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Good evening, I'm Charlie McArdle, welcome to BBC Channel Islands.


The remedy for a shortage of doctors - a change in the law means


Jersey could soon have home-grown GPs.


Visitor numbers are up in Guernsey, but transport


There are some really good increases this year. But when we do refer back


to 2015, we can see there is some way to go.


And schoolchildren raise the roof for the BBC Ten Pieces Orchestra.


Political moves are underfoot to avoid a


The Health Minister wants to change the law to allow GPs to train


at surgeries on the island before they qualify,


so they can fill posts when doctors retire.


It takes years of study and training to become a Dr. And would be GPs


have gone to the UK or further afield before they have qualified.


In Jersey, work is being done to attract the next oration of doctors,


and make sure they're ready to fill the shoes of GPs who are preparing


to retire. We note that eventually Alderney GPs will be retiring. From


experience, we are training nurses locally, that if you train them


luckily, they tend to stay locally. But we have no provision for


training GPs at the present time, other than the rotational, where


they get a tasting during their training. So it's absolutely about


succession planning for GP service going forward. Trainee GPs would


work alongside qualified GPs developing a relationship with


patients. But sing a trainee would not mean a cut-price appointment.


When you have a trainee, they had to be closely supervised. This in with


dentists. So it is not that they would be charged less, no. GPs in


Jersey nurture the relationship tween doctor and patience, and it is


hoped these values will appeal to the next generation of doctors. The


voice we hope to nurture our own, there are a people who want to get a


taste of the way we do things here. It's suddenly old-fashioned, but in


my view, much better approach to patients. It is hoped that by


allowing the doctors of the future to hone their skills on the islands,


any potential problems can be avoided.


Guernsey's airport declared a full emergency this morning


when a private plane reported smoke in its cockpit.


The single-engine aircraft was flying from the UK to Jersey


when it had to make an emergency landing in Guernsey.


The airport's general manager said the plane arrived safely


Jersey voters can have their say on the island's proposed


The creation of six so-called super constituencies will be debated


But a scrutiny panel is holding meetings ahead of that to find out


The first one will be at St Saviour's Parish Hall


Jersey's States garden nursery, which was considered as a potential


site for the future hospital, has been put out to lease.


Warwick Farm grew plants for the islands parks and gardens,


but now most of that work has been passed to private companies.


A spokesperson from property holdings says rather than let it


fall into disrepair, the States would rather


rent it out to a farmer or grower who could make use of it.


The lease is available for nine years while the States decide


A boost in business travellers has led to an increase


There's been a rise of 2000 people in the first quarter of this year


But officials say more improvements are needed.


A busy morning in Guernsey's tourist information centre. And for these


visitors, a few comments on the island to take on board. It is


costly. When we think of travelling, we're always trying to fit Guernsey


in, it is not micro that easy, because it's not a stop of place to


other locations. We came across on the ferry. It was lovely. So far.


The latest Government surveys shows there has been a 7%increase in


visitors, with just over 2000 more people for the year compared to


2016. The number of visitors visiting by sea has increased. The


economic development committee was cautious in welcoming the increase.


Some really good increases this year, but on the refer back to 2015,


there is still some way to go. Some say that transport remains a


concern. The loss of GDP to the island is entirely significant. From


the bar 2014, it is over 40,000 passengers. Eddie asked for the


development in GDP terms, it is around ?500. That puts the GDP value


at around ?20 million. This coincides with Sark's greatest


tourism survey. With there renewed confidence, could the real prospect


of a new ferry, the Bailiwick's heading in the right direction. But


still has some way to go to get to the numbers of the past.


There are calls to return the remains of a Nazi concentration


camp survivor home to Jersey after his grave was found


Frank Le Villio was deported during the occupation


for taking a joyride on a German officer's motorbike.


He died in England in 1946 from tuberculosis.


Mr Le Villio was buried in a pauper's grave.


The Constables of St Helier and St Saviour hope to bring him


back home, but it could be a difficult process


The people of Guernsey now formally own the Little Chapel,


one of the island's most famous tourist attractions.


The Little Chapel Foundation bought the property deeds today,


along with a parcel of land nearby, for ?1.


More investment is planned for the site in the future,


including improved disabled access and a visitor centre.


The Foundation says today is an important milestone


for the restoration of the attraction.


We have been working on the chapel and doing a lot of work to preserve


it. But know the people Guernsey own it, it's entrust with the Foundation


to properly looked after it. We can go forward with that ownership. We


can put a proper business plan in place.


You're watching the BBC in the Channel Islands.


Later in Spotlight with Justin and Natalie:


The sale of the century - a farmer's collection of 90 tractors


Over 1000 primary school pupils in Jersey


are being introduced to classical music this week.


The BBC Ten Pieces Orchestra is playing concerts as part


By holding free workshops for children, it's hoped


a new generation will learn to love the music genre.


We sent our camera's along to a packed Opera House


Today, we've had two of the three BBC Ten Pieces concerts. It very


exciting series in which children learn about music, classical news.


We learn about all the estimates of the orchestra. We had then all on


stage. They got to hear the instruments,


they got to meet the people who play them.


And also they got to hear some of the most exciting and diverse pieces


of classical music that there are. So it's just a really great


introduction for children to hear all the different characters and


different things that classical music can do. It was really, really


good. I liked how the instruments are played different chains in


different ways. -- genes in different ways.


Wonderful staff. Hewitt, cuddly and very -


you are panicking there, David Cumming is that was your


introduction! I've never industry does that before,


much gone by Sunday, a fresher feel and fine weather on Sunday. Friday I


can live with, and I more than happy with Saturday and Sunday! Get ready


for the aw factor. You're being warned that if you see


this little fella out and about in Jersey,


not to distract him. 12 week old Niko is in the island


training to be a guide dog He and his brother Nelson


will be taken to cafes, shops and schools to get used


to every day sights and sounds. He's the 11th puppy to go


through foundation training on the island before


they continue their I'm back at a PM, I'll see you then.


Good night. A Somerset Council has set


up its own housing company and plans But they won't be building council


homes, instead they plan to sell on the open market and use


the profits to pay for other Plymouth scientists have been


awarded almost three million pounds to look at how new technology


could improve healthcare Ideas include using robots


to provide comfort and drones to deliver medical


supplies to rural areas. An investigation into the collapse


of a crane in Falmouth


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