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I'm Charlie McArdle, welcome to Monday's BBC Channel Islands.


It wasn't the fairy tale ending they'd hoped.


Jersey Reds miss the chance to make history by just one point.


Beautiful Jersey, but there are concerns that cost cutting


I am hugely proud of everyone, managing to get us this far.


And a charity milestone means children from the Channel Islands


will have access to a new trauma and emergency department


When your child is in an accident, you want them to get the best care


they possibly can and this trauma centre will give them that care.


Brave and bold and a huge confidence boost for the future.


It may not have been the result the Jersey Reds were after,


but their narrow defeat in the British and Irish Cup bodes


In a nail-biting final in Cork, the cup was snatched from Jersey's


And not to confuse you, but the Reds were playing in blue.


Our Sports Editor, Tim Pryor, was in Cork and sent this report.


To lose any final is getting bad to lose like this is cool at the end of


the best season in the club's long history. Jersey got the best


possible start with a try after just one minute. They built up an 18


point lead. But the hosts scored tries of their own either side of


half-time to steal the momentum. Hardy with a try for the Jersey Reds


in the second half. But it was Munster who dominated as the game


wore on, despite brilliant support from the fans who travelled to cheer


on their side. A penalty ten minutes from the end gave the Irish said the


victory and the cup by the narrowest of margins. To come away to Munster,


a quality team, I think the boys rolled up their sleeves and put in a


real effort and we can only be proud of them. They can look back with


pride on a season that saw their highest ever finish in the league


and this memorable run to the cup final. It has been a massive season


for the fellas. I am hugely proud of everyone of them. Managing to get


this far. It is not the fairy tale ending that we wanted but those


things will now be etched in history. An occasion to remember for


the players, staff and supporters but no luck of the Irish for jersey


in Cork. Back on home turf, I asked the club


chairman, David Lapidus, They were very disappointed. I was


with them... They managed to have a few beers but they were disappointed


because they got so close and yet so far. One point is nothing really.


But they were very disappointed. Financially, it has been a tricky


season. Does reaching the final bring with it a financial boost?


Well, it is certainly a reputational boost but we don't make too much


money out of it anyway. It would have been better if we could have


played in Jersey and we would have got an enormous crowd, I would


think, for jersey anyway. We look forward to getting revenge next


season. Three men have been charged


with importing 27 kilos of cannabis resin into Jersey,


after being stopped A multi agency team of customs,


police as well as fire and rescue were involved


in the operation in St Ouen's Bay During a magistrates hearing today,


the court was told the cannabis had The men will appear in


the Royal Court in six weeks' time. The two Burmese men facing the death


penalty of the murder of Jerseyman David Miller on a Thai


beach have been given more time to lodge a final appeal


against their conviction. The men have been given to the 23rd


of May to challenge the verdict, and are expected to question


the DNA evidence. They were convicted of murdering


David Miller and Hannah Witheridge in Koh Tao in September 2014


and sentenced to death. Parents in Guernsey are being urged


to make sure their children's vaccinations against measles


are up to date. It follows an outbreak


of the disease in parts of Europe, including France,


Portugal and Italy. A similar warning has


been issued in Jersey. I think it is very important that


parents ensure that their children's vaccines are up to date. In Guernsey


we know that MMR coverage is 96.1%, which is above the World Health


Organization target of 95%. Looking at what is happening, we would not


expect significant spread of me would accrue measles within


Guernsey. A Jersey politician has raised


concerns that thousands of pounds of maintenance cuts to the islands


parks and gardens Senator Ferguson claims


the infrastructure departments savings can be seen with the loss


of many plants. The iconic castle may attract people


to Gorey but the flowers... What do visitors think? I think the garden


is very beautiful and a lot of colour. It is very good. They are


not as good as they used to be. We have been coming here for several


years. They have always been absolutely beautiful and well cared


for and this year, they look as though they haven't been. And that


is the concern of this politician. The upkeep of the park hasn't been


outsourced, Sarah Ferguson believes budget cuts are to blame. She is


worried about the impact it could have on visitors. Part of the


attraction for visitors are our floral displays and if we start


lowering the standards then we are affecting tourism. Tourism is


terribly important. But the department behind it says the beds


had to go because rabbits decimate the rose plants, not because of the


savings they have to make every year. We have done that. But is not


to the detriment of the long-term park. All of our main parks are


green flag accredited. We aim to maintain that for the future. These


patches of soil will be turned into a sensory garden.


