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Good evening, I'm Charlie McArdle. had then we would not them.


Welcome to BBC Channel Islands. These are Thursday's headlines.


The cost of living in Jersey - food, fuel and household bills


are pushing up inflation to a five year high.


My bill at the Co-op seems to have gone up from 42 sometimes ?60. I


think people are buying food on the Internet now!


Meanwhile the size of these buses in Guernsey


is shrinking and becoming more environmentally friendly.


And an act of God creates an opportunity:


a watertight future for Alderney's St Anne's church.


And this Easter weather looks like it will be quite kind to us. Rather


cool, mainly dry and generally quiet. All the details later in the


programme. Food, fuel and household bills have


all driven up the cost Inflation is at 3%, the highest


for almost five years. Although it's always


influenced by global prices, it's thought Brexit could be


the driving factor, Living in Jersey has


got more expensive. But are people on the street


feeling the pinch? I think things are getting more


expensive. Particularly food. Definitely. Having people's wages


don't reflect that. My bill at the Co-op seems to have gone up from 40


to ?50 and sometimes 60. Overall inflation is 2.9%,


the highest rate since 2012. The driving factors


behind the increase are: A hike in domestic oil made fuel


costs rise by ten percent. Telephone bills and school fees


helped push up the price And we've seen a rise in food such


as fish and vegetables Retailers and businesses


are blaming it on Brexit. Unfortunately what we are seeing


is those cost prices being increased because of the impact


of the devaluation of the sterling. We import a lot of goods,


not only into the island but into the UK and a lot of people


are trading currencies whether they are purchasing


those from overseas. That's making it more difficult,


suppliers are passing on those cost Which end up more often than not


passed on to the customer. Citizen's advice say islanders may


need to shop around more. You can shop and be


competitive and find That's something you can control


is exactly how much you spend, but of course inflation is very


rarely driven by one factor there's normally a number of factors and it


seems to be a couple of external factors that are driving


inflation up that really No-one was available


from the Treasury Department to comment on camera,


but in a statement they said: It is slightly disappointing


that it is as high as it is. It is slightly higher than


the Fiscal Policy Panel predicted. But they were not


significantly wrong. I think in the long term,


once we know where we are going with Brexit, it might


come back down. But until then, people in Jersey may


have to navigate through more cost increases predicted


in the near future. New buses are set to roll out


on Guernsey's roads next month. They're shorter and narrower


than the existing fleet. And it's claimed the 12 vehicles


will be more environmentally friendly even though they'll


still be pumping out diesel fumes. When it comes to Guernsey's


buses, size matters. And the island's newest arrivals


will be 7cm narrower and over Here's one of them,


a new look for a new fleet. These smaller buses are promising


to improve the passenger experience with high-backed seats,


USB chargers and increased headroom They'll be running on diesel


at a time when many see the end Milton Keynes has been


using electric buses And the Mayor of London has pledged


to stop buying pure diesel In fact the company providing


Guernsey's new buses is testing a double decker hydrogen powered


bus in London. The 12 buses cost more


than ?1.5 million pounds. They're the first part


of a phased replacement And the man responsible


for Guernsey's buses says zero emission buses may be purchased


in the next phase. What we want to do the next time is


find an electric vehicle and technology has moved on from 2013,


we know that battery life has increased so it is a real


possibility even at stage to stage three.


So what do bus users make of the new vehicles?


Well they're very happy about the prospect.


If you're a cyclist behind current diesels it's a pretty unpleasant


experience. There should be a marked improvement.


If everything goes according to plan then the new buses will be


A 39-year old man has been jailed for six years


by the Royal Court for smuggling nearly three thousand pounds worth


of ecstasy into Jersey Andrew David Edward Jones from Liverpool told


customs officers he was visiting the island to deliver Christmas


An X-ray revealed a package in his stomach containing


Jersey's Chief Minister is to meet the St Helier lifeboat crew


to discuss their dispute with the RNLI.


All 25 volunteers resigned in support of their skipper


Former crew member Paul Battrick wrote to the Council of Ministers


The Assistant Chief Minister, Senator Paul Routier says


the council fully supports the lifeboat crew and is arranging


Senator Ian Gorst's meeting with them.


