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A record low. for the news where you are.


Crime figures in Jersey fall below 3,000 for the first time.


We are delighted. They are the lowest recorded crime figures in


Jersey. We are below the psychological barrier of 3000.


Foreign builders are accused of working out of public car park.


Crime in Jersey has fallen to a record low,


The number of reported crimes last year dropped below


But one group says some of the statistics don't


Keeping our streets safe - just another part of the job


But the island's crime level is at its lowest ever recorded.


While some crimes such as drug offences went up, overall it's down.


So what does the chief of police think is behind it?


That's not just hard work, it's other preventative measures


and getting it right and focusing on the people that actually do


need our attention - persistent criminals,


Very pleased with the reduction in domestic violence.


That's shown that our education programme has gone well over


the past two or three years, we've inspired confidence in victims


to come to us and I think we're now changing behaviours.


And the figures seem to support that.


Last year there were just under 3,000 overall crimes reported -


Reported domestic assault fell 14%, but a domestic abuse charity says


You're actually talking about just victims who have come forward


and reported the incident to the police, and that incident has


So you're not talking necessarily about all the reported incidents,


just recorded crime, and on top of it you're not talking


about all the incidents that have not been reported to the police,


and the majority of our clients decide not to report


So it seems, while the lower crime figures are encouraging,


the police have their work cut out in reaching every


A Nursing and Midwifery Council hearing into the death of a baby


in Guernsey has been adjourned until tomorrow.


Three women who worked as midwives at Guernsey's Princess Elizabeth


Hospital in 2014 are to appear at the hearing in London facing


The death prompted a review of maternity services in Guernsey


and two follow-up visits from the council.


Inspectors say improvements have been made.


There are renewed calls today for compulsory working permits


for visiting construction workers, also known as "white van man".


Guernsey Police visited an Irish window firm operating


from Grandes Rocques car park at the weekend after


A public car park on a wet afternoon on Guernsey's west coast.


But at the weekend it looked like some were doing more than just


The man who took these pictures is Deputy Neil Inder.


He says it's wrong for public car parks to be used in this way.


There is something not right about someone being able


to fly in or come in, do what they want, without any


control from government and especially abusing our island,


our people, our goodwill, our hospitality, our customers,


and do that kind of madness in the car park at Grandes Rocques.


It's reignited the debate over foreign construction


workers coming to Guernsey, also known as "white van man".


This man works in construction in Guernsey.


He says foreign workers should be allowed as long


I'd like to see a business license like Jersey operates currently,


It wouldn't stop people from using off-island firms,


It would give Guernsey an opportunity to know


who is operating on the island at any given time and firms


would not be able to leave without registering


with Social Security and not paying anything.


Guernsey's Housing Control says the company involved had contacted


And the police say that items were being transferred from one


vehicle to another but that no offences were committed.


Jersey's iconic cows are renowned for their rich milk and dairy


products and now their pedigree goodness will help transform


Cows in Rwanda will be cross-bred with Jersey's to produce a cow that


produces eight times more milk but eats less.


Rwanda - not a place that's associated with farming


and agriculture but for the last ten years the country's been supported


These doe-eyed beauties have been exported to Africa.


But now they're being cross-bred with 200,000 Rwandan cows instead.


One Jersey dairy farmer says they're a perfect fit


The Jersey cow is an international cow, the second largest dairy breed


in the world and it's growing in popularity in many


These first crosses of a pure Jersey bull to Rwandan cattle have produced


some really good adaptable cattle for what they want in that country.


They're popular because they produce more milk and don't


The calves bred from the Jersey pedigree will help 12,000 small


scale Rwandan farmers to feed their families


and still have enough milk, butter and cheese to sell.


Rwandan farmers will also be trained to breed cows.


Rwanda is still an incredibly poor country and we're hoping that


a project such as this is going to improve the lives


of Rwandans, it's going to bring entire villages out of poverty.


A delegation from Rwanda is visiting the island to learn how the herd has


been built up over generations and find out about


For dairy farmers here, all the attention is very flattering.


Here we are on this little island, flying the flag with our Jersey cow.


As a small island, Jersey is passing on its heritage to a big


A Jersey Constable says she's concerned there could be an accident


as a result of the three months of road works taking place


From today motorists are being diverted up Queen's Road


and St Saviour's Hill while the work is carried out between 9.15


Sadie Le Sueur-Rennard thinks the level of traffic


at the Five Oaks roundabout during the rush hour


This roundabout is a nightmare at best of times.


This is nothing to what it normally is.


In the mornings, it's horrendous and now,


with an extra volume of traffic, it is a nightmare.


We have they considered the diversion ropes.


-- We have they considered the diversion routes.


The closest main diversion routes are Five Oaks and Queen's Road.


We have specifically chosen 9.15 starts to avoid


the morning rush hour, which includes both school


The evening peak is over a longer period.


It is obvious when you take a main arterial route out of the network


that there will be an impact, but we're trying minimise


Now, I know it's been raining across the islands,


This was the Guernsey reservoir earlier today and,


despite the rain, as you can see, levels are unusually low.


It follows the driest December for ten years.


Guernsey water says it's monitoring the situation closely,


but there's no immediate cause for concern.


Saint Saviour's reservoir is one of 17 storage reservoirs that we've


got and it is only about a quarter of our total storage capacity.


As I say, we are at 79% full across all of those storage resources.


We are reasonably comfortable for this time of year.


After a dry spell, we've seen some rain in the islands today.


Will there be more to hopefully top up the reservoirs?


Good evening. Colder area is arriving later on this week. Quite a


big change. A frilly unsettled week ahead. Temperatures getting into


single figures by the end of Wednesday and into Thursday and


Friday. Also quite windy at times. A brisk wind overnight stays with us.


Quite breezy tomorrow morning. At the moment, low pressure is in


charge. No sign of anything settling down. Wind direction is coming from


the north-west and then from the north. This is Wednesday. This


weather system introducing some showers, and behind that we see


colder air. On Thursday and Friday, increasingly called. Law and Laura


temperatures and even the risk of some wintry showers. At the moment,


it is still relatively mild. Some cloud overnight could produce some


showers. Tomorrow after some brightness in the morning it is


rather cloudy in general with quite frequent showers developing in the


afternoon. Some cold weather across Eastern Europe. That has been stuck


like this for the last week or so and anywhere east of Germany,


temperatures have struggled during the daytime, at about freezing.


Towards the end of the week we will get colder. As we move to Friday,


temperatures down to 7-8. The possibility of widespread overnight


frost on Friday night into Saturday. It all changes this week and


gradually turns colder. That's your news


this Monday evening. BBC Radio Guernsey and Jersey


will have bulletins from 6.00 Until then, goodnight.


at 6.30 tomorrow night. precipitation we get will be of a


wintry nation and Thursday is one we have to watch out for. The weekend


outlook, it stays chilly with a northerly wind and possibly frosty