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Good evening, I'm Charlie McArdle, welcome to BBC Channel Islands.


Taking a tougher stance - You're now more likely to be


prosecuted if you're caught using your mobile phone


You could kill someone, really easily if you just look at your


phone 30 seconds. They're not looking where they're going.


They're not looking where they're going.


It's definitely too serious, I think they should just get a fine.


Delays and cancelled operations - Staff shortages are having an impact


at Guernsey's Princess Elizabeth Hospital.


Keeping it in the family - Jersey weather watchers awarded


And the weather looks quite promising for Easter, some rain


around for on Friday but sunny on Sunday.


More people will be prosecuted in Jersey's courts for using mobiles


The island's Attorney General has toughened up on offenders by making


the crime too serious to be dealt with at parish hall level.


The move comes one month after Jersey Police released figures


showing prosecutions of drivers using mobiles was at its


Then the guy should drive? Never macro yeah what was I thinking?


Never macro yeah what was I thinking?


Hard-hitting adverts shown across the British Isles


to make people think twice about using a mobile phone whilst


driving. Now Jersey's most senior prosecutor is taking a tough stance


on how offenders will be dealt with, to get the message across.


Historically, mobile phone offences have be heard


by Jersey Honorary Police at parish hall level.


But now, anyone using a mobile phone whilst driving heavy


goods or hired vehicles, carrying passengers for money,


involved in a collision or if you text, use the internet


or make or send photographs while at the wheel,


The Attorney General issued the new directive stating:


A move supported by Jersey's Honorary Police.


Sometimes it is only when people go to court that they realise.


Particularly if they drive for a living author picking children from


school, it can have effects on their life if they disqualified from. It


have a huge impact But do people in St Helier


think these offences I think it should go straight to


court and if the people in go to court a deliberate or stay away. I


don't because there are 100 million other distractions while driving.


Yet it is dangerous but I definitely think it's too serious.


A serious move that prosecutors hope will prevent people of taking


Patients needing surgery in Guernsey are having to wait up to eight


The Medical Specialist Group says it's waiting for a surgeon


But as Mike Wilkins reports, it's meant extended injury time


This man's desperate to play football for his island again.


Guernsey FC defender Jack Domaille was injured in October.


He was told four days before his surgery that he would have to wait


for more than five months for his operation.


I was gutted. I'd set my heart on head-on and was focused for, and


that was sort of taken away. It just feels cruel.


Social media is full of people criticising


This person, for example, claims her father was told to wait


two months and soon had a heart attack requiring emergency surgery.


The Medical Specialist Group says in a statement: "One


Jack now won't be able to play fof GFC until at least the start


of the 2019-2020 season, but he says the delays have affected


It's affected everything. Me and my partner Abe Waterhouse this year and


that don't be put -- me and my partner bought a house this year.


That could be put back five months. Financially it's been a bit of a


Financially it's been a bit of a struggle.


Although the UK has a different health system, people now have


to wait a maximum of 18 weeks for an operation.


And for some people, like Jack in Guernsey,


The family of the woman found dead in St Helier last week have paid


tribute to "a loving mother who will be deeply missed".


Ana Rebelo was found strangled in a St Helier home


No one has yet been charged with her death.


Today, in a statement, the 51-year-old's family said


they continue to grieve and are working with the police


They thanked islanders for their support, saying, "We have


They've asked to be left in peace while they try to come


The body that regulates UK charities is deciding whether to step


in following the dispute between the RNLI and the St


The RNLI dismissed the coxswain and the crew resigned in support.


The Charity Commission's told the BBC it's aware


of the case in Jersey, but says it doesn't get involved


However, it can take action if there is mismanagement or damage


Meanwhile, politicians are set to ask questions in the States next


The future of dozens of Guernsey businesses is still uncertain


after permission to change the use of a former vinery site was denied.


Applicants wanted to change the use of the Pulias Vinery so it


It was one of two sites earmarked by the States for businesses


being moved from another former vinery site at the Fontaine.


But this morning the Planning Authority rejected the move,


a decision described as a victory for common sense by those who didn't


want to see industrial businesses on the site.


Alderney's government is being warned it needs to make


a decision on the controversial France-Alderney-Britain link soon,


or risk losing its role in the electricity project.


The head of the island's Chamber of Commerce claims


if a decision is not made soon, the chance may pass the island by.


The half-billion cable will link France and Britain via Alderney.


Opponents of the project fear it'll damage the island's unique identity.


You're watching the BBC in the Channel Islands.


Later in Spotlight with Victoria and Andy...


A new challenge - swimming seven ocean channels around


David will have your weather forecast in a moment, but first,


the UK Met Office today presented a gift to a family in Jersey to mark


Mary Norman's family in St Brelade has been measuring rainfall


on the same site since 1917 - it's one of the oldest


private weather stations in the British Isles.


Luxmy Gopal went along to find out more.


It's a family tradition of a different kind.


Nearly every day for the past century, Mary's family has


It started with her grandfather, who needed to know rainfall


Even when there's no rain to measure - as was the case today -


Mary mocked this up for us as an example.