For many parents of seriously ill children in the Channel Islands,


the expert facilities at Southampton General have provided


Now an appeal to create a new Children's Trauma


and Emergency Department has reached a big milestone, its


raised its first million, helped by a charity set up


by the actors Sarah Parish and James Murray in memory


Fresh from our screens in ITV's Broadchurch,


actor Sarah Parish enjoys plenty of work and a high profile,


but it's this role which is closest to her heart,


It was the tragic loss of their baby daughter Ella-Jayne


which has closely linked the couple to Southampton General.


Sarah and James see a new hospital as her legacy.


When your child is in an accident, you want them to get the best care


that they possibly can and this trauma centre will give them that


care. They have specialist x-ray rooms and they will be 11


observation areas. Anything a child needs one they really are critically


ill, this place will have. They will have the best chance for survival.


We provide the major trauma service for this region and we deal with all


the seriously injured children from nine counties and children come over


from the Channel Islands. We need to have an environment where the skills


that the people have here can work effectively for them. The building


is an empty shell at the moment and there is a lot of hard work ahead.


To transform this area is going to take a lot more money. The search is


on four major donors, individuals or businesses, prepared to donate not


tens but hundreds of thousands of pounds in return for naming rights,


a plaque above a door. Still ?1.5 million to race in just one year.


A man from Sark has gone missing in the UK and hasn't been seen


51-year-old Steve Grey travelled to Poole from Guernsey on a planned


trip and had been staying in various hotels.


The police in Dorset have appealed for help in finding him,


saying his disappearance is out of character and are asking anyone


who has been in contact with him recently to get in touch.


It's been fairly sunny but I have noticed a chill in the air


We are at risk of seeing a little bit of overnight frost for a couple


of days. Feeling much more chilly outside. This was before the cloud


rolled up today. Many others seeing some sunshine. The cloud is thicker


and it will bring as some spots of rain overnight. They risk of a few


showers tomorrow. Add a touch of frost. I know it is towards the end


of the month but we will see a drop in temperatures. A line of cloud


across central Britain. That is where the colder rare boundary


years. It is crossing the Channel. It'll move into France. It will


introduce arctic air. Quite a big drop in the temperatures. The risk


of some overnight frost. Temperatures start to come back up


again as the winds rotating around come in from the Atlantic and from


the West. Overnight, that first weather system will give us a few


spots of rain. These skies were clear before it gets like tomorrow


morning. We start the day pretty chilly with a risk of a frost.


Tomorrow, we have got some sunshine. A chance of a passing shower but


pretty isolated. A pretty raw feeling northerly wind and ten or 11


degrees will be the maximum temperature. It will feel colder.


There are the times of high water. A bit more of a breeze. Winds will be


about a force for- five. Another cold day on Wednesday and then


temperatures start to come back up again towards the end of the week.


That is the words we like to hear, temperatures coming up towards the


end of the week. You are up-to-date with the latest news. Good night.


Now a roundup of other stories making the news in the South West.


There are concerns for the welfare for a missing 13-year-old girl


Anastasia Groom has links to Taunton and Exeter and officers believe it's


likely she's in one of these two places, or somewhere


She's described as white, around 5ft 1in tall,


of stocky build with dark hair with red colouring, worn


The jury in the trial of a Bulgarian man accused


of murdering his former partner in Exeter, has today heard


from three of the victim's former work colleagues.


The court heard that Gergana Prodanova told other workers


at the Great Western Hotel that Kostadin Kostov beat her


Mr Kostov denies murder and the trial continues.


Police have launched an investigation into a suspicious


fire at a Torquay hotel, early yesterday morning.


More than 100 young farmers were staying at the Bancourt Hotel


while in the resort for their annual convention and had to spend the rest


of the night sleeping on the floor at the Riviera Centre.


Police are treating it as arson with intent to endanger life.


Three people suffered minor injuries.


