst it would like to help,


We have a capital project of ?250,000 to do sea defences, as well


as the obligation to maintain the breakwaters, so this is many


hundreds of thousands of pounds we spend the business as usual. This is


a luxury, really, for the community and the environment destruction.


It's something with very much like to do but we simply don't have the


funding to do. This area of St Peter Port is coming


alive with new restaurants and apartments, and soon the pools


will be another reason to venture Sport, and in football,


Guernsey FC haven't done enough They were beaten 3-2


by mid-table Horsham A win by Chatham Town means


the Green Lions must wait at least another week to guarantee safety


in Ryman League Division One South. And in rugby, Guernsey Raiders lost


27-17 away to Guildford, while Jersey Reds can no longer make


it into the Championship play-offs. They suffered a 24-20 defeat


against Doncaster Knights at the weekend, their first loss


since New Year's Day. Plenty of sunshine, the smell


of barbecues in the air and lots of lily-white legs


making an appearance. Summer is on the way but March


wasn't too bad either. Holly Green has the facts


and figures, as well It was a really good March. The


third warmest on record and the warmest since 1957. A decent weekend


and a decent picture through today as well. Not as warm as through the


weekend. We had 21.5 degrees on Jersey on Saturday. Today, more like


15, but plenty of sunshine around and nothing to complain about. We


hang onto cooler field this week. Some sunshine around at times and


there will be a bit of rain but not too much, with a decent amount of


dry weather. High pressure sitting just the Wester Ross. It's there at


the moment and stays with us through tomorrow. -- the of us. A weak


weather front moving towards us, which could bring some rain for a


time, perhaps. Mostly dry and cloudy with a few showers but not too many


of those. Into Good Friday, a weak weather front heads our way in the


evening but it is a pretty weak affair. Through the night tonight,


clear spells around with fairly light winds. A fairly dry night and


turning rather chilly. Temperatures not looking that low but we could


see a touch of ground frost here and there as we push into tomorrow


morning with those clear skies. Light winds and sunshine around with


some fairweather cloud coming and going. But it should stay dry with


temperatures creeping into the low teens. But not comparing to the


values we saw at the weekend. A different feel to things. These are


the high water times. The waves are not very big for the surfers.