While April showers may have been lacking, there was a showering


of gifts from the UK Met Office to mark the milestone.


Of the 2,500 sites that record rainfall across the UK


and Channel Islands, few are run by private volunteers


and fewer still are 100 years old. I didn't really give it


When we came here and I realised it will be 100 years in 2017,


there was something in me that wanted to achieve that mark.


Only because it would be statistically quite


I think actually the interesting thing is that the mechanism


for reading it has not changed in that hundred years.


There's a lot of talk these days on climate and weather patterns,


this has been going on for years in farming community.


To get 100 years worth of data from one site where you can spot


the changes is invaluable from a scientific point of view.


And Met Officers say Mary's way of rainfall-measuring will continue


to be invaluable for recording weather patterns,


Wonderful, and congratulations on them.


So, the question is will the Normans be out measuring rainfall


Rainfall amounts are likely to be small Nellist the main story. The


rain that comes by over the next couple of days is going to be


fleeting. Light showers. Perhaps the transfer some more persistent rain


on Friday evening, Friday night into Saturday. Until then a lot of dry


weather. This is one of our weather Watchers in Guernsey, some lovely


sunshine in today. Tomorrow there more cloud, then some showers then


becoming more dry with the chance of some sunshine developing later in


the day but it will take its time for that sunshine to reappear,


perhaps later in the early evening. We do have a front that might


produce some showers overnight. Fine to start with but then becoming


increasingly cloudy. High pressure is just being held back to the west


of us but that does come a little bit closer as we headed into the


Easter weekend. Not forget Friday though, these two weather systems


will make progress towards us. Overnight tonight, the cloud will


return, it's going to be patchy, but towards the morning it will cause a


few showers and 9 degrees, the minimum amateur. Tomorrow we have


showers through the morning and dying after lunch followed by sunny


spells and some breeze with a top capture 12, 214 degrees. The tides


as you can see here. First first, they waves are not very big brass


best along the north coast of Guernsey at best. For the coastal


waters, wins are north-westerly, two to three, occasionally for at first.


-- four at first. Friday is the day with a lot of crowd and put cloud


and politically some rain in later in the day. The Norman Tebbit and


monitoring the range hundreds of years now, but there is a way that


everyone can get involved in monitoring the weather. We do have


the BBC's weather weather Watchers website. Here's the address. You can


sign up. You don't have to be recording the weather all the time.


You can do would you want to. You can also take pictures as we have


been showing on the programme, so, join in, send us your pictures, or


if you are really keen, some weather observations as well. Thank you very


much David, I joined up the other day so I am hoping to see my picture


up there in the near future. Before we go a quick reminder of our top


story in the Channel Islands. More people will be prosecuted in jersey


macro cautery using their mobile phones behind the wheel. The islands


the Attorney General has toughened up on offenders. That is it for the


time being, I am back at eight o'clock and your local news is at


10:30pm. Good night. It will be new experience for the


tenant farmer, who will be looking after.


I have never looked after deer directly, certainly not any managed


form scenario, so this will be new and slightly interesting. Very


diverse from what we usually do but they are wild, they are not under


the same stressors that a farm animal comes under, so hopefully we


will not have too many issues. It is believed to 16 of these deer


are pregnant, along with one stack. It is hoped they will have new


arrivals by June. As people look for different ways to


celebrate her face, pilgrimage have undergone a makeover. It has taken


one bishop from his home Parish a long way.


Two weeks and more than 100 miles on the Bishop of Saint Germans on the


last leg of his pilgrimage across Cornwall. He has followed two


ancient routes that have been used by pilgrims for more than 1000


years. What has it has been like walking


for two weeks, constantly meeting people? Sam Ricketts has been


fascinating because apart from the root, I have really not planned too


much at all. So every day as a surprise and I have met some


extraordinary people. I have enjoyed incredible hospitality and have been


to parts of the diocese that I had not visited before and found all


sorts of interesting stories, fascinating people and I have to


say, I was nudity but that would be able to walk with me would enjoy


that but I had not realised that the person who would welcome a false or


would you like they were joining in. Into pilgrimage spirit, he relied on


the bounty of well-wishers. He did carry the bag but never needed it


and the welcome was just as warm. After a well earned break, the party


set off again for the last few miles, joined by the Bishop has


researched ancient routes. Many people are searching for a new way


of spirituality and a new way of relating to God and in the beautiful


land of Cornwall, you are aware of the fantastic landscape all around


you and that creation speaks to us about God and the beauty of God and


his creation, and all that he gives us, the many blessings that we get.


And the pilgrimage ends here, with the boat crossing to St Michael's


Mount, the final destination for thousands of pilgrims who have


trodden this very path over the centuries.


Best friend from Somerset is on track to achieve a lifelong


ambition. Was spoke to her just before she set


off last September and now she, who suffered from any as a child, has


already completed three swims, one in California, one in Hawaii and one


in New Zealand. Just go. First Gibraltar, then Japan, followed by


Northern Ireland to Scotland and finally the English Channel.