Plymouth's Labour group says renewing the Trident nuclear


programme is key for the city and the party is committed to it.


It follows comments from the Conservative Defence


Secretary Sir Michael Fallon that Labour would pose a security risk


if elected because of Jeremy Corbyn's opposition


It's being called one of the most challenging jobs in society today,


and figures reveal hundreds of vacancies for children's social


Amid warnings of the impact on vulnerable children and families,


councils across the region are stepping up efforts to encourage


more people to consider a career as a social worker.


Like any journey, to a job but for children, social workers, it goes --


what goes on behind doors is what matters. It is a tricky situation.


It is damp if you do and damp if you don't. Dealing with families is


delicate and you have to be sensitive and it is tricky to get it


right all of the time. Their professions battled a negative image


after a series of high-profile cases like that of baby P. Nationally


there is a problem of bringing people into children's social work.


It is probably one of the most challenging jobs in our society


today. According to figures, across the south-west there are nearly 300


vacancies for children social workers.


Alex is one of 33 new recruits taken on in the last five years in


Cornwall where they run their own training programme and now Cornwall


is getting involved in a government bursary scheme with 11 other


Southwest authorities that offers a 14 month FastTrack scheme. You have


the added value of the different resources and perspectives. We have


to be honest as well, we have to make the most of what we have got


and by pooling all resources and expertise, it is an opportunity to


give people in Cornwall and opportunity to train and work with


children and families. This year's round of the scheme is open in till


early May with authorities encouraging applicants to come


forward. The football season is building


to a nail-biting finish, The lasers illuminating the seafront


in Weymouth and why some want to return to the light bulbs


of the past. Onto sport now and there's good news


and bad news from the weekend. Torquay United have nearly pulled


off the great escape for a second year running and after Saturday's


win, their destiny is now Exeter City left it very late


to keep their play-off hopes on track, while Plymouth Argyle


gained ground in the Just a few miles from


the white cliffs of Dover Well, higher than they have been


for the last couple of weeks. His header just before


half-time putting them ahead against a team chasing promotion,


but the battle for league survival proved to be the stronger motivator


and Torquay doubled their lead and it was that man Williams


again finding the net. Minutes later and Dover


pulled a goal back. The two-goal cushion gone


led to a nervy finish and despite a late chance,


Torquay held on and are now out of The battle for survival


is almost won. Exeter City have been


living off late chances, but when David Wheeler's scuff


somehow evaded the visiting keeper, no-one at St James Park was


expecting a comeback from Morecambe. And it took something


special from Kevin Anderson That is how it stayed until stoppage


time and it would not be an Exeter City game


without a late goal. Reuben Reid won the penalty


and drilled it home. Liam McAlinden's amazing


run ended with a third, Exeter could do Plymouth Argyle


a favour next week when they play The Pilgrims are now


just two points behind, Six goals last week,


but a very different story This effort from Graham Carey


was as close as any for Argyle. Luke McCormick was certainly


the busier of the two keepers. Not that he could have done much


about this if it had An uneventful match


but another point gained Could the fans even be cheering


Exeter City next week? It was a top weekend


for Plymouth Leander's Ben Proud, who took two British titles and two


British records in 24 hours at the British


Championships in Sheffield. He beat his own record


to retain his 50m freestyle title in a time of 21.32,


with his clubmate Tom Fannon finishing well


in second to take silver. Then Proud won the 50m butterfly


in a time of 22.8 seconds. Devon boxer Tommy Langford's


dream of becoming a world champion suffered a major


setback this weekend. The 27-year-old from Bideford


put his unbeaten record on the line in Leicester against the much-feared


Georgian Av-tandil Kurts- idza. In the fifth round he was knocked


down by a left hook and the referee Before this Langford had


seemed to be ahead on most The fight was for the WBO


middleweight interim title, with the winner taking on world


champ Billy Joe Saunders. There was disappointment


in the London Marathon for Devon's Jo Pavey,


who was trying to qualify for this The 43-year-old was forced to retire


at the 16 mile mark. She said she wanted to carry on,


but from about 13 miles her And finally, the Plymouth Raiders


season is over after they failed to make the playoffs for the fourth


year in a row. They lost their last six


games which saw them Good news and bad news. It is a


roller-coaster that sports bulletin. Thank you.