Generally clean but becoming choppy if the wind picks up. Out at sea,


the winds are north to north-easterly and back to north to


north-westerly. Good visibility. This is how is shaping up over the


coming days. Not looking too bad. Tomorrow, some of the best of the


sunshine. The bulk of Wednesday looking dry. We could see a touch of


rain towards the tail end of the day. Mostly dry on Thursday and then


on Friday, again, the bulk of the day is dry but we could see a bit of


rain later in the day as a weather front heads our way. For the


all-important Easter weekend, we will hang onto this cooler field,


with a few showers, but hopefully not too many, but a reasonable


weekend. Before we go, a reminder of our top


story. Lives could be at risk around St Helier if the local lifeboat crew


isn't reinstated, according to members of the RNLI. I will be back


later at 8pm and then 10:25pm. Still to come in tonight's


programme, all the sport with Natalie, including Gareth Bale,


Delli Alli and now Exeter's Ollie Watkins - the new


young Footballer of the Year. And temperatures exceeded 20 degrees


for some of us over the weekend. A bit of a drop in those


values for today though, but find out how it's looking


as we head towards the Easter weekend a bit later


on in the programme. Mention the Freemasons and you might


be forgiven for thinking of rituals, But in their 300th anniversary year,


they want to dispel that myth. Well, The Grand Masters


of Freemasonry in Torbay were keen to show us why they're a force


for good, and as John Ayres reports, the secrecy and suspicion


is actually more about discretion. Behind closed doors,


this ceremony is derived from the biblical story


of King Solomon's Temple, but the secrecy didn't begin


until the Second World War. It came about because Masons


were persecuted by the Nazis. These days, the Masons are much more


open about what they do. Celebrating 300 years, today


they unveiled their banner which will pass through their eight


provinces in the south-west The general public are curious,


sometimes suspicious, so the Masons are forever having


to answer questions. It's difficult to


explain, but it's about the principles of helping others


and looking after people discreetly. We've got a circle of


friends within my lodge. When we meet, the ladies then


go out for a meal as well, so there's that side of it as well,


so the ladies have got know each other as well and we've got some


friendships which have gone back, you know, 20 and 25 years that


have been in and around There are female Masons but they're


a separate organisation. The handshake is never to be


used outside the lodge. Today, they're announcing


first aid kits for village halls around Devon, but


what are these weird The whole point of this initiation


where you roll up one trouser leg is to prove that I'm male,


that I'm not shackled by chains, ie I'm not a slave,


and that I come poor and penniless - But for all the pomp


and charity work, there's one thing that people


always feel about Masons. They're worried that many


are senior people in public life and they might use their contacts


in an inappropriate way. We do not like it when we hear this,


the thought of people If they do, they will be


severely disciplined. If we get to hear of it,


they will be disciplined and possibly have to leave our order


if that was the case. Freemasons, we are told, come


from all walks of life, so long as they meet the criteria


of being a good person. A family from Devon


is offering a ?500 reward He's called Jeremy and he's brought


joy and comfort to the Rayer family as the father's


been battling cancer. Jeremy, a 14-year-old Exmoor


cross, hasn't been seen And it's not the first


time he's gone missing, the 14-year-old Exmoor cross


has been seen. To not have any information or any


sightings for two weeks is a really long period of time and we're


worried that he has been taken and he may have been moved


quite a considerable way and he may have been sold on as


well, so we're asking for people all over the south-west


to keep an eye out and let us know if they think


they've seen Jeremy. He's been with the people4ponies


charity since he was a foal. They lend him out to


families and he's been He such a big part of the family


and to have no idea where he is, what happened to him,


we don't know if he's hurt We just don't know where


he is and we're all just gutted. His disappearance couldn't have


come at a worse time. Over a year ago, my husband


was diagnosed with cancer myeloma, which is a bone marrow cancer


and a tumour snapped a bone in his spine so he now


uses crutches. And having Jeremy has just given me


real comfort that I can go out and spend time with him


and have a little bit of normality in what's been a really,


really stressful time I don't know, I don't know how


we're copying, really. The Rayers describe Jeremy


as a real character, cheeky and lovable, but the charity says


he'll be very anxious. He does have separation


anxiety, he doesn't like We don't know if he


could turn up at a market, he could be sold on,


we don't know if he's being looked We just really want to


know where Jeremy is. Jeremy disappeared from


the Morwenstow welcome area on the He's 12 hands, brown


with a black mane and tail. A ?500 reward has been offered


to help bring Jeremy home. It's time for the sport now


and Natalie's here with some is following in some


very illustrious footsteps. He's been named as the EFL's


Young Player of the Year - a title Gareth Bale and Delli Ali


have held in the past. The 21-year-old forward has helped


Exeter into the play off zone You know, like I said,


quite a few players have won this award,


you know, so hopefully I can


follow in their footsteps. But even the new Young Player


of the Year couldn't stop Exeter slipping to a surprise defeat


at St James Park. who could be just one win


away from promotion. This was supposed to


be straightforward. Crawley had nothing to play


for and Argyle had the best Crawley took the lead,


and wasn't he happy about it? The home side stayed happy


into the second half Ryan Taylor linked


with Antoni Sarcevic The penalty decision


quickly changed the mood. Graham Carey has been in top


form of late and the Irishman put Argyle


level from the spot. The pilgrims had only won twice