Right now, she is back on training hard and Brendan Rodgers caught by


the author. -- court backdrop with her.


My early morning swims may start at seven but finished in the afternoon.


But when you're training for seven oceans in 12 months, stamina is


everything. We went down to about 5.5,


6 degrees, so that by the time it Her toughest challenge to date


was swimming the Cook Strait She had to abandon one swim,


but refused to give up and completed it


on the second attempt. Though when she got


to the shoreline, she was plainly Back in the pool, she's preparing


for the next leg of the challenge, the Strait of Gibraltar


in a couple of weeks. And then I have four


channels in four months to complete the


challenge. You have no doubts, do you?


No, none whatsoever. I know it's possible,


I know it's entirely possible so the only bit of luck that comes


into it is to do with the weather, we have to get


the weather on time. Butterflies in the UK last year


suffered their fourth The UK Butterfly Monitoring Scheme


found 40 out of 57 species showed Scientists are blaming a mild


winter and cool spring. Well, Clare Woodling


is at the Butterfly Farm in Buckfastleigh this evening


where it's quite it is indeed. It is a rainforest.


That's what's been created here and tropical butterflies living here are


thriving here in this glasshouse. The sort of conditions you might get


in Costa Rica... About 90% humidity, but unlike the butterflies that are


thriving here are butterflies in the wild in the UK are struggling in a


changing environment. David Field is the owner of the butterfly farm here


at Buckfastleigh. Why the decline? We have known for that butterflies


in the wild are in trouble as a result of result of loss of habitat.


We are losing areas of open natural grassland, wild, unspoiled areas,


hedgerows as well. Areas that contain plants and flowers, that


butterflies need to complete life cycles. Climate change is a factor?


Yes... It is a cause of a problem, and if... It can disrupt butterfly


life cycles and breeding patterns. What do you have that especial here?


Butterflies have everything they need here. They're fit cabbage and


humidity can all the food they need so they really thrive. Visitors can


see the whole life-cycle from X to caterpillars is jumping on Leeds, to


butterflies emerging from a chrysalis at the end of the life


cycle itself. Thank you very much indeed David. It is certainly


extremely steamy in here it is to be set, so conditions suited to the


tropics they wear they belong, there is a pond over there which looks


rather inviting. We'll have a full weather round up


in just a moment but first, Or cloud than we would like perhaps


this weekend, but things are staying rather dry and bright. Tomorrow, a


few showers around them at times cloudy, some sunshine coming through


in the afternoon. Similar to today, actually. High pressure still close


by but needs to be somewhat closer. This weather front gave us the few


showers we saw earlier today, and that is moving out of the way but


the high pressure is weaker and has moved out into the Atlantic so this


is the middle of the day tomorrow, and ploughed around to generate


showers in the morning, brighter in the afternoon. The day that could be


damp is going to be Good Friday because to weather systems coming


in, bringing with them some cloud and outbreaks of rain off and on to


the date but should be gone by the time we get into the weekend. This


is Saturday with a bridge of high pressure, the worst of the weather


to the south of us. By Easter date the high pressure is there and just


about stays there, beginning to weaken on Easter Monday. These two


weather systems coming in on Easter Monday might be a bit slower than


indicated, so perhaps half the day on Easter Monday should be fine and


dry. The satellite picture from earlier today, shows there is some


good holes in the cloud now, I bit more cloud coming in from the


north-west later on this evening but this was Teignmouth this evening


where there was some glorious sunshine. The sun came through, it


is being pleasant, pleasant but on the cool side though with the wind.


Hasn't stopped it being a fine day to enjoy for everybody out on their


holidays and enjoying the seaside. See temperatures at the moment


around about 10 degrees, 50 Fahrenheit. Overnight the night,


skies, but later coming down from the north is more cloud. It might


produce a few showers do the night but I have to say the rainfall will


be very small for those that see it. That wind will ease, overnight lows


down to around six or 7 degrees for most of us. Tomorrow, a cloudy and


great start to the day, but things improve, and by lunchtime or just


after the skies opened up allowing sunshine through here and there,


second half of the day looking promising and similar to today


infect, temperatures responding 13, 14 along the south coast. 55


Fahrenheit. Lighter winds today than today. -- than today. Cloudy at


first for the Isles of Scilly, then sunny spells. The Heinz of high


water, pens and is 649, Plymouth 's 745. For the service, the clean is


served on the south coast, choppy on the north coast was nothing more


than three or four feet at best. There's the waters forecast, a few


showers around, but generally good visibility. Heading to the Easter


weekend demo Good Friday a cloudy day as I said, spots of rain through


the afternoon. By the time he gets to Saturday it is bright, dry, a bit


of shower at some point on Saturday morning but otherwise dry, and


uneasily itself fine and dry. Could do with being a bit water but we


can't have everything! Have a nice evening.


We are back later with news of a humpback whale just seen of Falmouth


this evening. Goodbye!


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