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There were scenes of jubilation at Home Park this afternoon


as Plymouth Argyle sealed promotion with three games to spare.


The Pilgrims went into the game knowing that just one point would be


enough to guarantee League One football next season,


but they completed the job in fine style, thrashing Newport 6-1.


Andy Birkett got in amongst the celebrations.


Six long seasons of English football English football sports here.


The administration, the heartbreak of


And I've seen promotions and these boys went


to Wembley last season, disappointment but now, absolutely


I think I was more excited than the boys, actually.


Six years, and now we're finally out!


We are now ten minutes after the match and no supporters


Still around 15,000 here in the stand.


Applauding the players and the manager, who's come back out


These fans will keep the faith up at Wembley.


to seal that manner, I think is just moving


because the fans have been waiting for so long and it's great


they've put in a performance like that.


Massive club here and we're going into league one now.


Andy Birkett reporting from Home Park.


Well, Exeter city's promotion push suffered a minor setback today


with a defeat against Cambridge United.


Meanwhile, Torquay United had to beat Braintree Town


to keep their National League survival hopes alive.


There's celebrations as well there before this match, the chances of


Torquay avoiding relegation looks very slim but this win against


fellow relegation strugglers Braintree town has given them a


fighting chance of staying in the National League. It started badly


with Manny Parry putting Braintree in front after just eight minutes,


took united were looking very nervous but then, Brett Williams had


a goal disallowed for offside but that seems to fire took united up.


Minutes later, he got an equaliser, and puts them in front in the second


half and although it was very nervy for the last half-hour, in the end,


it was Jordan league within late goal and as you can imagine, fans


are delighted. That was amazing. Taking it to the last game, it was


brilliant. We did it. The great escape is on. Fantastic, wonderful.


Best thing that happens to us. It's probably shouldn't have been


disallowed but it sparked is a little bit and great credit to the


last comeback and equalised so soon after, otherwise it might have


minutes of afternoon. This victory was hugely important for took united


but they are no means out of the woods. They have to play Dover


athletic and they need wins in the those games but compared to what it


was like before today, there really is a chance of the great escape.


there really is a chance of the great escape.


Fishermen in the Southwest are being praised for the work


they're doing to help clean up our seas.


Marine litter and discarded fishing gear has been blamed for killing


But now the fishermen are working with charities and other industries


to tackle the problem as Eleanor Parkinson reports.


These fishermen are not just hauling up fish.


They have to sift through their catch to get rid of the rubbish


but they're not throwing it back overboard.


Instead, they put it in special sacks they've been given


and they bring it all back to port to put in a dedicated skip.


Fish isn't the only thing we catch, unfortunately, at sea.


We're catching a lot of plastic bags and mainly plastics.


We bring in about two one-tonne bags every trip.


I do a six-day trip and I bring to one-tonne bags a week.


And these are the bags that we give the fishing boats.


And if you look through the skip, you can find just about anything.


The bags on the boats are provided by a project


So whatever it is, whether it's a piece of old net,


whether it's a rope, plastic, polythene sheet


wrapped around their ropes, it's dangerous for them,


it's dangerous to be left in the sea, it's not good


for the marine environment and they are more than


The fishermen are also working hard to prevent ghost gear,


They drown, they starve and they die of infection.


It is of particular danger to seals, because they really highly


intelligent mammals that are very curious.


So they see a bit of ghost gear floating in a water


So they swim over it, around it, under its, through it.


And it's the through age that gets them into trouble.


These nylon nets won't be thrown away.


They be sent to a factory in Eastern Europe, where they'll be


And a Cornish company are using the recycled


We make the range of swimwear and rash guards that


are particularly aimed at active watersports use, either wearing them


under wet suits or jumping around, moving in the water,


so that our specific use of the recycled nylon yarn.


In the south-west, attitudes to marine litter are changing


but the threat still exists from other shows.


Ghost gear is often brought up into our seas on the Gulf Stream.


For the fishermen and the volunteers, their work continues.


Now how do you fancy naming a a newborn horse?


Now how do you fancy naming a newborn horse?


Here she is - the first foal of the season born in the early


hours of Easter Sunday at the Miniature Pony


There's a competition to find her a name, and the theme


The weather hasn't been bad at all over this Easter weekend,


We did get a bit of sunshine today, but for most of us, it's been


largely cloudy and tonight, a lot of that is cloud will start to break


Any isolated showers die away and we'll see


largely clear skies so


it is going to be quite chilly night, temperatures could well get


lower than this in some sheltered approval spots.


That does mean a chilly but bright starts tomorrow, with more sunshine


than many have seen this weekend. We'll see temperatures doing well as


well so a lot of sunshine, light wings, Fairweather cloud during the


afternoon, some sparse hitting 14 or 15 degrees. Drive week by day,


plenty of sunshine, by night it will be told with the return of frost.


Plenty of good news today! Janine Jansen will bring you the latest


news around 10:20pm tonight. Have a lovely evening.


Hopefully you managed to enjoy some good weather this Easter. It has not


been ideal but it has not been that bad. Pretty cold tonight. Sharp


frost on the way in role areas and across northern parts. The skies are


not clear just yet but they are starting to clear. By the end of the


night, those temperatures will tumble across Scotland, maybe as low


minus eight. No surprise this time of the year. We do get frost, but


this could be even damaging. Tomorrow morning, it is looking


sunny for most of us but the wind is light in the sun will


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