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Safeguarding the health of future generations,


a new study aims to help those at risk before birth.


The health and when she's pregnant has a brew the impact on not just


the baby but how they grow up when they are an adult. -- of the mother.


Taxi drivers angered by claims that only


a serious accident will shut down the illegal service Jersey Lifts.


Gathering at dawn to remember and reflect -


the Channel Islands commemorates Anzac Day.


Over the last hundred and 50 years, lots of people have given their


lives or at least been injured or wounded in support of the freedoms


that we enjoy two-day as they do take these for granted. And even


Arctic air across the aisle to day, suddenly feeling chilly. Good


visibility. Saint Peter Port at the top of the league.


Could pregnant women to day be the key to the next-generation's hell?


Evidence shows that health issues a child may have in later life could


be set at the very early stages of development so it could be that I


like pressure, diabetes and the city could be relented. -- prevented.


Now a new study in Jersey has been launched through the hospital to try


and help those at risk of undernourished babies.


By measuring mass, we know whether legal Centre and is developing well


or not. -- the placenta. Measuring and checking babies


development is going to plan. But issues with an unborn childs


health can start from before Doctors are warning


of the importance of a mothers health before and during pregnancy,


as it can have a lasting effect. All of its programming with regards


to insulin levels blood pressure and everything is set


when the baby is inside the uterus so what happens then in adult life


has a big impact because the baby can't respond because its programmed


for a starvation situation so when it's not in a starvation


mode that s when perhaps problems occur with high blood pressure,


stroke, diabetes for example so the mothers health


and nutrician in pregnancy launched in Jersey to get a picture


of eating habits Kelly is having her fourth child


and has volunteered to be part of the research,


as she felt the information she got with her first


pregancny was confusing. You can't have this,


you can have this, you can't have this, you know cheeses,


fish, shellfish So I really didn't enjoy it


at all, whereas I think it got to the second,


I was still a little bit like that but I tended to calm down throughout


to the end of the pregnancy, third and fourth I kind of do


what I automatically feel is right. And to get the right amount of data,


Urszula wants to hear from 400 woman from different ethnic


backgrounds for a true representation of


the islands population more about their health,


their diets, what we can prevent in the future and if we can


and if we can how we can produce or plan preventions,


you know the interventions of mums to be in 2017 -


future babies could have a better Staying with the topic of pregnancy


and more than ?400,000 will ensure that all


parents-to-be can attend antenal classes


preparing them for parenthood The States of Jersey has


announced the funding in association with the NSPCC's


Baby Steps programme. It helps future parents learn


about caring for newborns as well as dealing with the stresses


a baby can bring. The children's charity believes


by supporting new families, recovery from birth and postnatal


depression can be improved. With thousands of users,


the police in Jersey say the only way to close down an illegal taxi


service would be to join forces It follows comments made


by an officer which were caught He told one of the town's parking


marshalls it would take a serious accident for the police to tackle


the issue of Jersey Lifts. Chris Harrison has been talking to


the Jersey Taxi Drivers Association about their frustration -


and they described the footage only footage, Ed shares one of the


taxi marshals breaking up a brawl that was going on between Jay-Z left


drivers and the police officer that also helped break it up. We're why


they weren't doing something about it because it is happening more


often. -- Jersey Lifts. The at once police wanted to do about it. They


said they are just waiting on a serious accident.


It's punted as a cheap alternative to a taxi -


a social media page where people can ask for a lift from strangers


but despite its popularity, Jersey Lifts is unregulated


It's been running for years and while the comment made


by the police officers on camera has been described as unfortunate,


the police admit they're struggling to tackle Jersey Lifts saying...


The police have carried out previous investigations


but for the registered and legal taxi drivers, more


Only when they start making an example of these people and start


prosecuting, in England, you can be fined up to ?5,000 if you cannot


have business as an unregistered taxi driver. It's not until they


prosecute someone and show the full weight of the law is brought down on


these people will they actually stop it. Jersey could get its first


elderly and special needs nursing unit for islanders with learning


disabilities. Les Amis is partnering


with the Jersey homes trust, Should they get planning permission,


the new facility called Evelina court, could be open by the end


of next year. It will provide long term


residential accomodation for adults with learning disabilities


and the growing number of those We found three days situations where


we had residents who have needs, they have the way to run available


bed. Sometimes that can take a long time. When people need of the nose,


that's then we have to reach out and resolve the problems for them.


Without this facility, we should be adding to a growing population with


need in regards to elderly care. The price of a driving licence


in Jersey is increasing. The new charges that come


into place on the first of May will see a six month provisional


licence increasing by five pounds to ?20, whereas a full


ten-year licence - whether new or a renewal -


has gone up by ?10 to ?50. Gathering at the crack of dawn


to remember and reflect. That's how Australians


and New Zealanders across the Channel Islands commemorated


Anzac Day. One of the important


occasions for countries, it marks the anniversary


of when more than 11,000 antipodeans lost their lives


during the First World War. Don or just before dawn was the last


minute of peace is often that soldiers had in the First World War.


Any changes, they had to stand just before dawn to be ready for attack.


