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And, after the last couple of days of lovely weather, it will be a


shock when we see more cloud around tomorrow, and the chance of a future


hours. A backlash over efforts


to control population growth in the Channel Islands


is continuing, after the introduction of new laws


in Guernsey a month ago. The company Hand Picked Hotels,


which owns businesses in both Guernsey and Jersey,


says recent changes to policies will make it hard to recruit


and will have a significant impact A typical start to the day


at a Channel Islands hotel, with staff working hard to look


after business guests and tourists. And behind the scenes,


Sandra from Romania, But changes to laws in Guernsey mean


she'll be kicked off the island in two years and won't be able


to return to work here Because it's hard to start


again somewhere else and make new friends,


get used to a new community The owners say a quarter


of their staff will be affected and it will have a huge knock-on


effect on the tourism Firstly I think it's


going to detract people from wanting to come to Guernsey to work,


if they know they have an end date of five years as


the absolute maximum. I think that's going to be very


discouraging for people to come to work within the industry


here within Guernsey. And secondly, from our point


of view, we've just invested a lot of money and time in training people


to work within the hotel and then to find that their service is cut


short through a regulation No control perhaps,


but a chance for input, yes, according to the committee


behind the changes. But it's a problem in Jersey too,


where the States took steps earlier this year to reduce


the number of work So, two neighbouring islands


with two different policies on managing population but both now


dealing with shockwaves from within the hospitality sector


as businesses struggle to adapt A 64-year-old Jersey woman died


after starting a fire when trying to smoke while attached


to an oxygen feed. An inquest heard Diane Lesley Noel's


heart and lungs gave out from the shock of the oxygen


catching fire around her face. She was using it to deal


with chronic lung disease. Mrs Noel had been warned not


to smoke but struggled A 30-year-old man suffered several


injuries after an alleged assault in the early hours of Sunday morning


near La Colomberie in Jersey. Officers say several people


were in the area and may have seen the incident,


which involved two men and a woman. Anyone who saw what happened


on Roseville Street, between La Colomberie


and Hastings Road, is asked It's claimed growing hemp could


boost Jersey's farming industry. The States has given the go-ahead


for a trial to grow four different kinds of hemp,


which are part of the The farm's location


hasn't been disclosed. Officials say the hemp will be used


for its fibre and oils, and could be Crops like this could become part of


an integrated and sustainable future for agriculture in Jersey. It


strongly depends on what happens this year with regard to the output


of varieties and the oil, the yield and the economics of bringing the


machinery in to handle it. But when we are approached by organisations


that do want to investigate this type of work if they have done the


groundwork properly, and if we think the business case stacks up, we will


try to support the mother can. You're watching the BBC


in the Channel Islands. Later in Spotlight with


Justin and Victoria: Increasing footfall -


the street artist creating a brighter picture


for businesses in Bude. It's hoped more competition


within inter-island air travel could help sports clubs


meet flight costs. A new charter service based


at Jersey airport has It follows last week's


announcement of Guernsey's There are many advantages


to living on an island, The cost of flights and limited


scheduling, coupled with challenging wind and tides can make air


and sea travel troublesome. But one new Jersey based airline


is promising passengers more choice. It's convenient, it goes


when you want to go. It's very easy to access


the aeroplane, we're operating opposite the rugby club -


you can park at the Jersey Aeroclub here, come straight out


the aeroplane and you're away. It misses the hassle and time


of going through the airport. Jersey and Guernsey athletes have


been struggling to get to inter-insular games


and competitions in the UK. So could these new airlines


offer a solution? Anybody that comes up with an idea


that can move people about across the islands into the UK


or even into France, The only thing I say,


I gather it's an eight-seater, and most sports, even if you're


in a team of four, still need to take two or three other people,


plus there's baggage and everything else, and I'm just a bit concerned


that if it's not the seating that causes the problem,


