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and on BBC One, we now join so it's goodbye from me


Good evening. I'm Charlie McArdle.


Aerial menace. Guernsey leads the way in tackling the use of drones to


smuggle drugs into prison. An Uber style taxi app is coming


to Jersey but drivers are divided whether it would be


good for business. I think that would be brilliant. I


spent some time in the UK and it was so convenient to be able to hail


taxis on the streets rather than having to find a taxi rank.


The Muratti Final sees Jersey and Guernsey battle to lift the cup.


And after the showers today, it will be mostly dry over the weekend. If


we see in the rain it will be overnight on Saturday night and


slightly cooler on Sunday. A cutting-edge defence


system has been installed at Guernsey Prison,


in a world first. Drones are often used


across the globe to illegally smuggle items to prisoners,


but Guernsey Prison will now be able The Skyfence system seizes control


of the drone if it comes Mike Wilkins went to see


the system in action. This remarkable footage shows


a drone being used to It's unclear how big


a problem it is. The only drones they catch


are the ones that crash. And here in Guernsey,


prison chiefs are leading the way You're about to see a drone


stopped mid-flight. The system hacks the frequency


of the drone, halts it and You can see it has stopped. It kind


of rears up. The aircraft is disconnect did and it is in return


to home mode. And drones are getting smaller all the time. With this


system cope with a swarm of tiny drones? When any type of drone is


connected, the whole perimeter fence comes alive so no drones can cross


the fans at all. It's the first prison in the world


to be using a drone-detecting fence, It's part of a ?1.7 million security


upgrade but some of it We brought the detector package


which told us there were drones within the prison but didn't stop us


coming in, and this new technology we were offered as an upgrade and


didn't have to pay for that. The payback hopefully will be that other


prisons will see it and both the present and the company will


benefit. The anti-drone system will be


activated at the end of next month. And experts tell me it


could also be applied to Four men in Guernsey have been


arrested in connection with the collapse of


the Providence investment fund. Most of the ?37 million put


into the scheme by investors The arrests were made yesterday


at four separate island addresses in connection


with suspected fraud offences. The men were bailed,


pending further inquiries. The undersea electricity cable


between Jersey and Guernsey is being switched off today


so Guernsey Electricity can The work will take about


two weeks to complete. During the outage, power will be


provided by generators Taxi drivers in Jersey are divided


over whether a new phone The Uber-style system, due to be


launched in the next month, will allow you to hail a taxi


without going to the ranks. But are there enough


rank taxis to go round? Getting a taxi can be a challenge -


especially at the weekend But a new app that lets you hail


a taxi from your phone could It's for rank taxis and the app lets


you use your phone to see what taxis We've got to move forward now,


haven't we, regarding these apps? If they can get an app


together, I guess, something quick and easy, better


than ringing, yeah, definitely. I mean, I spent some time in the UK,


living in Edinburgh in Scotland, and it was so convenient to be able


to hail taxis just on the street rather than having


to find a taxi rank. While they wouldn't appear


on camera, some drivers have told us they don't think the app will work,


and fear it will take taxis away from the ranks


they're supposed to serve. But their concerns


have been rejected. We think it's a positive move


and bringing the taxis It's important for


the public to know it's a hailing app as we see it


and by that I mean Our priority is still obviously


to service the ranks. This isn't the first time a taxi app


has been introduced in Jersey. Four years ago an app for private


cabs was introduced and the States thinks the time is right for this


one for rank vehicles. We're waiting for the Jersey Taxi


Drivers' Association to demonstrate the app to us but I understand that


they're focussing on immediate hire so those are people who'd


otherwise walk to the ranks, so you're actually


giving the customer a choice. The States is now working with rank


taxi drivers to review Guernsey and Jersey's footballers go


head to head this weekend Jersey are the reigning champions,


but the Greens have home advantage. Following last year's game


in Jersey, where bottles were thrown, an alcohol-free zone's


been put in place With a preview of the match,


here's our sports editor Tim Pryor. The Muratti Vase is one


of the longest-running sporting It's almost always between


Jersey and Guernsey. It's almost always a fiesty,


passionate match. The Reds have beaten the Greens


