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Farmers will have to meet strict new targets to meet nitrates in Jersey's


water. It is going to be challenging water. It is going to be challenging


but I think we're up to it. There are two ways we are addressing the


issue of. Firstly, by placement of fertiliser in the field so we do not


affect any areas where the planted. -- we're potatoes are planted.


Could Guernsey's new pay-as-you-throw scheme increase


And Scouting for volunteers - as the popularity of Scouting rises,


Lifestyles change, but it is about making sure the programme we put on


is one where mums and dads and aunties and grandparents want to


come and join in. New environmental targets aim


to reduce nitrate levels in Jersey's water by a third


in the next five years. A report into the quality of water


here has found we have some of the highest levels of nitrate


in the whole of Europe which is contributing


to the problem of sea lettuce. You have to be brave


to dip a toe in this! Smelly, slimy sea lettuce blooming


in St Aubin's Bay has become an unwelcome visitor in Jersey,


year after year. It's mainly caused by waste from


Bellozanne Sewage Treatment Works and nitrates in farming sprays


and fertilisers, running off the land and into sea


and other waterways. Now farmers will have


to meet strict new targets to reduce nitrates by a third


if they want to claim It's going to be challenging


but I think we're up to it. There are two ways that we're


addressing the issue. Firstly is by placement


of fertiliser in the field so we don't spread on any areas


where potatoes aren't planted, and then there's a secondary method


which is even more precise, where you actually put the nitrogen


below the potato in the row, and because it's placed exactly


where it's needed, you can reduce The report says there's no risk


to health, and Jersey Water says it's safe to drink,


although the company can't guarantee it meets drinking water standards


for nitrate all the time. The review group wants


an officer to oversee the reduction in nitrates,


but they're worried the money to pay for one may come


from other projects. There is certain money


available until 2018. They will need to find more money


from somewhere, and I hope it's not from their own existing resources


because they are, it seems to us, stretched at times and they need


more money from central government to enable this aspect


to be carried out. But the minister says funding for


other projects will be protected. We know we need to find the money


for the post. I will be speaking to Jersey water and male officers, and


to the industry about how we do that.


There is no quick fix for sea lettuce, but it's hoped


that if targets are met, this unwelcome guest may


Jersey Police have revealed fresh details from their investigation


into the death of a woman whose body was found at a house


on Victoria Street in St Helier last week.


They say 51-year-old Ana Rebelo got home last Monday night around 8:30,


and was found dead by her family the next morning.


A postmortem exam found she'd been strangled.


A 58-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder,


Officers say there was no sign of forced entry to the property,


and they've finished their forensic work at the house.


The case of a teenager accused of committing two seaside sexual


attacks in Jersey has been delayed for two weeks.


The 16-year-old boy, who can't be named for legal reasons,


is charged with carrying out indecent assaults in St Brelade


The Youth Court adjourned the matter for further investigations,


in the meantime the boy will remain in custody at the secure


Fly-tipping will increase in Guernsey when the States'


pay as you throw scheme comes into effect.


That's according to former constable Gerry Tattersall.


He says the new Waste Strategy requiring islanders to pay


for official States black sacks will see more rubbish


If you come over here, there are couple of bags I found earlier.


Here. I have had a look in these, to see what was in them. It is garden


waste. So, OK, in fairness our local busman is not only to take them, but


-- our local dustmen is not allowed to take them, but another really


does take this, so by drive here to dump it, rather than taking it to


get rid of it properly? 59 incidents of fly-tipping


were reported last year. The States said reliable data


was only available for 2016, so we can't tell you how it compares


to previous years. The government also said it wasn't


able to tell us how much it's It is a concern that is on our list.


Obviously of people acted responsibly that is a and states


works will have to ground and clean it up. There is a cost for that, and


everyone will have to pay for that. Jerry is not content with that. It


is not the point of the will come and collect it, that costs money.