it's the luggage and the baggage and the equipment that goes with it,


which is the unfortunate problem. Last week, Guernsey based airline


Waves announced its plans to carry passengers to Jersey and Alderney


before the end of the summer. But will these small businesses fill


a gap in the market for passengers who want more flexibility


without paying the earth? As Guernsey looks to improve


the care offered to people with mental health issues,


it's claimed the focus Health officials say this facility,


which opened two years ago, has made a big difference,


and that other initiatives are in the pipeline,


but ultimately it's a problem the island as a whole


needs to think about. It is the responsibility of the


community as a whole, rather than the committee for social health and


care to deliver on this. It is as much about the environment you live


in, whether you are rich or poor, your education and so one, as it is


about to mental health. A Jersey artist has created


the centrepiece for a charity garden Described as the Chelsea


flower show of the North, the RHS Tatton Flower show


will include an exhibition garden based on a Crohn's patient's


experience of the disease. And Nicholas Romeril's


sculpture will feature in it. Called A Sharp Intake Of Breath,


it'll be the centre piece of a concept garden commissioned


by the bowel disease charity It's been a collaborative challenge


that's taken more than a year. I made some little paper models,


I made some wire sculptures, The end result is a


negotiating process really. And actually, it's like the very


first ideas I came up with. From there it's


a manufacture process. I'm very intuitively bending it


and welding it together, And that's where his


son Will comes in. We're both creative people,


so it's nice to bring the two together and work together


on things, so there's been odd bits and bobs that I've helped him with,


but it's nice to get involved in something like this where it's


a bit more hands on and it's a bit And the sculpture rests


here for now, but on July 17th an expected 75,000 people will be


looking at it when it goes on David, all we need is


the wind to drop a little A big change for us. We are going to


see some rain, not everywhere and it won't be particularly heavy. Showers


for the next two days, but a subtle change in the type of whether we are


seeing. First of all an increase in humidity. That will give the risk of


some missed patches and the chance of a few showers. More cloud around


than we have been used to, and still some sunshine. Quite humid air


coming from Spain, Portugal and western France. That will produce


the showers, which are currently falling as frequent showers across


western parts of France right now. Battle Creek Northwoods later this


evening. So, the chance of a few passing showers and more to come as


the move into Friday and the start of the weekend. A change from all


this dry weather we are used to do something a little bit more


unsettled. The showers overnight tonight will be fleeting and not a


great deal of rainfall. Tomorrow we will see briefly some sunshine, but


also a lot of cloud around. One or two showers, by the end of the day,


they will be likely heavy and quite a warm, muggy day tomorrow. 16-18dC.


Not a great deal of surf, but the waves to pick up into the start of


the weekend. The winds are easterly, and eventually southerly. Showers


and more trip to good visibility. More showers on Friday. Slightly


less humid air, but still quite warm with sunshine in between the


showers. For the start of the recount some fine weather around,


and the rain may fall on Saturday night, so we might get away with two


relatively dry days, but cooler and fresher on Sunday. Thank you, David.


A reminder of our top story. A backlash over efforts to control


population growth in the Channel Islands is continuing. The company,


hand-picked hotels, which owns businesses in both Guernsey and


Jersey says recent changes to policies will make it hard to


recruit and will have a significant impact on tourism in the islands.


And if you have a story to share with us do get in touch.


Until then from me and the rest of the Channel Islands team,


Eating disorders are often blamed on the social pressure


to look a certain way, the causes are usually complex


and the care given locally criticised.


Two students from Exeter who have battled anorexia


are calling for more support, with Devon and Cornwall having


the third highest number of admissions to hospital in England.


As Harriet Bradshaw reports, the campaigners want to see


more preventative care made available locally.


Exams fast approaching, but there's more on these students'


Jennifer and Charlotte are campaigning for better services


in Exeter to deal with eating disorders because they don't feel


they've had enough help through their battles with anorexia.