this season after conceding the first goal and when


James Collins was sent off with ten minutes left,


they seized their chance. Well into stoppage


time, Taylor was put through on goal and he


lashed home the winner to send the 1600 travelling


supporters into a frenzy. Another big step


closer to League One. Back in Devon, traffic congestion


may have delayed the start of Exeter City's match with Newport,


but Tom Owen-Evans soon found himself in acres of space before


unleashing an unstoppable shot Then, as City went in search


of a reply, the congestion returned, this time,


in Newport's penalty area. Nine players, including


the goalkeeper, held firm They tried to go through


and then go over, However, with many of the teams


around them also losing, this hasn't been too damaging


to their play-off hopes. It does mean Yeovil


are now only seven points Francois Zoko's eighth


goal of the season, the only highlight for


the Glovers in their 3-1


defeat against Portsmouth. Here's how things stand


for our rugby teams. Exeter Chiefs have guaranteed


themselves a place in the Premiership play off


semifinals after another win. Sadly the Cornish Pirates and Jersey


won't be in the Championship play-offs after they both


lost at the weekend. Exeter are still in second


after a nail-biting encounter in a game in which the lead


changed hands five times. Five tries did the job and it


finished 38-34 ensuring It was a tough old game and Bristol


almost came away with the win. The Chiefs next game


is against Harlequins, Their destiny is now firmly


in their own hands with just three rounds


of battle remaining. Plymouth Leander are celebrating


after finishing second in the National Arena League Cup


Final yesterday. They were ranked fourth


going into the competition There were some fine performances


in this team event with several individual victories,


including Laura Stephens, Leander used the competition


as race practice for the British Swimming Championships


which are being held A charity rugby match is taking


place at the end of April in St Ives It's been organised


by Anthony Stevens - with a V - and will raise money for Parkinsons


in memory of his father He's not too worried about how


good a player you are, We want to arrange a side


like we did years ago where every member of the side is a Stevens,


spelt the right way. We need 18, 20 minimum


because nobody's going We're all a little bit older


in the tooth these days, so ten minutes on, ten minutes off,


swap and chop, different positions. Somebody come on with the oranges


and the water, oxygen! So, what we're trying


to do is do that for a full 80 against a team called


the Carbis Bay all-stars. Should be a dream for the


commentators, shouldn't it! Stevens passing to Stevens passing to


Stevens. What a great try by Stevens! Thank


you. Time for the weather now and what a


fantastic weekend it was. Holly is here. More good news?


Not quite the return to temperatures we had this weekend which exceeded


20 degrees in places but some sunshine over coming days, C can't


complain about that in April, can you? Hello, good evening. We had


very nice weather through the weekend. I think on Saturday, the


best of the temperatures was along the north coast. 20 degrees in


places. On Sunday, it's all switched around. Cooler conditions coming to


the north coast and more clout here. The south coast, again 20 degrees or


so but just 30 degrees there in Bude. We have had a bit of a drop in


our temperatures. Style sunshine around, our cameraman, Tristan, took


a trip out earlier today whether were decent spells of sunshine. Just


some cloud bubbling up there. The Cumbrae monuments they looking


lovely in the sunshine. You can see the cloud is quite... Very deep,


quite squeezed flat and that's because we have high pressure in


charge. It tends to squash and reasonably flat. It will do that at


times as we head to this week. Many others, the sunshine extending


across the region. It has been a decent picture and we continue with


that whether overcoming days but we hang onto this cooler feel. Not a


return to the kind of temperatures we saw this weekend, but some bright


spells to be had and a little bit of rain in general not too much. That


is thanks to the high pressure sitting just to the rest of us. At


the time being, that is keeping weather fronts at bay. Into Tuesday,


the best of the sunshine will come tomorrow. For Wednesday, a week


weather front pushes towards is in the afternoon which could bring some


rain for a time. Thursday, a couple of showers but mostly dry and


another weather front head towards us for Good Friday and come the


afternoon, a few spits and spots of rain but a decent amount of usable


weather. This is the picture so far. We've had somehow whether cloud


bubbling up but is in race conditions out there. For many of


us, that cloud has died away now. Clear skies overhead, bree is


becoming increasingly light which may allow mist and fog patches to


form. Quite chilly, locally down to full single figures so there could


be ground or grass frost here or there is we head into tomorrow


morning. Any Mr Fogg should literally readily and it should be a


decent day. Good spells of sunshine, a light breeze then today just a


little bare whether cloud bubbling up again but staying dry tomorrow


and temperatures could sneak a little and higher. Maybe 14 degrees


tomorrow but again, a bit lower than it was over the weekend. A nice day


to convert the Isles of Scilly, sunny spells staying dry and again,


light winds. These are the hat times of high water. Fairly small waves


across the surface, just one or two feet with generally clean


conditions. This is the pick out at sea, variable winds, Mimi Norton of


Westerly, three or four, good visibility and conditions there's a


bad picture. This is how it looks over the coming days. Tomorrow


bringing the best of the sunshine. Maybe a little rain on Wednesday and


on Friday afternoon. Showers on Thursday. It looks quite cloudy


there but there will be Britain at times. But the all-important Easter


weekend, we hang on to be cooler feel with the north-westerly.


Sunshine, some showers but hopefully not too many.


I'm pleased with more clout as I got burned over the weekend! That's it


from us but the late news will be at 10:30pm. Good night.


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