The answer is to stop it. He believes the problem


will only get worse, and once the States starts charging


people for black bin bags, scenes like this may


become more common. There's no confirmation yet if any


Jersey jobs will be lost, following the news that the UK


fashion retailer Jaeger has gone Five years ago, Jaeger was acquired


by a private equity firm, founded by Guernsey-based investor


Jon Moulton. After failing to find a suitable


buyer for the struggling clothes business, administrators say nearly


700 jobs are at risk You're watching the BBC


in the Channel Islands. Later in Spotlight


with Victoria and Andy. The end of an era -


they've been around for 90 years but now the famous white helmets


are to be disbanded. If you're lucky, you may have


spotted one or two of them here in the Channel Islands,


but puffins have been added to the list of threatened birds


in the British Isles. A new State Of The UK's


Birds report, drawn up by charities including the RSPB,


has put them on the red list, which means they're among


the species most in need It is worrying. The puffins is


something we should be worried about. If they are declining, it


probably means the food source is changing. It raises concerns about


the marine environment. They are a good indicator species as well as


being something that people love. In the Channel Islands we get lots of


visitors that like to see the puffins.


A Jersey health initiative for people with dementia


is being featured at an international conference.


Splashchat gives patients and their carers the chance to meet


It was a joint venture by groups including


the Occupational Therapy Service and the Jersey Alzheimer's


It'll be part of a conference on the disease in Japan next month.


Long waiting lists to join the Scouts Association


in the Channel Islands can only be reduced if more volunteers sign up.


There's a national plea for more adults to help the increased demand


for places in the UK's largest youth movement and Jersey


and Guernsey are no exception as Emma Chambers reports.


Being a Scout has changed dramatically over the decades


since it was first started in 1907 by this man Robert Baden-Powell.


And it seems to be more popular than ever, with waiting lists


In Guernsey there are currently 34 young people waiting to join.


But the association needs more volunteers to make that happen,


as it says adults have less time to give these days.


Things do change and lifestyles change, but actually it's making


sure the programme we put on for our young people


is those mums and dads, and aunties and grandmas


Even if they dip in and dip out for a year, 18 months, two years,


And they say being a volunteer can be valuable to people wanting


If you're taking a Cub pack out canoeing, for example,


you can go out with them - it doesn't mean you have


to stand on the side and watch them go out,


you go out and join those activities.


It's hoped this incentive will enable them to set up more


To Be Prepared to achieve their mission of 1,000 Scouts by 2018.


I found a few of my old badges last week.


It's a short working week for many, and here's hoping for a sunny


David, that's the question I'm sure many are asking you.


Yes, we have had some lovely weather over the past two days, but things


are going to change. This is the blue skies we had earlier today. Not


just for Jersey, the other islands have seen some of this to foot bid.


Once we lose the sunshine it will not feel so warm. That process has


already started. A fine start, but the cloud will move on, producing


showers later in the day as well. Perhaps not quite the blue skies as


we have seen. This area of high pressure is the reason, which is now


on the move, allowing this weather front to come in. Slow progress


overnight tonight, but it will bring showers through the day tomorrow, as


the high-pressure weakens and travels ahead of us. Still close by


for a Thursday and Friday, but a lot of cloud means we could keep a lot


of cloud for much of the rest of this week, and into the start of the


weekend. That there will be some sunny spells on Thursday. So,


overnight tonight, the skies are clear, which means a chilly night


again. Gentle wind from the north or Northwest, and overnight lows of


seven or 8 degrees. It is going to be quite cold to start with. But it


should be fine, dry with sunshine, and later in the deep thick cloud


will move in. Thick enough to produce a few showers in the


afternoon. Wins fresh and up from the north-west, so it will not feel


as warm. A brisk wind will develop. The risk of a few showers, with


generally good visibility. A lot of cloud for the rest of this weekend


into Easter weekend. Generally on the cool side. Line not looking too


bad. It would be nice if it was a bit warmer. That is it for the time


being. I will be back with an update just before 8pm. And we have got


your local news first, at 10:30pm. Until then, have a good evening.


The weather has been glorious, prompting trips


but that can seem like an impossible dream


But thanks to Cornwall Accessible Activities that dream became reality


A special pony and buggy were brought in for children


in wheelchairs to enjoy the sand and the sea, games were put


on and a mobile loo with a hoist was hired to make it all practically


But usually there is a mountain to climb to make it happen


Today, they are at the heart of the action.