Now, many seaside holidays are not complete without an evening time


Most resorts decorate them with lights all year


This is how Torquay still looks during a night-time stroll.


Weymouth used to have a very similar appearance, but when the borough


welcomed the Olympics, it decided to replace the fairy


lights around the bay with bright green lasers.


But should they have been so quick to dispense with tradition?


Dated, dilapidated. In Weymouth at the beginning of the decade, the


winds of change were blowing and it was decided a traditional seaside


look had had its day. But only a few years after they disappeared, the


borough council is now looking at whether the fairy lights should be


brought back. It would look really pretty and be nice for everybody to


see. It is a traditional seafront so it would look nice with the very


lights. They are part of the history of Weymouth. It makes the whole


promenade look festive. There has been a lot of pressure to return to


the past in part due to delight replace them. No matter how they


might look like a steel frame, these are lights. Green lasers beamed


through fog and rain with mixed response. They were quite nice and


bright. I think they were really cool. Either serve the fairy lights


because they are more traditional as far as the breach resort is


concerned. Both are nice. Why can't we have both? The local authority is


still looking at how to eliminate the seafront, but dispensing with


the future may prove just as tricky as dispensing with the past.


Something a little more light-hearted.


A seagull may have bitten off more than he could chew when he stole


some false teeth from a seaside bench in Devon.


The feathered-felon, more commonly known for stealing


chips, snapped up the abandoned gnashers in Torquay.


A picture of the garrulous gull was shared widely on social media.


A post on the Spotted Newton Abbot Facebook page said,


"Unfortunately anyone missing them will need to contact the seagull


Oh, dear! What a disappointed seagull hoping for chips! Let's move


on. Time for the weather. Good evening. We have been talking about


this cold spell of weather. It will probably last one, two days. Ahead


of the front bringing that change, some quite is testing cloud


formations. -- interesting cloud formations. The cloud is not thick


enough to produce a fuchsia hours. It will clear tonight and opening


the door to Arctic air. We will not see the huge swing in temperatures


that other parts will see, but it will feel colder tomorrow. There


will be some sunshine and quite sharp showers, but quite a high risk


of frost forming tonight. That cold air is heading quite a long way


south. It will help to northern Spain by the middle of the week.


Quite a big change for many. A lot of cloud capable of producing a


fuchsia hours. That introduces the colder air as it sinks southwards


and the Arctic air will be with us tomorrow and Wednesday. Around the


top of this area of high pressure, more cloud coming from a slightly


less cold direction, so temperatures back up Thursday and Friday and


high-pressure looking pretty close and possibly for their weekend


ahead. Let's look at the detail for what will happen right through this


evening will stop let's have a look at some of the pictures where there


was some flowers out at this time of year. Everything is getting into


leaf. Pretty good at this time of year and most of the trees are now


out so it looks like we will see some fine weather to look forward


to, but some of these spring flowers will be in for a shock as we see


that frost turn up both tonight and also tomorrow night. The detailed


then for overnight tonight, we have got high-pressure coming in at the


end of the week, but this cloud is producing spots of rain this


evening. It sinks southwards. No real rain on it for those that need


it and once it clears the south coast, that cold air will arrive. We


are looking at a frost overnight tonight with temperatures between -1


and two or three degrees. Lots of sunshine tomorrow. A fuchsia hours.


By the afternoon, some of the showers turned out to be quite


heavy. Ten, 11 degrees, it will feel more like six or seven. The forecast


for the Isles of Scilly. Sunny spells. Times of high water. And for


our surfers, more waves but they will be rather choppy along the


north coast because the winds are northerly, four or five. But we


start to warm up towards the end of the week and towards the holiday


weekend. Have a good evening. That is all from us for now. There will


be an update at 10:30pm tonight and we are back tomorrow evening. From


everyone, good night. There are times in the life


of a nation when the choices we make define


the character of our country, times when people stand up


and demand real, significant change. we have the chance to shape


a brighter future for Britain and I believe we have the vision


and the plan to do it. That is why I have set out


my plan for Britain.


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