That is why we come together on dawn. Today marks the anniversary of


World War I. 8700 from as Elliott, 2721 from New Zealand. News of the


operation. -- from Friday. -- Australia. This day became the


sacrifice from wall commemoration. Over the past hundred and 50 years,


lots of people have given their lives already been injured in


wounded in support of the freedoms we enjoy today. We do take these for


granted. They were very hard ones. Windy is part of an international


community. We do have people here from very many parts of the world.


All have fought for freedom in some way or another and we should mark


that as well. -- Guernsey. Well, after a little rain any night,


jersey men say what they called absolute drought is over. Next year


there was more on the way. -- Jersey Met.


Good evening. Art again arriving. Feeling chilly. Quite a bonus


because we have clear air this week. St Bede report has the best


availability this afternoon. 35 kilometres in terms of how far you


can see. -- Saint Peter Paul. Clean air but also killed an. That means a


cold nights to come, Jimmy started to be gay, but Robert Frost, some


sunshine and job a view channels. An otherwise fine day by very little if


any rainfall in the forecast that the minute. The area of high


pressure is settled over the Atlantic, drawing in the northerly


winds. They continue over the next 24 hours or so. A couple of weeks


whether France trapped in there, in handling the challenge to the


overnight tonight. If you around in there for Thursday and Friday, malls


are coming over the top. We'll kill of that article air and start to get


some milder and from the Atlantic. This evening in there the night, a


fair and clear sky and then later in the night, a view showers brushing


past. Not many of those it has to be said and with all the clear sky, the


temperature. For larger islands well inland, averages starting the day at


3-4dC. A cold, frosty in places, bright and drive to start the day


tomorrow. A nice they apart from one or two isolated chalice. Most of the


day is dry, a brisk wind but not as strong as it has been two-day and


10-11dC is the maximum temperature. There are the times of high water.


Sin Cara year, 07 until 13. The winds are not easily. For,


occasionally five for the generally fair and quite good. Their


visibility as well. The same sort of weather as they head to begin brew


week. Largely dry but a bit warmer on Saturday. Have a good evening.


Not looking too bad for the bank holiday weekend. You may have


noticed some great pictures. Any knowledge or two, you will be able


to see how you can be one of those. If you have an opinion or comments


you want to make in any of our stories, is could not be simpler to


contact us there. You can e-mail us at the e-mail address on screen. We


also have social media accounts. You can post on our Facebook, watch


videos will have on there and begin -- you can follow us on Twitter as


well. That is ours for the time being. I will be back just before


8pm. Then forget your local news first at 10:30pm tonight. Until


then. Good night. The data it gathers might also tell


us more about how to For some youngsters in Cornwall,


football isn't just a kickabout in the park -


it's an attempt to steer them away from drink and drugs


and stop them fighting. PL Kicks is a nationwide


community programme backed Since 2008, Plymouth Argyle has been


running it in the city, and says it's helped to cut crime


and anti-social behaviour The club is now taking


the idea to some of the more From Redruth, here's


Denis Nightingale. Liam has been excluded from two


schools and been in trouble I'd be getting into fights


and having trouble around the There's quite a lot of trouble


around here all the time. Redruth North used to have


a dreadful reputation for crime and Hard work by local people means life


for youngsters is much Can we have greens that


end, oranges that end. Plymouth Argyle say giving


youngsters something to do I'll take one example


of an estate where crime A total of 80 girls and boys have


taken part in the sessions since last November. I have come here to


stop myself from arguing and fighting. When you play football you


can take your stress out on the ball instead of other people. Confident


that PL Kicks is a winner, Plymouth Argyle and I looking for financial


backing to spread it across Cornwall.


A centre which cares for unwanted Exmoor ponies


and saves them from slaughter says it may have to close in


The Exmoor Pony Centre is launching a public fund raising


campaign and is warning that if it has to close ponies on the moor may


If it weren't for this sanctuary, these Exmoor ponies would probably


have ended up being slaughtered for horse meat. But now the future of


this place is under threat as it struggles to make ends meet. It is


critical at the moment because of a lack of funds. We are finding


ourselves in a position where we will have two cores at the end of


the summer if we can't find the extra income. The Domesday book has


references to ponies on Exmoor at the 11th century. They have had a


chequered history, apparently almost becoming extinct in World War II


when soldiers used them for target practice. And it is the gun that


probably would have been the feed for these ponies. The leaders who


have no use for male falls often slaughtered them explore alternative


home can be found. This centre on the edge of Exmoor has been that


alternative home for around 300 ponies since it opened 11 years ago.


Here the team them and move them on new owners. I adore them. Volunteers


who support the police say they fear for the future of unwanted Exmoor


are poorly is that this place is forced to shut down. To see the


ponies from falls grow into adults and go on and have a future, it is


fantastic. There are no plans to kill these ponies, even if this


place does cause. The centre says they will be taken care of somehow.


But there will be no new intake. Survival of the next generation is


uncertain. How you would feel about running


16.64 miles every day, Well, that's what two Royal Marines


from the South West are doing as part of the 1664


Global Challenge. as the year the Royal Marines were


formed. Today was Day 1, and they


were setting off from We sent our reporter Heidi Davey


along to meet the team. The all-important team fulfil before


the challenge gets underway, but for these two corporals, today is the


start of 100 consecutive days running a very precise 16.64 miles.


