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Good evening and welcome to BBC Channel Islands,


These are Tuesday's headlines: Two weeks on and Jersey police


still haven't charged anyone with the death of Ana Rebelo.


Hospital funding debate put on the waiting list to allow more


time for states members to read review.


Making the world a better place - Jersey teenager is the first


islander in a decade to receive a Diana Award.


It is an amazing achievement and I am very proud to be one of the


people in the world who have got this award and Diana's legacy.


This is the forecast for the next four days. You will notice one thing


missing, any rain. All the details later in the programme.


Today marks two weeks since a murder investigation was launched


after a woman's body was found at an address in Jersey.


51-year-old Ana Robelo had been strangled at her home


in St Helier, but Jersey Police still haven't charged anyone


The Catholic Church has raised money to repatriate her


We don't know the exact circumstances of how


this lady met her death, so we are keeping an open mind.


But that man has since been released on bail and Jersey Police have


It's now a fortnight since Ana Robelo's body


was discovered at this house in Victoria street -


the only sign are the flowers that mark the doorway.


Her death shocked the community here.


She was a regular at St Thomas' Church at the end of her road.


Father Nicholas felt the religious weekend was an appropriate


time to mark her death and help her family


I don't normally take a collection on Good Friday.


we have a large number of people here - it doesn't seem right.


But this time it did seem right to do it,


not only were we remembering the death and burial of Christ


but remember the death and future burial of this woman who died,


This was to repatriate the body which is the wish of the mother


and on a day like this when we remember Mary who stood


by the cross of her son, we can understand the suffering


mother and what she must have been feeling.


Members of the church who knew her says it was because it was such


The person didn't just die, she was killed -


so that makes difference and people feel that they should be generous


towards helping the family to send the body back.


The church is still taking collections to send Ana's body


to Portugal to be laid to rest with her family.


But with still so many unanswered questions surrounding her death -


An investigation continues into a car accident in Jersey


An 18-year-old was transferred to Southampton General


with serious injuries, he's in a critical but stable


condition in the neurological unit, while a second man is in a stable


condition in Jersey's General Hospital following


The two other men were discharged yesterday.


They'd been travelling in a blue Peugeot 106


when the accident happened on the Five Mile Road


on the island's west coast just after 11pm.


The St Helier lifeboat crew who resigned on mass after alleged


bullying are meeting Jersey's Chief Minister today


A crew from the UK has stepped in temporarily to provide off


The RNLI says there's been a serious breakdown in communication


between the Jersey team and the UK-based management.


4500 people have signed a petition calling


for the the St Helier crew to be re-instated.


It was supposed to be the day that Jersey finally decided how to pay


for its new hospital - but that has once again been


The decision is on hold for two weeks to give politicians a chance


to review the proposals on how best to pay - but the rest of the day's


Our reporter Chris Stone has been following today's debate.


You would think it would be quite straightforward, it is the kind of


choice you and I are faced with every day when we do our shopping or


buy a new car or house, do we pay with money from the bank or do we


take out the load or use a credit card and period of Albany period of


months or years? That is the debate the -- over a period. Should the


state take out a loan of ?400 million for the new hospital or take


the money from the rainy day fund. We were expecting the debate today


but they have put it off. There are concerns if the debate is left for


too long it will add to the cost of the hospital. The person who came up


with the idea of using the rainy day fund hospital wanted to put the


debate off until June the 6th, he said members in the time to read the


report, but others said with the political uncertainty there is in


the world at the moment, with Theresa May calling a snap election


today, interest rates could fluctuate that taxpayers in Jersey


could risk losing millions of pounds if the debate is put off longer. So


they agreed to the beat in two weeks, when members at the time to


read the proposal. -- and they will be baked in two weeks. -- debate


will have the debate in two weeks. The new Dean of Jersey has been


appointed, and he knows the Channel Islands well -


with his current The Reverend Mike Kierle


is currently the Vice Dean of Guernsey and has been


Rector of St Martins Parish


Church since 2003. He's also part of the Channel


Island Air Search crew. He replaces The Very


Reverend Bob Key who stepped down Of things lie ahead, the forging of


a new relationship with the mainline church will be one of the chief


challenges. Working with colleagues and building a new team, I am


excited to be working with people in the church in Jersey. I am very


excited about building the new team and look forward to seeing the


flourishing of the church. There were disruptions in Condors


ferry service over the bank holiday. On friday night the Liberation


suffered engine problems resulting Sailings on saturday then had a late


start to accommodate staff rest. The delays also made navigating


the tides more difficult. Services over the weekend


were around six hours behind Very frustrating for our passengers


which I totally understand. Our engineers and the manufacturers got


busy on the problem and subject to the crew hours and vital issues


clearly it was, it was not because of the title issues but that was a


knock-on effect after the engine issues. -- title issues.


Meanwhile, ferry passengers face more disruption this evening


after an engine was shut down on the Condor Rapide.


