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Public pressure following Innovation Fund fiasco -


a tearful Senator Ozouf offers to resign


Good evening and welcome to the latest news


from BBC Channel Islands, I'm Charlie McArdle.


?3 million shortfall for Guernsey's new waste management facility.


A tearful Senator Philip Ozouf offered to resign from his role


as Assistant Chief Minister today over losses to the Innovation Fund.


It was set up to support new business ideas, but potentially


Although Senator Ozouf didn't set up the scheme,


he has been legally responsible for it for the last year.


There were calls outside the States meeting today for him to go.


Over 100 protesters gathered in Royal Square this afternoon


to show they had no confidence in Senator Philip Ozouf.


Their anger was also directed at the Chief Minister, who they've


Public perception is that the Chief Minister is very weak. It may be


that the Innovation Fund is more money compared to some of the other


problem is that they may not know about.


And the anger wasn't just outside, with politicians also


I ask you to be glad for now that we read of a minister that has been


such a liability to this island. We have Estates chamber that it out of


touch with the public, they do not know how the people in this square


deal because these are ordinary islanders who represent everybody on


and values and what they want to see and values and what they want to see


the States assembly do not the States assembly do not


understand how ordinary people feel. But the man at the centre of this


protest wouldn't face the public and offered to resign


behind closed doors. He says he believes he's


done the right thing I shall be writing to the Chief


Minister, offering to step down from my responsibilities as Assistant


Chief Minister. I am prepared to be held to account.


The Chief Minister was also avoiding questions.


I shall be making a statement to the assembly.


So, while the public has had enough of Senator Ozouf,


in his statement, the Chief Minister says he's commissioning


an investigation into whether any political involvement contributed


And when he receives Senator Ozouf's resignation,


He also went on to say there is a role for governments


to get involved in promoting innovation,


but the States must learn from mistakes made


Guernsey shouldn't become a slave to its recycling targets,


That's the stark message from Deputy Peter Roffey ahead


of a debate aimed at freeing up almost ?3 million to meet


the current shortfall in funds for the new waste management


Guernsey has certainly embraced the recycling message.


But there is still more to be done if targets of 70% are to be met.


That is the ultimate aim, and a government debate next week


could launch the island into a new era of waste management.


But costs have gone up since the strategy was originally agreed,


and now the States are being asked to free up the extra funds needed.


I think that the figures originally put forward to persuade the States


to go down this route were wildly inaccurate.


It's almost irrelevant now, isn't it?


We've got a tip that will be filled sometime next year,


there is no other plan B on the table, we've got to export,


we've got to say, "Sweden, we didn't want to burn our waste,


I'm going to vote for that with a very heavy heart,


but that doesn't mean I'm going to accept all of


Kerbside collections are set to cost ?2 million a year,


and Deputy Roffey feels the island should not simply plough


on with recycling targets regardless of cost.


What we need, clearly, is a decision.


I mean, the mound to the left of me wasn't a mound not so long ago.


We've done a certain thing for a very long time.


We've done something that's cheap, it's dirty, environmentally it's


unfriendly and we need to stop doing it, so States members need


to coalesce solidly around a vote in favour of waste export.


Each time the sun sets on Mont Cuet, the island moves


Any more delays, however well intended, could cost time


that the island simply does not have.


Roisin Gauson, BBC Channel Islands News, Guernsey.


In Jersey, the new recycling centre opened its gates yesterday,


and Ashlea Tracey will be going behind the scenes


There's been an increase in the number of people with mental


health issues being held in cells at Jersey police station.


Last year 72 people were detained - that's up from 67 the year before.


It comes as a report by the Jersey Police Authority that


says cells should not be considered a place of safety.


We are going to a lady who is expressing suicidal ideas.


A mental health nurse accompanies a police officer on a call-out.


Sussex Police are one of several forces who have trialled


It led to a big drop in the number of people with mental health issues


Mental health is very much an area where there are lots of different


practices being tested around the British Isles and we are looking


at best practice and aiming to provide


the best possible service we can to our community.


Last year, officers were called out to 105 calls


relating to mental health issues and there are concerns


about the pressure it is placing on resources.


In a report released by the Police Authority,


on police from people suffering from mental health issues


continues to be a source of concern, and while they recognise


the importance of the role of officers, they believe


police cells should not be considered a place of safety.


They have assured us when the new hospital is built,


there will be proper suites are available for mental health


conditions and of course, the provision will be much improved


when the police move to the new police headquarters


With the new hospital at least six years away, a short-term solution


not involving police cells still needs to be found.


Guernsey's Health and Social Care Committee is looking


to "focus on the future, not the past" after it released


by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.


It concluded there have been significant improvements


in organisational culture and better leadership.


It follows a damning report two years ago


The President of the Health and Social Care Committee is keen


A lot of investment has been put in over two years, money does not mean


everything and behind that it has been a real sea change in the way


the service is provided. I would say the service is provided. I would say


we have some very safe environment for parents to have their babies,


and I am really proud of what the staff have done to get us to the


place we are today. Guernsey's tennis star


Heather Watson has made it through to the second


round of the Australian Open. Watson didn't drop a game


in the third set, beating Australian and 18th seed Sam Stosur


by two sets to one. She's next in action in a few


hours' time in the doubles. Heather is one of several


British players who have And Heather says


it really spurs her on. For me, it really motivates me when


I see everybody winning on day one. I followed Jo's match on that court.


I think it is great. I use it to push myself along and try and keep


up with it all now. It's been a chilly day, but dry -


let's see if it will continue, Good evening. No real change in our


weather at the moment, but some very cold air coming in from Eastern


Europe, more cold and dry weather tomorrow. Some frost again overnight


tonight and also some sunshine to enjoy, but not very warm. High


pressure in charge, which stays with us for the next few days. They high


pressure is going to be across cars, we continue with easterly winds,


very dry air, very cold coming out of Europe even though we see more in


way of cloud on Friday. It will be frosty overnight tonight, quite


widespread frost, particularly for the two larger islands. Temperatures


dropping to not just below later tonight. Quite a shock frost.


Another lovely day tomorrow with plenty of sunshine but it will feel


bitterly cold. That team Eastbourne north-easterly wind will hold that


averages down. Even though we may get five or six Celsius, with the


wind chill it will feel considerably colder. Why is the air is so cold?


Where it is coming from, the eastern side of Europe, where temperatures


are several degrees below freezing, for instance Berlin, -2 for


tomorrow, eastern part of funds go more than 04 minus one. That cold


air is coming to us, travelling across the northern part of France.


Dry and cold conditions over the next few days and if anything,


temperatures starting to come down a few degrees by the time we get to


the weekend. That's your news this


Tuesday evening. BBC Radio Guernsey and Jersey


will have bulletins from 6am tomorrow morning and I'll be back


at 6:30pm tomorrow night. from time to time. Staying settled


still. Nick has the national forecast this evening.


Hello. If you are watching the football earlier it turned out to be


an evening for football fans in Lincolnshire. This is how it looked


at the start of the day. No idea whether this


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