in the last two finals. We have to make sure we turn up for


the game on Saturday. The last two years we haven't competed, we


haven't battled and represented the shirt with the fight that you need


to win our Muratti, so the players who have played in the last two


years have reminded themselves of that and it has been key to our


preparation. While Guernsey are desperate


to get their hands back on the Vase, Jersey are focussed on securing


a third Muratti triumph in a row. With the Island Games looming,


it's the chance to It's a special day for everybody,


walking to work to get people shouting little things and hoping


we'd do well and that's nice for a small community to want us to do


well liked in other sports, so we want to make sure we bring the


trophy home. The last two years have seen two


very different Murattis - one an exciting contest full


of goals, the other a hard-fought It's hard to predict


which side will be lifting the Vase this weekend,


but neutrals will be hoping for another exciting


and tense afternoon - but that said, there


are very few neutrals And there'll be full match


commentary on BBC Radio Guernsey and Jersey tomorrow afternoon


on Sportscene, which is from 1pm. From the hill climbs


to the classic car rallies and the sought-after number plates,


the Channel Islands has But did you know Guernsey's


Lieutenant Governor is And he has a car that'll turn a few


heads - a replica AC Cobra, There are such individual things,


they have so much character and history so just the complete


package. This is an iconic car and I just love it.


It sort of combines English, British style with American muscle.


It's basic engineering, brute power and just raw engineering.


There's very little to go wrong with it.


I just love the idea of a car that weighs less than my wife's Mini


but has a 420 horsepower engine in it.


The first couple of times you take it out on these narrow roads


and you really do have to be quite careful with the throttle.


It was a little nerve-racking but I'm kind of getting used to it


now, and it's great when it's sunny in Guernsey.


What is your car history like? Mine is pretty sort of middle-aged


parental. It has predominantly been designed about getting their kids to


and from school so a big four by four. This is my first sojourn into


the world of serious sports cars and something I always wanted to own and


I'd got it when I came here. Great stuff.


The Jersey food and cultural festival will be opening its doors,


But first, David, how is the weather looking for that and the many other


I think the weather will be pretty good to us. We will see some rain


during the night time, Saturday night and Sunday night, so much of


the weekend is dry, some spells of sunshine and perhaps a tiny bit


fresher as we move into Sunday, a cold front going through overnight


Saturday night into Sunday, but at the moment a risk of showers, they


will continue for the next few hours. The area of low pressure, the


focus for the showers, is moving north and once that process gets


under way we see a temporary ridge of high pressure but this weather


front from the West arrives later in the day tomorrow, a lot of sunshine


at the VAT so don't expect sunshine all day, right spells in the morning


and then cloudy in the afternoon, then a reasonable day on Sunday


before this low arrives on Sunday night into Monday. The showers we


have now will continue overnight, they will gradually fade away and


temperatures will be lower than last night. Tomorrow is a reasonable day,


maybe some quite thick cloud at times capable of producing the old


light shower but much of the day dry with sunny spells and then


increasing amounts of medium height cloud later in the day. These are


the times of high water. For surfers there is a bit of serve, cleanest


along the sheltered north coast of Guernsey and coastal waters as those


winds increase, south-westerly five backing southerly, increasing by the


end of the day, fair with good visibility. Daytime weather along


the top, night-time weather in the middle, there is some rain around on


Saturday and Sunday night and getting quite warm as we move into


next week but a lot of cloud on Monday and Tuesday. Good to see it.


A drive through the day at the weekend. -- good to see it will stay


dry. Jersey's People's Park will be full


of La Dolce Vita this weekend. A festival celebrating


Italian Culture will be held at the park with wine tasting,


a cinema tent and cookery demonstrations from celebrity


chef Gino D'Acampo. Preparations were in full swing


today and BBC Radio Jersey will have coverage from the festival


over the weekend. That's it for the time being. I'm


back at 8pm and then at 10:30pm. checks before appointing


their Head Coach last season. This comes as Basketball Australia


confirmed that Johnny White was not a registered coach


with the Melbourne Tigers in 2016 On his appointment last July,


the club initially stated Mr White had coached at the "highest level"