The engineering team discovered metal particles inside one


While repairs take place the Rapide will operate on reduced power.


Its timetable for this evening has been rescheduled.


A teenager in Jersey is being recognised by royalty


Tom Hughes is getting a Diana Award, given to young people who make


He's the first person in a decade to receive the award


Chris Harrison went to meet the exceptional youngster.


16-year-old Tom hughes is a Jersey teenager who helps others.


Here he is on duty, volunteering for the St John Ambulance Service.


And recently, he was told he's getting a Diana award.


Remembering the kindness of Princess Diana, the awards set


out to recognise outstanding young people, with only 100 given out each


It is an amazing achievement and accomplishments and I am very proud


to be one of the people in the world who have got this award in Diana's


legacy. It was very shocking to get that response but the award had been


successful and I was one of those people, who will be meeting royalty


as well to get the award presented to me.


Only the most courageous and caring young people receive such an award.


It was one of Tom's school teachers that nominated him.


He saw -- either so passionate about St John Ambulance and first aid and


spreading the word about past -- spreading the word about it. The


fact he is so dedicated and gets up so much of his time on a voluntary


basis, it is above and beyond this fantastic and this was just for some


recognition for home for him to know how proud of him we are.


Tom was made cadet of the year by the St John Ambulance.


He has been with them since he was eight and given up over


Brilliant, always ready to be the first person to put his hand up to


do something and you knew she could go on duty, once he passed his first


aid, as you now know there is no stopping him.


Tom will meet royalty to receive his Diana Award this summer,


where he will be recognised for all the time he


News that the ice strike injures it would return in December. It was


forced to close at the Fought due to competition from a second ranked --


a second rink. Today it was and the rink will be part of the way will be


part of a wider festive event and will be in place for five weeks.


A mixed bag weather-wise over the bank holiday weekend,


How's the weather looking over this shorter working week,


We could actually use some rain but sunshine was also a very welcome for


many. This is one of our weather watcher pictures. Tomorrow we have


more of the same, dry with plenty of sunshine and light winds at first


but a bit of a beast on the breeze holding temperatures down but still


drive. -- easterly breeze. These weather fronts or tried to get


towards us at making slow progress. High pressure here for tomorrow and


Thursday and pretty much on Friday as well although on Friday night the


weak weather front moves down from the north. As might introduce some


showers but rainfall is likely to be pretty limited heading into the


weekend. Effectively a dry week ahead. Overnight, clear skies and


lower temperatures. The cold might. -- the cold mate. -- night. Even


though we have plenty of sunshine temperatures topping out at around


12 Celsius. Out of the wind and in the sunshine it will be very nice.


There are times of high water. Not much for our surfers. Hardly any


waves with the easterly winds. The winters -- the wind mainly from the


East. It should say easterly wind. Generally fair conditions and good


visibility. That is the forecast heading through to the end of the


week but the main theme is a dry one, if that is a chance of any rain


it will be first thing on Saturday. Have a good evening. The thing very


good towards the weekend. That is it. You are up-to-date. I will be


back just before 8pm and again at the slightly later time of 10:50pm.


They did it in style, beating Newport 6-1 at Home Park.


For Chief Executive Martyn Starnes it's now three promotions


As he told Natalie earlier, he's still delighted.


I am feeling very good, thank you, Natalie.


It was a fantastic performance yesterday and to get over the line


and get promotion to League 1 means that we are all extremely


If you're going to clinch promotion early then it is good


to do it convincingly, but six goals!


Could you believe what you were seeing?


No, you couldn't make it up, could you?


Probably the best performance I have seen at Home Park


The goals were quality as well and it was magnificent for the fans


to see us get promoted in such a convincing fashion.


What inspired the players to play like that, do you think?


I think Matt Kennedy's goal settled everybody down.


You could sense the relief amongst the fans and the players,


and they just played with a lot of freedom and produced


It was just one after the other, wasn't it?


I don't know who was more excited at the final whistle,


Was it the fans or was it the players?


I think you've hit the nail on the head.


I think they were both equally excited.


The players have been under a lot of pressure to achieve


And, of course, the fans have been through some tough times at Argyle,


and over the last three seasons we have managed to improve


on and off the pitch and there must be a sense of relief amongst


the fans that we've finally got back to League 1.


It's great to see the players so excited.


What does League 1 mean for them and the club now?


I don't think they will change too much.


The players will go away for a break after we've finished the season,


hopefully top of the league, cos we are still chasing Doncaster.


But they will go and refresh and come back for the new season


and they will want to challenge themselves in League 1.


Do you think Exeter City are going to be joining


They've got every chance, haven't they?


They're still involved in the play-off fight.


Slipped up yesterday 1-0 to Cambridge but, like you say,


But we know how difficult getting through the play-offs is.


We have experienced it twice ourselves in the last two seasons,


and it's going to be on the day, if Exeter can perform on the day,


if they finally qualify then, yeah, they could be joining us.