Because of the massive amount of hospital admissions in the Devon


area, there wasn't any beds in Devon for me to be admitted


as an inpatient with an eating disorder, so they sent me 4.5 hours


away to the other side of the country to go and get


treatment because that's the only bed they could find


I'd like to see more available services for therapy for all kinds


of eating disorders so that it doesn't have to get to the critical


point of being told, you gain weight or you go to hospital.


According to the latest official data, Devon and Cornwall as a region


has the third highest number of hospital admissions relating


And it's the North Eastern and Western Devon Clinical


Commissioning Group that's had the biggest numbers


in the south-west, with 121 admissions to its hospitals


in 2015-16, almost double the numbers five years previous.


And these students blame a lack of outpatient care.


In response, the Devon CCG told us the Exeter-based inpatient unit


for people with the most severe eating disorders is


It also says that although it hasn't yet commissioned a dedicated


eating disorders service but there is support for them


within the overall community mental health service.


We need people even higher up than the doctors to realise


that there's a problem, to realise that the


It's people's lives the messing around with


NHS England is investing ?30 million nationally to enhance community


eating disorder services for young people.


Businesses in Bude in north Cornwall have turned to street art in a bid


It started with one restaurant but, as Christine Butler has been


finding out, it's been spreading to others in the town.


needed. Bude is booming but can it needed. Bude is booming but can it


also be beautiful? Sandwiched between the hoardings, this


Peterborough says a lost customers when building work started next


door. They consider taking local action but then it decided to turn


to street art. Never having trouble because they were blocked after


debugging works. -- they were blocked because of building work.


People now go because the artwork, it gives them on the high street.


It's created a lot of interest. Now other Bude


businesses are jumping From the local fishmongers


to the complementary therapist, Steve's already got


another seven commissions to complete - and he doesn't charge


for his service, just the paint. Doing something that will benefit


the community as a whole will be great. We got in touch with him and


we went from there. The Premier Inn says


its working with the pizzeria to minimize the disruption


while it build its hotel. We have positive feedback. I'm not


in it for the promotion. I just enjoy doing it. That's my payment. I


do it for the price of the pain. Local traders hope that their pride


in California image will create a new impact. -- they're bright and


colourful images will create an impact and bring business.


Good evening, on Spotlight tonight, what caused the collapse of a huge


In a tiny wooded hollow in Devon, ancient woodland


Volunteers on Dartmoor are bringing a derelict coppice back into use.


They're using the wood to make items such as beanpoles -


It's a process that takes time and patience,


but as Clare Woodling found out, it could be good for


High-tech doesn't come into it, but this hands-on approach


is still a way to make a living in 2017.


So say the coppicers here in Dartmoor.


They are bringing these hazel trees back into use.


My dream for this site is for it to be a fully working coppice,


back to how it would have been hundreds of years ago when people


used it for all the various things they wanted to make out of hazel,


and the skills that they used, the traditional skills that actually


are not as much appreciated as they used to be.


Coppicing involves cutting a mature tree to the ground.


The remaining stool grows small stems.


These are harvested to make pea sticks, bean poles, fencing hurdles


At the moment, many of these things are imported.


Just take a pea stick or a beanpole, you go and look at an allotment


site, there will be hundreds and hundreds of bamboo poles.


They may have come all the way from China.


Here in this woodland very soon, we will have


Which are fantastic - locally made, locally produced,


The coppice is divided into groups, which are cut back in rotation.


This rod of hazel is exactly what the coppicers are looking for.


It's long and straight and will clean easily


to make spars and fencing and other things, too.


So this is a quarter of a rod of hazel and we've now split it


and now I just need to loosen the fibres and then give it


a twist as a hairpin and now we've got a spar.


It's what the thatcher drives into the roof material.


The not-for-profit group behind this scheme says


coppicing protects woodland, brings landowners and income


People don't realise that a woodland that pays is more likely to be


a woodland that stays because if a landowner has a piece


of woodland they might just chop it down for firewood.


