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It's a quick procedure, that can save lives.


But, some women in Guernsey may be putting off going for a cervical


The problem has been highlighted after one woman, who took advantage


of a little-publicised free screening service wrote


about her experience online, and saw her post go viral.


I pressed post and then I saw the likes were going up,


and within six minutes, I had over a hundred


When Lara Allen shared her post about free cervical


smears in Guernsey, it struck a chord with


I'm really pleased, because some ladies commented that


I could have saved lives and I didn't even think


I purely posted to try and save ladies' money.


It's not a nice procedure, but women over the age of 25


are advised to get screened regularly to reduce the risk


However, if you go to your GP in Guernsey,


The charges vary across the island surgeries, and range from ?61


if it's carried out by a nurse, to ?86 if done by a doctor.


But what many people on Social Media didn't realise, is that if you go


to the Orchard Centre at the hospital,


We have tended to focus on vulnerable women and women who find


it difficult to bear the costs of St Michael screening tests.


It is important women have access to this


and do not prejudice their health and well-being.


The Orchard Centre has seen an increase


at the Orchard centre for the last 20 years.


We have focused on people who are vulnerable and who cannot


But screening figures in Guernsey are already above the national


average with 80% of women registered with a GP


going through the programme, compared to just over


Health and Social Care say the cheaper screening alternatives


provided by the Orchard Centre, and the Choices Guernsey


aren't widely advertised as numbers are limited,


Regardless of where it takes place, screening saves lives and all women


are being encouraged to make an appointment when it's due,


As new anti discrimination laws are due to be brought in in Jersey -


in the next few months, people with disabilities are being


asked to shape where they live - with the potential to make lives


Peter's been visually impaired since childhood.


A retired grower, he still keeps busy planting,


as it's something he can do just by touch.


He's keen for Jersey to improve for his fellow disabled islanders.


I'm very lucky, because I'm mobile, when I go to town on the bus,


I have my white cane, I'm very lucky the bus


Depending where you live, you can have a long walk to a bus,


People are trying to make things better.


Nearly 14,000 people in Jersey are disabled


60% surveyed said they found it hard to get involved


in community activities and 41% found it hard


And 28% said they've been discriminated


A new law to tackle that discrimination is due


But in the meantime, people are being asked their views


Today was the first of three public meetings to discuss how life


in Jersey could be made better not just for disabled people but also


It is an island wide issue and the war responses


understand what their needs are, we will hopefully be able to provide


services across the board to meet the needs of people.


Along with this, it is hoped the new strategy


will help people like Peter find the island more accessible.


The final coin has been lifted from the Jersey Hoard -


The find - back in 2012 - remains one of the most


Robert Hall has more on a momentous day.


A small but symbolic moment, in a story no one


The last coin from one of the most important finds in Western Europe,


The story began with a 30-year search for treasure buried by Celtic


tribes from France, well over 2,000 years ago.


Their coins kept turning up, but the hoard found in 2012 was far


Since then, it has been giving up its secrets.


precious objects have emerged, including gold


neckpieces, silver brooches and personal posessions.


As soon as that hoard was found it went on show to the public.


Then it was put in a laboratory, purpose-built, so the public could


We were part of our journey, right the


Now, at last, this phase of the restoration is complete.


Every day there have been surprises and we


think there is so much more to find out in the future.


Today marks an end to three years of painstaking work.


But there are many here in Jersey who


believe this is not the end of the story.


There is so much study to do with the board itself at what we can


learn about events 2000 years ago, but in a much broader context, what


It is as if it found us, we didn't find it.


Maybe there is a reason for it for the future.


You're up to date with the news in the Channel Islands.


I'll leave you with the forecast and David Braine.


Good evening. It is unusual for us to see so much in the way of cold


weather in the Channel Islands but more of it is to come. A bit more


cloud around tomorrow. Still dry and still feeling quite cold and still


with the temperatures today, there won't be changed tomorrow. It may


become slightly less cold as we move into Sunday, just a change in the


wind direction to make society less cold air but for the most part, we


are in the grip of some pretty chilly conditions, the frost


starting to reform overnight tonight. Just below freezing. Frost


is forming. Some patchy cloud around. It won't stop the


temperatures falling. A widespread overnight frost. For tomorrow, the


cloud amounts will be higher than we have seen the last couple of days.


Generally light winds from the south-east and temperatures in the


range of four all 5 degrees. Quite cold a, it will be will bid for all


of us. Sunday, more cloud to start with but the winds started shift


direction, they come up from the south and by the time we get to


mid-morning, a lot of the cloud disappearing.


feel cooler. Can we keep it going until the start of the new week? I


suspect we can. Unconfirmed about -- concerned about the fog around. Here


is Helen with the national picture. Good evening. The weather is upon


us. The cloud has made all the difference this week in particular.


We have had some wonderful weather watcher pictures, this is Marlowe in


Buckinghamshire, this was Conwy earlier in the day. Some areas still


have the cloud. What a difference that makes. Edinburgh, the central


lowlands, plagued by this band of narrow cloud, overnight more areas


share in the frost. Pretty widespread, the frost overnight,


cold across northern England, Southern Scotland and Northern


Ireland than it has been this week. These are town and city temperatures


but in the countryside a harsh


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