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Good evening. I'm Charlie McArdle.


Welcome to BBC Channel Islands. These are Wednesday's headlines.


Dinosaur dental work causes a fire at Tamba Park.


And hear the children's choir overcoming heartbreak


and suffering to bring joy to the world.


We noticed some black smoke appearing behind the greenhouse and


then we have done explosion. Not a good day.


And hear the children's choir overcoming heartbreak


and suffering to bring joy to the world.


There is not a great deal of changing weather pattern. More good


weather to come. But the chance of a change the weekend.


Join me for the full weather forecast shortly.


Repairs to a giant model dinosaur sparked a fire at a Jersey


Tamba Park in St Lawrence had to be evacuated after the fire started


in a greenhouse where staff were welding teeth


No-one was hurt, but it took three fire engines and nearly 20


firefighters to bring the flames under control,


Thick black smoke could be seen for miles, after a welder doing dino


dentistry at the St Lawrence theme park sparked a big fire.


Staff were doing routine maintenance on the exhibit when it caught fire.


Flames soon spread to plastic on the roof, on to a car


We noticed some black smoke appearing from behind the


greenhouses and then there was some explosions and bounds. The smoke got


a lot worse, building up into the scary. We decided to stay


everywhere. but it took 19 firefighters


a couple of hours to bring They say the smoke was particularly


dangerous because rubber and plastic Any smoke is a bad thing, but this


particular, involving plastic, is going to involved in some nasty


chemicals. The firefighters limited the fire very quickly, to eliminate


any risk. Roads close to the the park


were closed for several hours Visitors praised the Tamba


staff for their quick actions, as they cleared


the play-areas and cafe. The owner was relieved there was not


any more problems. We just have to move on. A good few thousands worth


of equipment. Fire crews remained


on site throughout The park itself has not been damaged


and will open as normal tomorrow. A man has gone on trial


for the indecent assault and rape 30-year-old Kevin Irving


is alleged to have got into the bed of the woman


and assaulted her while she thought he was someone else.


Alison Moss was at the start of the four-day trial


in Jersey's Royal Court. This is not the archetypal


rape case of struggling and shouting to stop,


the court was told by the prosecution,


but it was still rape, with the traumatic consequences


associated with it. On this the first day


of the trial, we heard In front of the jury


of six men and six women, but hidden from view


from the defendent, she took them through the events which led


to her reporting The woman explained


how she had signed up to the dating site,


Plenty Of Fish, where her profile made it clear she was not adverse


to meeting for a relationship She and another man


started messaging and, while on a night out


with friends on July 29 last year, When they met up, Kevin Irving


was also with the man. They went to a property


in St Helier. The victim said she was happy


to go back with the man, while Kevin Irving planned to call


a taxi from the house. But in the hours following,


the prosecution claims, while vulnerable, in bed


and in the dark, the woman was assaulted and raped


by Kevin Irving, when the other man The victim said she only


realised it was someone else when there was shouting


and the door opened. She left the house shocked


and reported to the rape to a policeman she


found on the street. Kevin Irving denies


the charges and the trial Ministers have paid ?33,000


for advice from a public relations firm on how to handle media interest


in Jersey's care inquiry. They got a UK political consultancy


company to give guidance on dealing with national and international


interest in the Jersey inquiry into historic child abuse,


which is due to publish its report soon.


