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The majority of the trained nurses I That's Newsnight with Emily in


The majority of the trained nurses I have lost have been through licences


expiring and we have lost some very experienced nurses. Welcome to the


latest news from BBC Channel Islands. Also, the deteriorating


water quality could be affecting beaches, marine life and tourism.


National staff shortages and restrictions on working


in Guernsey are being blamed for problems recruiting


25% of roles in the States run facilities


Privately run homes are finding it equally tough to get


the staff they need - Penny Elderfield reports.


It takes 42 members of staff to look after the 39 residents here.


Making sure they get the care and support they need.


But also to make sure it feels like home.


And recently it took a year to fill just three nursing vacancies.


And there's one hurdle that's making it harder.


The majority of the trained nurses that I have lost have been


through licences expiring and we have lost some


We have a working party and it has been working closely with housing


and putting our issues across, so hopefully they will recognise


that we need to keep our experienced staff.


And Sylvia's been helping with that today.


But as it stands will have to leave in two years.


I really like my work and I really like the home.


I don't know if it is because I came from an island and it is very calm


I would like, but it depends on the housing.


This restrictive housing licences would perhaps provide a potential


remedy but with an ageing population and inevitable need for more staff,


Speaking to colleagues, we do not think we could have afforded to


Gates University in England said the fact they have the course here now


is good and a lot of us are doing a course so it is good. All of that


will help but with an ageing population and the need for more


staff, those running care homes like this one say this is not a problem


that will go away on its own. Water quality specialists will be


in Jersey next week to review plans Campaigners from the environmental


group Save Our Shoreline say unless action's taken,


marine life will disappear A clear blue sky and clear blue


water - it's an image Jersey has built a reputation on,


but some are worried Because the water quality has


deteriorated, it's affecting Even the texture of the sand


is different because the species We don't want a green mass,


we want our golden beaches back. The campaign group has


sent its report to the government review panel that's looking


at water quality. "The Panel and their advisor


will raise any issues "with the Department that


are relevant to nitrates during The debate about the impact


of sea lettuce isn't new, but we're still no closer


to agreeing what causes it. Jersey's Environment Department has


asked UK advisers to review They'll also be talking


to Jersey Water who regularly We check our water daily,


on a daily basis. We take thousands of tests a year


to make sure that the water that not only the water that we're taking


into our reservoirs is of good quality but also the water we're


supplying our customers With another summer to look forward


to, it's hoped our beaches As you heard, advisers from the UK


will be in the island next week These advisers are


coming here next week. The advisers who are coming


to Jersey next week will be looking at the Water Management Plan that's


been published by the That plan includes a timetable


of work to improve the quality of water in our streams over


the next five years. Jersey Water, the Environment


department and farmers have been working together on the plan


to tackle the problem of nitrates and pesticides


leaking into the system. The problem of sea lettuce and water


quality has been a hot topic for a number of years,


so why now? Campaigners have been putting


pressure on the government to act and are hopeful that they're not


just paying lip service The states are taking concerns


seriously. And it is wonderful we are getting these experts over. We


hope they will listen and implement what they say rather than saying it


is all coming from France and we cannot do any thing about it.


These UK advisers will be talking to Jersey Water


The father of a newborn baby who died in Guernsey


claims his partner was wrongly given drugs to induce labour


Three women who, at the time, worked in the maternity ward


at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital face misconduct charges.


Today the father of the baby who died in 2014 gave evidence


He said the couple planned as natural a birth as possible -


but labour-inducing drugs were given without his partner's


agreement, and without the approval of a consultant.


The practice of midwives acting on their own initiative has been


described as part of a culture known as The Guernsey Way.


It's still unclear whether Senator Philip Ozouf has


tendered his resignation as one of Jersey's Assistant


On Tuesday he told States members he'll write to the Chief minister


offering his resignation over a scathing report into a fund


But today the Senator refused to confirm whether he's


He told the BBC there's a lot that needs to be sorted out before anyone


The decision on how to pay for Jersey's


The plans are to borrow up to four hundred million pounds.


But States Members have voted to put off the debate until they're


A vision of Jersey's future hospital - just under ?500 million needed


Where that money will come from is still undecided.


The debate on whether to borrow up to ?400 million was delayed


from yesterday due to a question in the States of whether


The States aren't allowed to borrow more than they collect in tax -


so had to stop to check whether they collect enough to be


allowed the amount of borrowing needed for the hospital.


But, while that issue threw a cat among the pigeons yesterday,


now there's a new delay - to allow scrutiny politicians


This is a ?400 million borrowing to be paid back


These things need to be looked at so carefully.


That's the role of scrutiny, to make sure this is well researched,


this is based on sound evidence and it does take time.


States Members agreed to more time, despite previous reluctance


by the Treasury Minister, who feared what interest rates


It s difficult to tell, markets can move in both directions,


but if they moved against us we could see up to ?6 million


or more of additional costs in funding the hospital as a result


But that's a gamble the States are taking, to spend more time


on hospital funding, which would involve the biggest debt


The Battle of Flowers in Jersey may drop Mr Battle


While Miss Battle is usually local, and wins her crown, Mr Battle tends


to be a celebrity who's paid between eight to twelve thousand


But festival organisers believe the money could


Here's David Braine with your forecast.


Hello, good evening, very dry and cold air across us at the moment. It


may warm a little bit but not a great deal of change but some


beautiful skies over the last couple of days. Tomorrow, cold and dry,


there will be frost overnight tonight and widespread frost and


smaller islands could see a of frost. A day of unbroken sunshine.


The weather is in the north, high pressure is weakening, it may take


some time before it starts to move away from us, not for the next 24


hours but by the weekend, some subtle changes, high pressure is


weaker, this weather front tries to come in and ahead of it drawing up


less cold air and more cloud. The main story is dry and cold.


Overnight temperatures are getting quite low. I think inland for the


larger islands, -1 or -2. A cold day tomorrow, a lot of sunshine to enjoy


but wrap up warm. An easterly wind and top temperature of four or 5


degrees. Some awful weather across parts of Spain eastern Spain sees


some snow and unusually low temperatures and eastern Europe in


the grip of cold, dry air. By Saturday and Sunday, the weak


weather front introduces more cloud but not a great deal of difference


to temperatures or the risk of rain. It is still a fine, dry story on


Saturday and Sunday. Have a good night.


That's your news this Thursday evening, BBC Radio Guernsey


and Jersey will have bulletins from 6am tomorrow morning


and Alison will be back at 6:30pm tomorrow night.


Good evening, it will gradually get colder in the UK in the next few


days, something we don't have to worry about in Australia at this


time of year. Of course it's the Australian tennis open at the moment


and there's a big storm moving through Melbourne at the moment.


Hopefully it will have cleared through by the time of Andy Murray's


match. We have high withers and light winds and some interesting


contrasts despite things being very slow moving, with the sunshine to


the south of the weather zone but stuck underneath the weather zone,


it's been another miserably grey day. No doubt quite dreary with some


patches of drizzle. This is how it looked in Staffordshire, under the


weather front. In the sunshine, despite the Frosty start, a


sparkling day and a fantastic sunset here in the Isle of Wight. Some


areas, in parts of Northern Ireland that haven't seen much sunshine this


week, actually saw


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