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Gove and Labour's Brexit Secretary Kier Starmer as well. Join me now on


An increasing islanders living their BBC Two. That's Newsnight


An increasing islanders living their in high-risk investments. Totally


devastating. We lost our marriage and we also lost the bungalow we


originally built up at St John's. Good evening and welcome to the late


news from BBC Channel Islands. Getting on to the property ladder


could be easier for first There's been an increase


in the number people in Jersey losing money


through high-risk investments. That's according to the island's


financial regulator, which has seen 150 victims


in the past ten years. They include people who lost tens,


or even hundreds of thousands Luxmy Gopal has been


speaking to those affected. It just devastated everything,


Geraldine and I moved apart, lost the marriage, lost the bungalow


we'd built up at St John's - because we were no longer,


together we had to sell it. And the other thing


is we lost our pension fund. Alan's now back on his


feet in a new business. But ten years ago he was one of 50


people who lost money It was run by Jersey-based


financial advisors, including The regulator is campaigning to stop


other people losing their life savings. It has brought a UK group


to spread the message. The advice really is don't put


all your eggs in one basket. Don't be over reliant on one


investment strategy, as tempting as that might be,


especially if they're offering the potential of high


returns for low risk. Like many victims, Alan


has learnt that now, You do feel a little bit bitter,


very bitter, and you never forget It is heartbreaking to lose


everything you have worked for all these years. I suppose eventually I


will trust people again but when that will be ideal not know. -- I do


not know full dash. --. Well, earlier I spoke


to the Director General of the Jersey Financial Services


Commission, John Harris. I asked why people are being caught


out by investment schemes. Interest rates are very low, people


are not getting money through the banks, people are coming for money


from inheritance and things like that. People are looking for a


long-term home for savings and getting a return. In a lot of ways


that is very good but in some cases it can be disastrous if things go


wrong. By the nature of it, it is high risk. You could make a lot of


money and you could lose money. Yes, but what I think we are trying to do


is repeat the message handed down by our grandmothers, if it is high


return inevitably it means high risk, you have to be aware of that


risk. If it is high risk and you have identified that, please do not


put all of your eggs in one basket. Drugs with a street value


of ?1.1 million were seized 64 kilos of cannabis resin was found


in the roof lining of a Mini Cooper which had travelled over


to the island on the Commodore 29-year-old Shane Lee Ray


from High Wycombe appeared at Jersey Magistrates Court this


morning, charged with importation There could be new help


for people trying to get A new business has been


given the green light to offer 95% mortgages -


giving people in Guernsey similar financial products to those


available in the UK. But as Mike Wilkins reports,


it's not just for people looking After 50 years in this house,


Dorothy Paint's looking to move. But owing to her age,


banks won't lend to her. You know, this is a


couple of years ago. We went to the banks


but they didn't want to But now this man's company has got


approval to operate a business lending to those aged over 65,


as well as offering 95% mortgages We will be helping first-time


buyers with a 95% loan- to value product with banks


of mum and dad providing additional guarantees,


and a lending product. We will be helping those aged 65-89,


and my understanding is there are no present lenders


in Guernsey doing that. House prices have fallen


since the end of 2014, with the island at times


experiencing the lowest number Sales recovered last year and rose


by 25% but the market I asked Mr Welch about the risks


of people investing Is there a bit of a risk that some


people could end up going into negative equity if they took


a mortgage with you and the house We cannot control the property


market and Brexit, there are so many uncertainties on today's


world that nobody can predict where But if we make sure that


people are assessed properly and a sensible,


balanced approach, it should be OK. It's unclear what this


year will hold. But with new favourable document


duty rates for the lower and middle sections of the housing market,


and now new mortgage products, 2017 may see a recovery


in the island's property fortunes. The Channel Islands


will have a new 'eye Channel Islands Air Search


say their new aircraft, which was due at the end of last


year, has been held This temporary aircraft has been


used for the last three years, while ?2 million was raised


for a new, state of the art replacement now


due to arrive in July. We have got a whole new range of


agreement on board and a much more powerful one on camera which we have


linked to a management system to plot where the camera has been. We


can tell it where we want it to look when it has taken. We can programme


it into the system and when we have taken it off the camera will be


looking at that particular point. A new recycling centre built in part


from reclaimed materials The site at La Collette replaces


the old centre at Bellozanne. It's hoped the project,


which cost just over ?3 million, will encourage more islanders


to recycle, as Jessica Jersey's new recycling centre


opened its gates this morning. The site before was a very small


site, it required people to do a lot So this is a drive-through site,


which should make it a lot easier Jersey currently recycles


around 30% of its waste. Quite a long way behind Guernsey,


which recycles 50%. It's hoped the new centre will help


the Island meet its target, So what do locals


think of the new site? The previous one was


past its sell by date! It encourages you to want to use


it, look after your environment. They could do with


improving the signposting, as you drive along you


are not quite sure way to go. Parish leaders are also


being urged to play their part. We would ask other parishes that


are not currently doing We provide the infrastructure in


terms of that, boxes and bags, so we And it's not just rubbish


that can be re-used.... The old Bellozanne site


is going to become part And in BBC Guernsey's Breakfast


programme tomorrow with Jim Cathcart the latest costs for disposing


of Guernsey's waste It's been a wet weekend and once


again the high winds affected some sailings in the islands,


so as the week starts what can Good evening. A new week of whether


and what does that have in store? Quite a cloudy day across the


Islands. Mainly dry, a cloudy start, a lot of Cloud today. When it clears


up I think who will have bright spells towards the end of the week.


Noticeably cooler and a risk of frost. A lot of cloud across all of


the UK today. Some breaks but a spell of rain at times. Cloudy and


damp today. Going through the week we will see high-pressure edging


across from the East. Bringing cold air from the continent across the


Islands. A lot of cloud breaking up on Tuesday but by Wednesday we start


to see much colder air settling in. More sunshine on Wednesday, Thursday


and Friday. Light wind as well but with colder air you will notice


dropping temperatures. Particularly on Thursday and Friday, while we


will have very little change in the day, we run the risk in the evening


of some frost, particularly Friday night into Saturday. That continues


through the weekend, staying largely dry. A bit of rain out there right


now. Mainly light and patchy but for many a damp and drizzly night. It


should be frost free and temperature down to three degrees. A grey day


tomorrow and it will quite quickly improve. Rain tending to ease up and


a lot of sunshine. Cold air is feeding in and you can see the


difference with the temperature dropping five or 6 degrees from what


we had today. Despite the sunshine, it will feel a little bit colder.


That is setting the scene for the rest of the week. Plenty of sunshine


for tomorrow. The wind picking up in the middle part of the week but


particularly towards the end we risk overnight frost. Looking a bit


chilly. That's your news this Monday


evening, BBC Radio Guernsey and Jersey will have bulletins


from six tomorrow morning and I'll perhaps a little milder. If you like


the mild weather, you'll have to head elsewhere in the country. Find


out more in the national weather forecast. Our weather is going


against normal expectations this week. In Highland Scotland some snow


to be seen on the hills. Temperatures as high as 12 Celsius


today. Over the next few days the coldest air is in the far south-east


of England where there is sunshine to be had. Four or five Celsius in


Kent. Differences remain over the next few days and here is why. I


pressure in control of the weather. Some clear a continental air, but


coming into Scotland from the Atlantic plenty of clouds around.


Outbreaks of rain through Scotland and Northern Ireland overnight,


patchy drizzle


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