The Chief Minister wants to improve upon the way Ministers have handled


such issues in the past. Following months of dispute,


the States has agreed to class the streets on a Jersey trading


estate as main roads. Members of the public will have


to pay to park at Rue des Pres, Previously, the land


was unrestricted, leading to numerous complaints about bad


parking and blocked rights of way. The Minister responsible said


the only solution was to class them as main roads,


so they can be more tighly You are watching the BBC


in the Channel Islands. Still to come on


tonight's programme, the children's choir overcoming


heartbreak and suffering Guernsey has secured a four-year


sponsorship deal that will support its Island Games team


until the 2021 Games. Today, the Chairman of the Guernsey


Island Games Association signed The global insurance company has


sponsored Team Guernsey since 2011. The association says funding


is invaluable to island athletes. The give us mercenaries, so that


every sport has been given a bursary to help develop the sport. It is not


only the prospect of going to the games, it is the development of the


sport. There is concern that Guernsey's


Bluebell Wood is under threat Environmentalists warn that


the non-native Spanish bluebell, a hybrid that produces more bulbs


and seeds, is out-competing Guernsey's Environment Department


is organising groups of people to remove the species,


which is similar to the native bluebell, but slightly


paler and more upright. A Guernsey-born singer,


producer and musician has been shortlisted for a prestigious


Ivor Novello music award. Mura Masa, otherwise known


as Alex Crossan, has been nominated in the Best Contempory Song


category for Lovesick, The Ivors, which recognise


excellence in songwriting and composing, will be awarded


in London next month. Orphaned children from Africa have


been in Jersey to spread the message The Watoto Choir travel the world,


to broaden the horizons of the young people in their care,


but also inspire thousands of others who watch their performances,


which they are also taking Emma Chambers went along


to Le Rocquier School, You would not tell from


hearing and seeing them, but all these children


have experienced They are orphans from Uganda,


who are now in the care of Watoto Ministries,


an East African religious group who care for vulnerable


young people and widows. This choir is on a


once-in-a-lifetime trip Not one of sorrow, but one


of hope and empowerment. They are from homes that


were very violent to them. Mothers that have,


literally, disowned them. Fathers who have run


away from children, And for them, that is a painful


thing, but thank God, they are young and can easily


get past that. So, all we are trying to say is, it


doesn't matter how bad things were, And it was well received


by these students. I thought I was absolutely amazing.


The things we take for granted, they regard as privileges, but it was


great to see them enjoying themselves and fantastic to watch


them. It is amazing that they have such a positive attitude to life.


You can be seven years old and have the confidence to get up on stage


and sing and dance. This is the second time they have


been invited to the school. We are very proud of our


international links and this just links in very well with that.


Jersey is an island. We are part of the world and part


of growing up and being educated is to understand how


that world works. And for the first time, the choir


is taking their message to Guernsey, where they will be


performing later this week. So more Channel Islanders can see


there is happiness and hope, You can see and hear more


from the Watoto Choir on our Facebook page,


where we have the details The weather is great


for sun worshippers, but not so good for the growers,


with still no rain. David, is it something


to worry about? The sunshine will continue, but it


could come to a named on Monday, because we have an active weather


system on its way. Moreover later. Tomorrow, more fame and drying


weather, with plenty of sunshine. The pressure from fearfully Harry at


the moment. A band of cloud on this week on Saturday. More to the north


of hours. As you can see. A fine evening, but the chilly late to


come. Overnight temperatures for- five Celsius. A fine day tomorrow. A


lot of sunshine most of the day. Clothes coming later on, but there


will be much later on in the day. Here are the water details. Winners


are going to rain? He has the forecast from Sunday to Monday. The


surface much more weather system, pushing probably somewhere to others


on Monday afternoon. The timing of it a bit uncertain at the moment. Oh


pixel dream to come on Monday. But until then, remaining dryly. 3-D,


remaining frame, Saturday, that week weather front bringing a degree of


uncertainty. You are up to date with the news


from the Channel Islands. I will be back at eight


with an update and then again with your local news


first after the BBC doing what they're expected to do.


Indeed plenty to keep and eye on in the next few weeks.


A round-up of other stories making the news in the South West...


Detectives investigating a fire at a Grade One listed stately home


near Beaminster have arrested a 68-year-old local man


Parnham House suffered a significant amount of damage in the blaze.


lessons after shaving his head for a cancer charity.


Fifteen year old Taylor Jones, was told by Launceston College


in Cornwall that his extreme hairstyle was unacceptable


The college says Taylor was advised to have his hair cut to a "very


A Conservative MP has called for cars in Cornwall


to have the flag of St Piran on their number plates


Scott Mann was speaking on the issues at a Westminster Hall


Jack Nowell has become the first ever Exeter Chiefs player to be


The 24-year old was today named in the 41-man squad for the summer


The first the Cornishman heard of his inclusion


was when the touring party was announced on television.


And as Andy Birkett found out, there was quite a celebration.


Jack Nowell, Exeter Chiefs and England.


To be named in that is obviously a massive


thing for myself and for the


I'm very excited, it's any rugby players dream.


Not only play into the country but a chance to go on


tour with the Lions is massive and to be given a chance now is go


It's a chance the popular Cornishman has


Everyone around the club is naturally delighted.


To have a current British Lion in your team is


For it to be one of the players that has come to your


academy system and have only played their Premiership rugby year at one


club and becoming international here and now become a British line, it


doesn't really get any better than that from the club's perspective


for me as well, the fact that it's happened to such a good


Despite his rapid rise from mini rugby at the Pirates through Truro


College to now becoming a premiership and England regular, he


To be honest, I was home this weekend,


they treat me the same as


and take bike rides along the green and things.


Identical bid to much different, but their role


It's nice to be able to share that with them.


Can you just talk me through this Jack about your dream of being a


You notice a shirt no? Yes I am wearing the shirt. I was given on a


tour when I was younger, but I was never as I be wearing one in my


career. Delete that now though. A nine-year old from Cornwall has


been getting to grips with the ins Has made her own stall in the market


Austin and has even divined her own marketing strategy. To run any sort


of stored in your stock so there is a trip down to the local


cash-and-carry, and wants you got that you need to spy on somebody


sell it. When I saw them her local market. I've got Kit Kat lollies,


penny sweets, sherbet and everything. She's doing this to


raise money for Mary Carey which helps people with terminal misses.


