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Good evening. I am Charlie McArdle.


Welcome to BBC Channel Islands. These are Friday's headlines.


Could this be the greatest night of their lives?


Jersey Reds are hoping to make sporting history.


They have already clinched first place in the we can only wanting


some silverware to show for their fantastic season.


The ideal travel companions, but Guernsey will have to agree


and transport links must improve, to boost tourism.


Guernsey's dark history. Why three woman and their story have


been a taboo subject for more than 70 years.


And we have got some more excellent weather coming up this weekend. But


next week, it is going to be much colder, with features of submarine.


Jersey could be just a few hours away from one


of the greatest moments in Channel Islands sports history.


The Reds are in the British and Irish Cup final


Our sports editor Tim Pryor reports from Cork.


The Reds will tonight try to cap off their best-ever season


with, arguably, their best ever achievement.


They have already clinched fifth place in the league,


but now they want silverware to show for their efforts.


More than 100 supporters have come over for the match.


started out in this tournament back in October.


Now just two remain - Jersey and hosts Munster,


who field their reserve side, the so-called A Team,


A preparation was sorted in the preseason. There has been adversity


and that has galvanised as as a team. That is a chance to play for


silverware. These opportunities do not come along very often.


To make the final of any event is rarely straightforward.


A win over Ulster at St Peter was enough for Jersey to clinch top


quarterfinal against Cornish Pirates.


A dominant display took the Reds through to a semifinal


showdown against this season's dominant team,


No problem for Harvey Biljon's men, though,


The 25-17 victory setting up tonight's final.


And it will be a final goodbye to a string of departing


players, many of whom are off to join Premiership clubs in the summer


You play for the person next to you, as much as anything else. To get to


find one of the ability to do something special for each other is


very for us. It would be great to leave the club having won some sort


of silverware. We are in for some evening tonight.


And he will bring you live commentary of the British


tonight on BBC Radio Jersey. Friday Sportscene is on air shortly.


And we will bring you the action and, of course, the result


Inflation has doubled in Guernsey, rising to a three-year high.


The latest official figures show the overall cost of living rose


by almost 2.5% in the year to March -


In particular, increasing fuel, leisure and household service


prices have made life in Guernsey more expensive.


And if you exclude mortgage payments then the cost of living has


risen by even more - by nearly 3%.


A 52 year-old Jersey man has pleaded not guilty to murdering


Michael Charles Brown, pictured here arriving


at the Royal Court this morning, is charged with killing


John Stephen McCarthy at Vauxhall Gardens in St Helier


He denied murder, but entered a guilty plea to the lesser charge


of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.


A date for his trial will be set in six weeks.


Police are reassuring islanders there is no significant risk


to the community, despite a rise in the number of sex offenders


A report from the group that oversees dangerous and complex


criminals shows there are now 116 registered sex


offenders in the island - most of them living


The Head of Crime services says even the most serious offenders can


You can never completely eliminate risk, but the public protection


arrangements that we have in place here are a very effective. There is


a real commitment from all those involved to work together and to


work with offenders to minimise any risk they meet present.


Visit Jersey want their Guernsey counterparts to enter


into an official agreement to market the Channel Islands together.


The tourism body hopes that, by promoting island-hopping holidays,


more tourists will be enticed from Europe.


But is it an idea shared by Guernsey and can it work


with our current travel links? Emma Chambers reports.


They both have beautiful beaches, sites of historical interest


and iconic characters, but where Jersey and Guernsey used to


compete for tourists in the past, they are now


marketing them together, to attract European customers.


Visit Jersey want to make their joint approach more official


and have drafted a Memorandum of Understanding, but Guernsey


It's really good to think that Jersey


would like to be so close to us and we would like to work


with Jersey wherever possible, if it is mutually beneficial.


However, in our heart, we have to look after Guernsey


and Guernsey tourism, but wherever possible


if we are stronger with Jersey, then we will definitely work with them.


But can they continue to market the delights of each other if one


Let's continue to work well together.


We're already in a sense framing that in the actions


in the joint marketing that we are doing in Germany and elsewhere.


So, a piece of paper is a piece of paper.


It is what we do in the marketplace that is really important.


But island-hopping holidays can only work if you can actually get


A number of Air Berlin routes connecting Europe


to the Channel Islands were lost in 2016,


impacting this year's visitor numbers.


Tour operators say it is vital these are re-established.


If people can't get here, they can't stay here.


So, let's get working on securing more of those routes back


from Germany and exploring other opportunities, as has been indicated


from Scandinavia and elsewhere, because they are absolutely critical


Jersey and Guernsey will still continue to compete for UK tourism,


but how their partnership will flourish under


the Channel Island flag to Europe, with or without an official


agreement, will not be known until next year.


Though a story which has been a sensitive subject for many years.


75 years ago today, these women were deported


An anniversary that will pass most people by.


The question is, should we commemorate something and I am


disappointed that there's nothing to mark the 75th anniversary.


There will be opportunities to learn more about how


the women ended up here at Auschwitz.


School children will be taught their story from September.


