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Minister's exit Strang. Join me now on BBC Two.


Plans to borrow hundreds of millions of pounds for Jersey's


It is the biggest level of debt that has faced this


It is important that scrutiny and due process is followed


for governance purposes and we have seen very recently what happens


Good evening and welcome to the late news from BBC Channel Islands,


Also tonight: A stronger Britain in charge of it's own laws, but how


It's emerged the plan to borrow hundreds of millions of pounds


to pay for Jersey's new hospital could be illegal.


Ministers want to fund the project by borrowing up to four


But concerns raised in the States today have


It comes after some politicians argue they weren't given enough time


The question of where Jersey's new hospital should be has of course


But today, the big question and the subject of lengthy debate


The budget for the new hospital is ?466 million.


Rather than funding it entirely through the Strategic Reserve,


the so-called rainy-day fund, which currently stands


The plan is to help pay for it by borrowing up to ?400 million.


This would be the biggest debt ever taken on by the States.


But the plans haven't been reviewed by the scrutiny panel,


who say they weren't given enough time.


The item that we're debating is so important.


It is therefore incredibly important that scrutiny should have gone


through the process and looked at issues had a point of governance. We


have had a examples very recently of governments failing -- governance


failing. So it's important due


process is followed And we've seen very


recently what happens But the Treasury Minister says


time was of the essence. Interest rates are predicted to move


and every 0.1% increase could cost hundreds of thousands of pounds


over a 40 year period. Equally, I do support the scrutiny


process and it's regrettable that scrutiny weren't able to review


this before now. The budget has been capped at 406 is


its million pounds, but I could not change the future could? It has been


capped for a very good reason. There is scope for it to creep in the


project. It is possible for a number of reasons that the costs could


increase although I would not expected to do so for the simple


reason that we have already built in a significant contingency of ?90


billion. ?90 million. Never mind it budget or the lack of scrutiny,


there is a bigger problem. Under the law it may not be legal. They cannot


borrow more than they collect in tax.


They've already borrowed millions for social housing,


so 400-million more to pay for the hospital could


However, there's confusion over whether the Long Term Care Benefit


If it does, the the States taxation pot is bigger,


so it could borrow enough to fund the new hospital.


So the debate's on hold until tomorrow once the States


More certainty and confidence, that's how one Jersey


business is feeling following the British Prime


Theresa May has been answering questions today


following her announcement that the UK will leave


But there's still lots of negotiations on where


the Channel Islands sit within these plans, as Emma Chambers has


What I am proposing cannot mean membership of the single market.


But it does mean more freedom to trade, or that's what the British


Its unclear if that freedom will also be carried


to the Channel Islands, who are also not in


This is a typical example of a product where we have


the bottle made in Italy and shipped from there.


The foil is in Germany and the label in the UK and the case


Tim imports lots of goods from the EU.


He's distilled yesterday's Brexit speech positively.


He still has concerns a new trade deal could cost them more.


We've already seen the uncertainty of Brexit in the first place.


Trade prices are in disarray and we have probably seen in the


markets that food ingredients have raised by about 5 or 10%.


As a while before that filters through.


While some things are slightly clearer, whether Channel


Islands set within these agreements have not been made.


Senator Ian Gorst, Jersey's Chief Minister.


The most important thing for us is that we maintain our existing


relationship with the UK and that's about the common travel area with


the UK, its about the customs union with the UK and they are the most


important things not only for individuals but right


And it will be the local businesses like Tim's who will be listening


closely to this to make sure all the imports in and out


of the Channel Islands will be made smoothly in the future.


A Jersey constable hopes that giving prisoners the chance to vote


in island elections will mean they're more likely to integrate


now prisoners who serve four years or less will be able


The move will bring Jersey in line with Guernsey and most other


European countries, except the UK where prisoners


Concerns over funding for a new benefits system have been


raised at a scrutiny hearing in Guernsey.


Members of the Employment and Social Security Committee also


faced questions on pension funds, family allowances and tax


Its president says they're committed to the principle of universal


benefits rather than means-testing, but admits there are doubts over how


We've only got a certain pot of money.


We are under pressure to deliver more with that


money, but actually we have got a declining pot of money.


So for us as a committee, that is always the


Meanwhile, an independent report's found that Jersey's social


security fund is healthy, with ?1.4 billion to meet the costs


However, the report also concluded these


assets will gradually be used up as the cost of pensions increases.


But it said action doesn't need to be taken until after


Should learner drivers in the Channel Islands have to spend


more time behind the wheel before taking their test?


It's something that's being considered in the UK.


And it's an idea that's got support locally too,


So driving in Guernsey is pretty different to the UK.


Although not without it's challenges.


But pass your test here and you can nip over and be on those bigger,


And wanting that to remain the case Guernsey tends to mimic the UK


when it comes to things like driving tests.


What is important is that although we pass


Channel Islands we drive everywhere in the UK.


Our test has to be rigid and comparable for other areas.


So if plans in the UK go ahead, to make learners spend a minimum


of up to 120 hours behind the wheel before taking their test.


This local instructor thinks there'd be merit in the idea.


You know, having a certain amount of hours to do before they do their


Some people pass their test very quickly and I think it leaves them


open to danger on the roads with not enough knowledge, just being taught


That is one thing, but being able to drive properly and


have the skills to react well is another thing.


In reality, if Guernsey does not want full behind


and the UK decides more practice is what learners need, then Guernsey


might have to consider going for it, too.


Here's David Braine with your weather.


Our fine but cold weather continues. There's been some lovely winter


sunshine today. A shot taken by Chris in Guernsey. Glorious blue


skies. Cold at night. Tomorrow is going to be another dry and sunny


day. More of a breeze and a cold wind to coming in from the Easter


wrap-up warm. A weather front straddling the weather here, but it


is that easterly winds and dry air coming from the continent. It is


going to be with us throughout the rest of this week and it keeps fine


with cold weather right the way through. A bit more in the way of


cloud coming through the channel on Friday, but overnight tonight like


we saw last night a lot of clear sky that very quickly turns very cold.


Temperatures not quite as cold as they could be because there is still


a bit of a breeze and easterly breeze that helps keep the


temperatures up quite a few places. They will get down to one or perhaps


below zero. A risk of frost tomorrow morning. Fine weather to enjoy when


the sun comes up that it is almost unbroken sunshine through the day.


Still cold at the strong wind from east or north-east just 6 degrees as


the top temperature. Unsubtle weather in the southern areas of


Spain and Portugal. Quite cold. Really cold and really low


temperatures across eastern parts of Europe. That has been beset up a


couple of days and that continues into Thursday, as well. This is the


forecast for the rest of this week. It is cold of a breeze still from


the east still a bit of cloud into Friday and into Saturday. The cloud


on Friday and through the morning and the afternoon is likely to


produce showers. Not many lows will reach the island. It will be cold.


Have a good night. That's your news this Wednesday


evening, BBC Radio Guernsey next few days, no great changes over


the next few days, more sunshine on the way.


Despite high-pressure sitting across the country so only slow changes in


the weather, we have had a variety of


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