In his own: 01 hygiene certificate and dad Steve has sorted out her own


marketing study. It was her idea. She's been copying the anti-bin


doing this kind of thing since he was two really. She started this


years ago with her first sticker shock and now she asked me to make


this sweet shop for. The market is run by the local town council, Leben


impressed by your ingenuity. This young lady, what and entrepreneur at


such a young age. I take my hat off to her. Especially for the charity


that she is raising money for. And even at the tender age of nine, she


is already coming up with their own sales techniques. It would be


quicker to serve people, these sweets equal a pound, so it would


take me ages to sell these as individually but how about these ?1


packs. They would love to her own shop and by the looks of it she


knows exactly what to do to make it happen. A successful businesswoman


in the making their I think. Lots of people start in the market don't


they? A 17-year-old fisherman from Cornwall at is the subject of a


documentary that has won the in International film Festival.


Spotlight has gone to meet the people who made the film.


A weather-beaten face, the sort of face you read about from good


writers. Shot over a period of three years, this portrait of fisherman


Malcolm Baker has won plaudits in Britain and America. Last month, it


picked up on the ward at San Francisco's International Ocean film


Festival. The idea for the film came about when Austrian Leo cataract


came to work in Cornwall. I was fascinated by his life his work and


I got to know him a bit better which then became me not going back to


Austria so I would just like to stop and stay little bit with Malcolm


which we did for seven years. But Knockin was initially reluctant to


be the subject of the documentary. He won in the end. The traditional


skill set Malcolm learnt are celebrated in the film. But in call


centre day, there is no one to follow him when he retires. That's


the downside of it, now, really. But that's life I suppose. But some


skills are being passed on through the's project. These children from


Austria on and exchange programme benefit from Malcolm's has a


experience. It's about how people see changes for young people living


here. There are so many people in the film that it is a community


film. Those 25 in a string... But what was the hardest part of being


in the film from Malcolm? Two trying not to square swear. The film makers


are trying to arrange some local screening soon. I like his style.


Now in the last hour and a half the 20 17th tool ships regatta has got


underway in South Devon. The race features some of the world's largest


sailing ships. This was the scene in the Torbay at the start of the first


leg to Portugal. We've seen some lovely blue skies, but what are


conditions like the overs. Here's the forger. The winter get that


strong, but nice calm seas. That's not going to change that much, the


fine weather continues. Quite a big change come the weekend I'll come to


that in a second. Perhaps more cloud around them recently but we've had


some lovely sunrises and sunsets. This was Dorset in the morning, some


lovely flowers and courts in flower. This was the sunrise this morning in


Charlestown. Glorious condition through most of us, there has been a


bit of cloud floating around but it continues to be fine this evening.


Overnight, there is a bit more in the way of cloud coming our way and


that will drift across us by the morning. So there is a bit more


cloud around tomorrow morning how much rain we will see but I think


little if any and the cloud should break up with any tool either


sunshine through especially in the afternoon. This area of high


pressure is pretty strong and is weakening the low pressure coming


from the north. By the middle of the day on Friday we do have weather


systems trying to make progress. This is the one that arrives on


Saturday which brings a band of cloud and returns northward. So


Sunday looks like it will be a largely fine day. Quite a big change


on this weather front as it comes down from the North later, overnight


on Sunday night and into Monday. We leave the area of high pressure and


for those that need it the could be some significant rainfall on Monday.


Until then lots of fine and dry weather and relatively mild. As that


weather front arrives on Sunday into Monday the cold air flights in, so


make the most of the warmth that were going to see over the next few


days because it does cooldown early next week. That is the weather front


that I am talking about that will bring cloud later. This was earlier


today on Dartmoor where it was fine, but it hasn't spoiled what was a


lovely day for most of us like Hayes and slightly reduced visibility


because of the Hayes, hopefully the visibility will improve over the


next few days. Dry and bright for all of us after quite a chilly start


first thing this morning. Overnight, there is some clear sky, but


eventually the cloud will start to creep in from the north. Very little


rain coming out of that cloud but it will have in effect on temperatures.


Not quite as cold, with overnight temperatures down to 4-6 . Tomorrow


should be lovely, mostly dry, a few showers possible along the northern


half of Devon, most of us getting away with a lot of dry weather.


Patchy cloud, sunny spells, and a top temperature of 12 - 13 degrees.


For the Isles of Scilly, I nice day after a cloudy start and should


brighten up in the afternoon. High water times as you see here, very


little for our surfers, the service mole at the moment. For the tall


ships, very calm seas in the English Channel. Wins tomorrow light, no


more than 43 and generally fair with good visibility. Before forecast for


the weekend, 13 to 14 degrees but by the time we get to Monday it


habitually. Have a good evening. News on our late news of the new


tungsten wire on the edge of Dartmoor, from all of us have a


lovely evening, good night.


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