Whereas if you have a really sustainable resource,


like this, a coppice woodland, that can go on for every


It will take the team seven or eight years to fully restore this hazel


coppice and they hope it will protecting woodland


A world of adventure exists in every child's imagination,


and when inspired to put pencil to paper it can often produce


Seven-year-old Abigail from Stoke Fleming Primary


School did just that - winning best writer


out of thousands of children in the south-west who entered


Johnny Rutherford has been hearing her story.


I needed to concentrate. I needed you to concentrate on the magic door


and what you think about what is behind the magic door. Creativity


unleashed. school near Dartmouth have


certainly been inspired. Amoungst them is the talented writer


who won this year's South West short story competion no mean feat


when there was 9000 entries. When they went through the magic


door, they found themselves standing next to a castle. They went past the


castle and not, Wow. They saw a ferry. Hello, my name is Violet,


said the ferry. Crew have you come from? We've come from the magic door


industry. When a child realises they can make their own story and magic


land, it gives them power and they land, it gives them power and they


suddenly enjoy writing. The only they do that, the better because


world in the might. How do you get world in the might. How do you get


these dots and when you're writing? I just have ideas and I separated


them and they come into parts. After a little while, they met a stinky


and smelly monster with flies. I am proud and happy that I won an award.


-- I have faith in her and she did really well. Her story was amazing


and she really deserves it. I agree. I think she should be really proud


of yourself. What happened in the end? They got home safely through


the magic door and they finished walking the dog. I do like happy


endings. Who doesn't? Lovely children.


They are still supported offer. The pro rata monster!


We do have a story. It's a different story for the rest of this week.


There is some rain in the forecast. Mostly in the form of showers. Not


everywhere. Today was fantastic. Here are some fantastic photographs.


This is sometimes. Beautiful trees here. Also some clubbers. A lot of


the flowers are coming out. The countryside is looking very pretty.


In Dorset, the sunrise this morning. Digital photographs. Thank you.


Today was 18 degrees. Tomorrow is 19. Tomorrow will have the chance of


some showers. That will not be everywhere and most will get away


with more dry weather. More cloud in the sky. More humid and also the


showers are turning up. It will feel quite warm tomorrow, whether or not


there is showers. High humidity are coming from the south. We are


starting to lose high pressure. The source of the area, coming off the


northern coast of Africa and heading towards us, with the higher


temperatures and also some moisture. Expect some showers tomorrow.


Similar on Friday and then into the weekend we have a cold front. That


will cross as. -- that will cross will cross as. -- that will cross


Saturday night into Sunday. This evening, not a great deal of cloud


right now, a beautiful evening. Some late sunshine. For the first half of


the night, clear skies but later in the night, from the south is some


showers. They would be everywhere and they will be particularly heavy.


It will turn misty in some places. That is the higher humidity air


causing that. Tomorrow, some showers. It may be for the majority


of the day it is dry with some sunshine. Once you get him because


of an 18-19d, this will trigger some showers. There is the risk of the


odd rumble of thunder and flash of lightning. That will most likely be


towards the end of the afternoon and into the early evening. It will be


quite warm and this is particularly across parts of North Devon. It --


18-90d and slightly less warm in the south. Some clothes on the tops of


the hills. By the cloudy for the aisles. Some brief spells of


sunshine are possible, though. On the south coast at hammers,... On


the north coast, deduct that the general trend is for us to see a


change in wind direction and also in weather type of the next couple of


days. The coastal waters forecast the ruins of east and south


easterly. The chance of some showers. -- forecast the winds east


and south easterly. More unsettled weather as we head into the Beacon.


Slightly colder on Sunday. Friday, scattered showers. -- more unsettled


weather into the weekend. The chance of persistent rain on Saturday night


and Sunday. Sunday will cool down a bit. It will be somewhat fresher.


Have a good evening. We hope many of you will be able


to join us and have your say on the general election in a special


BBC Spotlight debate. The programme will be on Tuesday


30th of May in Plymouth. If you would like to come along


and take part, please email [email protected] and we'll send


you an application form. Thank you for your company on BBC


radio Devon with the last three days. That's all of us from


Spotlight. Good night.


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