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Maternity misconduct - tribunal hears the death of a baby


at Guernsey's hospital may have been prevented.


Good evening and welcome to the late news from BBC Channel Islands.


Substantial increase - a call for tighter control


The numbers we have seen our concern to us and we want to ensure that we


are able to support businesses at the right level but also to ensure


that we don't have too many immigrants.


The death of a baby born on Guernsey's maternity ward "may


have been prevented" had a previous incident been properly investigated,


Three midwives are facing charges of misconduct


Earlier, I spoke to our reporter Mike Wilkins in our Guernsey


newsroom who's been following the case.


Well, the sad starting point of this story is the death


It happened in 2014 at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital.


Following the death, all members of the then Health and


It was and continues to be a very shocking moment


A major review was then carried out by the nursing watchdog, the Nursing


This highlighted a series of problems throughout


But up until today, we still didn't know why that baby died


and the circumstances surrounding its death.


So what happened at the hearing today?


Three Guernsey midwives are charged with misconduct.


Adult nurse Lisa Granville, Antonia Manousaki and Tuija Roussel.


They were working on the Loveridge Ward when a child,


referred to only as Baby A, was born just after midnight


This desperately ill baby required resuscitation and died


An internal investigation conducted by Granville,


who was then head of risk management, found "no significant


difficulties in care delivery' and no further action was taken.


But an investigation by the local authority found that the baby's


heartbeat hadn't been properly monitored and its condition


should've been reported to a consultant.


The NMC said the midwives administered medication


And there were claims that the baby's death


It emerged today that another baby, referred to as Baby B,


The NMC says that had the death of Baby B been


adequately investigated, then the death of Baby A may


I have to stress that all three midwives accept some of the charges


against them but also deny some of them.


The hearing's expected to last four weeks.


New measures are being brought in to cut the number of migrants


Big companies with lots of non-local staff could have some


Ministers say it's needed to control the island's population,


Serving the island economy - migrant workers fill


many of the posts in this hotel, as they do in much of Jersey's


But now, there's to be a cut-down on work licences.


In Jersey, you need a licence to hire a migrant worker.


After five years, they can work anywhere, and the licence can be


used to bring another worker into the island.


But the States are going to review all big businesses to see if some


of their licences can be gradually taken away.


We've got to work carefully with them to encourage them


to employ as many local people as possible and not to automatically


think they need a new licence to bring additional people


We've got to do something to control the population and we believe this


mechanism will do a good job in achieving that.


And the population's grown well beyond the States' predictions.


Despite plans for 325 new workers a year, in 2015


there were around 1,500, with final figures for 2016


But the Chamber of Commerce fears the impact on businesses that can't


find the skills or staff they need within the island.


need will always exist,so government have got to put


assurances to businesses that if a company can prove they've


absolutely tried to source an employee locally and they can't


do that there is flexibility in the system in terms of bringing


But will the new restrictions find more favour with the public?


Whatever the public appetite for them, the question is,


We now need to try to source jobs locally first and if you can't do it


bring them in from overseas. We've got to look after people already


Whatever the public appetite for them, the question is,


will the new measures actually work in controlling the island's


New measures to limit population growth in Jersey have been described


as the worst message at the worst time by business leaders.


Earlier I spoke to John Shenton, the head of


I think it is misplaced. I think what you should be looking at is


grown-up debate about population. It is a very emotive issue but I think


actually, if you look at the economy, businesses, local trade,


education, in some ways, the rules education, in some ways, the rules


should be relaxed rather than tightened. In what way? Many


businesses are hamstrung in their growth potential, the training


potential and everything else. Because they can't get the calibre


of staff at all levels in order to move the business forward. The


island needs economic activity. We need economic growth, we need to


grow the amount of money going into government and these further


restraints on businesses trying to operate out of Jay-Z is going to


give them the message that we're shut.


A man has been arrested on suspicion of armed robbery.


The arrest follows the incident at Temple Stores in St Helier last


week, where a shop owner was held at knifepoint as cash


Jersey Police say they have a 31-year-old man in custody.


Jersey Airport has reached a 16-year-high in passenger numbers.


Just under 1.6 million passengers travelled


through the island's gateway last year, an increase


It's the highest number recorded since the year 2000.


Loss of business and loss of staff - that's the concerns of employers


in a Jersey trading estate following a Government


The Rue des Pres estate was littered with rusty, abandoned cars


Most have been removed but replaced with huge charges


Rusty, unloved, and bad for business.


The government told the owners of these abandoned vehicles


to remove them or they'd be towed from this trading estate.


Most of them have now gone, but they've been replaced


with a hefty parking charge that business owners say


I think going from nothing for our staff who've been here -


some of them have been here 20, 30 years, they've never had to pay


for the parking and now they'll have to pay or face paying up to ?123


a month, it's just not affordable so some of them will consider


seeking alternative employment which will be detrimental


Richard's also worried he'll have to find staff to replace the ones


I'm really happy here, I like my job, I like what I'm doing


but I can't afford to pay more than ?100 a month.


These concerns have been put to the minister in charge of roads


and parking who says the money will pay for upkeep.


Is got to be self financing so we said that the maximum would be ?123


and if the cost is more, we have to cut profits to fit that of its less,


to fit that of its less, will charge lasts.


While efforts to clean up the estate are appreciated, they aren't a cheap


Now let's take a look at the weather with David Braine.


Good evening. Some interesting weather across the islands over the


next few days. The definite trend is to turn much colder. By Friday and


into the start of the weekend, tomorrow, the wind is a feature,


quite a lively breeze developing tonight. The rain should clear. It


looks brighter but also called by the afternoon. The reason is this


weather front which takes its time getting to us. It will be with us


first thing tomorrow morning then after lunch I'm move into North of


France. Quite windy days in a new area of pressure turns up on


Thursday. On the northern area of this part of central Britain, the


worst of that's rain at image to see some snow. For us, mostly rain. It


will be windy. After that, it turns very much colder so at night to come


tonight with temperatures no lower than 9-10 . Probably that'll be the


highest temperature will see through the day tomorrow because gradually,


once the cold friend clears, temperatures started back down again


and by the end the afternoon, temperatures down to 7-8 . The


changes going to come through Thursday. That area of low pressure


develops as it moves along the English Channel. Strong to go force


winds for us for a time and then what follows, are these northerly


winds bringing colder as we are going to see a substantial drop in


temperatures. Heading for Spain and Portugal tomorrow, largely financed


dry, somewhat weather across mid France. The same weather front


giving outbreaks of rain, giving some snow for high ground by the


Drops in temperatures come through Friday and Saturday.


That's the news this Tuesday evening in the Channel Islands.


There will be bulletins from six tomorrow morning


Also, Good Morning Jersey with Ashley Tracey will be live


at the Jersey Archive, delving into the past and uncovering


of the week, and to start the weekend as well. For more on that


snow situation, over to Jay Wynne