A ?1 million project to repair storm damage at St Anne's Church


The roof was extensively damaged during a particularly


While the damage was covered by insurance,


the States of Alderney, which owns the church,


took the opportunity to renovate the roof,


For the past six months St Anne's Church has been


shrouded in scaffolding - but the extensive renovations have


It's taken around 10,000 slates, and nearly a million pounds


to restore the historic building that is owned by the


While this is the most expensive renovation but it is certainly


Following the German Occupation, Islanders returned to find


St Anne's Church in a sorry state of repair.


My father and my father who were running the building business at the


time actually offered the Labour free where the states actually


funded the repairs and the materials, but there was a great


deal to do after the war to put it back. And my father, it was his


driving ambition to see the church restored as it was when it was


built. And he did that up until his dying day.


For many people, St Anne's is still the centre


The community events he, births, marriages and deaths of course but


also concerts, and I think everybody at some point will be utilising the


church for either enjoyment or family reasons, so yes it is still


the hub of the community. Having made it wind and watertight,


the next phase of the restoration is to make good the damage


to the interior of the church. A rare pistol - which had been


undiscovered for almost 350 years - has been found by a metal


detectorist in Jersey. And even more surprisingly -


it's in remarkably good condition. Tony Collins made the discovery


on a cold Sunday in February but it has taken until now


to understand its significance. Well, not today but perhaps four


centuries ago this pistol would have been in the hands of a wealthy


merchant. At the time they were so expensive


they would always have been cared for far more than something


from the army. So there are certainly tens of these


at least in collections in Britain but it's the first one I know


of that's been recovered from a shipwreck or well


from the beach at least. And that discovery was


made by Tony Collins. He was out in St Aubins bay


when he found the pistol deep in the airlocked sand


and covered by crusteations. He knew immediately


that it was significant. What gave it was the octagonal


barrel normally the barrels are round like I was thinking later


musket pistols about 1700's - 1800's And the wooden stock of the actual


pistol is all carved and I thought better leave that as it is and don't


knock it anymore let's pass Since then it's been


in a saline solution It was later confirmed it was likely


to be from the early 17th century. If you asked me to list ten things


you'd never find that The idea of a pistol 350 -


400 years old with it's iron mechanism and barrel surviving


in sea water that time I would have said was incredibly rare


and there really aren't that many So it look like this gun will go


down in history as another great Well, it's finally the bank holiday


weekend and if like me you want to know what the weather


will be like, David, no pressure this the one


we've all been waiting for. hello. To start with we have some


calm weather, some cloud around, predominantly dry not particularly


good news for farmers and growers but sunshine as well. You've been


taking pictures again. This is one of our Weather Watchers, some


glorious sunrises and sunsets over the last couple of days. More cloud


coming our way, taking its time to arrive. Tomorrow is another bright


and dry day and becomes rather cloudy and, late in the day, we will


see a view shower so most of Good Friday is likely to be bright and


dry. The reason for the settled weather is this area of high


pressure. It moves around a bit over the next few days, opening the door


to a couple of weather fronts coming from the north-west late in the day


tomorrow but it's still has an influence and is back again by the


time we get to Saturday. A couple of weather systems claiming us first


thing on Saturday morning, cloud breaking up to sunny spells and a


cool breeze, no doubt about that from the north-west, and Easter Day


Easter Sunday, at high pressure going to be reasonably close by.


Quite weather, settled weather, and some sunshine. The cloud is patchy


upwind of us at the moment so overnight that will continue. Patchy


cloud, some clear skies, and temperatures just getting into


single figures of eight or 9 degrees. Maura breeze on the


north-west developing. Tomorrow a largely fine day, maybe more cloud


than we would like, some sunny spells through the morning into the


afternoon, and then thicker cloud coming from the north-west very late


in the day. 13th of the top amateur, that's 55 Fahrenheit. Here are times


of five or -- high water. Not much for our surfers, choppy as well with


the wind is coming in from the north-west, and coastal waters


forecast west north-west elite force for, backing Westerly later. The


forecast will be weakened to were cloudy at first on Saturday,


brightening up on Sunday and Monday look fine.