A story which became clearer in the '90s when this


They realise it was a cause of embarrassment for the visuals in


office acting, some of whom are still living on the A1. I thought it


was easy for them to forget about it, but it is part of history.


We are sitting in the Chambers. He made a very difficult decision. He


was not responsible just under zone. Sitting here, I do not think you can


just judge the rights and wrongs of what he did. It is easy to look at


it in retrospect. 75 years on, there will be no


official event to mark the deportation of these three


Jewish women here at the White Rock. But there are hopes that efforts


in the classroom to educate the next generation will help islanders


understand what happened and the complexities around this


dark historical episode. And if you would like to hear


more about the story of those three women,


there is a link to a longer documentary on our


Facebook Page @ BBC CI. The weekend has come


round so quick this week, but will we be enjoying this


gorgeous weather this weekend? We have been blessed with some


lovely weather this week. That will not change for the weekend. But


there will be a change next week. A band of cloud coming down from the


north. That may cover us tomorrow. Not as much sunshine tomorrow is


today. But on Monday, a very cold front coming down from the Arctic


Circle. It will also produce some showers and some much lower


temperatures. These will come down quite dramatically at times next


week. Temperatures dropping down into single figures overnight


tonight. Tomorrow is not bad. A rather chilly start. Sunshine in


between the cloud, with high temperatures of 15 Celsius. Here are


the high water times. As we have seen much of the week, not much to


look forward to with regard to the surfing conditions. Sunday is great


and drive. On Tuesday, a significant drop in the temperature. Also the


chance to see some showers. Some of these could be quite sharp. Have a


nice weekend. And if you have a story to share


with us, do get in touch. E-mail us at [email protected]


or drop us a line on Facebook Just search for BBC Channel Islands


and you will find us. There are news updates online, where


we will we'll bring you the very latest on the top stories.