Aiming to run at the right place, at a reasonable pace for endurance.


Just been resting the last week or so, trying to stay injury free. You


are feeling confident? Yes. I feel all day. I want to get Day one out


of the way. I am going to take each day at a time. I don't think that


far ahead. Every day just keep plodding along. What flew so I will


get on until the end. Although getting across to the startling was


their first hurdle. We have set off from the Mayflower steps, we are no


en route to Torpoint for the starting line. Once on dry land it


was time to start running. Left, Right, left, right. 1664, stuffing


to do with the beer, it is the Royal Marines were formed. -- it is


nothing to do with the bear. Their journey will take them across


the region over the next few days raising funds for the Royal Marines


charity. At Exeter Chiefs they will run the


match ball into the stadium on Saturday. After Sunday, they will


start heading north before hopefully ending at Buckingham Palace in


August. But tonight they will be enjoying a well earned rest.


A very well earned rest by the look of it.


Now, many artists spend years of hard work trying to make it


But for one 16-year-old from Plymouth, it's


Four months ago Izzie Anson sent this demo of herself singing


to the Radio Devon programme BBC Introducing.


Well, since then Izzie has been chosen by BBC Radio


2's Jo Whiley to play Cheltenham Jazz Festival tomorrow.


What an amazing voice. What is it about a jazz in particular that you


like? I have always loved that. Growing up listening to Nina Simone,


anyway nice, Ella Fitzgerald. Your voice sounds nicer -- your voice


sounds older than your years. How did this southern road to


stardom begin? Where did they pick up on your talents? BBC introducing


picked up on my talent at the end of last year. I sent one of my tracks


into ABC introducing and they played it on Round Table. And it got a good


response which I was not expecting. And you have already recorded out in


Nashville, how did that come about? Last year I was just putting covers


up on Facebook and YouTube, and my dad knows someone who is a producer


in national, and I didn't think he'd be interested, because I didn't


think they were very good, and he messaged me, and said that they want


to come out to National. But so that started. I went out and recorded the


songs which are on my EP. You are currently juggling all of this with


studying for GCSEs. How are you managing that workload? It is a


lots. But my family are very supportive, helping me gets to all


my gigs. It is a busy time of year for you. What do you hope to achieve


in the future? Just writing music, that is all I really want to do. And


this big opportunity tomorrow with the Cheltenham Festival, how are you


viewing ahead of that? Very nervous but really excited. I really hope it


goes well. Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you again at


the end of the programme. Thank you. And before that let us get the


weather forecast. There has been hailstorms, sleet, snow, freezing


cold, so where better to put David Dunn on the roof?


I am not coming up here again, it is freezing, but a smashing view. We


are up on the roof. A lovely view of Plymouth Sound. Good visibility


today. Visibility has been excellent because of the Arctic area, the


clean air, not just here, but all around the course of Devon we have


had good views. You can see the show workload in the


distance. There have been showers, not every where, but some have been


intense. Over high ground they have been falling as sleet, maybe even


snow. We had some sunshine and Plymouth.


The showers only turning up this afternoon. There is one behind the


camera man that looks like it'll had our way. Let us look at what is


happening the next 24-hour is. We have had some good temperatures.


Thomas has been the warmest place in the country today with 12 degrees.


Elsewhere, temperatures no more than or 9 degrees. The other thing is


just who clean the air is. These are the visibility is that we have seen


today, well over 30 kilometres for most of our locations, and that fine


clear area continues, but it also brings the risk of wintry showers.


This is Exmoor from earlier. They fear a dusting of snow. Tomorrow,


there will be more frost overnight. There will be showers. Hopefully


sunshine in between. Like we have seen today. Hopefully it will feel a


that is warmer. You can see the extent of the cloud, it is speckled


cloud, and that is the show workload that we are seeing this evening. The


area of high pressure is in the middle of the Atlantic, northerly


winds tonight and tomorrow morning. Relatively cold wind until later in


the week. Then we start to see a change to milder air. There is the


satellite picture in more detail. More to come overnight. That will


feed away in the second half of the night. Still -- overnight


temperatures close to freezing. Tomorrow a chance of a shower, and a


chance of good sunshine to enjoy. Along the course we will see the


best of the temperatures, nine, ten, even 11 or 12. Largely dry


conditions. The chance of if you passing showers.


Winds are from the north or north-west.


Can I come inside no, please? Go on, then. Thank you. And thank


you for joining all of us on Spotlight tonight.


And no, here is Izzie Anson, to play as oats with her song Storms. -- to


play as out. # I can see why you would just walk


away # You said that you don't need me,


baby # But you never leave me


# You will always stay # I have no reason to love you, baby


# But when I close my eyes your voice


# Always a strange, strange thing, to fall in love with someone who


doesn't know what love is # I never thought I would understand


but now I know why storms are named after men


#. Our crack team of experts


use pioneering research ..to how to help your pet


lose weight. but I was wondering if maybe you


might fancy a drink?


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