The pony and buggy brought make delighting in the sand


Normally, it is impossible for us to manage a day at the beach.


Today has been absolutely incredible so far.


I can't believe what we've already done.


Adam has whizzed across the sand using Obama the pony.


He been in the waves, he has actually had the waves around him.


He has had the experience that able-bodied children have.


The thrill of running through the waves is a whole new sensation.


Some wheelchair wheels just won't turn in the sand


and a ten-year-old child is too heavy to be carried.


That is why a day like this brings a sense of inclusion that can help


tackle the feeling of isolation felt by some families


If you are taking people to a place you love,


and peole have never been able to access it, that gives


You are sharing things you enjoy and that is always more fun.


Apart from getting onto the sand, it is staying here for the day poses


So Cornwall Accesible Activites programme, or CAAP,


which is organising the day, has hired a mobile


It is one less thing to worry about and it means the focus can be


on the fun for Rachel, Adam and other families here.


Cornwall has so few toilets like this.


Lots of places do have them now but there's very few,


and it is very limiting as to where you can go.


Today is just one day, but CAAP hope it is a shift


towards communities taking practical steps to help include everyone.


We would like to see our young children have is ramps and walkways,


and beach buggies that are acceptable and aren't locked


away that you have permission to use three weeks advance with permits


Just readily available equipment, that you can look out


the window and think, it is a lovely day today, I will go


down to the beach with the kids, and just know that you can do it


Those are the things that we are looking for.


That attitude of welcoming peolple with disability.


It could be a long time before Adam can do this all again,


but while he is here there is no stopping him.


Absolutely brilliant, everyone enjoying the beach.


Musicians from around the world are taking part in a unique online


challenge to help raise money to save the life of


Stephen Sykes is suffering from a blood cancer


which isn't responding to conventional treatment.


His doctors say he needs an expensive drug which isn't


So musicians are rallying to the cause,


from musicians in America... To the band of the Scots Guards.


Trombonists... Guitarist... Even people with animal horns. They are


all doing it, playing a piece of music called The Acrobat online and


challenging others to do the same. And all to raise money for this man,


a talented trombonist himself, now seriously ill with Hodgkin's


lymphoma. Some of them have been really good, in fact, they all have


been really good. Some have been so exciting that it is making my hair


fall out now. Somebody was playing a carrot and a red pepper! Then we had


one family from the other side of Wincanton in the garden with the


grandchildren and I think they were playing watering cans. The Acrobat


challenge which aims to raise ?90,000 for radical cancer treatment


was the idea of another trombonist from Cambridgeshire, who just wanted


to do something to help. I was aiming at trombonists and thinking


about the Internet and the ice buckets challenge, it is a famous


solo, The Acrobat, so the challenge sounded good. I had it a minute ago.


Apparently the tune is so simple, anyone can do it. That is right.


Yes, then... Almost anyone! Clinton Rogers, BBC Spotlight.


Next tonight, a group which has been around for 90 years or so,


so you may just have seen them in action.


They're called the White Helmets and they've been performing


at shows and events around the country since 1927.


Look at some of the pictures from over the years.


But the team - which is part of the army -


is soon to be disbanded, and based in Dorset they've been


Abby Newbery reports on the end of an era at Blandford Garrison.


They have been jumping, holding on tight and surviving for 90 years,


but for the White Helmets, it is the end of the road.


This is their last season before the team is disbanded.


They teamwork and the effort that they put and is brilliant.


A lot of kids and families enjoy the display.


This move is called the double angel.


There are 23 men here today forming the team.


Two of those are black helmets hoping to gain


Whilst this will be the last season for the Royal Signals


Motorcycle Display team, they still need two more


members to complete the squad for the summer.


Today is their final test, performing in front


You fall off a lot in our training and you end up with a lot


Nobody juggles into battle, but the fundamental skills are been


able to do almost anything on a motorcycle have been important.