in his native Australia. However following questions raised


by BBC Spotlight last week into the validity of his resume,


the club said he'd been an assistant The Raiders argue they


have a supporting letter from the Chief Executive


of the Melbourne Tigers and have stuck rigidly to the criteria laid


down by Basketball England in order They're making the long trip north


to take on Carlisle United in the first leg of their League Two


play-off semi-final. Victory over two legs


will mean a final at Wembley We are proud to have got to this


point when you consider what a tough season it has been,


especially early on, how much effort we have put him,


and I think we also realistic to know that although we have


got to the play-offs But I think we really have


to take it for what it is. Up-and-coming squash players


in Cornwall will have the chance to rub shoulders with the sports


royalty this evening. Three-time world champion


Nick Matthew and Cam Pilley, who holds the record for hitting


the ball the hardest, will be putting on an


exhibition match for fans. Thank you. Welcome to trouble's


Squash club. The crowd appeared CDs goes and they promised me they would


be a bit rowdy. To let you know who is here. They are in the presence of


royalty. Cam Pilley the Aussie number one and Nick Matthew is


arguably the greatest squash player Britain has produced. Three-time


World jumping and former world number one. We will go to a quick


word now. Any chance you can take a breather? Great to see you both in


Cornwall. Nick, I gather apart from this you have been doing a bit of


coaching. What is the best bit of advice? I just want to share the


passion we have for this great sport of hours. If anyone has never seen


it before it has been voted two years of the worlds healthiest sport


in terms of calories burnt and how it challenges your body and mind.


The skill level, in close contact with your opponent at all times but


you have to use skill and not brute force especially against this guy,


harder than anyone else. You will be trying to be timbered skill in a


moment. Cam Pilley, you are committed to find animals. You won't


want to lose. No. It will get competitive. We have been on tour.


We have had battles in the past. It is an exhibition tonight so there


are no ranking points but at the same time I don't really want to


lose tonight. We have mentioned you or the world record ordered the --


holder for hitting the ball the fastest. We want is you what it is


like 200 mph. One of the organisers but some reason wanted to know what


it felt like. Let's see what happened. How was that for you? That


was a stinger but luckily he still hit the impact vests so I will


settle with that as 1- 02 Cameron. Rather him than me. That jacket did


a job but I saw bruises afterwards. A couple of guys who manage to get a


bit of coaching earlier today, Jack, what was it like to meet these


players? It was inspirational because they have done what I am


trying to do. It is really good. Is that the dream for you, to follow


these guys and become one of the top players in the world? I think so.


Louis, what about you? What is the best bit of advice? They have


already said it is great for fitness, is a think you will take


onto the court next time? I don't know, they have made me think about


so much that I hadn't normally thought about. When I go onto the


court next time I will take the tips and try to make the game better. It


has been a dream come true for these great players just to come and play


at our club is fantastic. You are both in the top 20 in the country we


are age group. There is one thing you haven't shared with one of your


clubmates here. But we have begun to meet them today but you will get to


play them in court, what will that be like? I wait. Do you think you


have a chance of beating him? That we will have to wait and see. Do you


think they can make them sweat? I were going to win! I have played a


couple of games of squash myself and when you have a couple of people of


similar ability, you tend to get a good game. I have been in enough


games with poor ability and it'll be good to see how these guys get on


together. Good luck to the youngsters, the budding champions of


the future. Really good. A team of refugees and asylum


seekers in Plymouth is breaking down barriers thanks to the common


language of football. Plymouth Hope is like


a United Nations of football with players of more than a dozen


nationalities in the line-up. As you're about to see it's


a thriving part of the local We'll have the weather


from David in a moment. But you may need your wellies


and a brolly if you're heading out Our reporter Clare Woodling decided


to take shelter from the weather to find out about one of the more


unusual events taking Hello. Here I am 60 steps down, 150


metres back into one of the cover here at Congolese. You might expect


to find goblins, maybe nymphs or elves in a place like this, probably


not a string quartet, but that is exactly who is upstairs shinning up


ready to play for a crowd of 80 people will be assembling little


deceiving. ... Tuning up. Playing in unusual venues is part of the course


for the Modulus Quartet have already played in a slate mine in the Peak


District and a barge in Bristol. Let's go and meet them. Upon the


stage we have got Jonathan, Craig, nature and Michael Ritter. Jonathan,


I understand you have some roots in this part of the world. What is it


like coming back and playing near your family. Spent most of my


childhood coming here holiday and rushing round the coast and coming


back here is certainly very unexpected. Some interesting


memories I expect. , Some good acoustics to mate. Luckily no


stalagmites or stalactites. No, but the acoustics can be very


challenging but at least we can all hear each other very well and close.