Until then, from me and the rest of the Channel Islands team,


have a very good night. There are as many reasons


for running the marathon We have been to meet three people


from the region who will be tackling We wanted to find out


why they are running, And what they will have


on their headphones to help them I did it for a charity


that is close to my heart. My daughter got diagnosed


with type one diabetes. We got told that if we took her in,


24 hours later, they wouldn't have I am running in memory of my parents


for a disability charity. Because when I was little,


my parents and I used I am running in aid


of the Cornwall air ambulance. I can't basically go and do some


crazy stuff that other people do to raise money,


so for me the easiest way Given its geography and it has got


just one main hospital, getting to hospital in a quick time


is essential in an emergency. The ambulance is essential


for people living, working My parents are no longer with me


and they would be incredibly surprised and incredibly proud,


not only that I am running a marathon, but also that I am


choosing to run for the charity. My favourite song is


The Eye Of The Tiger. It is a case of mind over matter


and all of those messages of good wishes and all those personal


struggles are there Especially the crowd


in London who are fantastic. I'm going to get a lot of stick


of my mates for this, I don't know why that is so good


to run to, but it is. Everybody Needs Love And Affection,


everybody has to need friends. # The things that


dreams are made of #. And that is kind of


what it is, really. That is kind of running


the London Marathon. Good luck to them and everybody


running the marathon this weekend. Time for the sport


now and Andy's here. It's not just the charity runners


we'll be looking out for on Sunday. No, we'll also be keeping a close


eye on the elite race as Jo Pavey tries to qualify for this summer's


World Championships in London. The 43-year-old needs to finish


as one of the top two British women Devon boxer Tommy Langford


could realise a childhood dream tomorrow night when he fights


for the WBO interim The British middleweight champion


is putting his unbeaten record on the line against a Georgian


nicknamed the mini-Mike Tyson. The boy from Bideford moved


to Birmingham nearly a decade ago to pursue a boxing career and that's


where we caught up with him. I have never ducked


a fight in my life. We are fighting somebody who nobody


else wanted to fight. That is not me saying it,


or Tom, it is out there. The WBO, he has been the number one


for I don't know how long. Yes, he's a horrible opponent,


he's tough, he's very strong. He's highly avoided


by all the top operators. But ultimately, beating him puts me


on a platform of those operators and gives me the chance


to fight the elite. Tom's getting a lot of praise,


a lot of publicity, a lot of fans,. For something that he has been doing


for years and years and years. Privately, in dark gyms, cold rooms,


so the reward is now as such. It has been going a long


time and he is ready. We have got a lot of following from


North Devon and people travel all the way up and it is a bit


of a jaunt for this one, but they are still coming


and in the numbers. They have not got a boxer


from down there ready, They all show a huge amount


of support and when I get to go and celebrate with them,


that is always good, as well. He had a dream as a child,


a young kid, and note to Devon, the opportunities


in Birmingham, the Midlands, He has got a selfish streak in him


to get where he wants to get to. That move so early in his


career has put him here. There is no point does working away


at the rankings and getting to the top and then when you get


to the top, not wanting I have got this chance


and I will grab it with both hands It is what I want and


what my career needs. With the pressure now off


after their promotion was confirmed on Monday,


Plymouth Argyle have their sights set on winning


the League Two title. For Exeter City though,


the aim is Wembley. A win against Morecambe


tomorrow will do their promotion hopes no harm -


as it stands there are still at least ten clubs in with a chance


of making the play-offs. There are only two games left


for Torquay to beat the drop As long as they avoid defeat


at Dover they can't be relegated this weekend -


a win could lift them You can follow all the drama


as it unfolds on the BBC It's a winner takes all match


for Plymouth Albion Ladies tomorrow as they chase promotion


to the second tier of women's rugby, Albion go into the game with their


opponents just two points behind. Really confident,


however you can never I do think it is going to be close


on the day and playing at the Wreck, some people might be nervous


we haven't played in Bath might have a lot


of supporters there, so that might have an affect


on our team, but I'm ready confident Somerset have made a great start


to their County Championship match against Lancashire


at Old Trafford today. The bowlers did their job skittling


the home side for just 109 with Craig Overton the pick


of the bowlers taking five wickets. In reply Somerset were 93-4


at the close of play on Day One. From the very best Michelin-starred


chefs to international food celebrities, the creme de la creme


of the foodie world will be cooking live at this year's


Porthleven Food Festival. Well, taking his opportunity


to sample some tempting delights and with news of other events over


the weekend here's David White. Yes. I think I have got probably the


best location here this week. This is Porthleven harbour, home of the


Porthleven food festival. This usually, can I just pinch a chip?


Not only chips, but lots of great food here. Can I quickly show you


the bridge that has been put up? You can have a tour of your harbour


eating your way around. Do one big Circle. This is one of the chefs


involved here. This is Jude. How dumb are what is happening over the


next few days? Animating festival. Chef demos, great stores. Food


tents. -- and amazing. Kids tent, literary tent. Something for


everybody. You and Anthony Worrall Thompson going to be having a bake


off. We have got a lot going on down here. That look at some other events


going around the region. Down here in Cornwall, there is a special


event which is taking place over the weekend which is the start of the


sea songs and shanty Festival. That will be at 730. On Sunday, there is


a shout down on the beach. In Devon, grab your boots for the walking


Festival. That continues to the weekend. The walks are free, towns


tourist information centre. A meditation walk also. In Plymouth,


one of the largest wooden tall ships against its two weeks visit to


Sutton Harbour. Also a cider Festival. ?6 a ticket. In Somerset,


International music at the Bridgwater arts Centre as they


celebrate their twin towns. Including bands from Malta, Italy,


France, Germany and the Czech Republic. Tomorrow, is record store


Day. Head on down to your local record store and pick up some final


if you are a collector like myself. This is Susie Mack, a BBC


introducing artist. She will be playing as... Out later on.


A trained coming our way as we had to the other side of the weekend but


we hold onto the fine weather to the weekend ahead and some fantastic


pictures of this weather. This is a lighthouse. Glorious blue skies and


calm seas. Mist and fog around this morning. Some patchy cloud around


spoiling that sunshine. The sun is bringing out the flowers and


believes. This weekend, dry. Cloudy at times, also some sunshine. Of the


two days of the weekend, Sunday looks like it will have the best of


the sunshine. We have got some changes afoot as this weather for


front travels down. More cloud today and tomorrow. Behind that, another


one which is much more active. This one will trickle down across


southern parts of Britain, not much left on it, but high pressure is


moving back out into the Atlantic and that opens the door for a new


area of low pressure to bring cold air across as. From the south of


Iceland and moving down towards us. By Monday, the first of those


weather fronts coming in. More cloud on Monday. If you shower is as well.


Once that passes us, we have got Arctic air. The area of high


pressure has moved to the middle of the Atlantic, northerly winds, some


of which I was on Tuesday could well be wintry. A big change by the time


we get to Tuesday of next week. It is that flood of cold air that will


also bring the temperatures down. A touch of Frost perhaps. Daytime, no


more than seven or 8 degrees. Let's make the most of the weekend ahead.


A lot of clout as you can see. Drifting in from the north. Some


holes in that crowd, particularly for Cornwall. Cornwall has been


blessed with the best of the lakes lunchtime today. That process will


continue overnight tonight. Patchy cloud of a figure in the EEC. --


particularly in the east. Patchy cloud. Summing up the day. A bit


more of the breeze. Temperatures getting to 14 or 15 degrees. The


forecast for the Isles of Scilly depends, should be around nine or 10


degrees getting to 13 degrees by the end of the morning. Silly, fine and


dry. High water, 236 and 1510. Hardly any waves for our servers,


although it does pick up a little bit. Coastal waters forecast, winds


will be variable. Generally, fair. Have a nice weekend. Back to you.


But before we go we can cross back to Porthleven where a number


of local musicians will be entertaining the crowds


One of them Suzie Mac, will sing us out now


# Rises with the dawn, didn't want to say goodbye before it was gone.


# The car is gone, long before the years have gone.


# All alone. # Wishing he could just turn around


and head back home. # City drifter.


# Looks like you and me. City drifter.


# Looks like you and me. # Looks like you and me.


# Looks like you and me.


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