Remember throughout the bank holiday weekend the BBC will keep up to date


with your local news weather and travel.


There'll be regular bulletins and any breaking news


on BBC Radio Guernsey and Jersey from six in the morning.


Also online - find your local page at bbc.co.uk.


I'll be back with an update at eight and 10.30 and this programme will be


This would be the icing on the cake. To do it at 31, it has come later


than I hoped, but it would be fantastic for me to get a promotion.


Mathematically, Torquay could be relegated from the National League


this weekend if they lose both their games and other


They're at leaders Lincoln tomorrow and then at home


to Braintree on Monday, who're one place above them.


Last year the Gulls were in a similar position and survived,


and their manager thinks they can do it again.


Right now it looks like the penny has dropped, they are picking things


up, taking on board the information I am giving them, they are


executing. If they can do that for the next four games, they have


learned from that experience, and we will have a fighting chance. But it


is fine margins. We need to take it one at a time, which is why you will


always get that same answer. After sealing a play-off place last


weekend, the Exeter Chiefs now want to secure a home semi-final


with a top-two finish. We have got a semifinal place now,


sometimes we need to remember that, and a lot of what needs to happen is


is making sure that mentally and physically we are where we need to


be. Whether that is home or away is not the biggest issue. I would love


it to be at home, primarily because it is able board for the players and


the supporters. And it's the last game of the season


for our Championship sides. The Pirates are at home to Bedford,


while Jersey host Richmond. And, where one season ends,


another one starts. Somerset begin their County


Championship campaign tomorrow. If they can go one better


than last summer and bring the title back to Taunton,


Devon will have played its part, Ben Green, 19, from Exeter. Jamie


over ten, from North Devon. I had to think about it! Lewis Gregory, 24,


from Plymouth. Don Bass, 19, from Sid Worth. Greg Overton, 22, also


from North Devon. I want to find out who the best


all-rounder is, on and off the field. It is up to you to decide.


It is very easy. Jamie Overton, hands down, terrible. The Flymo? You


do well! Not the nicest bunch of lads. I will have to go with Jamie,


just to get a bit of own back. I fancy my chances, because I do not


turn the ball. I give myself it. Probably Lewis, he is so short.


Massive melon, mate, no one else can fit in. If it is a standard


elevator, probably him, because nothing much can fit in apart from


his head. The results are in. Good news for


one of the, bad news for one of you, and the bad news is for Ben Green.


According to your team-mates, you are the worst all-rounder on and off


the field. The winner, he has a century, Lewis Gregory.


He is pretty proud of that. They are lovely. Five from Devon.


It is great that the cricket season is back.


You know it is summer. As the Easter weekend approaches,


David White has been out and about, tracking down events to keep


the family entertained Tonight he joins us from the Maundy


Day service at Truro Cathedral, the first of a series of services


being held to mark Easter. We are having a quick game of spot


the odd one out. I hope it is not too difficult. They said, you can


stand with the choir, but absolutely no singing. No syncing. Last week I


was in a big top, this week I am indeed beautiful surroundings of


Truro Cathedral, and there is a service taking place denied. This


kicks off your Easter celebrations. Yes, it is the Maundy Thursday


celebrations, the celebration of the institution of the Last Supper,


where Jesus began the holy Communion. It is followed by the


watch, which resembles the watch that Jesus had in Gethsemane, with


his disciples will stop tomorrow we have all of the drama of the Good


Friday services, and that leads up to the joy of Easter Day itself on


Sunday. The breaking of the bread and wine tonight, and everybody has


to leave in silence. That is what happens in the Bible. They go to


Gethsemane and Jesus prays. We tried to resemble that, because that is


what our Lord did on that night. That will happen very soon.


Elsewhere, there are a view ideas if you are looking to do something. At


Tavistock, the Passion play is taking place on Good Friday morning,


a dramatic open-air retelling of the Easter story. There is a new tonic


for Easter stress in Torquay. In Somerset, lavender and coal are


opening their field. You sure I cannot sing? OK. I am


festival by now! festival


so rude! He knows you so well!


