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Good evening, I'm Charlie McArdle. for the news where you are.


Shocked and angry - that's the reaction of parents


in Jersey on the closure of a St Helier nursery.


Avranches nursery looks after 50 children, but with it running


at a loss of almost ?100,000 every year, the parish says


We are absolutely devastated. We were not expecting it at all.


There was no warning that this was going


I was angry for all the kids and the staff.


She is so used to the staff. It's going to be such a change.


Today's reaction by parents who've just found out their children's


We haven't been allowed to film inside Avranches Nursery,


and the staff were advised not to speak to the media.


The nursery behind me has been open for nearly 25 years, but with a loss


The Constable says he couldn't justify keeping it open any longer.


Clearly, one of the issues we've had to wrestle with is Avranches Nursery


doesn't simply cater for parishioners, it also caters


for more than 50% of the users are from outside


the parish, and it's much harder for the rate payers of St Helier


to justify a loss of that magnitude when it's not even helping


Parish plans to move the nursery to another site were rejected


by planning and other options were exhausted.


Today's decision has left questions over staff jobs,


and parents with seven months to find a new nursery


A senior Guernsey midwife accused of misconduct in the death


of a newborn baby initially claimed the care provided


The Nursing and Midwifery Council says Lisa Granville's initial


assessment flavoured the subsequent investigation, the tribunal heard.


It follows the death of a baby almost three years ago.


Mike Wilkins has been looking at this week's


These three Guernsey midwives are charged with misconduct.


From left to right, Lisa Granville, Antonia Manousaki,


They were working on the Loveridge Ward when a baby died.


An investigation found that the baby's heartbeat


hadn't been properly monitored and its condition should've been


The NMC also said the midwives administered medication


Today at a hearing held by the Nursing and Midwifery Council,


it was revealed that investigations into the death were hampered


because one of the midwives, Manousaki, who was from Greece,


struggled with English and that she didn't understand


There were also claims that midwives were reluctant to call


The NMC claims that had the death of another baby in 2012 been


adequately investigated, then the death of the baby in 2014


It's unsettling to hear, but I have to stress that the NMC


has been back to this hospital since and says the staff here have


But with several weeks to go and more witnesses to give evidence,


a clearer picture should emerge as the hearing continues.


There are calls for a Jersey minister to resign,


following a damning report into a taxpayer-funded loan scheme.


The Innovation Fund was set up to support new business ideas


but it's potentially lost ?1.4 million of public money.


Some politicians say Senator Philip Ozouf,


who oversaw the fund, should step down.


When a fund is set up, the fund is set up by Treasury


Resources and then passed to the relevant department


So, the fund itself was set up under Philip Ozouf's watch


I was asked to take responsibility to sort out issues to do


with the Innovation Fund, and that's what I've done.


I call upon people to read the report because I've been


vindicated in the actions I've taken to stop the waste of public money.


Changes to Guernsey's education system seem to be being imposed


on teachers rather than being made with their input.


That's the warning from the largest teacher's union in the island.


The Committee for Education, Sport and Culture says a forthcoming


workshop for States members is just the start of the process,


but the NASUWT is concerned that their professional opinion


We need to sit down with the Department


and with the committee at the earliest point in time


to thrash this out and lift the uncertainty that's been hanging


Scrutiny leaders say they've been denied the chance


to review borrowing plans for Jersey's new hospital.


The States will debate borrowing up to ?400 million


in the States next week, but a scrutiny panel says


the Treasury Minister refused to delay it by four weeks to give


enough time for experts to examine the plans.


Here's David Braine with your weekend forecast.


After a blustery day today, it is little less windy into the week end


and After a blustery day today, it is


little less windy into the week end and also less cold. Tomorrow, still


enough of a breather risk of showers. Some cold air across a spot


that will change. Subtle changes in the wind flow. Slightly less cold


air heading our way tomorrow. Cloud Times with the risk of showers. On


Sunday, thicker cloud arriving. That will stick with us this weekend. We


have clear sky developing this evening so it will turn quite cold.


Frost over the islands to lighten the risk of a passing showers. Winds


from the lawful north-west and the minimum temperature of one or 2


degrees above freezing. Tomorrow, we've got some brightness, some


sunshine, the risk of a passing shower but the showers are fairly


isolated and much of that raise -- day is dry. Europe in the grip of


this cold weather. Northern Spain and Portugal, seven or eight


degrees. Summer temperatures in France. For the time we get the


second half of the weekend, it is somewhat milder and also rather


cloudy. That's your news


this Friday evening. BBC Radio Guernsey and Jersey


will have bulletins from 6am tomorrow morning with regular


updates throughout the weekend I'll be back at 6.30pm on Monday,


have a good weekend. 5-6 is the best we will have. It


stays cold into the beginning of next week as well


stop Good evening, a cold, icy night, but some others have other


concerns. This was the scene earlier today, huge waves crashing on to the


shoreline at Whitley Bay. We still have the peak of the high tide to


come in other parts. This is the flood line number. It's if you have


any concerns. The worst of the wind slowly comes -- subsiding. Wintry


showers across the North of Scotland and some filtering well inland


across the Midlands, giving a light dusting in some places. An icy


night, temperatures widely close to or below freezing, particularly


where you have snow cover.


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