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Serious road accidents double in a decade could penalty


points and the threat of losing your license


There is still rules about what they shouldn't do on the road, whether is


pedestrians, cyclists, people driving a car. They continue to


break the rules. Good evening and welcome


to the late news from BBC Five weeks of roadworks for one


of Guernsey's main commuter routes. Drivers in Jersey caught breaking


the law could face penalty points on their licence to tackle


the rising number of The department that oversees


roads says they're safer than they were 20 years ago,


but bringing down the number of Penalty points on your driving


licence are something drivers in the UK and Europe have been


familiar with for many years, but that's not been the case


in Jersey, where you are less likely to lose your licence because of bad


driving and bad behaviour. Jersey's Government wants to bring


in a penalty points system by 2019, The evidence shows that we are still


getting as many serious injuries yet on year as we have


done for 20 odd years. That would suggest that we do


need to do a bit more. You can get fined, disqualified,


but the logic of the penalty points system is that it will add more


to the process. In the past decade, accidents


have more than doubled, going from fewer than 30 in 2005


to 68 in 2015. But with measures already in place,


such as Parish Hall Enquiries and fines, will penalty points


make a difference? Basically, when you are


driving a car, you need Looking ahead and being aware


of what's around you. A piece of documentation


won't make any difference. There are rules, whether it is


a pedestrian or cyclist, people still regularly


break the rules. When there are penalties


already in place. It should make a difference,


but it remains to be seen. The authorities also want to cut


the legal blood alcohol limit, bringing it into line with Scotland


and France by 2018. The latest police campaign over


Christmas showed a consdierable reduction in the number


of people caught. The police asked the public to help


by reporting people getting behind The public trust us, I feel,


and they feel that they can vote. We need their help, their support,


and we need them to contact us. While more work is done on the law


changes, the police say they'll be continuing their campaign


to make our roads safer. Chris Rayner, BBC Channel


Islands News, Jersey. The parents of a murdered Guernsey


woman have reached out to the national media in the hope


to see justice. Vic and Kate Groves spoke


to a number of national BBC radio and television news outlets


including the Victoria Derbyshire Show today on the poor handling


of their daughters case. Sarah was killed on a houseboat


in Kasmir in 2013. in the trial of Richard de


Wit, a Dutch national Her parents hope today's broadcasts


will help highlight the case. We have had a bigger audience. We


have global -- gone global today. We were grateful to go national. The


aim is to elevate the awareness of what is not going on in the hope


that somebody somewhere will pick it up and put it onto the platform it


should be on and treated with the seriousness it should be treated


with. The trial is an absolute farce and it is going nowhere with no


progress for 15 and a bit months. You could go back to June 2015


Webber has only been one witness processed and there is 46 witnesses


in the mix. It will be well past its sell by if it goes on at this rate


because there was nothing happening. The Jersey civil servant


at the centre of a flight Mike King, the Chief Officer


for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture has resigned


with immediate effect. A statement from the Chief Ministers


department says he is leaving by mutual agreement but doesn't


specify the reason. Mr King came under criticism


in the States last year when he and Wayne Gallichan


from Locate Jersey spent ?13,000 on flights for a business


trip to South Africa. A jury has heard how a Jersey taxman


accused of stealing tax payers money It's alleged 40-year-old


Carl Robert Frankum stole more than ?800 after people


gave it to him Frankum, who worked


at Cyril Le Marquand House, has been charged with two counts


of stealing from the States of Jersey between June


2012 and August 2014. Schools, businesses


and the Guernsey Ambulance Service all have contingency plans in place,


as five weeks of roadworks gets underway on one of the island's


main arterial routes. The Rohais is set to


close in stages whilst This morning marked the start


of five weeks of work on one of the island's


main commuter routes. Phase one will see the bottom


of the Rohais go down to single lane traffic,


controlled by temporary lights, and the work will continue in stages


up the hill towards St Peter Port. This is one of our biggest projects


we've done in recent years. At 900 metres, we're resurfacing


over 200 metres a week. That's a significant amount of work,


so what we have to do is break it into phases to try and keep


the traffic moving to keep access to businesses and hopefully that


will lead to a successful project. The island's ambulance


service is at the centre of the affected area,


but plans are in place to ensure that emergency call-outs are dealt


with as quickly as possible. Hopefully, our response times


are not going to be affected. What we plan to do is place


ambulances and crews at various points of the island


during the roadworks so our response times will hopefully


not be delayed at all. Businesses are keen to stress that


they will remain open throughout, with the Rohais Motor Centre quick


to praise the levels It's enabled them to keep


customers fully informed. Before Christmas, the engineer came


round and spoke to us in a lot of detail about how


it was going to go and how the phases would work,


and we've been emailed copies Yeah, I think it's been


really, really good. While things have been moving


fairly smoothly today, the real test may well come


when the schools go Online shopping is having a big


impact on the amount of waste As the festive season nears its end,


waste centres are seeing much more And as Mike Wilkins reports,


it's not just cardboard, christmas cards and wrapping paper


being recycled. It's beginning to look


like the end of Christmas. Although there's still a few days


till the end of the festive season, hundreds of trees have already been


dumped at this recycling point. The island's waste officer says


they're put to good use. We collect around about


6,500 trees per year. That matches the amount of trees


coming into the island. What we will do with those trees


is chipping them onside, and taking the chips down and mix


them with the material And it's not just


trees being dumped. This recycling centre is dealing


with all the Christmas cards, Behind me, there are towers


of cardboard stacked high. The people who run this place


tell me that one in three of the cardboard they recycle comes


from one online retailer. We are seeing an increase


in online shopping. That increases in the cadboard


coming into the island, A third of all cardboard boxes


recycled here are from just We don't have the overall recycling


figures yet for this Christmas, but with a few days left


of the festive season, there's Let's take a look at tomorrow's


weather with David Braine. Good evening. It is a cloudy picture


for the next couple of days. Cloud arriving late at night and a breeze


picking up. The cloud is capable of producing drizzle. The wind is


easing. Things start to improve. The layer of cloud is way up here to the


north of Britain and will sink his way southwards. It will be draped


close to us during the course of tomorrow morning. There is a lot


more cloud and less frost than we have seen recently. It will produce


spots of rain. Most of which will disappear as we get to Thursday.


Bright and dry weather and some more winter sunshine to enjoy. All change


again as we move into Friday. Some of that cloud is beginning to cross


the Channel. For the first half of the night, it will turn cold and we


could see temperatures dipping down to four Celsius. Then the breeze


picks up the cloud rolls in. Temperatures by the morning coming


back up to five Celsius. The wind is from the north-west and it will ease


during the second half of the day. After quite a lot of cloud to start


the day, it is drier and brighter as we move through into the evening. It


will take all day before we get to that weather front. If you are


heading to Europe, it is quite warm in southern parts of Spain and


Portugal. Central and northern Europe, some low temperatures. For


us, it is more cloudy on Friday and mild at the weekend. I am back


tomorrow night at 6:30pm. Good evening.


milder later in the week. That is it from me but coming up next is the


national picture. Good evening. But frost or not of frost, that is the


weather question for tomorrow and the answer is no, probably not


because of this weather front that is slipping south from Scotland,


maybe towards the south-west where we might have one or