Now, aside from it being the most-important festival


in the Christian calendar, for most of us Easter also


means eggs, of the large chocolate variety.


Yes, but on the edge of Exmoor in Dulverton,


something else is fast becoming an Easter tradition.


Dulverton library, home once a month to the knit and meta group, and they


do both well. In the run-up to Easter, docks of their delight. It


involves knitting a straightforward little neck piece and head, then


there are wings and a beak. And a pocket. And a baby. If you are


Rosemary, feet as well. They started knitting Easter ducks four years ago


and have a different design each year. This year, they have a cheque


in the pocket, we take the chick out of the pocket and we popped a little


Easter egg in. Ready to go to its new home. I wondered how much the


ducks are. They are sold in the thrift shop to help raise money for


the town hall. I will have this one. So far, so straightforward. But


then, something crackers happened. They have been travelling the world,


amazing places, and they have been sending postcards, which we have


here on display. From Cambodia, South America, Venice, and so on.


The volunteers who also run this shop have been delighted. Hello,


thrift shop... Christmas 2016 was quite a cold


one... The Christmas market was just across the river? We have had a


wonderful trip to Vietnam. We started in Hanoi... So many


motorbikes! Alex Hales continue and have brought us to Malaysia. She


thought it was hilarious to bury me in the sand. It is fantastic, such


good fun. We have been so interested, following their


progress, and they are kind enough to send us postcards, so we enjoy


reading about them. We are delighted with their stories. They now have


their own Facebook page, where their ventures can be followed by


everyone. Easter is their birthday, and they are keeping tight beat


about any surprise travel plans, but promised to keep sending postcards


back to the place they were born. And tonight we'd like to


welcome the knitted chicks Following in the footsteps


of our Christmas knitted robins, Brenda and John Joynes sent us


these from Somerset. They're being knitted


for the League of Friends shop at Yeovil District Hospital,


where they've already Like the ducks, they are well


travelled, with apparently two There is some good news, because the


weather looks like it will be promising for the Easter weekend. If


you need rain, there is not a great deal in the forecast at the moment.


There might be a few showers, but for the next three or four days


there is dry weather to be had. Tomorrow will be rather cloudy. The


risk of patchy rain later, but it is light. There will not be a huge


amount. It is also quite breezy, the wind picking up from the West,


Northwest. The high pressure is close enough to keep a lot of these


weather fronts to the North. The cloud associated with them will come


across us, but there is not much left by the time it gets to us.


Eventually, they will bring some light and intermittent rain. Gone by


Saturday. The same area of high pressure just about holes therefore


Easter day. Even though the weather fronts try to come in from the


north. It will not get to us, really. Even by Monday, even though


there is a risk of showers, still a lot of usable weather. We have had


some sunshine today, not everywhere. This was earlier today. We got some


good shots of people out enjoying some reasonable weather, and trying


to gather sheep. Very busy for our sheep farmers. And now into


Plymouth. A lot of clout in the sky today, but it has not spoil the day.


If we were really fussy about the weather, you will need to wrap up


warm, it will not be overly warm. But if the sun comes out just for an


hour or so, it will help lift the temperatures. This cloud will begin


through the night. Still clear skies at times in places, so in a few


shots, sheltered parts of East Devon, Somerset and Dorset, we could


see four or 5 degrees. Tomorrow, the cloud will come and go. Eventually


it. To produce showers of rain across the northern half of our


region. A bit more of a breeze. Bright to


start with on the Isles of Scilly, then cloudier. If you are heading to


high water. Some usable surf. A bit high water. Some usable surf. A bit


choppy on the north Coast, though. Saturday starts a bit cloudy, but it


should brighten up. Fine weather on Sunday, a small chance of a shower.


We hold onto the bright with for Monday.


Well, the choir from Truro Cathedral are now going to play us out


with a song specially written for Maundy Thursday,


Have a lovely Easter. Good night.


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