Does the signed reverberate well, do you ever get many echoes? Not much


reverb in this building because it is humid and quite dry and the


instruments tend to get wet so that doesn't happen as much as you would


get in a big marble room. So much to be looking forward to, can you give


us a little taster of what is on tonight?


Fabulous. Thank you very much indeed. Well, this is just one of


the wonderful things going on across the south-west. Let's take a look at


some of the others. It is Plymouth Pirate weekend on the Barbican


Sutton Harbour and park on both Saturday and Sunday. It is open to


youngsters so get along and do your best viral impression. In Dorset it


is the most open water sailing Championships at the Weymouth and


Portland sailing Academy. Food now and there is a free food festival in


Taunton called Eat Taunton. It has lots of farmers and producers in


castle green and bad place. Finally in Cornwall but is believed to be


the UK's only food and drink Festival on the beach begins


tomorrow. Please e-mail us your events to our e-mail address. We


will be hearing a bit more from the Modulus Quartet in just a few


moments. If you are coming here tonight you might want to wear a


jumper because it is only 10 Celsius in here. And certainly you won't


want to be wearing your stilettos, Justin and Natalie. Remember that,


no stilettos! That goes for you as well, David, so you can take those.


He told me you stopped wearing women's shoes. I usually only wear


them at weekends! Good evening. Not a bad weekend ahead of us. Most of


the rain falling during the night. Some towards the end of the


afternoon tomorrow. Some overnight Sunday into Monday but I think we


will get away with some sunny spells evening or overnight rain and a bit


fresher come Sunday. Eight usable weekend some pleasant weather. Some


showers to get rid of at the moment. Still the low pressure close by.


That moves away from us and between that and this line of rain that


creeping towards us steadily through the day tomorrow there should be a


lot of dry weather. The breeze picks up tomorrow. The best of the


sunshine across parts of Dorset and Somerset as it clothes over but the


West. Most of the more persistent rain not arriving until the end of


the afternoon and early evening. The same on Sunday. Between the weather


systems there is more wet weather racing towards us something into


Monday, but it will not arrive until overnight and then it is draped


across as for the start of the working week on Monday which means a


rather great day and further up bags of rain. The same weather system


will be close take on choose dates that could be more rain. Good news


for the farmers and growers. The showers we have seen to date have


begun to ease. They are moving northwards but they are taking their


time and there have been some quite heavy rainfall. A lot of dry weather


for tomorrow. The other feature of the weather by the end of the


afternoon tomorrow is a strengthening southerly breeze ahead


of the band of cloud and rain. There will be so bright weather around but


it will be quite a breezy day. Tonight we lose a lot of the wet


weather. A few showers, a few shallow mist patches here and there


at a temperature is just a little lower than last night down to


perhaps eight or nine Celsius. Tomorrow bright and breezy. A few


light showers possible. The best of any prolonged sun General B East


Devon, Dorset and Somerset as this weather front comes in from the West


and giving some splashes of more widespread and persistent rain but


it is moving quite fast. Before it gets to us some good temperatures,


with the best of the sunshine, 16 or 17. For the Isles of Scilly very


briefly brightened the morning but quickly clothing order with


outbreaks of rain in the afternoon. A bit more for the surfers, a bit


messy interfaces with the freshening breeze along the south coast, 3- the


-- three 75 feet. South-westerly in the morning. Increasing force 5-6. A


bright and bright day on Sunday. Wet weather overnight and pretty much


the dreary day on Monday with further up bags of rain. Similar


conditions for Tuesday. Some reasonable weather for once at the


weekend. Back to you. We'll leave you with more


from the Modulus Quartet They are playing The Bittersweet


Journey By Elliott Lloyd Short. Whatever you're doing hope


you have a lovely weekend.


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