For decades have been delivering vital messages,


but now the Army wants to showcase the more modern ways


The world changes and these represent the form of communication


Of course, communication and today is fantastic.


Very much electronic, and we must all live with those times.


It is a very sophisticated organisation now.


Today has been a good day for Luke, as he dons his new headgear,


After this summer, they will go back to the regular posts with the Army,


bringing 90 years of history to a close.


And you can hear more on the White Helmets on


Radio Solent's Breakfast in Dorset programme with Steve Harris


Now an update on D-Day veteran Verdun Hayes


He's been making plans - not content to be the UK's oldest


skydiver, Verdun now wants to go into the record books as the oldest


We featured Verdun when he made a skydive a year ago at Dunkeswell


airfield for charity when he was 100 years old.


Well, on May the 13th he's going to jump again


If all goes according to plan, it means he'll smash the world


record set by a Canadian in 2013 by 34 days.


Now what makes the perfect view - countryside, seaside?


Well, the view over St Ives Bay in Cornwall has been named as one


of the best in the country in a national poll.


To be honest, we're rather surprised somewhere


in the South West wasn't top - that honour went to the view


from the summit of Snowdon, but we sent John Danks


with his backpack to St Ives for the day to soak up


St Ives is looking particularly gorgeous on this


But what makes this view such an eye-pleaser?


This is my favourite place in the whole world.


For me, it is the iconic St Ives view.


The higgledy-piggledy houses and the beautiful harbour.


And whether on a smartphone or a more sophisticated camera,


people gather here to snap the vista.


The colours of the sea water just make it.


I must have a thousand photographs and they are all different.


You can see the harbour, you can see the boats going and out,


and people on holiday, children enjoying themselves.


This, it seems, is a view with a very special place


And it is glorious, but there are so many places to choose from. Not one


in Devon was mentioned and there are lots of places. Here is David with


the weather. Sadly all good things must come to


an end and I think that is good to happen over the next 24 hours. More


clouds coming your way. Tomorrow, rather more cloud than you would


like. Mostly dry but because the lose the sunshine just that bit


cooler although the temperatures would be that different. There is


clouds in the north-west. We have high pressure in charge just now but


it is getting squashed and pushed down by this weather front from the


north. There won't be a grey deal of rain on that one front but there


will be a lot of cloud tomorrow. The area of high pressure close by is


perhaps not strong enough to keep the cloud at bay on Thursday. On


Friday, a couple of weather systems coming and means a rather grey day


and a possibility of some light rain or drizzle will stop that is the


satellite picture from earlier today. Let me show you what it is


like right now in expert when it has been a glorious day. Beautiful, fine


weather. Not a grey deal of breeze but enough for some other sailors. A


lovely end to the date with relatively quiet seas along this


stretch of the Devon coastline. From here, we go to Branscombe Woodhead


has also been a fine today. These badgers have been found by our


cameraman. It was like things have pointed down here. Temperatures


haven't been particularly high today. They see temperature is still


just 10 degrees at the moment. Letters follow the progress of that


weather front to the north. I don't think it will reach as overnight,


just more cloud. Like we saw last night, a lot of clear skies which


means it will be quite cold. In a few places temperatures will get


down to 45 degrees, most of us holding up quite well. Tomorrow we


have more cloud around and it is capable of producing showers to it.


Some brief breaks in the cloud letting the sun and but not too blue


skies that we have seen everywhere to date. There will be a keen wind


from the north wind. Top temperature of 12 or 13 degrees. Here it will be


bright and mostly dry but at times cloudy. There are times of high


water... The staff will pick up. Small waves at the moment but they


will pick up in the second half of the week up to two or three feet.


Choppy on the north goes. There is a coastal waters forecast... Brighter


on Thursday, rather grey and cloudy for Good Friday and a future was


around on Saturday and temperatures back down to normal. Have a good


evening. So - St Ives, one of the best


views in the country - but as we know, there


are so many others. Over to you now and some


of your favourite views There have never been


so many people in work - that's what the Government


keeps telling us. But what's the reality of this


Tory jobs bonanza?


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