Do you keep an eye on each other when you're playing?


They look like they are safe now after a great victory yesterday.


Yeah, I certainly keep an eye on what Yeovil are doing.


I was there six years so I've got a soft spot for the club, obviously.


The chairman actually text me earlier in the day to say,


"Do us a favour tonight," because obviously Newport


were beginning to catch Yeovil from a relegation position in League


2, as I said we'd do our best and of course he was delighted


we won and delighted that Yeovil got a 3-0 victory as well.


Lets leave League 2, but what do you think of Torquay?


Do you think they're going to survive?


They're in a very difficult position.


I think they have got a couple of games left,


I'm sure that Kevin Nicholson will get players motivated


I think they're probably going to have to win


And for Argyle, the rest of the season, you say


going to be champions, is that the aim?


Yeah, I mean, Graham Carey wants the championship,


Derek Adams will want to motivate the players towards the title, so


Thanks so much for coming in and well done to everyone at Argyle.


Let's head to Torbay now where a fleet of tall ships has arrived.


In a spectacular show of sailing prowess, they're here to prepare


for the start of tomorrow's Rendez Vous 2017 Tall Ships Regatta.


It's an international transatlantic race featuring some of the world's


largest sailing vessels, and they'll cross the ocean twice.


Our South Devon reporter John Ayres in Torquay for us tonight.


Some of these sailors have never sailed before but they made their


way here and will sail to Portugal tomorrow.


It's a glorious sight as these magnificent vessels arrive


It was here in Torbay back in 1956 that tall ships racing started.


ARCHIVE: So, the race to Lisbon is on.


How long it's going to take is anybody's guess.


These trainees are getting ready for their voyage.


Sometimes there is a bit of improvised sewing as well.


But are they worried about their trip?


The Bay of Biscay is kind of renowned for being a bit


rough at points but, I mean, going so far,


It can be challenging at times but, I mean, there's enough well-trained


staff on board who can deal with it and make sure they learn fast


enough so they can get the most out of the trip


Staging these races raises the profile of Torbay, brings


We are used to doing it, we have the space,


we have the capacity and we welcome this kind of event because it's


part of the culture, it's part of Torbay's heritage.


Visitors will be able to see the ships close-up


in Torquay Harbour until they sail off to Portugal tomorrow.


I'm joined by the grace chairman James Stevens. What does it involve?


This is a long race, starting from here, going to Portugal on the first


leg, across to Bermuda, then Boston USA, Qu bec, Halifax Nova Scotia and


back to France. Two transatlantics. A huge number of people are trainees


and had never done it before. Does it worry you? It will be a huge


challenge and adventure and that is one of the reasons we do it. What is


a typical day like on-board? You have to do everything on board,


steer, trim the sales, cook, clean-up. These young trainees, it


is a big learning curve and they have to learn how to do it before


they reach the Atlantic, only a few days away. Lots of places would love


to have this race so what is it about Torbay? It is to read expect a


call and this is a great place for the ships, nice sheltered bay and


natural amphitheatre. The starters tomorrow at five o'clock, so you get


a very good review here. The race is tomorrow, starting just off Berry


head at 5pm. It looks like a glorious evening in


Torquay. We thought we would put David on the


roof again tonight. It is looking glorious up there as well.


It is a smashing view. I have also noticed there is a chill in the air


and I think that will be the case tonight. Last night we saw


temperatures down to 3-4. Tonight it could be colder. The forecast for


tomorrow is potentially to see some frost, not unusual to see frost in


April but temperatures down as low as -2, -3 is pretty nippy. The rest


of the day is fine and dry and we should get sunshine with generally


like winds, mainly easterly for the start of the tall ships race. We are


still under the influence of high-pressure, a lot of clear sky,


but there is a weather front drifting down from the North, pretty


weak by the time it gets towards us but it introduces a little more


cloud. But Thursday could be rather cloudy but still effectively dry. By


Friday, another cold front coming from the north but by the time it


gets to us it is weak, little if any rain in the forecast. That is the


story as we head through the week and I'm to the weekend, no


appreciable rain to fall across the south-west. Sky is largely clear


tonight, a chilly night, a few shallow mist and fog patches could


form here and there. Temperatures could get as low as -2, minus three.


A chilly start to the day, some frost, particularly in the


countryside away from the coast. But another fine day, lots of sunshine,


some patchy cloud drifting in from the north later in the day, but a


lot of fine and dry weather. Not particularly warm even with light


winds. 12, 13, 14 degrees. For the Isles of Scilly, plenty of sunshine


and light winds. Here are the times of high water. With easterly winds,


or will not be huge waves. A generally fair coastal waters


forecast. Good visibility. Here is the outlook to the end of the week.


More cloud on Thursday and potentially briefly on Friday


morning but a lot of dry weather and the question must be asked, when


will we see some rain? I can't see any over the next five or six days.


Our late news is that 10:50pm tonight but we leave you with some


lovely sunshine in Torbay.


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